Review: Hackney-based writer Kate Wills makes strong return

Travelling solo as a result of a heartbreak or even a divorce may sound very much like the storyline of Eat, Pray, Love. 

However, Hackney-based travel writer Kate Wills brings a great element of reality and humour in her latest book. Leaving the UK may still seem far-fetched for many of us despite some countries being on the green list, so reading about travel for now transports us to a happier world and Kate’s sojourns do tug at the heartstrings for those who love a little adventure. 

The book begins with Kate’s love story and her divorce from her husband where she vividly describes her first adventure with him in Guatemala.

Being a travel writer, she is not alien to travelling alone, however she engages the reader in a funny and a heartfelt manner on why her trip was different this time. This time, she was coming back to an empty home with nobody to talk to or narrate her stories, this time she didn’t have to text anyone informing them that she had landed safely in her destination, she felt utterly alone. Travelling solo changed her life and in a way, prepared her to face the pandemic.

Seeking inspiration, she follows the footsteps of women travellers throughout history (the earliest dating to a fourth century nun) and realises that many of these women often broke boundaries and that they all had so much in common, being brave to travel solo for a start.

What I appreciated was that every chapter ended with a useful travel tip – right from a thorough plan (booking hotels or taking public transport) to an impromptu decision to travel, even some pointers on how to “travel in your own home”, there’s something handy here for all kinds of travellers. 

In a virtual world, this book gives the reader a brilliant tour of the places Kate has been to with a few eye-opening experiences and some ideas for future travel.

A Trip of One’s Own is available to order for £12.99 on Burley Fisher Books, Donlon Books, Waterstones, WH Smith in Hardback and an e-Book, Kindle and Audio version on Amazon.

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