Safety Tips for Using Public Restrooms During Pandemic – NBC 7 San Diego

It’s a question we’ve all been faced with recently: should we be using public restrooms in the middle of this pandemic?

It’s common knowledge that diseases can spread quickly there, so NBC 7 wanted to see how different businesses are tackling this, especially right now.

No surprise here but the toilet is actually a huge culprit of spreading germs within a restroom, and those germs can last for hours. People, understandably so, have a lot of reservations about using public restrooms right now — and for good reason.

So, what can you do when you head into the restroom?

The biggest thing besides washing your hands is to not take your mask off at all. That way, you can reduce the chance of particles in the air coming in contact with your mouth and nose, which can be an entryway for disease into the body. 

This is an important reason why-

“Most public restrooms do not have a lid, so when they’re flushed, water, bacteria and other particles go airborne,” explained Adam Scattini, Owner of Enviro-Master San Diego. “They travel up to 10 feet in the air and they can take up to two hours to cascade down over time. People walking into that environment are being exposed to those germs. COVID-19 can be spread in this way.”

Enviro-Master, a San Diego-based health and safety company, works with businesses to disinfect public spaces, like the restroom in area restaurants.

They use a tool that’s called a Virus Vaporizer and it sprays a hospital-grade germicide that kills germs.

The owner of the company added that to keep safe, it’s a good idea to skip the hand dryer. Use paper towels, if possible.

Air hand dryers can have germs inside and blow them back on your hands. Additionally, you can just let your hands air dry.

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