Speak Up: Biden heads to Delaware, as CDC recommends avoiding travel – Delaware State News

President Joe Biden is heading back to his home in Delaware on Friday to spend the weekend with his wife and family, even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Americans forgo travel because of the coronavirus pandemic. The White House officials said the trip by Biden, his first aboard Air Force One as president, is far less risky than the sort of commercial travel that Americans are being urged to avoid.

• Rules for thee but not for me! — Daniel Korup

• Keep him. Don’t send him here! — Jennifer Reed Hill

• Such hate. — Leslie Hilyard Ruth

• Flying from D.C. to Delaware. Talk about a waste of resources and money! — Joanna Campbell

• It only takes an hour by car. — Jane Malaby Bailey

• So close, but with all the interstates and disrupted traffic and people throughout the entire route, which would take local resources for police the entire way to handle. — Karen Gasper

• The short trip from the airport to his home is different than the entire trip from D.C. to Delaware. Didn’t require multiple different agencies to be involved. Where was all your outrage when Trump was traveling regularly to Mar-a-Lago, costing the county of Palm Beach millions and hurting businesses in the area that were affected? Not to mention that they had to guard the coastline in the area, as well, which was in the millions to do. — Karen Gasper

• I’m sure he would rather take the train. — Sheryl Pizzadili

• Yeah, a plane with all the logistics and staff necessary to run a country. What’s he supposed to do? Put that stuff in the glove box? Check back in one year and compare his personal travel to Trump. — Luke Naylor

• So he should shut down I-95 for a presidential motorcade? If he did, then you’d be on here whining about that. — Christina Lutz

• Yes, but reducing carbon emissions was not a big policy for Trump. — Tom Small

• Give it a rest, people. He’s just flying home. It’s not like he’s ignoring a virus that’s killed 460,000 people, advocated injecting bleach or disinfectants, failed to act on Russian hacking or bounties on American soldiers or incited a riot and attempted overthrow of the government. — Barry Dickerson

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