Survey: More Event Planners Eye Growing Attendee Appreciation of In-Person Meetings

A growing number of event planners believe attendees will value in-person meetings more than they did before the pandemic, according to a new survey from event space provider Etc.venues. 

When asked whether event planners believe people will value face-to-face business meetings more or the same following their work-from-home experience, 88 percent of more than 400 respondents in a Dec. 7-14 survey reported that people will value them more or the same, compared with 77 percent of nearly 550 respondents to a May 18-22 survey, according to the company.

About 73 percent responded in December that hybrid meetings would become more common, with another 25 percent reporting they initially would be more important, then would return to their former demand. In May, 67 percent of respondents said hybrid events would be more common, with another 27 percent reporting that they only would be initially.

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