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BOSTON — As the war in Ukraine impacts fuel costs across the globe, travelers should soon expect to pay more for flights.

The cost to fuel a jet airplane is soaring. It currently costs $36,000 dollars to fuel a 737. Last year to fill the same jet cost $24,000.

“It’ll be a major consideration of where we go, If we go,” said Rebecca Segura who is headed back to the Cape from Puerto Rico.

For others COVID-19 concerns meant less travel so even higher prices won’t keep them grounded.

“We fortunately haven’t spent a lot of money on travel the last couple of years so we’ve got a little money saved up for that,” said David Bender who is travelling with his family from Virginia.

But what about cruises? With fuel costs on the rise Dedham Travel’s Terry Strauss says buyer beware! That’s because cruise lines already factor in higher fuel costs that are triggered once oil reaches a certain price per barrel.

“In the fine print that no one reads including myself, the cruise lines can charge you $10 per day per person,” said Strauss.

And the war is also impacting where people travel.

“The flights inter Europe are down 23% and flights booking in the USA to Europe are down 13%. People are afraid to travel,” said Strauss.

Instead, Strauss says people are booking trips to Mexico, the Caribbean or Hawaii.

The bottom line she says – if you’re planning a trip – book it soon before price hikes are passed on to passengers.

“I’m reading that in the next week or two airline prices will be going up due to the fuel,” said Strauss.

Price increases for airline tickets could also come in the form of surcharges. That’s something for consumers to watch for and be aware of if they see an unexpected charge.

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