Bicycling Travel Awards 2022

two riders prepare for a descent in the eastern range of the colombian andes mountains
Two riders prepare for a descent in the eastern range of the Colombian Andes mountains.

Rob at Lighttrapper Photography/Courtesy Saddle Skedaddle

If traveling by bike has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no better way to experience the history, food, and culture of a region. The past year and a half put a damper on our travel plans and brought more isolation and anxiety into our lives. But it hasn’t pumped the brakes on our wanderlust. If anything, we’re more ready for a two-wheeled escape where our biggest concerns are the simple essentials: where to rest, find water and food, and ride next.

The cycling adventures on our list are long and short, local and international, self-guided and led by the pros. Whether you want to cruise singletrack for a couple of days and pass out in a hammock, or pedal your way through an entire country, drinking local wine and sleeping in luxury hotel rooms, there’s an ideal trip here for you. Start planning your dream ride now and experience more from the saddle of a bike in 2022.

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jenny friedman
graphic designer
703 359 4627
The W&OD near Leesburg, Virginia.

Courtesy NOVA Parks Staff


1–3 days | 45–90 miles | self-guided | easy | road

There are thousands of reasons to love the W&OD, the 45-mile paved trail stretching between Washington, D.C., to its western suburbs and beyond—and only one frequent complaint about it: The trail’s popularity. If you don’t mind congestion closer to the city, pedaling this beloved rail trail is the best way to explore the quaint small towns and stunning wildflowers (they peak in spring) of northern Virginia. For a one- to three-day tour, start in D.C. and take the trail out to its endpoint in Purcellville, Virginia. From there, head back toward Leesburg to pick up the C&O Canal Towpath and follow the Potomac River back. Think of it as an ideal maiden voyage for the bike-touring curious. Campsites and lodging options abound along both trails, as well as eateries and bike shops.

2db7ea6 mountain bikers travel along the scenic flume trail at lake tahoe
Ride the flume trail at lake Tahoe between May and October to avoid snow.



1 day | 28+ miles | self-guided | $18 shuttle ride | moderate to difficult | mtb

The Flume Trail isn’t one of Tahoe’s deeper cuts, but it remains iconic for views of the bright blue lake from a 4.5-mile ribbon of singletrack that clings to the ridge above. Primarily following smooth-ish fire roads, the trail has steep climbs with 1,000 feet of gain. Flume Trail Bikes in Incline Village, Nevada, will rent you a mountain bike and shuttle you to the ride’s start at Spooner Lake State Park. You can ride 14 miles of the Flume Trail round-​trip, or continue on for 24 more miles round-​trip on the Tahoe Rim Trail before shuttling back to Flume Trail Bikes again—refuel up at the Tunnel Creek Cafe next door.

sunrays and fall colors from the summit of looking glass rock, nc in the pisgah national forest near brevard, nc travel awards 2022
The rolling hills, ridges, and mountains of Pisgah National Forest.

Getty Images


1 day | 14 miles | self-guided | moderate | mtb

The Laurel Mountain Loop is a Pisgah National Forest classic with steep climbs, wicked singletrack, and gnarly downhills through the most remote parts of western North Carolina. Ride the trails in mid-fall when the leaves are changing, and the views from the slabs of rock at the top make it hard to catch your breath. You can also link the loop to the Pilot Cove/Slate Rock trail for added mileage. After the ride, you can recover at one of Asheville’s dozens of craft breweries.

t0re5c texas country roads with bluebonnets
Bluebonnets along the hill country loop begin blooming in February.



4–5 days | 311 miles | self-guided | moderate | road

If you live in the northern U.S., your mood level and vitamin D likely bottom out around February after months of gray skies, sleet, and trainer riding. That’s the ideal time of year to escape south and take on this 311-mile paved loop mapped by the Adventure Cycling Association. The route starts and ends in downtown Austin near the Texas state capitol, where you can down all the breakfast tacos you can handle at Veracruz All Natural. Next, you’ll head out to gorgeous hill country on mostly rural county and state roads, outlined by blankets of bluebonnets and other wildflowers. You won’t want to miss a stop in Fredericksburg, known for its wineries and German heritage sites. This route is easy to customize with numerous options to shorten your trip or add destinations like the otherworldly Summit Trail at Enchanted Rock.

punta pescadero on the east cape of baja
Punta Pescadero, on the east cape of Baja.

Courtesy Dawn Rae Knoth


10–16 days | 255 miles | self-guided | moderate | mtb

My husband, Rob, our son, Max (then 8), and I started the ride at San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, and did the loop in a clockwise direction. Our average daily mileage was 20 to 25 miles, but some days were shorter, depending on the places to camp and scenic spots—finding that balance between type 1 and type 2 fun. It took us 16 days, with a couple of days at the front end and tail end to hang out and 10 days of actual riding.

For the first part of the trip, there were longer stretches between towns, and we carried water for up to two days. But then we started to go through towns at a more regular cadence—great for lunch tacos. The route has a mix of places to stay and awesome wild camping on secluded beaches.

rob max and dawn rae knoth
Rob, Max, and Dawn Rae Knoth

Courtesy Dawn Rae Knoth

The natural beauty there is overwhelming. On a beach walk we watched a little baby sea turtle make its way from the beach into the ocean. We saw whales multiple times. One morning, we woke up to this crazy jackhammer sound, and it was manta rays flying out of the ocean and then slapping the water.

My biggest advice is to take it at a leisurely pace if you’re traveling as a family. Give yourself time to enjoy the areas and be flexible. I also suggest fatter tires—like 2.6-inch. It might look daunting or overwhelming, but once you’re out there on bikes together, it’s really a pretty simple thing to do as a family. —Dawn Rae Knoth, bickpacker and trend forecaster

people bike the dirt and gravel portion of the road in denali on june 11, 2019
From east to west, the park road gains 10,928 feet of elevation.

NPS Photo/Emily Mesner


2–3 days | 92 miles | self-guided | moderate | gravel

See the wonders of Alaska’s Denali mountain from the saddle of a gravel bike—along with everything you need to survive for a few days bungeed to the back. The park has one paved and gravel road that runs for 92 miles from the east entrance to Kantishna in the west, so you can get lost in the spellbinding views of untouched wilderness without missing turns. Once you ride past the Savage River rest area at mile 15, the only vehicle traffic is from buses. You can do the trip as an out-and-back, or catch a bus or shuttle from any of multiple campgrounds along the route. Make campground reservations in advance or bring a backcountry permit if you plan to wild-camp.

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Pacific Coast North Bicycle Route

15 days | 200 miles | $1,899 | moderate to difficult | road

Start in Bellingham, Washington, and bike to the Canadian border, then head south along Puget Sound toward Olympic Peninsula in Olympic National Park.

etpn4e germany, rhineland palatinate, rheinhessen region rhine hesse, nierstein, district schwabsburg, vineyards, village with
The Rheinhessen region of Germany produces riesling and müller- thurgau wines.



7 days | 182 miles | $869 | easy | hybrid

This supported, self-guided tour from rolls through the Rhine River’s wine country. Spanning the Alsace region of France and the Baden and Palatinate regions in Germany, the route passes through medieval villages and vineyards. Six days of light riding, primarily on bike paths, is ideal for veteran and rookie cyclists alike—you’ll want to go slow and take in the cinematic beauty of Strasbourg, Speyer, Worms, and Mainz. offers bike rentals, gear transfers, and two levels of hotel accommodations. You can rest easy about the logistics and focus on the top-shelf dinner spreads and local wines.

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Northeast Italy and Slovenia

7 days | 350 miles | $3,695 | moderate to difficult | road and gravel

Feast on farm-to-table meals after crushing the finest gravel and paved roads in Carso, a vineyard-rich region on the Slovenia-Italy border.

andybeershudsongreenwaynygov  andy beers
director, empire state trail
hudson river valley greenway
The Albany-to-Buffalo section of the empire state trail follows the Erie canal.

Courtesy Hudson River Valley Greenway


10–20 days | 750 miles | self-guided | moderate | road

If “bike across an entire state” sounds like a must-ride goal, New York is ready to assist. On Dec. 31, 2020, the state opened a 750-mile multi-use trail that stretches from Manhattan to the Canadian border, breaking off like a wishbone near Albany to also connect west to Buffalo. The system is a mix of road-bike-friendly trails such as the Hudson Valley Green-way and the Erie Canalway Trail, as well as low-trafficked road sections, with 75 percent of the route on trails. You can ride the route in segments using the train to get back to your car (there are Amtrak stations in 20 spots along the route), or explore the whole length from south to north, or south to west. The trail’s promoters want to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your tour, with an online mapping system that points out parking, camping, state parks, and other sites. If beer is your recovery drink of choice, there’s even more to celebrate about this ride: The New York State Brewers Association created an Empire State Trail Passport on their app so you won’t miss any of the dozens of chances to pick up a postride shower beer.

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Katy Trail

5 days | 240 miles | self-guided | easy | road

Cruise across Missouri on a crushed-limestone trail that traces the Missouri River from Machens outside St. Louis in the east to Clinton near Kansas City in the west.

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judi desire in rotorua new zealand
Judi Desire in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Judi Desire

How to Bike Tour Solo

In 2010, web developer Judi Desire learned to ride a bike as an adult. Already a couch- surfing world traveler, Desire’s adventures suddenly turned to bike touring. Since then she’s ridden through South Africa, Spain, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia. Here, she shares her advice to start seeing the world on your own two-wheeled terms.

Design a Route by Its People » I go where the wind blows, but always use Warm Showers to find hosts. That’s how I make my routes.If I see a host in the middle of nowhere, I think, “I should go visit that one.” Then I always ask locals what I should see, and I ride there.

Start on an Island » I recommend anyone pick an island as their first trip. If you try to go through land, sometimes you realize you’re lost after you’re 20 miles off-course. On an island, you’re OK if you can still see water. Pick an island and do a little circle—you’ll figure it out!

Roll Slow » My biggest advice to new bike tourists is that it’s not the Tour de France. One island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, literally takes eight hours to bike. But I took a whole month, to the point where everyone on the island knew me as “the girl on the bicycle.”

Test Your Packing » Put everything on your bike and do a 30-mile ride first to see how it feels. If it feels good, then you’re ready! If you’re the type to pack the kitchen sink, the first place you’ll visit on a tour is the post office to send stuff home.

Don’t Train » Say you’re going to ride in some country that has 15 million hills— riding around Central Park is not going to prepare you for that. In some countries I’ve been to, like Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, everything is high-altitude. That’s just not something you can train for at sea level. But if you can bike 60 miles, you can adapt to anything.

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camp among the 30 million year old rock formations that dot the navajo nation
Camp among the 30-million-year-old rock formations that dot the Navajo Nation.

Jonathan Yazzie


3 days | 98 miles | guided | $1,802 for 4 riders | easy to moderate | mtb

This mellow, flowing double-track tour through Navajo Nation in Arizona blends stunning desert landscapes with indigenous culture. Local guides from Dzil Ta’ah Adventures lead riders through three cities: Kayenta, a hub for restaurants; Dennehotso, an outdoor recreation gateway; and Chilchinbeto, which is likened to a mini Santa Fe. Each day includes two hours dedicated to the history of the area, such as the fighting between the Navajo and Spaniards, who were trying to enslave the Navajo. Riders come away with a Native perspective on history, while appreciating the beauty of their land and richness of their hospitality.

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Historic Atlanta

1 day | 10 miles | guided | $65 | easy | road

Explore Atlanta’s legacy of resistance and rebellion while rolling through (and stopping in) its tight knit neighborhoods.

ouachita triple crown bikepacking route   caption info tk
The trio of trails offer a mix of rugged, technical, and flow sections.

Kenny Williams


4–6 days | 161 miles | self-guided | difficult | mtb

Mapped by Kenny Williams of, the 161-mile Ouachita Triple Crown loops together three IMBA Epics—Womble Trail, Ouachita Trail, and the LOViT—for a hat trick of destination-worthy trails near Little Rock, Arkansas. About two-thirds of the ride takes place on singletrack, both on long, swoopy, flowing sections and occasional steep uphills with hike-a-bike portions. Start and end on the Womble Trail at the Northfork Lake trailhead and ride clockwise. There are ample spots for wild camping, free camping, and overnighting in free backcountry shelters along the Ouachita Trail portion of the route. The trails are well-marked and easy to follow, but bring food and water for the more remote OT section. Give yourself five days to explore and enjoy the ride.

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Black Hills Singletrack Trail

5 days | 61 miles | guided | $1,395 | moderate | mtb

For those who love camping and days of single-track, this rolling dirt tour of South Dakota’s twisty Centennial Trail and Deerfield Trail is heaven.

the winding cabot trail road seen from high above on the skyline trail at sunset in cape breton highlands national park, nova scotia
Don’t forget to pack a camera to capture the famous views of Nova Scotia’s coast.

Getty Images


6 days | 173–202 miles | guided | $1,859 | moderate | road

Follow the smooth, flowing ribbon of pavement that wraps around Cape Breton Islands National Park at the tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. The route feels like it was purpose-built for bike travelers, with long climbs, sweeping descents, spectacular stretches of rolling terrain overlooking the sea, and next-level whale-watching. Join this six-day guided tour from Pedal and Sea Adventures—or opt for their self-guided tour ($1,535). The company will haul all your gear, cover breakfast and dinner, and set you up at hotels like the Castle Rock Inn, which overlooks the ocean.

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Australia’s Great Ocean Road

3 days | 155 miles | self-guided | moderate | road

Pedal Australia’s scenic stretch of pavement early in the morning and midweek, when the traffic is lighter. You’ll be rewarded by coastal views from the cliffs overlooking the Pacific.

gbx92y two cyclists crossing the hakata oshima bridge connecting the islands of oshima and hakata in the seto inland sea
The half-mile Hakata Oshima bridge connecting the islands of Oshima and Hakata.



1–2 days | 43 miles 
(86 miles round-trip) | self-guided | easy | road

The Onomichi and Imabari regions of Japan near Hiroshima have put great effort into making this 43-mile bikeway a seaside paradise for devoted cyclists as well as for those who have never pedaled more than 10 miles. Start in the picturesque port town of Onomichi at the ONOMICHI U2 bike hotel, which also houses a bakery, restaurant, and bike shop in its big, renovated warehouse. Then set out on the route, which threads together six islands with a mix of bike lanes, paved separated bike paths, and majestic suspension bridges in the Seto Inland Sea between the Japanese main islands of Honshu and Shikoku. If you need a break from your pedals, stop at any of the more than 100 coffee shops, eateries, and rest stops designed for bike travelers.

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Montana’s Going to Sun Road

1 day | 50 miles | self-guided | difficult | road

Climb for 32 breathtaking miles through Glacier National Park, taking in views of the eponymous glaciers.

saddle skeddale emerald mountains colombia ride   additional caption info tk
The Bogatá River’s Tequendama falls plunge more than 400 feet.

Rob at Lighttrapper Photography/Courtesy Saddle Skedaddle


13 days | 646 miles | guided | $3,346 | moderate to difficult | road

This 13-day guided tour from Saddle Skedaddle takes cyclists seeking type-2 fun over the Alto de Letras, also known as the longest paved climb in the world. The legendary Colombian road winds up more than 11,000 feet skyward through the Andes for almost 52 miles to a breathtaking summit before a 16-mile descent. The tour also cruises through rainforests, along the rivers, through tunnels of trees, and up the Caribbean coast. Meals, hotel stays, and a support vehicle is included.

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Classic Climbs: The Tour

9 days | 240–470 miles | guided | $5,599 | difficult | road

The nine-day Tour de France–inspired trip crosses the Alps and Pyrenees to hit climbs including Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez.

a rider bikes down the galloping goose trail before camping in calico hills
A rider bikes down the galloping goose trail before camping in calico hills.

Steve Fassbinder


5 days | 200 miles | self-guided | difficult | mtb

Colorado’s San Juan Skyway is a popular motor route that connects Durango, Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride. It’s 200-plus miles of the most scenic mountains and desert. I hate road riding, so my loop follows a loose path along the SJS but starts and ends in Mancos, Colorado, and takes gravel and singletrack as much as possible.The riding is hard—it’s mountainous, with big climbs. What’s great about this loop is there are several ways to make it more suited for a mountain bike or gravel bike, depending on a few sections that can be either added or skipped. Stop in Telluride or Silverton for easy resupplies. And you can do wild camping, or do it as a credit-card tour in five days with four nights.The trail is light in traffic, so you don’t see a ton of people. If you take the mountain-
biking route, which goes up over the Calicos, which is a sub-range of the San Juan Mountain range, you get huge views of the rest of the San Juan laid out. Out to the west, you’re looking straight down, out into the desert of southeastern Utah and toward Moab. That part is great singletrack riding. It’s a short season up there—you only get July, August, and September—but in July, the wildflowers are spectacular. —Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, photographer and guide

lake constance at stein am rhein
Lake Constance at Stein am Rhein is known for its preserved medieval houses.

Getty Images


3–5 days | 125–144 miles | self-guided | from $425 | easy | hybrid

This supported, self-guided Alpine trip, with lodging and bikes arranged by Tripsite, circles Lake Constance while cruising through Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The trip mostly follows bike paths and low-traffic roads, over three days of riding—itineraries of up to 10 days are also available. Sights to see include Mainau or “Flower Island” near Konstanz, Germany, with seemingly endless botanical gardens, an arboretum, and a butterfly house; and the Zeppelin Museum of aviation in Friedrichshafen, Germany (birthplace of the Zeppelin); and the lake itself, which is speckled with sand and pebble beaches. Hotels and hybrid bikes are included, but e-bikes and child trailers can be tacked on.

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The Great Allegheny Passage

2–3 days | 150 miles | self-guided | easy

Glide through Pennsylvania’s sights and sounds without subjecting yourself to the state’s punchy climbs on this 150-mile rail trail along the Youghiogheny River, connecting Cumberland, Maryland, to Pittsburgh.

man mountain bikes in north dakota on the maah daah hey trail
The traffic is light and the views are gorgeous on the Maah Daah Hey trail.

Getty Images


5 days | 150 miles | self-guided | difficult | mtb

Yes, North Dakota deserves a spot on your bike-destination dream board. The state’s far western Badlands is home to an unsung hero of a trail system called the Maah Daah Hey, which roughly translates from the indigenous Mandan language to “an area that will be around for a long time.” The trail is more than 90 percent singletrack, and traverses everything from flat grasslands to steep buttes with incredible panoramic views. Unload your bike at the Burning Coal campground 30 miles south of Medora and bikepack the route 150 miles to the endpoint in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Or you can use the Dakota Cyclery’s shuttle system—based in Medora—to access 16 trailheads (starting at $25). Eleven campsites and eight water caches along the route make it easy to access service and find places to camp overnight. Don’t miss the Ice Caves cliff area, on a short offshoot trail between miles 108 and 109.

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BTS will miss TV K-pop awards because of South Korea quarantine rule

BTS is set to finish out a handful of dates in Los Angeles on Friday before heading back to South Korea. Their return will coincide with tighter quarantine requirements that health authorities in South Korea announced Thursday, when it broke its daily record for new coronavirus cases (5,200) for the second straight day. The country had confirmed six omicron cases as of Thursday, the Associated Press reports. South Korea is requiring all inbound travelers, including citizens and people who are vaccinated, to quarantine for 10 days. Vaccinated people were previously exempt from quarantine. The ramped-up measure is in place for at least two weeks.

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Hilton Doha honoured by World Travel Awards | News

Hilton Doha has been crowned Qatar’s Leading City Hotel by the global ceremony platform, World Travel Awards

The international awards brand is recognised as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence, each year rewarding and celebrating global brands from all sectors of the travel and tourism industry.

Hilton Doha triumphed among the pool of five-star hotels nominated for the same category by providing a unique lifestyle for well-travelled guests.

The property offers a diverse and exciting experience, including a variety of food and beverage outlets, relaxing pool amenities and an unapparelled beach experience.

The hotel truly captures the essence of a perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle in a form of a resort, located at the heart of the business district of Doha.

“We pride ourselves, here at Hilton Doha, in providing unforgettable experiences for every guest we welcome, and gifting new memories to create, for when they return.

“Our hotel will always be here, as the resort of the busy life of Doha needs,” said Elias Moukarzel, general manager Hilton Doha Hotel.

More Information

Find out more about Hilton Doha on the official website.

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Arch RoamRight Travel Insurance Recognized by Travel Weekly with Multiple Magellan Awards

HUNT VALLEY, Md.–()–Travel insurance brand Arch RoamRight was awarded two gold Travel Weekly Magellan Awards in the categories of Marketing-Crisis Communication and Marketing-Direct Mail. A silver Magellan Award was given in the category of Overall-Travel Insurance.

The awards are hosted by Travel Weekly and honor outstanding design, marketing and services in the travel industry.

“Our entry on Outstanding Service During COVID-19 is a testament to the quality of our customer and partner support, as well as our overall dedication to the travel industry,” said Tim Dodge, Vice President of Marketing for Arch RoamRight. “We are also exceptionally proud of The Travel Insurance PlaybookTM, which is our annual publication on travel trends and changes in the industry.”

“Each year we recognize industry innovators and creative communicators through our Magellan Awards. This year, we recognize the resilience, ingenuity and path forward created by those who shared their company’s initiatives through words, images and design, and kept travel part of the conversation and part of the equation,” said Arnie Weissmann, editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly.

With entries from across the U.S. and around the world, the Magellan Award winners represent the best in the travel industry and salute the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.

The Magellan Awards are judged and overseen by a one-of-a-kind panel of top travel professionals representing the best names and most accomplished leaders from the industry. In determining winners, entries do not compete with one another, instead they are judged against a standard of excellence based on the long experience of Travel Weekly. To uphold this high standard of excellence, a category may have multiple winners, or may have no winners at all.

For a complete list of silver and gold winners, please visit

About Arch Roamright

Arch RoamRight ( is the co-branding of Arch and RoamRight® marks used by Arch Insurance Company to market its travel insurance that insures U.S. residents traveling around the world. From trip cancellation to travel medical insurance plans and an award-winning mobile app and website, Arch RoamRightTM is an industry leader in innovation and technological solutions. In 2021, Arch RoamRight has won multiple American Business Awards® and was named one of the Best in Travel Insurance for 2021 by

About Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly is the most influential provider of news, research, opinion and analysis to the North American travel trade marketplace. It reaches a broad industry audience in print, online and with face-to-face events throughout the year. Travel Weekly is a division of Secaucus, New Jersey-based Northstar Travel Media, the largest travel business-to-business travel publisher in the world.

About Northstar Travel Group

Northstar Travel Group is the leading B-to-B information and marketing solutions company serving all travel industry segments, including leisure/retail, corporate/business travel, corporate and sports meetings, incentives, hospitality, and travel technology. Northstar is the owner of leading brands serving these travel segments. The company produces more than 100 face-to-face events in 13 countries in retail travel, hospitality, corporate travel, travel technology, sports travel, and the meetings & incentive industry. In addition, Northstar owns Phocuswright, the leading research and event producer serving the travel technology industry. Northstar Travel Group owns the BHN Group, the leading producer of hotel investment conferences. Northstar is also the majority shareholder in Inntopia, the leading SaaS e-commerce software business serving the mountain destination, golf, activities, and hospitality markets. Based in Secaucus, NJ, the company has 7 offices in the U.S., U.K., Singapore, and China. Northstar Travel Group is owned by funds managed by EagleTree Capital.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a “safe harbor” for forward-looking statements. This release or any other written or oral statements made by or on behalf of Arch Capital Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries may include forward-looking statements, which reflect our current views with respect to future events and financial performance. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, included in or incorporated by reference in this release are forward-looking statements.

Forward-looking statements can generally be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “may,” “will,” “expect,” “intend,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe” or “continue” or their negative or variations or similar terminology. Forward-looking statements involve our current assessment of risks and uncertainties. Actual events and results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in these statements. A non-exclusive list of the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements includes the following: adverse general economic and market conditions; increased competition; pricing and policy term trends; fluctuations in the actions of rating agencies and the Company’s ability to maintain and improve its ratings; investment performance; the loss of key personnel; the adequacy of the Company’s loss reserves, severity and/or frequency of losses, greater than expected loss ratios and adverse development on claim and/or claim expense liabilities; greater frequency or severity of unpredictable natural and man-made catastrophic events, including pandemics such as COVID-19; the impact of acts of terrorism and acts of war; changes in regulations and/or tax laws in the United States or elsewhere; the Company’s ability to successfully integrate, establish and maintain operating procedures as well as consummate acquisitions and integrate the businesses the Company has acquired or may acquire into the existing operations; changes in accounting principles or policies; material differences between actual and expected assessments for guaranty funds and mandatory pooling arrangements; availability and cost to the Company of reinsurance to manage the Company’s gross and net exposures; the failure of others to meet their obligations to the Company; changes in the method for determining the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (“LIBOR”) and the potential replacement of LIBOR and other factors identified in the Company’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

The foregoing review of important factors should not be construed as exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with other cautionary statements that are included herein or elsewhere. All subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements attributable to us or persons acting on our behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by these cautionary statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Tag: arch-insurance

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Get into Maldives Travels celebrates World Travel Awards wins | Gallery

Mohamed Mauroof, managing director at Get Into Maldives Travels, leads the celebrations as the company is honoured with the title of Indian Ocean’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator at the World Travel Awards.

The presentations were made World Travel Awards founder, Graham Cooke, during a special ceremony at Expo 2020, currently taking place in Dubai.

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Breaking Travel News investigates: Ascott celebrates historic World Travel Awards wins | Focus

CapitaLand Investment’s wholly owned lodging business unit, the Ascott Limited (Ascott), has received the top honour of ‘Leading Serviced Apartment Brand’ in Asia, Middle East and Oceania at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

Ascott is the biggest winner, with a total of 17 accolades across the regions, the greatest number of awards among serviced apartment companies.

Ascott achieved these top recognitions in Asia and Middle East for the sixth straight year and in Oceania for the second consecutive year.

In addition to the regional tier awards, Ascott was also voted ‘Leading Serviced Apartment Brand’ in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Voted by tourism professionals and business and leisure travellers worldwide, winners of the annual World Travel Awards are globally recognised as hallmarks of industry excellence.

Following the national and regional successes, Ascott now moves forward to compete for the title of World’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand.

The winner will be revealed at the World Travel Awards Grand Final in Moscow on November 26th, with voting open here.

Tan Bee Leng, Ascott managing director for brand and marketing, said: “To continue winning these top honours even during such extraordinary times is a strong validation of Ascott’s quality properties and world-class customer service.

“Amid the pandemic, it became ever more important for Ascott to step up the engagement with our guests and members of our loyalty programme Ascott Star Rewards.

“As we look forward to the travel industry’s recovery, Ascott will continue to transform our lodging offerings to enable our guests to live, work and play with greater flexibility.

“Ascott remains committed to deliver the highest hospitality standards and we stand ready to welcome guests at our properties across over 200 cities worldwide.”

Ascott Orchard Singapore

Ascott is the first hospitality company to partner with International SOS to offer free global telehealth, tele-counselling and travel security advisory to guests.

It launched its global online travel booking platform with 14 brands onboard, and enhanced ASR as well as the Discover ASR mobile app to provide greater value to guests.

Launched in May, Ascott’s partnership with International SOS allows guests to have greater peace of mind and feel safe with on-demand quality care from medical and security experts.

The complimentary services are part of Ascott’s enhanced ‘Ascott Cares’ commitment to provide stringent hygiene and safety standards, wellness support and implement sustainable practices.

lyf Tenjin Fukuoka, Japan

Ascott launched in July, unifying Ascott’s award-winning lodging brands on a single global online travel booking platform. provides guests with one-stop access to Ascott’s more than 400 serviced apartments, co-living spaces and hotels with a total of about 71,000 units in over 30 countries.

This includes more than 10,000 units across 62 properties under Tauzia Hotel Management, which are available for the first time on Ascott’s online booking platform.

In addition to the integration of Tauzia’s hotels onto, the My Tauzia Privilege (MTP) loyalty programme will also be part of ASR.

Existing MTP members can sign up for an ASR membership to receive extra privileges and bonus points.

Their membership tier would also be matched accordingly within the ASR.

Citadines Gubei Shanghai, China

Despite Covid-19, ASR members continue to enjoy a slew of perks, from the ASR points purchase feature and promotions where members can purchase ASR points and be rewarded with bonus points; to the ASR Elite Status Match and CapitaStar-ASR Points Exchange programmes that allow ASR members to gain more perks or upgrade their membership tier.

With the launch of the Discover ASR mobile app in October 2020, ASR members can enjoy greater conveniences and flexibility.

The app has received over 203,000 downloads to date.

It provides ASR members with contactless services where they can search for deals, manage their membership, purchase and redeem ASR points, perform mobile check-in and check-out, and make contactless payment.

La Clef Champs-Elysees Paris, France

Discover ASR’s latest features include allowing guests to customise their stay by sharing their pre-arrival and in-stay requests; earn ASR points if they opt out of housekeeping service as part of Ascott’s Go Green initiative; and share feedback on their stay through a pulse survey in the mobile app.

Guests staying with Ascott can access the in-app social wall and private messaging features which allow them to interact with fellow guests or communicate privately with the serviced residence’s front desk. Guests will soon be able to purchase vouchers via the app for their next stay.

Citadines Connect Sydney Airport, Australia

More Information

The Ascott Limited (Ascott) is a Singapore company that has grown to be one of the leading international lodging owner-operators.

Ascott’s portfolio spans over 200 cities across over 30 countries in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Ascott has more than 73,000 operating units and over 54,000 units under development, making a total of more than 127,000 units in 790 properties.

The company’s serviced apartment, co-living and hotel brands include Ascott the Residence, the Crest Collection, Somerset, Quest, Citadines, lyf, Préférence, Vertu, Harris, Citadines Connect, Fox, Yello, Fox Lite and POP!.

Ascott’s loyalty programme, Ascott Star Rewards, offers exclusive benefits to its members when they book directly with Ascott for their stays at its participating properties.

Ascott, a wholly owned subsidiary of CapitaLand Investment, pioneered Asia Pacific’s first international-class serviced apartment with the opening of The Ascott Singapore in 1984.

Today, the company boasts over 30 years of industry track record and award-winning brands that enjoy recognition worldwide.

For more information, visit the official website.

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Breaking Travel News investigates: Jamaica celebrates at World Travel Awards | Focus

Jamaica was the star of the World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America 2021 Winners Day, scooping a number of top prizes.

Not only did the island defend the title of Caribbean’s Leading Destination – an accolade the country has held for more than a decade – but voters also awarded Jamaica the trophies for Caribbean’s Leading Nature Destination and Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination.

The prestigious prize for Caribbean’s Leading Tourist Board completed the glittering run of success.

A number of hotels, airlines and tour operators from across the tourism sector were also honoured with regional titles.

GoldenEye led the way, walking away with the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Resort.

No ordinary hotel, but a collection of private villas, the property was recently back in the spotlight following the worldwide premier of the latest Bond film, No Time to Die.

Each of the accommodations is set amid tropical gardens, private beaches and secluded coves, a Jamaica home away from home.

Voters agreed, GoldenEye is a place, a mindset and a far-reaching myth in the collective imagination.

At the same time, Fleming Villa at GoldenEye was honoured with the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Luxury Hotel Villa.

One of the fastest growing sectors in Jamaican tourism is cruise, with a number of facilities on the island being recognised as the best in the region.

Jamaica itself took the title of Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination, while the Historic Naval Dockyard at Port Royal was recognised with the trophy for Caribbean’s Leading Tourism Development Project.

Port of Falmouth has also been honoured with the trophy for Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Port, while Port of Montego Bay took Caribbean’s Leading Home Port.

The history and culture of Jamaica provide a source of much fascination, which has set the stage for millions of visitors to be charmed and enchanted by its undeniable beauty.

The cruise business segment is responsible for the development, marketing and operation of the local cruise ports and marina facilities.

The three main award-winning cruise ports, located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Falmouth (as well as the comparatively smaller Port Antonio) serve as the asset base for the segment.

The larger ports can accommodate mega cruise vessels from the major cruise lines, while Port Antonio serves boutique cruise ships and luxury yachts.

Jamaica also boasts more attractions within one hour of ports compared to other regional cruise facility.

Of course, no discussion of Jamaican tourism would be complete without mention of Sandals Resorts International.

The parent company successfully defended the title of Caribbean’s Leading Hotel Brand – a prize the all-inclusive leader has all but made its own over the years – while Sandals South Coast took the trophy for Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Resort.

The all-new Sandals South Coast is the perfect combination of European civility in an all-beachfront all-inclusive resort.

From all-new Over-the-Water Bungalows, an overwater bar, and a romantic Over-the-Water Chapel, the property brings guests closer than ever to the water.

Set on a two-mile stretch of the south coast’s most pristine white-sand beach and nestled within a 500-acre nature preserve, this spectacular seaside oasis features three distinctive European Villages.

The venerable Sandals Montego Bay also took the prize for Jamaica’s Leading Resort.

GO! Jamaica Travel was one of the organisations with most to celebrate, having claimed a trio of titles – Caribbean’s Leading Tour Operator, Caribbean’s Leading Travel Agency and Caribbean’s Leading Destination Management Company.

As the company continues to expand into various markets worldwide, customer service has remained at the forefront of the organisation.

The goal is to provide a quality product at competitive rates to travellers while keeping the personal touch – a sentiment recognised by World Travel Awards voters.

For those with more adrenaline, Island Routes Caribbean Adventures took the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour Operator and Dunn’s River Falls was presented with the trophy for Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction.

In aviation, Sangster International Airport has led the fightback from Covid-19, welcoming millions of guests to Jamaica this year.

In recognition its role in regional tourism, voters honoured the facility with the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Airport, while Club Mobay at Sangster International took Caribbean’s Leading Airport Lounge.

Sangster International Airport is the leading tourism gateway to the island of Jamaica – one of the world’s most beautiful and desired destinations.

It is ideally located on the northwest coast of the island – at the centre of the country’s main tourism region and close to a wide range of hotel and resort facilities.

The airport is within easy driving distance of the cruise ports at Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, as well as Negril.

For business travellers, Montego Bay Convention Centre was honoured with the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre, while Island Car Rentals took Caribbean’s Leading Independent Car Rental Company.

Rounding out the winners, a number of hotels were recognised as the best in the region.

Rockhouse took the prize for Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel, while Margaritaville Caribbean won the trophy for Caribbean’s Leading Entertainment Venue and The Tryall Club was honoured with Caribbean’s Leading Hotel Residences.

Finally, Jamaica Inn secured Caribbean’s Leading Luxury All Suite Resort, Eclipse at Half Moon walked away with Caribbean’s Leading New Hotel and Round Hill Hotel & Villas won Caribbean’s Leading Villa Resort.

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World Travel Awards honours Middle East winners | News

World Travel Awards – the leading authority that recognises and rewards excellence in travel and tourism – has revealed its Middle East 2021 winners to coincide with its Middle East Winners Day.

Dubai, currently flourishing in the spotlight as host of Expo 2020, was voted ‘Middle East’s Leading Destination,’ while Dubai Tourism was recognised as ‘Middle East’s Leading Tourist Board’ for its role in spearheading the resurgence of the region’s travel and tourism economy.

Breaking Travel News recently caught up with Issam Kazim, chief executive of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing, to find out what is behind the resurgence of the hospitality sector in the emirate.

Neighbouring Oman was acknowledged with titles for both ‘Middle East’s Leading Cultural Destination’ and ‘Middle East’s Leading Honeymoon Destination’.

The wealth of adrenaline activities in Ras Al Khaimah helped the UAE emirate win the vote for ‘Middle East’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination’.

Abu Dhabi won ‘Middle East’s Leading Sports Tourism Destination’.

The View at the Palm was named ‘Middle East’s Leading New Tourist Attraction’.

In a thriving Arabian hospitality sector, the sumptuous beachside retreat Jumeirah Al Naseem claimed ‘Middle East’s Leading Hotel’.

The sleek minimalism of Armani Hotel Dubai was rewarded with the title for ‘Middle East’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel’.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi picked up dual accolades, with victories for ‘Middle East’s Leading Luxury Hotel’ and ‘Middle East’s Leading Business & Conference Hotel’.

Park Hyatt Dubai was named ‘Middle East’s Leading Corporate Resort,’ while Mandarin Oriental Jumeira was voted ‘Middle East’s Leading Luxury City Resort’.

Take a look at what Breaking Travel News discovered when we visited the latter property here.

New arrival on Dubai’s luxury hospitality scene – the St. Regis Dubai, the Palm – picked up ‘Middle East’s Leading New Hotel’.

Find out more about the sumptuous property on the famous, mad-made island here.

Address Beach Resort Fujairah claimed the other hospitality newcomer category, ‘Middle East’s Leading New Resort’.

In the brand categories, Emaar Hospitality picked up ‘Middle East’s Leading Hospitality Development Company’ as the pioneering developer continues to play a pivotal role in building Dubai’s future.

The results follow a year-long search for the world’s top travel, tourism and hospitality brands.

Votes were cast by travel industry professionals and the public, with the nominee gaining the most votes in a category named as the winner.

Graham Cooke, founder, World Travel Awards, said: “Our winners represent the very best of the Middle East’s travel and tourism sector and my congratulations to each of them.

“They are all playing starring roles in leading the travel and tourism recovery.”

In the aviation sector, Oman Air picked up ‘Middle East’s Leading Airline’ plus the new category for ‘Middle East’s Leading Airline – Customer Experience,’  as well as ‘Middle East’s Leading Airline – Economy Class’.

Emirates was voted ‘Middle East’s Leading Airline – First Class,’ and Etihad Airways lifted ‘Middle East’s Leading Airline – Business Class’.

Dubai International Airport scooped ‘Middle East’s Leading Airport’.

Other winners include Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (‘Middle East’s Leading Theme Park’); Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi (‘Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction’); Nirvana Travel & Tourism (‘Middle East’s Leading Tour Operator’); Jannah Hotels & Resorts (‘Middle East’s Leading Luxury Halal Hotel Brand’); Almosafer (‘Middle East’s Leading Leisure Travel Agency’); and Avis (‘Middle East’s Leading Business Car Rental Company’).

More Information

World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.

Today, the brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

Each year, World Travel Awards covers the globe with a series of regional gala ceremonies staged to recognize and celebrate individual and collective success within each key geographical region.

Find a full list of winners from the Middle East here.

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Breaking News: “A celebration of the human spirit” —The Travel Retail Superstars Awards Winners revealed

 INTERNATIONAL. The Travel Retail Superstars Awards, the first edition of an annual awards for travel retail employees across airport, airline, downtown store and cruise sectors, has reached its crescendo.

The Moodie Davitt Report today named the inaugural winners of the TR Superstars Awards, which have placed an overdue spotlight on those frontline and behind the scenes heroes and heroines who have helped kept our industry going throughout the most profound and sustained crisis it has ever faced.

We asked employers to submit a written entry for each individual or team, addressing the impact made by the person or department through their actions, and how far they reached; how they measured success in terms of service or helped improve the business; and what made a particular staff member or team stand out.

Categories included Star Team, Star Individual, Star Story (Team or Individual), Innovation (Team or Individual) and Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration. Nominations were invited by region and by department: Shop Floor — Customer Facing, Logistics Warehouse, Back Office (Marketing, IT, Commercial and Procurement) to cover as broad a spectrum of staff as possible.

The announcement was made at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo on the final day of the pioneering all-digital event.

The awards, hosted by Martin Moodie, were judged by Spark Group of Companies CEO & Founder Heidi Van Roon and Flash global Logistics Global Director of People & Culture Marcus Griffin.

Martin Moodie, Spark Group of Companies CEO & Founder Heidi Van Roon and Flash global Logistics Global Director of People & Culture Marcus Griffin announced the winners of the inaugural TR Superstars awards

Moodie said, “All the nominees and their stories are exceptional, moving, exemplary. The number of entries we received was humbling and inspiring, a true celebration of the human touch that sets this industry apart.”

“These awards are so timely and appropriate,” added Van Roon. “I’m a big supporter of adding the human element into everything we do and reading these submissions have really inspired me thanks to the amazing commitment, creativity and resourcefulness of these individuals who have gone above and beyond”

Griffin added, “Thank you for The Moodie Davitt Report for this fabulous initiative and a huge shoutout to all the nominees and the folks who nominated them. The travel retail industry is awake, it’s alive and it’s recovering and if you read these wonderful stories of colleagues giving back – it will certainly inspire you.”

Here are the winners of this inaugural awards that celebrates the most important and very human element of our industry.


Star Team Americas: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Andrezza Hotta, Head Buyer Accessories, Shopping China &

Carol Escobar, Import Executive, Shopping China, Shopping China’s Border Shop, Paraguay

Nominated by Victorinox

“(Right) Carol and (left) Andrezza’s actions have shown that consumers and sales staff come first. After going through what was the most challenging times in their professional careers, they always put the consumer and the sales staff first in every initiative discussed between themselves and Victorinox.” — Victorinox

Star Team Americas: Logistics / Warehouse

The Team at WTDC

Nominated by Sean Gazitua, President & CEO, WTDC

“The company changed gears to begin handling medical equipment,medical supplies, and renewable energy equipment during the pandemic. Masks, COVID-19 test kits, ventilators, and other equipment surged into the U.S. as traditional transportation options took a backseat to dedicated trucks and chartered planes.” — Sean Gazitua

Star Team Americas: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Paradies Lagardère Marketing Team – MORE Campaign

Nominated by Paradies Lagardère

Star Team Europe: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Fraser Meldrum Manager, Luggage Point, Glasgow Airport

Julie Fenwick Business Manager, Luggage Point, Glasgow Airport

Nominated by Luggage Point

“Day in, day out from Fraser and Julie, despite the restrictions enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, they have sought to give the highest level of service to our customers using every means at their disposal, often thinking outside the box to make things happen.” — Luggage Point

Star Team Europe: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

ARI Sales & Marketing Team, The TasteHouse, The Loop Dublin, Airport

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“Through close partnership and collaboration, both ARI and Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail have mutually benefited in numerous ways. Neither party could have foreseen the obstacles that would face the team, the industry and indeed the wider global impact.” — Pernod Ricard

Star Team Asia Pacific Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Team at ARI Auckland (The Loop Duty Free), Auckland Airport

Nominated by ARI Auckland

Star Team Middle East & Africa: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

DXB Dubai Duty Free Brand Ambassadors Team for Pernod Ricard, DXB

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“For those 18 months, the group of dedicated DDF brand ambassadors demonstrated an incredible level of discipline & grit, wresting control of this unprecedented situation and transforming it to an opportunity for self-improvement. We stand humbly on the shoulders of these giants; as such we believe we owe them our thanks and support.” — Pernod Ricard

Star Team Middle East & Africa: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Operations and Human Resources Team

Nominated by Dubai Duty Free

“The Ops and HR Teams in particular were at the centre of DDF’s rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis and have played a central role in keeping the workforce safe, engaged, productive and resilient…by putting people first, creating a safe environment and enabling new ways of operating.” — Dubai Duty Free


Star Individual Americas: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Alejandro Cordella, Store Sales Executive Watch & Accessories at Dufry – Ezeiza International Airport, Buenos Aires

Nominated by Victorinox

“Alejandro is a true brand ambassador and a passionate, experienced watch salesperson. His knowledge of the industry, brand and overall generosity of sharing his knowledge with everyone makes him a true star individual.” — Victorinox

Star Individual Americas: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Marie-Lise Manoukian, Head of Finance, Aer Rianta North America

Nominated by Aer Rianta North America

“Marie-Lise showed what a true leader she is and hired a phenomenal new team, without being able to meet any of them in person. With this new team she was able to keep the company cash flow positive even though all the stores were closed and we had no revenue to speak of for four months.” — ARI North America

Star Individual Asia Pacific: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Kenny Wong, Brand Consultant, Taoyuan Airport

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“Kenny Wong deserves this award for bringing to life the convivial cocktail experience in store and driving team morale, building excitement with travellers and building consumer confidence within the store environment, and providing shop floor insight to the team when airside access was restricted.” – Pernod Ricard

Star Individual Asia Pacific: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Sarah O’Donnell, HR Specialist, ARI Auckland (The Loop Duty Free)

Nominated by ARI Auckland

“Her compassion, commitment, and loyalty reach every person in our business. Her strength, initiative, and support through the darkest days of our industry has been a guiding light to many…I often find people unknowingly turn to Sarah for her guidance and input.” — Stephen Mascarenhas, ARI Auckland

Star Individual Europe – Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Rosalie Kirkman, In-store Consultant, William Grant & Sons GTR, London Heathrow

Nominated by William Grant and Sons

“Rosalie Kirkman deserves the award for her dedication and professionalism to give customers the best possible service. Her energy and effort are incredible for a woman who continues to push the boundaries and continues to lead by example after 40 years delighting customers at LHR.” — William Grant and Sons

Star Individual Europe: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Collette Heffer, Customer Service Team Leader, 3Sixty UK

Nominated by 3Sixty Duty Free & More

“Collette is the only team member who has worked full time since April 2020 to now, and without her commitment to the business we would not have been able to generate the sales we have.” — 3Sixty Duty Free & More

Star Individual Middle East & Africa: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Ali Attia Ali El Sayed, Sales Assistant – Retail, DDF

Nominated by Dubai Duty Free

“Ali is one of DDF’s finest employees with an extraordinary customer service skill. His polite and friendly nature makes it easy for customers to approach him. One would always see him handing over shopping baskets, looking for customers that require assistance, answering customers queries and helping them pack their goods when required. His service has always been nothing less than exemplary.” — Dubai Duty Free

Star Individual Middle East & Africa: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Wendy Valenzuela Rivera, Project Manager, QDF

Nominated by Qatar Duty Free

“Wendy has been instrumental in the redevelopment of the core duty free stores at HIA and in the opening of numerous new boutiques and F&B outlets across an extremely challenging backdrop” — Thabet Musleh


Star Story Americas: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Crystal Channel, Retail Zone Manager, Portland International Airport

Nominated by Paradies Lagardère

“We’re so proud of the way Crystal saw a passenger in need and exceeded expectations for service, kindness, and care. Crystal lives and breathes customer service excellence, which goes well beyond the boundaries of our airport stores and restaurants and strives to positively impact the lives of passengers every day.” — Paradies Lagardère

Star Story Americas: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Laura Siener, Regional Retail Operations VP, 3Sixty Duty Free & More

Nominated by 3Sixty Duty Free & More

“Every week, every month, Laura has found a way of recognising performance, backing up corporate programs like our Excellence Awards and Quarterly Recognitions, and is always saying that we need to find a way of recognising our teams out there, that they have gone through a lot – not thinking about herself and her own personal health battle.” — 3Sixty Duty Free & More

Star Story Asia Pacific: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Discover Singapore Team, Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore

Star Story Asia Pacific – Shopfloor (Lagardere Travel Retail Singapore Pte Ltd – Discover Singapore).mp4 from Henry Lim on Vimeo.

Star Story Asia Pacific: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Back-Office & Merchandising Team, Maldives

Nominated by Airports Company

Star Story Middle East & Africa: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Walid Rawass and Ziad Korjieh, Brand Ambassadors Phoenicia, Beirut Duty Free, Aer Rianta Pheonicia, Lebanon

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“The BA’s commitment to sell during these trying times does expose the true resilience of Walid and Ziad. They have taken this time to maximise sales to the full potential knowing full well passengers have been few and far between. A discovery they share during these trying times is that challenges make us stronger and maybe even achieve better.” — Pernod Ricard


Innovation Asia Pacific: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

Melanie Rutherford, Head of Operations,  ARI Auckland Ltd  (The Loop Duty Free)

Nominated by ARI Auckland

“When faced with the choice to either accept or fight the challenges thrown at ARI Auckland in the last 12 months, Mel has always chosen to fight. She has fought for the jobs of 240 employees and for a business that she has helped to charter through some particularly rough seas…she is an inspiration to all around her.” — ARI Auckland

Innovation Europe: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

All EMEA: Dufry GCM Marketing Team

  • Georgie Rickard – Senior Marketing Dufry EMEA & Global Co-ordination
  • Sophia Sergides – Market Activation Manager – UK
  • Anielka Scandoval – Market Activation Manager – Americas
  • Margarita Pchelkina – Market Manager – Russia
  • Regina Bao – Market Activation Manager – Asia
  • Bronwen Goodbar – Digital Manager

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“Throughout lockdown, the team consistently led a holistically resilient ‘rebellion’ against restrictions by providing a compelling 360 consumer experience both online and via relevant cross category activation in a safe, reassuring way to maintain passenger confidence in duty free. The collaboration and partnership spirit with the Dufry Global team has re-inspired the channel.” — Pernod Ricard

Innovation Middle East & Africa: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

IT Team (Home Delivery Specials), Dubai Duty Free

Nominated by Dubai Duty Free

“The Home Delivery channel has earned DDF a new segment of happy customers as well as giving the experience and confidence needed to set up and operate a totally new revenue stream as an airport retailer. Above all, it has been a huge team effort…and has kept hundreds of its staff busy at work during the darker days of the pandemic.”


Logistics / Warehouse

Sean Gazitua, President & CEO, WTDC

Nominated by WTDC

“Sean brings tremendous positive energy and industry knowledge to the workplace and has demonstrated exceptional leadership over the last 18 months as he navigated the company’s direction in these uncertain times.” — WTDC

Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Americas: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

Gregg Paradies, President & CEO, Paradies Lagardère

Nominated by Paradies Lagardère

“Without exception, Gregg Paradies puts the organisation ahead of any personal interest or goal and emerged as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and trust.” — Paradies Lagardère

Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Asia Pacific: Shop Floor – Customer Facing

CWI & Darin Brand Consultants, Jeju International Airport Korea

Nominated by Pernod Ricard

“When a colleague was threatened with Covid-19 and having to self-isolate for weeks, the team’s agility, humanity & leadership shone through. Their teamwork exceeded any expectation as two competing agencies supported one another and achieved maximised sales and improved efficiency, showing the importance of humanity and how a new team spirit can shine through for a business.” — Pernod Ricard

Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Asia Pacific: Back Office – Marketing, HR, IT, Commercial, Procurement

All Teams, Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore

Nominated by Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore

“In such times of crisis, we stepped up as a team on social activism towards our airport community and beyond. The numerous efforts by our team have allowed us to demonstrate our Group’s values and our team’s commitment towards our social responsibilities in the pandemic. We hope these efforts will inspire learning, optimism, activism and wellness amongst our employees, communities and beyond.” — Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore

Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Asia Pacific – Special Judges Award

Rakhita Jayawardena, President of King Power Traveler (KPT)

Nominated by King Power Traveler

“The livelihood of the company and entire staff was at stake, yet Rakhita was undaunted and rallied all the staff spread across our 12 operating locations across Asia with his bold and resounding words, ‘We will survive and we will continue.’” — King Power Traveler

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