AAA: 1.1 million Michiganders to travel Memorial Day weekend | News

DEARBORN, Mich. (WJRT) – The auto club group AAA expects travel for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend to be the busiest in three years. 

It forecasts more than 1.1 million Michiganders will travel 50 miles or more from home. That would be a 7.9 percent increase over 2021.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May. It honors the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces.

AAA said people are more comfortable traveling now than at any other time in the past two years. It said this year’s forecast would bring volumes almost in line with pre-pandemic levels. 

The auto club said 92 percent of Michiganders traveling for the holiday would go by car, and about 5 percent would fly to their destination. AAA said another 3 percent would go by bus, train, or on a cruise.

To see the AAA forecast for summer travel, click here.

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11 Travel Deals to Take You Anywhere You Want (May 2022)

The glorious sounds of traveling season are upon us: jet engines whooshing into landing patterns overhead and the ding, ding, ding of gasoline pumps ringing as they wring the dollars from our pockets. After two years of pandemic-induced seclusion and a false start last year, many of us are finally getting the chance to go to all those places we’ve been daydreaming of. 

Check out these deals on some of the best travel gear this week to get you up, out of the house, on the open road, and in the skies. Also, be sure to check out our guide to face masks we actually like to wear for when you’re in crowded spaces.

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Luggage Deals

Eagle Creek Specter Pack-It Cubes

Photograph: Amazon

This deal excludes luggage sets and clearance items, but that leaves nearly all of their stock as included in this sale. Spend $150 and receive 10 percent off, or spend $250 and receive 15 percent off. Given Travelpro’s reputation in the market as a premium brand, that shouldn’t be a hard threshold to meet. The Crew VersaPack ($250 before discount) was my pick for the best soft-side carry-on.

Keep your belongings organized inside your luggage by separating them into packing cubes. They’ll keep your clothes from getting creased by sharp objects, and you won’t have to dig around to find matching socks any longer.

Chances are that if you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’ve handled a Samsonite bag. Now you’ve got your pick of 15 percent off everything sitewide, from wheeled carry-ons to travel backpacks. If you order two or more items at a time, your discount gets bumped up to 20 percent. Don’t forget to enter the code MAYSALE before you complete the checkout. The same offer is available at, a budget bag brand now owned by Samsonite, if you use the coupon SUNSHINE.

Airlines have weight limits for luggage. And if you plan to fly internationally on a non-US airline, you might be surprised by how strict they are with their low limits. You don’t need a fancy digital scale that’ll run out of batteries. Just keep this manual scale around, and when you’re done packing a heavy bag, affix the scale’s strap around the luggage and lift it. It’ll show you the weight all the way up to 80 pounds.

Fold down one or both expandable mesh sides to give your little buddy some room to stretch out on long trips. To keep things secure on this metal-framed, soft-sided travel crate, buckles secure it closed when you’re moving, and the accordion-style sides lock open when expanded to prevent mishaps.

Nap and Slumber Deals

Photograph: Moosejaw

A common travel tip—especially in hostels and grimier motels—is to bring a sleeping bag liner to sleep in when you bed down for the night. This polyester fleece liner will keep you warm in those over-air-conditioned hotel rooms and give you peace of mind if you’re squeamish about strange sheets. There’s also a polyester-cotton-blend version for $25 ($5 off) if you tend to sleep hot and don’t need the warmth of a fleece liner.

We’ve all fallen asleep crammed up against the window of a plane or car. Or worse, we’ve let our head droop while we nod off and wake up to a neck stiffer than a Giant Sequoia. A contoured neck pillow is the best way to catch some z’s on a flight or train journey without wrenching your neck for the rest of your trip, and the memory foam will help alleviate pressure points.

If neck pillows aren’t your thing, or if you’d prefer a pillow that can be used on a bed, check out this puffy 18- by 12-inch rectangular pillow. Because it’s filled with synthetic insulation instead of bulky memory foam, you can pack it down into a 5- by 11-inch space in your luggage.

Electronics Deals

Photograph: Jabra

Don’t blare your music straight out of your phone speakers on the bus, train, or plane. We live in a society. Do the civilized thing and pick up some earbuds, so you can rock out without creating any new archenemies. They have active noise cancellation, too, because you don’t want to hear everybody else’s noise, either.

Who knows how reliable the electrical system is in that old hotel. Keep your laptop, your phone, and your tablet safe from power surges by bringing along this compact, two-outlet surge protector that also features two USB ports. The included type C, G, B, I, E/F, and A plug adapters mean you can bring it with you to most of the top-visited countries around the world.

You can’t always count on the hotel to have an iron. Plus, I’ve always found steamers to be quicker and easier to use. The discount isn’t huge, but this is a stellar steamer that gear reviewer Medea Giordano and I have both used for years and been very pleased with. Just remember that, as a North American-market product, it may not work with other countries’ electrical outlets.

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NDSU History Field School to be held May 31-June 11 | News, Sports, Jobs

File Photo
Pictured is the Ward County Historical Society Pioneer Village Museum at Burlington.

North Dakota State University history students will be on hand next month to help the Ward County Historical Society with archival and display work.

Angela Smith, a public history professor at NDSU, said this will be the fourth Public History Field School her students have done. In 2019, Smith and her students were at a museum in Fessenden; in 2017 at Linton; and in 2015 at Ellendale.

The work they will do at the Pioneer Village Museum in Burlington will be a bit different. At the other small-town museums, Smith said the students helped museum staff catalogue their historical treasures. The staff at the Pioneer Village largely know what they have and how to preserve it, but they are interested in learning how to present it to the public.

“We are going to focus specifically on interpretation,” said Smith, such as writing labels and creating explanatory posters about the different historical displays that help put it into context and tells a story about what it might have been like to live more than 100 years ago in Ward County.

“My students and I will be there for almost two weeks,” she said. “… In every town we’ve done this, it’s (been) wonderful. You get so much done in those two weeks because you have 15 people working on it for 12 hours a day

Smith said she has been impressed by all the historical society has accomplished, in its efforts to recover from the Souris River flood of 2011 and its move from the North Dakota State Fairgrounds to its new site at Burlington a few years ago. The students will also learn the history of Ward County before they travel to Minot.

The students who will receive class credit will do a week of training at NDSU in Fargo before they come to Minot. They will stay at the Minot State University dorms while they are taking part in the field school at the Pioneer Village Museum.

Bethany Andreasen, a history professor at MSU, had reached out to Smith and suggested the museum could benefit from a field school. Grants will provide money for some of the archival supplies and interpretive materials the work requires, and the museum has done some fundraising to cover the approximate $5,000 cost of housing, meals for the two weeks of on-site work, and some incidental costs. They will be in Minot from May 31-June 11.

Smith said she and her students will present a plan for their work at the museum to the historical society board and receive approval.

This is a partnership between the museum and the public history students, she said, and both will benefit.

Smith said she also plans to offer a genealogy workshop to the public during the field school. There will also be a personal archival tip session, and a historic photo scanning class. Smith said students have also recorded oral histories from residents during past Field Schools to help preserve precious stories. Students will give a presentation on June 11 to show off their work.

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Canada eases virus travel measures for kids aged 5 to 11

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Unvaccinated children aged five to 11 traveling with a fully vaccinated adult will no longer need a COVID-19 test to enter Canada beginning Monday, the federal government said.

Pre-entry tests will still be needed for partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers over the age of 12 who are eligible to travel to Canada.

Children under five years of age don’t currently require a COVID-19 test to enter Canada.

Government officials announced several other small changes to ease restrictions for international travelers taking effect on Monday.

Fully vaccinated travelers, and children under 12 accompanying them, will no longer need to provide their quarantine plans when they enter the country.

Vaccinated people arriving in Canada won’t need to wear a mask for 14 days, keep a list of contacts or report COVID-19 symptoms.

Travelers will also no longer need to quarantine if someone in their group develops COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive.

All travelers are still required to use the ArriveCAN app to upload travel and vaccination information within 72 hours of their arrival to Canada and/or before boarding a plane or cruise ship destined for Canada.

“All travelers, regardless of vaccination status, must also continue to wear a mask throughout their entire travel journey,” the government said in a news release.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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11 Simple Ways To Soften The Blow Of High Gas Prices On Your Road Trip – CBS Sacramento

(CNN) — This was supposed to be our big comeback year for travel with easier times ahead.

With Covid-19 caseloads falling dramatically in the United States starting in February and restrictions being relaxed or dropped, those long-delayed epic spring and summer American road trips appeared to be on the vacation horizon.

READ MORE: Woman, 25, Killed In Highway 50 Crash Near 59th Street In Sacramento

Then — BAM!

Gasoline prices started skyrocketing. And this bout of inflation feels like a gut punch after everything else.

It’s downright disheartening. Especially for lower-income families who have to make every single dollar count. However, don’t give up on your road trip dreams entirely or pay more than you need to even if you can afford it.

CNN Travel has lined up 11 ways to squeeze the most out of every precious drop of fuel so you can still load up the car, unload your worries and go see some stuff.

1. Use apps to find less expensive gas

Download gas apps to help you in your quest to find less expensive gasoline. Here are a handful of popular options:

— AAA Mobile: The mobile version of the famous AAA TripTik Planner comes with membership. Get price info along with route planning.

— Gas Buddy: They also offer a card to save money on gas purchases.

— Gas Guru: Owned by Yellow Pages, it offers intel on car washes, auto repair and ATMs as well as gas prices.

— Geico: The insurance company has a mobile app to help you locate good prices near you.

— Waze: This crowdsourcing navigation app can also help send you to stations with cheaper prices.

2. Take advantage of card discounts

Those apps are just the start to finding less expensive gas. Also take advantage of discounts and deals on credit cards to further drive down the price.

For instance, Discover cardholders will get 5% cash back on gas station purchases in April, May and June. You just have to click one prompt to sign up.

Then there are credit cards devoted specifically to gas. The consumer advice platform NerdWallet has compiled a list of the top ones for March 2022, including the best one for travelers.

“The other thing is joining some sort of club with the local gas station so that you can get some awards down the line,” Bill Eisele of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently told CNN. The Penny Hoarder has some options you can check out.

Finally, some stations might knock off around 10 cents per gallon or so on gas if you take a few extra minutes to pay cash in the store instead of using a credit card at the pump.

3. Bypass stations just off major highways

“It’s usually best not use the stations right along the interstate,” advised Ellen Edmonds, manager of AAA public relations, in a recent interview with CNN Travel. She said they tend to have higher prices because of the convenience.

Instead, “drive a few miles drive down the road. Look for residential areas or remote rural areas.”

And you can put those apps to use once you pull over.

4. Get stingy at expensive gas stations

If you’re running real low on gas and you’re stuck in an area with jacked-up prices, by all means pull over to refuel. Just don’t fill up all the way.

Pump enough gas to safely get to a location where stations generally charge less. Finish filling up your tank there. Edmonds advises to not let your tank get below one quarter full, though.

The retirement advocate AARP reminds its members that unless the vehicle requires it, buying premium gas is just a waste of money.

5. Keep up with your vehicle maintenance

Cars get better gas mileage when their parts are maintained. Plus there’s the safety factor.

The experts at — a car repair startup that comes to customers’ homes — told CNN Travel a couple of things you should do before you begin a road trip:

• Check your tire pressure. Make sure it’s properly inflated; underinflated tires increase fuel consumption. Look over your tires for bald spots. Also gauge your tire pressure to avoid spontaneous tire blowouts or tears.

• Remember the air filter. Keep your car air fresh and cool by cleaning out and possibly changing air filters before a long road trip. This is especially important if you plan to drive during the day in the sun.

6. Develop good driving habits

Drivers should be sure to watch themselves on excessive idling, Edmonds said. It’s burning gas and literally getting you nowhere. Even in winter, you don’t need to “warm up” the car. If you’re going to be idling longer than 60 seconds, cut off the vehicle.

“Try to avoid construction zones if you can, perhaps if you can shift outside of the peak period just a little bit in your travels to avoid that congestion and the idling associated with that,” Eisele of Texas A&M said.

Cut out those “jackrabbit” starts and hard acceleration. Moderately ease into your starts and apply brakes early for stops.

“We burn a lot of fuel when we’re driving aggressively,” Eisele said. “So take it easy on the accelerator. Drive cautiously, drive carefully, drive the speed limit.”

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AAA advises to use cruise control unless the road is slippery.

7. Drive more slowly and steadily

It depends on the vehicle, but on average, you get about 14% fuel savings if you stay at a steady 50 miles per hour (about 80 kilometers per hour), Edmonds said. The faster you go beyond that, the quicker you burn up your gas.

Of course, 50 mph is too slow for most interstate travel when other drivers are flying past you even when you’re clocking 70 mph (about 113 kph). Edmonds suggests changing the road up instead.

“Take a scenic route and go a consistent speed in that sweet spot to make the most of your fuel economy,” she said.

Getting off the bland interstates and major highways and onto the road less traveled is part of the fun anyway.

“You make a play list and get your snacks, and go with friends or family. It’s part of the experience — stopping at a cool roadside attraction or trying out a quaint, local restaurant.”

8. Consider a ‘nearcation’

There are options between settling for yet another staycation and an epic, cross-country road trip that would bust your budget. It’s the “nearcation.” Think about places closer to home yet far enough away to feel like a bona-fide journey.

Edmonds compiled a list of AAA suggestions around the United States that may not come immediately to mind when planning a road trip.

Many of these are closer to major population centers than some of wildly popular but remote national parks out West such as Yellowstone and Arches. And some of the places on this list might be less crowded as well.


• Baxter State Park (Maine) | Block Island (Rhode Island) | The Finger Lakes (New York) | Stowe (Vermont)


• Gatlinburg (Tennessee) | Jekyll Island (Georgia) | St. Augustine (Florida)


• Broken Bow (Oklahoma) | Door County (Wisconsin) | Estes Park (Colorado) | Fredericksburg (Texas) | Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming)


• Leavenworth (Washington) | Solvang (California)

9. Target states with cheaper gas

Average prices for a gallon of gas can vary a lot from state to state. Instead of a straight shot out and back across the country, maybe this is the year for a circular ramble in a state with less expensive gas.

For instance, folks in Georgia and North Carolina might want to consider a road trip in compact South Carolina. The Palmetto State has generally cheaper prices and has beautiful drives in the mountains, along the coast and points in between. And if your road crew can’t decide between the mountains and the beach, the distance between the two is less in South Carolina than its neighbors.

And Mississippi is well below the national average for gas prices. This might be the year to explore the Natchez Trace.

In general, states in the center of the country have the cheapest gas. Check this AAA site for daily updates.

10. Ditch the car in a big city

Perhaps you want an urban adventure and you’ve snagged a fantastic deal on a flight or lodging.

Don’t rent a car if you have good public transportation options in your destination, Edmonds said. Subways, light rail, buses, bikes, scooters and walking around in dense city centers might cost you less than renting a car, paying for parking and burning up gas with stop-and-go city driving.

Take Atlanta, for example.

One of the city’s MARTA train lines goes directly into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Some of the city’s best tourist attractions are near MARTA stations or streetcars, including the Belt Line walkway, Woodruff Arts Center, Georgia Aquarium and Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park.

In Canada, French-infused Quebec City is best explored on foot anyway.

11. Share the ride

Did you have a “bubble” during the pandemic — trusted friends you would hang out with? Edmonds suggested they might want to do a road trip with you.

“Traveling in groups is another way of saving money for a number of reasons. Plus you share experiences along with cost sharing. A lot of people adopted that during the pandemic.”

Overall, she encourages would-be road-trippers not to get too discouraged from the shock of high gas prices.

“You might not be able to take that big trip for now. You might need to take that smaller trip closer to home,” she said. “Dream small in the near future and still dream for that big vacation down the road.”

MORE NEWS: Shaping Sacramento: Local Firm Behind Historic Structures Celebrates 100 Years

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I-80 eastbound near Paxton open for travel at 11 p.m. Mountain Time

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – The Nebraska Department of Transportation is reporting that the eastbound lanes of I-80 are clearing after an accident occurred around 8 p.m. MT/9 p.m. CST near Paxton on I-80. The NDOT, reminding people, “As you travel through, be aware of responders still on scene. As you continue to travel, remember – phones down & buckle up!”

Witnesses are reporting a burned cattle truck and a second semi at the scene. Other witnesses say some cattle were affected by the burning cattle pod, and others were rounded up safely. Area ranchers helped round up the cattle according to one witness. News 2 will have a detailed report of this incident once it is provided, concerning the details of the accident and the condition of people and animals involved.

The Department of Transportation is reporting a crash on I-80 eastbound near Paxton. The eastbound lane is closed and westbound traffic is slowed down. Eastbound traffic is being detoured to Highway 30.

As of 9:30 p.m., Wednesday, responders are working to extinguish a fire (a burning cattle pod from a cattle truck) and to herd cattle off the roadway.

NDOT warms westbound drivers to proceed with caution. They ask that you, “Proceed with caution, please be patient, & check 511.Nebraska.Gov for the latest updates.”

More details will be shared as they become available.

Copyright 2022 KNOP. All rights reserved.

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Business Trip: No. 11 Carroll preparing for Round of 16 matchup with No. 6 Morningside | Carroll College

HELENA  The Carroll’s women’s basketball team is on a business trip, one the Saints hope doesn’t end for another week.

On Monday night, the team arrived in Sioux City, Iowa, for the NAIA National Championship Tournament Final Site games. Round of 16 play begins on Thursday with four games. Carroll plays Morningside (Iowa) at 2 p.m. MT for a spot in the quarterfinals.

“We’re kinda getting used to playing on the road in a hostile environment…I definitely think the players, mentally, are in a great place to compete against Morningside,” Saints head coach Rachelle Sayers said. “They score a ton of points and shoot the ball as well as any team we’ve played all year. They create a lot of chaos on the defensive end. They press and they zone and they switch it up a lot, they’re very active.”

Carroll did not return to Helena following its opening round wins over Lindsey Wilson and Loyola in New Orleans. Instead, the team enjoyed a day off in Louisiana on Sunday before splitting up and taking separate flights to Atlanta and then on to Omaha, Nebraska, where the team rejoined and practiced at NCAA Division I Creighton University before driving to Sioux City.

In between travel and game preparation, the Saints have found time to fit in breaks from the grind of a business trip. The team visited downtown New Orleans on Sunday and spent the day exploring Bourbon Street and some other historic sites in the city.

On Monday, the team had the opportunity to watch an NCAA Tournament-bound Creighton women’s basketball team practice. Even during the NAIA opening round, the Saints got to play on Tulane’s home floor, an NCAA Division I facility.

“When we walked into Tulane for the first time, everyone was super excited to be somewhere completely new in a really nice facility,” Carroll senior Christine Denny said. “Aside from being able to practice at some Division I schools, we’ve been able to do some sight-seeing and really bond as a team, which has been a lot of fun off the court, as well as on the court.”

For Denny and three of her teammates, this is the last road trip of their collegiate careers. That makes the end goal pretty obvious, but off the court, these experiences can help break up the grind of travel and games, as well as provide lifelong memories.

“I think any time you can schedule in some of those experiences that make it special – if it’s all about the grind every single day, I don’t know that you’ll ever get as much out of these players as you will if you also make it about the entire experience…

“We’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna have a great experience and enjoy our time wherever we’re at, but at the end of the day, the reason that we’re here is to come out and compete as hard as we can and represent Carroll College and the entire state of Montana as well as we can,” Sayers said.

The Saints, who won two national tournament games in the same season for the first time under Sayers to reach Sioux City, are matched up with Morningside, a team that plays its home games just four or so miles away from the Tyson Events Center. Morningside is the No. 2 seed in the Naismith Quadrant and beat Iowa Wesleyan and St. Francis to reach the Round of 16.

Morningside has won four national championships in its program history (2004, 2005, 2009, 2015) and qualified for its 20th-straight national tournament earlier this month.

The Mustangs feature one of the NAIA’s best scoring offenses at over 80 points per game and are top-10 in team field goal and 3-point field goal percentage. They share the basketball among the best in the country and average just 12 turnovers per game.

Senior Sierra Mitchell is tied for fifth in the NAIA with 96 made 3-pointers, while Taylor Rodenburgh is 10th in the nation shooting the 3-ball at a 45 percent clip. Mitchell (17.8) and Rodenburgh (12.7) each average double figures, as do Sophia Peppers (15.1) and Chloe Lofstrom (12.3).

“We’ve gotta chase them off the 3-point line,” Sayers said. “They’re averaging almost 11 made threes per game. They shoot it at a very high percentage and they all shoot it. We’re gonna have to make them uncomfortable. We’re gonna have to do everything we can to not give them any open looks…

“When you do that, then you have the tendency to get spread all over the floor and you open yourself up to getting beat off the dribble. They’re going to put a lot of pressure on us defensively to be able to stay down in a stance, and not only guard shooters, but keep the ball in front of us.”

Expect Mitchell (4-time all-conference player), Peppers (three-time all-conference player), Lofstrom, McKenna Sims and Alexis Spier to start for Morningside. Rodenburgh has made 13 starts this season, but has come off the bench of late, and is averaging about 20 minutes per game. Lauren Hedlund and Aspen Jansa will also come off the bench.

Carroll shot better than 48 percent from the field and north of 47 percent from 3-point distance in its opening round victories. The Saints have more than enough firepower to keep pace with a team like Morningside, but they would rather slow the Mustangs down and hold them in the 60s or 70s.

Neither one of Carroll’s opening round opponents broke 60 points, and for the season, the Saints are allowing just 54.4 points per game, a top-10 mark in the NAIA.

Sienna Swannack vs. Montana Western

Carroll’s Sienna Swannack battles for a loose ball with a Montana Western player during the Saints’ 74-57 win over the Bulldogs on Feb. 5.

Carroll felt like it could zone Loyola and did so successfully. That probably isn’t going to work against a good 3-point shooting team like Morningside, however.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to run a ton of zone against Morningside just because every position on their roster shoots the three,” Sayers said. “I think they’ll extend us too much and we’ll end up playing a lot of man principles within our zone. We’re gonna have to really dig deep and get out there and defend like crazy.”

Offensively, the Saints will likely face plenty of pressing back to a zone defense. Morningside forced a combined 39 turnovers in its opening round games and features four starters who have 40 or more steals on the season.

Carroll is the 12th-least turnover prone team in the NAIA, a product of the Saints’ ball handler-centric lineups.

“The biggest key for us is being able to take care of the ball against their presses,” Sayers said. “When we come down and face their changing zones, we have to play with a lot of tempo, with a lot of togetherness. I think just be really solid with the basketball. I think sometimes we play a little fast and we’re just worried about moving the ball and not necessarily about creating things for others. We just have to play with a really good flow offensively.”

Carroll’s roster has plenty of experience playing in games like this. The Saints have qualified for the national tournament each of the last five years with this senior class. Beyond that, Carroll played one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the nation this season, playing last year’s national champion and runner-up away from home, not to mention two competitive games against NCAA Division I competition.

Morningside lost in the semifinals last season but rebounded to win the Great Plains Athletic Conference regular-season title and finish runner-up in the conference tournament.

This journey to Sioux City (by way of New Orleans) has already been a memorable one for Carroll. Players and coaches got to cut down nets after winning the opening round pod tournament, something that Denny said was the highlight of the trip for her, thus far.

Of course, cutting down nets as national champions would supplant that experience.

“That’s the goal,” Denny said.

Tip off from Sioux City is scheduled for 2 p.m. MT on Thursday.

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Wizards vs. Lakers – Game Recap – March 11, 2022

LOS ANGELES — — LeBron James continues to put on age-defying performances.

The 37-year old Lakers superstar had 50 points Friday night and became the oldest player to have multiple 50-point games in a season in Los Angeles’ 122-109 victory over the Washington Wizards.

James surpassed Bernard King, who was 34 when he did it in 1990-91 with Washington.

“He’s really good at basketball, that LeBron James,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said. “I think what stands out to me is the league has never seen a player at his stage of his career do what he’s doing. Just an incredible, unbelievable, epic performance.”

It was the 15th 50-point game in James’ 19-year career, including the postseason. He’s also the first Lakers player since Kobe Bryant in April 2007 to score 50 in back-to-back home games. James had a season-high 56 in a win over Golden State last Saturday.

It was also the first time since 2009 with Cleveland that James had multiple 50-point games in the regular season.

“We just needed to pick our energy up and get more detailed about how we wanted to attack the Wizards. We did that, especially in the third quarter,” said James, who was 18 of 25 from the field and made six 3-pointers in 36 minutes. “I was able to hit a hot streak at one point. I just tried to stay in that zone as long as possible and hit a couple.”

James also had six rebounds and moved past Dikembe Mutombo into 12th place on the NBA’s career defensive rebounds list with 8,553.

James rallied the Lakers back with 12 straight points during a 22-8 run when they took an 82-75 lead with 2:25 remaining. James’ flurry included a thunderous dunk midway through the quarter to put Los Angeles up 73-70.

“For us to be able to come in in the third quarter, that’s been one of our down quarters this year, held them to 23 points in that third and run off 37. It was big for our team, big for our ballclub,” James said.

He then had 14 points in the fourth quarter as the Lakers steadily pulled away. Los Angeles, which had dropped six of their last seven coming into the game, led by as many as 18 midway through the fourth.

“Once you give them life, Bron was exceptional tonight, it’s hard to stop him. Even at his age, he’s still capable of doing incredible things like that,” said Wizards center Kristap Porzingis, who had a season-high 14 rebounds along with 14 points. “Once he got going, it was really hard to stop anything he was doing.”

Malik Monk scored 21 points and Talen Horton-Tucker added 15 for the Lakers (29-37), who remain in ninth place in the Western Conference.

Kyle Kuzma, who played for the Lakers for four seasons, led Washington with 23 points and rookie Corey Kispert scored a career-high 21 points, including five 3-pointers.

The Wizards (29-36) have dropped two straight and five of their last seven. They are 2 1/2 games behind Atlanta for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

“They came out ultra-aggressive. We had momentum a little bit at the end of the second going into the half,” coach Wes Unseld Jr. said. “They came out as the aggressor attacking the paint. Obviously, we struggled to score. That showed probably later in the second half, third quarter, but we let that ball stick too much – one pass, no pass possessions. That’s a tough way to play against a quality defensive team.”


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kuzma, who were part of the Lakers’ 2020 NBA championship team, were given a video salute during the first timeout. Both players were traded to Washington during the offseason to acquire Russell Westbrook.

“I’m just a kid from Flint, Michigan, at the end of the day. I always think about that, how being from a small town, coming to LA, and just making some noise,” Kuzma said. “That’s the American dream, honestly for me. I love to hear it, I’m glad to hear it, for the fans to be so receptive of me.”

Caldwell-Pope struggled in his return to LA. He was 1 of 6 from the floor and had only four points. He also received a technical foul late in the first quarter.


Wizards: Washington had a 62-53 lead early in the third quarter before the Lakers made their run. … Rui Hachimura had 13 of his 15 points in the first half. … Tomas Satoransky had 10 of his 14 points in the fourth quarter.

Lakers: Westbrook had nine assists and passed Andre Miller for 11th on the career assists list. Westbrook has 8,529 in his 13-year career. … Austin Reaves had 12 points.


Wizards: Continue their four-game road trip at Portland on Sunday.

Lakers: Travel to Phoenix on Sunday.


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Eagles Travel Out West to Face No. 11 Denver

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – The Boston College lacrosse team will face No. 11 Denver on Wednesday at 3 p.m. (EST) at Peter Barton Stadium in a battle of unbeaten teams. 

Schedule Update

Sunday’s 1 p.m. against Yale will take place in Fish Field House and is closed to the public. 

About the Eagles

Last Time Out

Boston College dominated Louisville in a 19-10 win on Saturday on the road. The Eagles used a 9-2 second-quarter run to take over the matchup. Belle Smith totaled a career-high eight points with five goals and a personal-high three assists. She was one of three Eagles with Jenn Medjid (four goals) and Kayla Martello (three goals) to earn a hat trick. Caitlynn Mossman produced a team-high four assists in the victory. Martello and Smith teamed up for seven of the team’s nine goals, while Medjid scored the other two in the second period. BC improved to 6-0 for the first time since 2019. 

A Win Would

– Move BC to 7-0 on the season and 5-0 on the road. 

– Give the Eagles a 4-0 record against ranked opponents.

– Improve to 4-0 all-time against the Pioneers. 

Dynamic Duo

The duo of Charlotte North (30 goals) and Medjid (22 goals) is the second-highest scoring duo in the nation with 52 goals. North is second in the country and Medjid is tied for 13th. Catriona Barry (34 goals) and Katie DeSimone (26 goals) are first with 60. 

At the Top

Going into tomorrow’s contest, the Eagles are second in scoring margin (+10.67), scoring offense (19.67), shots per game (38.0), and seventh in draw controls per game at 17.67. Smith joins North and Medjid in the top 55 in goals scored, as Smith is 54th with 15. Courtney Taylor is first in the ACC and 22nd in the nation in caused turnovers per game, while she is also first in the league in ground balls per game at 2.83. 

Scouting Denver

Denver is also 6-0 on the season after a 10-6 win over then-No. 16 Vanderbilt. Lauren Black and Bea Behrins led the team with three goals each. Three Pioneers have at least 14 goals this season, whereas Behrins’ 19 goals are a team-best. Black (15 G) and Behrin (14 G) round out the leaders. Behrins’ six assists give her a team-high 25 points on the season. Denver is fifth in the nation in scoring defense (5.83) and sixth in caused turnovers per game. 

Series History

BC is 3-0 in the all-time series, while it is the first time since 2003 the foes will face off. The Eagles have defeated the Pioneers by double digits in all three meetings.

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11 products for thriving in a tiny home

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

I’ve never been a minimalist. When I started college—insisting on packing “essentials” like every piece of clothing I owned and 10(!) bath towels—one parent walking by my throng of suitcases assumed my mother was moving in twins. It didn’t matter that I went to school in the middle of a city (within a block of CVS), or that I was only an hour from home. I felt a need to squeeze a six-month supply of tampons, winter boots I had never worn outside of a ski slope, and a 13-gallon trash can into my tiny shared dorm room. 

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Fast forward a decade, and I still don’t have all that much space. My apartments have all hovered around 500 sq. ft., including a studio that only had one narrow closet. Out of necessity, I had to step up my storage and organization game. But out of preference, I wanted my place to still look like an adult lived there. I wanted posh, not plastic.

After much personal trial and error, I’ve established a roster of products that make it possible to love living in a tiny space—even with a ton of stuff. Spoiler alert: Vertical space is your friend.

1. Cubbies to maximize storage space

While cubbies aren’t a revolutionary storage solution, I can’t say enough about how much of a game-changer the Threshold 6-Cube Organizer Shelf has been. I use two side-by-side, making for more than 12 cu. ft. of extra space for everything from sweaters to cleaning supplies. (I even have one dedicated to yarn and knitting supplies, a hobby that wouldn’t get precious real estate otherwise.) The top is also perfect for perching a TV, books, or any other knick knacks you want to display. Plus, the honey oak finish looks more like a piece of furniture than a storage unit, especially when paired with sand-colored bins (below).

Get the Threshold 6-Cube Organizer Shelf at Target for $59.50

2. Bins to keep messes hidden

Sure, you can display books and files in a set of cubbies without bins, or alternate every other. But to really maximize storage and keep your unit looking sleek, bins are the way to go. I have 12 of these fabric bins in Sand, each 13-inch cube looking sleek and polished on the outside while hiding messes like tangled extension cords or mail that needs sorting. I’ve kept laundry detergent in my living room for years and my guests have never had a clue. Pro tip: Try to store items as vertically as possible so you can see everything inside at a glance.

Get the Threshold Fabric Cube Storage Bin at Target for $8.50

3. A compact fitness system for your home

If developing your home gym setup has fallen to the wayside in your tiny living space, consider investing in a Tempo Move system over a gym membership. We reviewed Tempo Move and were impressed with the setup, the barebones smart equipment and weights, and the way it made our reviewer feel like they were being kept on track. You’ll pay a one time fee for the system, and you can use it to take advantage of your small space.

Get the Tempo Move from Tempo for $395

4. A non-stick pan to replace up to eight pans in your cabinet

We’ve talked about our love of the Always Pan before, but if you have yet to experience it for yourself and you’re beholden to cluttered, overcrowded cabinets in your kitchen, you might want to invest. The Always Pan is a nonstick pan that’s designed to replace saucepans, soup pots, skillets, and more. You can use it to pan fry, saute, steam, braise, and strain; the Always Pan also comes in beautiful colors, so if you have to leave it on your stovetop to save space in your cabinets it won’t stand out in a clean kitchen.

Get the Always Pan from Our Place for $145

5. A jewelry holder that doubles as décor

Vertical space is key in tiny living, especially when it comes to accessories. Instead of having a jewelry box take up most of the top of my small dresser, I use this heart-shaped IMM Living wire jewelry holder. Pretty enough to function as décor all on its own, it looks even cooler holding a dozen hoop and dangling earrings. Rings, studs, and even necklaces fit perfectly on its ceramic dish, too. And because it looks like this personal recommendation is also popular to the point of selling out online, here’s one that looks like it will work just as well (and who doesn’t love a cactus?).

6. A suitcase to use as extra storage space

I love to travel, so I need to have my suitcase easily accessible. But in a tiny home, that means it’s occupying pretty valuable storage real estate since suitcases are not generally attractive enough to leave out. Aside from the fact that it’s a breeze to take on a plane, this carry-on from Samsonite is sleek enough to fit under a bed or stand up in a closet. Plus, its hard exterior means no matter how much you stuff into it, it will stay the same size. I use this to my advantage and store my gym bag, larger bags, and even some purses inside. Sure, you have to empty it when you go on a trip, but it’s worth it to hold those bulky items the rest of the time and save valuable drawer space.

Get the Samsonite Stryde Carry-On Glider on Amazon for $155.20

7. A console table that makes for a perfect bar

If there’s one thing I don’t mind storing out in the open, it’s liquor. Owning a well-stocked bar was one of the first times I saw my place as a real adult home, even if some of the bottles—er, boxes—of wine and booze still skewed college. There’s something about long-stemmed glassware and cocktail shakers that simply looks elegant, especially when they’re perched on this antique brass table with glass and mirrored shelves. While the table is technically made for more decorative objects, I’ve played with bottles on top and glassware on the bottom, and vice versa, depending on the space. The middle section is perfect for shot and rocks glasses, as well as a few cocktail recipe books.

Get the Terrace Console at West Elm for $399.20

8. A shower caddy that makes bulk shopping possible

One of the major downsides to living in a tiny space is missing out on those sweet, sweet Costco deals. There’s no use buying in bulk if you physically can’t fit things in your place afterward. But because deals on everyday items like toilet paper and shampoo are too good to pass up, I found a solution: the shower caddy. Yes, this can help organization even if you’re not stocking up a three-month supply, but by migrating all waterproof, shower-related bottles to the tub shelves and caddy, you can free up precious under-sink storage for the rest. In my shower, this hanging caddy holds eight bottles, a razor, and a detangling comb, leaving tub shelves open for even more stock.

Get the Made By Design Bathroom Shower Caddy at Target for $16

9. A cast iron skillet that can go in the oven

When I finally discovered the wonder that is cast-iron cooking, this Lodge skillet became my go-to, allowing me to cook everything from meat to veggies to shakshuka in one heavy-duty pan that could work on the stove and in the oven. Plus, in our roundup of the best cast iron pans, Lodge came out on top.

Get the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet on Amazon for $19.62

10. Bar stools that only look expensive

IKEA is the juggernaut in the small-living biz, but my favorite product for my home hasn’t been anything storage-related. Instead, I’m obsessed with these bar stools that can be adjusted in terms of height, as well as repurposed as side tables for drinks when friends are around. Backless, they fit neatly under a countertop overhang or small kitchen table, and they’re lightweight enough to move around.

Since I’ve lived for years without a proper dining room table, these stools help expand the surface area of the coffee table, which comes in handy for movie nights or stocking up on snacks for a Netflix binge. Plus, they’re easily the most complimented pieces of furniture I’ve owned—and I put them together them myself!

Get the Dalfred Bar Stool at IKEA for $55

11. Drawer dividers for keeping utensils in place

In my studio apartment, my utensil drawer was the single source of my organization frustration for months. Too narrow to fit even the smallest of utensil dividers (trust me, I tried them all), the drawer ended up just being a heap of forks, spoons, and knives. I had resigned myself to a life—or at least a lease—of sticking my hand in a pile of sharp objects. Then I tried a set of expandable drawer dividers. While I assumed they were only good for separating clothing like socks and underwear, they fit perfectly in my skinny kitchen drawer, saving my fingers—and my sanity.

Get the 2 3/8” Expandable Drawer Dividers at the Container Store for $17.99

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