‘Start making money!’: $7 million QT travel center opens at I-26 | Local

“Anything you want, we sell it,” Walker said.

The center occupies six acres and includes 20 gas pumps able to service 20 vehicles at the same time. The center also has about 10 truck bays.

It employs about two dozen.

Orangeburg County Development Commission Executive Director Gregg Robinson said he has been asked by a number of people, “What is QT?”

“I want you to think quality: quality gas, quality products, quality people where you can have a quality experience,” Robinson said.

QT is directly in front of the Orangeburg County/City Industrial Park, where over 1,000 individuals are employed. Allied Air is also building an additional 400,000-square-foot distribution facility at the park.

Robinson noted QT will be key to serving the 33,000 cars that travel on U.S. 301 daily.

The S.C. Department of Transportation helped to facilitate the construction of a light signals and mast arms on U.S. 301 as well as a light signal at the Orangeburg County/City Industrial Park.

Orangeburg County Council Chairman Johnnie Wright praised the company for choosing Orangeburg.

“I am sure you all will do good here because we have a lot of traffic and I hope other companies will follow through,” Wright said. “I know this area here is going to develop. We are looking forward to more growth.”

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