Professional packer’s 10 tips for car trips – including a bin and toy cushion

Nicola Lewis – who runs the thisgirlcanorganise Instagram page – has a passion for fitting things ergonomically into the back of cars and likes to help others do the same

Portrait of a smiling family with two children at beach in the car
Fitting everyone in the car can be difficult

A specialist car packing expert has shard her top tips for squeezing everything into a motor.

As anyone with a sizeable family, large dogs or a passion for car boot sales knows, fitting everything you need into a car is difficult.

That problem becomes even more pronounced when heading off on a holiday that requires luggage.

To offer a helping hand to those struggling to make all of life’s objects fit, renowned organisation expert Nicola Lewis – who runs the thisgirlcanorganise Instagram page – has provided her top tips for those travelling to near and far destinations in their cars over the summer months.



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Nicola’s handy hacks and hints for savvy space-saving packing include:

  • Clip a hook on the back of the front seats to hang your bag.
  • Introduce a car bin to keep the car tidy – The lining is also waterproof so can be cleaned easily.
  • If you have little ones, then a hanging car organiser is very useful for storing the kids’ toys.
  • Fill a cushion with your kid’s comforters or cuddly toys. It also acts as a cosy pillow for long car journeys.
  • Plastic wallets are great for storing small essential items like copies of your driver’s licence, insurance details, receipts, notepad, and pen. Store them inside your glove compartment along with your logbook.
  • Store a small coin purse in the side panel of your car to use when at the supermarket or car parks.
  • Pack a ‘just in case’ bag filled with tissues, eco wipes and sick bags should there be a spillage or accident enroute. Store the bag under the front passenger seat.

Earlier this year flight attendants from Emirates s hared some similarly sage wisdom, but for those heading off on a plane rather than in the car.

They advised:

Making a list

Make a checklist of everything you need. Not only will this help you save time packing, but it can also reduce the risk of forgetting essentials you need for your travels.

Rolling your clothes rather than folding

Try tightly rolling your clothes. Not only does this mean they’ll be more compact and leave you with extra space, but this method can also help to cut down on creases!

Packing versatile items

Opt for clothes that are flexible enough to cover a variety of situations, such as jeans or plain T-shirts. This is a simple yet effective way to reduce the amount you’re taking, and leave yourself plenty of room for all of the other essentials you need. (Or even for a holiday souvenir or two!).

Always leaving extra space

You may not plan to pick up any souvenirs, but you never know; if something catches your eye or you find yourself doing some unexpected shopping, you won’t need to worry about fitting everything in a suitcase that was already full.

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