Rachel Campos-Duffy details harrowing journey migrant children face traveling to America

In her opening monologue on “Fox News Primetime,” host Rachel Campos-Duffy recounted the trials many migrant children face on their harrowing journey to the United States.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Far too many children are abused, sexually assaulted or trafficked on their treacherous journeys through central america to our border. A Doctors Without Borders survey found that 31 percent of women and girls and 17 percent of boys were sexually assaulted on their trips to america. So familiar are migrant parents with the assaults on children that girls are loaded up with birth control before they embark on their trip. 

To the cartels — these kids are a commodity — no different than the illegal guns or drugs they bring into our country. And for human smugglers, business, thanks to Joe Biden, is booming — every day they’re making upwards of 14-million dollars trafficking people across the border. The children who are stolen into human sex trafficking rings face a horrifying future, from which they will never mentally or emotionally recover. Other children dont make it to this country at all.


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