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Avoiding the motorway is nigh on impossible at this time of year, especially with so many of us holidaying at home in the UK. But that doesn’t mean we can’t escape them for an hour in a friendly little place that serves great local produce, swerving homogenous fare at service stations – and the crowds inside them.

This week we want to hear about the best cafes, teashops and restaurants near busy motorway junctions – pitstops that will make the journey not just bearable but add a little something special to it, like a nice meal or snack and perhaps a garden or nearby green space to stretch your legs.

We need the exact location and distance from the motorway, with a website if there is one. Tell us about what’s on offer – and make sure the place is currently open. Keep your tip to about 100 words.

The best tip of the week, chosen by travel expert Tom Hall, will win a £200 voucher from glamping specialist Canopy & Stars, which has more than 700 places to stay amid nature. The best tips will appear on the Guardian Travel website.

We’re sorry, but for legal reasons you must be a UK resident to enter this competition.

Photographs are welcome if they are high quality and you are happy to share them, but it is the text we will consider.

If you do send photographs please ensure you are the copyright holder.

The competition closes on 11 August at 10am BST

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