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Lima — The Allen County Museum “Travelling Trunk” made its way to Liberty Arts Magnet School for the first grade classes. The program provided students with hands-on learning about early pioneer life.

The trunk is full of artifacts from the Allen County Museum that students can handle, play with, and examine closely. This program was on pioneer living because the first-grade students are completing a social studies unit on life long ago as compared to life today.

Sarah Rish from the Allen County Museum talked with the kids about life as early pioneers. Students listened as Sarah explained how life was different from what kids experience today. Students saw examples of clothing, household items such as an iron and talked about how children in pioneer life were able to entertain themselves with an assortment of wooden toys.

Students were then invited to play with the toys from the travelling trunk. Spinning tops, limberjacks, and dolls made from corn husks were a few items the students handled, played with and examined up close.

The trunk travels as often as requests come in, however, everything slowed down because of Covid. Things are beginning to pick up as Covid restrictions are alleviated.

Sarah started at the Allen County Museum on May 1, 1985. She was sharing items in the travelling trunk not long after that date.

“This isn’t the only one that I do. I can vary the contents of the trunk depending on what the students are studying. I do one on rocks, minerals and fossils. I do one on Native American games, the Oregon Trail and growing up Amish.”

Sarah mentioned that in July, there will be a program that will take participants back to Lima of 1875 and progress to 1900.

Missy Bennett from the Allen County Museum helps students with clothes and other items used by early pioners.

Sarah Rish from the Allen County Museum talks with students about life in pioneer days.

Cheryl Quay from the Allen County Museum stands by to assist any of Amy Langhalls’s first-grade students with toys that may have been used by early pioneers.

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