Silversea’s New Otium Wellness Program

We don’t have too much longer to wait for the debut of the new Silver Dawn from Silversea, just about 2 weeks, in fact. While we wait, the cruise line gave us a preview of their new wellness program and redesigned spa on board.

The Otium wellness program was developed using philosophy and traditions of the ancient Roman lifestyle encouraging balanced indulgence, pampering, and pleasure over sacrifice and delayed gratification. 

Silver Dawn, the 10th ship from Silversea and the sister ship of Silver Muse and Silver Moon, features eight dining options with a guest capacity of 596. 

Otium Wellness Program from Silversea

The first thing to know about Silver Dawn is that the spa has been reimagined from her sister ships. Not only is it 36 square meters larger, it’s also redesigned for a more seamless experience from one treatment to the next. Silversea also revamped the Beauty Salon, Fitness Center, Barber Salon, and an outdoor relaxation area from previous builds. At the center lies the relaxation room where Roman-inspired artworks and an infinity water feature set the mood for guests.

“With Otium, our guests will enjoy the next iteration of Silversea’s trademark level of comfort, as part of an innovation in wellness at sea,” says Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Thoughtfully designed with Otium in mind, Silver Dawn’s reimagined spa offers guests unprecedented comfort—enhanced with Roman-inspired art pieces, elegant furnishings, and a curated Otium treatment menu. Starting in suites with dedicated balcony, bathing and sleeping experiences, before intensifying in the beautiful Otium Spa, and extending through the ship with unforgettable moments of pleasure, the Otium wellness journey has been designed to pamper our guests like never before.”

The new menu of services at Otium is robust and draws from Roman mythology for a really unique experience. Offerings include: 

The Otium

Inspired by the Mediterranean, warm, fragrant oils infused with shea butter, raspberry, and chamomile, are used on the body in soothing and sweeping movements. Using elements that transcend beyond a state of relaxation, mineral-rich pink salt stones, natural bamboo, and grounding calabash deeply stimulate and release tension, promoting feelings of inner wellbeing.

The Hedone Delight

Guided by Hedone, goddess of pleasure, enjoy a massage with the selection of aroma and body polishes that resonate with your own needs. 

The Divine Experience

Nature’s own minerals are part of the healing process. Mood-balancing aromatics induce relaxation whilst cocooned prior to a decadent scalp, neck, and shoulder massage and hand treatment. 

The Apollonian Spirit

Inspired by Apollo, the god of healing. This body treatment helps provide immediate relief for tired, aching muscles. Mineral-rich salt stones harness a natural warmth, whilst a nutrient-rich cold mask provides a dynamic rescue therapy.

Do you love going to the spa on a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments! 

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