Saudi Arabia bans travel from 20 countries

Saudi Arabia bans travel from 20 countries, including India

A latest ruling in Saudi Arabia bans travellers from 20 countries from entering into the country. The rule has come into effect in order to curb COVID-19 infections as a new strain is making the rounds of countries across the world. The temporary suspension has been extended to countries including Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ireland, India, and the US to name a few.

The ban is already in place, and is applicable to travellers who passed through these 20 countries in the past 14 days.

Saudi Arabia is currently facing Coronavirus heat, with more than 368000 reported cases and 6400 deaths. Daily infections have tripled since January, with 310 cases reported on this last Tuesday. The nation has already launched its vaccine on December 17, and is looking to reduce the number of cases. However, the new strain is posing as a threat as of now.

Earlier, Riyadh had extended its travel ban for its citizens from March 31 to May 17. This was done due to the delay in delivery of the Coronavirus vaccine.

With India, being one of the countries, Indian travellers will be unable to travel to the country’s fine destinations, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca. The new strain of Coronavirus has been causing a lot of worries for governments across the world. A number of countries are reporting a spike in cases, leading to fresh lockdowns.

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