| Motorists Traveling to Mountains Urged to Take Precautions

The California Department of Transportation partnered with multiple agencies in San Bernardino County Thursday to provide safety tips and information for motorists traveling to mountain areas during the holidays.

A recent storm and another one projected next week by the National Weather Service (NWS) will bring more snow to mountain communities and resorts before Saturday, Dec. 25.

Important information was provided to the public who plan to visit the mountains this winter by Caltrans, the County of San Bernardino Public Works, San Bernardino County Fire, San Bernardino County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol (CHP), United States Forest Service, California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire), and the National Weather Service.

– Check weather conditions before you go and traffic conditions

– Add time to your trip in the event there are delays on the roadways. Try not to travel during peak times – Friday, Saturday and Sundays are the busiest on mountain routes during snow conditions. Leave a day early and a day later if possible.

– Bring tire chains to mountain regions during winter months (November through April) even if there is no chain control at the time. Weather conditions change rapidly without notice.

– Prepare your vehicle for travel – check tires, wipers, engine fluids and have a full tank of gas.

– Bring a charged cell phone and charger.

– Bring warm clothing and appropriate shoes/boots for snow conditions.

Never install chains or snow play in the roadway or traffic lanes.

– When snowing, permitted chain installers are there to install your chains for a nominal fee.

– Did you know? The new fine for a citation in a “No Parking” zone on local and state highways in San Bernardino County mountain areas is now $150.00! Please do not park in no parking areas.

– Bring a trash bag – the Clean CA campaign urges all Californians to keep our state beautiful and to please dispose of litter in trash receptacles. Remember that litter is very harmful to wildlife when left behind. Please don’t feed the bears!

– Do not leave broken sleds behind – take them with you and trash them in the appropriate receptacle.

– Always keep watch on your children.

– It is illegal to vend from state highways and BBQing is also not allowed in turnouts.

– Go to legal snow play areas for recreation Never trespass on private property.

– Slow down, provide ample distance to the car in front of you and have patience while driving on mountain routes. Use turnouts if you are driving too slow for motorists behind you.

– Really important! Steer clear of snowplows and heavy equipment working to keep the roads open for everyone! In other words, Don’t Crowd the Plow!

– If it’s raining and you approach running water across the road – Turn Around Don’t Drown!

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