Raw Travel Announces Plans For Upcoming Seasons 9 & 10

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV), producers of the nation’s most-watched travel show, Raw Travel®, announced today that they have firmed up a path forward for the next two seasons. The plans will take them through Season 10 and 2023.  

Raw Travel is wrapping production on its eighth season, currently airing on broadcast syndication through September 2021. Thanks to an aggressive pre-pandemic travel/filming schedule, Raw Travel was able to deliver all-original content for the whole of the 2020-21 Season. With an uncertain calendar of travel’s imminent recovery, and the long lead times required for production, for the first time in the show’s eight-year existence, the producers plan to offer viewers a blend of original and library content in Season 9 (’21 – ’22).

Viewers will finally have an opportunity to view past shows from the library of 160+ episodes in an effort that will be themed “Raw Travel Re-wind.” Because the show initially launched in only a few dozen cities and is now in over 173 cities representing 95% of the US, many viewers may have just recently discovered Raw Travel. “Rewind” will be their first chance at seeing past episodes from various destinations. To promote “Rewind,” the producers will create beyond-the-show content, such as “behind the scenes,” “producer commentary,” “bonus cuts,” “bloopers,” etc. 

They will also roll out aggressive social media initiatives such as “Viewer’s Choice” to allow viewers to vote for which episodes they’d like to see most. The producers also plan to incorporate contesting, as well as gear, and trip giveaways to spur excitement and engagement. 

When domestic travel safely opens up along with limited international travel, the producers will blend in new episodes from the USA and, when safe, from abroad. By Season 10, the producers anticipate travel will have fully recovered. This milestone season of Raw Travel will be 100% original and will be entitled “Pilgrimage” as the producer & host Robert G. Rose makes his way to locales in Russia, India, Central Asia, and other destinations where the show has yet been filmed.

“There are plenty of unknowns, but there will be pent-up demand not only from travelers but from travel marketers, as they work to gain market share and take advantage of the re-set,” says Robert G. Rose, producer and host of the series. “This bodes well not only for us but for our affiliates as the local and regional broadcast ad industry recovers. We want to be there for our affiliates and our viewers, guiding them as travel opens up again,” Rose continued. “We will have a renewed sense of gratitude for the blessings of travel, whether at home or abroad. This spiritual reconnection with travel will be front and center as we move to this important milestone of ten seasons.”

Raw Travel is an adventure travel & lifestyle series showcasing socially and environmentally aware, independent travel. The series weaves together themes of eco-tourism and voluntourism (giving back) with underground music and authentic culture in a unique way. Each weekend the show is seen in over 173 U.S. cities on major broadcast affiliates and several international territories (Asia, Africa, Europe). It can also be found on several major airlines. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group produces the show and oversees its domestic and international distribution and internationally. Visit RawTravel.tv for more information. 

AIM Tell-A-Vision (AIM TV) Group is an independent production, content, and distribution company founded by media veteran and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. Since 2000, AIM TV has been producing and distributing positive, compelling content that reflects a mission of presenting “Media That Matters.” Visit AIMTVGroup.com for more information.

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