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All aboard! There’s nothing quite like a boat trip for some summer fun. Whether it’s a day sailing on a tall ship off the coast, a sightseeing speedboat tour on the Thames, a horse-drawn barge trip along a canal or a wildlife cruise to a remote isle, we want to hear about boat excursions you’ve loved. It’s day trips rather than boating holidays we’re after this time.

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7 Best European Canal Boat Trips

Slow travel is the only way to really appreciate a destination. Because we rush around too much in our daily life, when we finally are “Out of Office,” “Gone Fishing,” or simply away, we should relax. Not only is slowly exploring a region much more sustainable, but it is also good for the soul.

As the old wisdom goes, we need to allow our souls to catch up with our bodies sometimes. In today’s world, our body can travel so much faster than our soul, so that often we have already returned home before our soul has a chance to catch up with us — let alone enjoy the break. Slow and soulful are the buzzwords when it comes to canal or riverboat trips.

Europe is crisscrossed with magical waterways and perfectly set up to hire a boat and travel through a canal, enjoying the sights along the way, hopping off occasionally to explore, or otherwise, sit back with a book and allow the world to slowly move by. Whether you take the helm yourself or opt for a small cruising boat where others play captain, really doesn’t matter, because a canal boat trip is guaranteed to allow you to exhale and breathe deeply.

I have selected a few of my personal favorites in France, the UK, Germany, and Italy. Each one has a special appeal to me, and no two are the same, so I hope you will find one or two that inspire you for your next Europe trip.

Sunset over Tousouse, France
Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

1. Canal Du Midi, France

The Canal du Midi is not only a scenic canal but also a historic engineering marvel. Commissioned in 1666 by the progressive King Louis XIV, the Sun King of France, an overall 225 miles of waterways connect the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. Strictly speaking, the Canal du Midi is only the part between the Mediterranean and Toulouse but is often used for the entire stretch.

It is probably the most popular canal to self-navigate, despite its 328 structures, comprising bridges, locks, aqueducts, and tunnels, and is superbly set up for visitors either hiring a narrow boat themselves or choosing one with a captain. The difficult thing is to decide whether you are going to sail the entire stretch, which direction to take, and how much time to spend because in addition to Toulouse, there are countless beautiful rural villages and historic sites to explore along the canal.

Pro Tip: The true Canal du Midi is my personal favorite, boating between Toulouse, past cute Bram, imposing Carcassonne, and ending up in the stunning Camargue region, from where you can extend your vacation to Montpellier, Avignon, and Provence.

Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, France
Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfry

2. Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France

Not all canal trips meander through quiet countryside, some even take place right in the center of a bustling city, in this case, Paris. This four-day, part-on, part off-board trip through the Canal St.-Martin, the Villette Basin, and Canal St.-Denis allows you to see Paris from a whole new perspective. You probably know that there are canals right in the center of Paris, formerly used to transport cargo, and today lined with trendy cafes, restaurants, and houseboats, but the chance of actually traveling along them, through the locks, under the bridges, and even through the tunnel linking the Seine with Bastille, is very rare, indeed. Backwater Cruises offer various cruises in France, but only this one-off special, rare opportunity of cruising through the canals of Paris, in September 2022.

Pro Tip: You will not only sail through Paris, but also have half-day excursions and sightseeing trips around the city, so this is a great opportunity for both, those knowing Paris well already but wanting something a little different, as well as newcomers.

Barge on the Thames in London
Photo Credit: Barge Lady Cruises

3. The River Thames, England

You start your Thames barge vacation with afternoon tea in London, stepping aboard a luxury canal boat complete with a crew of four looking after you, and then sail down the Thames. Stops along the way include visits to the palaces and castles of Hampton Court and Windsor, taking chauffeur-driven cars to historic sites such as Cliveden and Oxford, and ending up at Henley-on-Thames. These are four days spent in luxury, enjoying English history, beautiful waterways, gourmet dining on board, and being pampered all the way.

Pro Tip: The Magna Carta barge has four cabins, making it perfect for a barge vacation with friends, taking over the entire boat rather than sharing it with other parties. That said, the boat’s amenities are superb, the lounge large, and day trips take place in private cars, so it is more like a floating luxury hotel than a cramped narrow boat, even if you don’t know your fellow travelers.

Photo Credit: Nick Smith / The Great West Way

4. Kennet And Avon Canal, England

If you liked the Thames route, and the trip whetted your appetite for navigating along a canal yourself, then why not continue westward along the Kennet and Avon Canal? The canal connects the river Kennet, which in turn joins the Thames, with the River Avon and meanders through the gorgeous southwest English countryside following the rough route of the Great West Way between London and Bristol. Narrow boat hire is so popular here, that you can either go the entire 87 miles or choose your favorite shorter distance route for a day or two, such as between Devizes and Bath Spa.

Pro Tip: You can also walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal, along the towpath, so you could opt to take a boat trip one way and walk back the other. My favorite route is between Bath and Bradford on Avon, which takes around three hours of walking, but longer if you stop at the pubs along the way. Do plan those pubs into your itinerary, be it from the boat or while on foot because they are fabulous, especially the Cross Guns Avoncliff with its beer garden overlooking the weir.

Spree River and the Berliner Dom
Spree River in Berlin (F. Krawen /

5. Canals In And Around Berlin, Germany

The region of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommen stretching between Germany’s capital city Berlin and the Baltic Sea in the north is not only beautiful but also honeycombed with lakes, rivers, and canals. It is simply crying out to be explored by boat. Hiring not a narrow canal boat, but instead, a rather sleek but not too overwhelming motor yacht, you can take your time exploring the lakes, the historic towns such as Potsdam and Furstenberg along the way, mooring alongside lake shores for a coffee, or simply sail in and out of canals and rivers, finding quiet spots to moor and read a book.

Pro Tip: This company also hires out small, license-free boats all across Europe. Have a look at the brochure for further inspiration.

The Northern Italian canal cruise
Photo Credit: Barge Lady Cruises

6. River Po And The Bianco Canal, Italy

Please forgive me for including a canal boat trip that is more like a small cruise, but the route taken is so nice that I wanted to include it. Picture Italy at its finest: starting off in Venice, then being welcomed with Prosecco on board the Bella Vita, the Good Life, and staying overnight on board for a bit more Venice in the morning. Then you’ll be sailing off past small historic fishing villages, taking in the odd wine cellar, looking at Renaissance art in Ferrara, also famous for its marble. You’ll be sailing along the River Po and the scenic Bianco Canal, also known as the Tartaro-Canalbianco-Po di Levante, before being transferred back to Venice after five days. Bella Vita indeed!

Pro Tip: There are some options to get off the boat to delve into the surroundings by bicycle, maybe working off some of the calories provided by the scrumptious Italian gourmet food on board.

Canal de l'Aisne a la Marne in Reims
Canal de l’Aisne a la Marne in Reims (Sergey Novikov /

7. Champagne Region, France

Yes, France again. But really, you can’t go wrong with France, right? Especially not with a luxury canal boat tour through the French Champagne region, quite literally from champagne house to champagne house. Setting off from Châlons-en-Champagne, for six days and five nights, you putter through the Marne Valley, visiting the two main centers of Champagne, and champagne, Reims and Epernay, while in between visiting vineyards, exploring the nicely flat countryside by bicycle if you so wish, and always returning to the luxury boat Hirondelle, the Swallow, for gourmet food, a glass — or two or three — of champagne on the shiny teak deck, while allowing the French countryside to slowly move past you. This is a luxury boat trip, curated by Belmond, with four cabins on board, available for private hire, or per cabin.

Pro Tip: This boat trip includes transfers from and back to Paris, so you could easily combine it with the Paris Canal St.-Martin tour.

River cruises are an excellent way to explore destinations:

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Fantastic Experiences To Enjoy On A Boat Rental In Miami

Miami is a vibrant city, full of energy and exciting experiences no matter where you look. Have you ever considered taking a step back to enjoy the city from the water? Boat rentals in Miami offer a variety of options for travelers to explore from an exciting new angle, offering unique experiences for all interests.

Renting a boat on the sparkling Atlantic offers all types of memorable experiences. Those simply needing a day to relax on the calming water will be delighted by the extensive selection of deck boats and cruisers, ideal for anchoring on the sandbar. For the adventure-seekers, you can charter a catamaran to spend the day snorkeling or take part in a deep-sea fishing excursion with an expert fisherman. If your group wants to tour the city and its surroundings, captain and crew-operated boat tours are available for scenic excursions to national parks, nearby islands, and even to power your booze cruise bar-hopping up the Intercoastal. Finally, since Miami is known for its ostentatious displays of wealth, it’s the place to enjoy a luxurious party on a rented mega yacht, perfect for commemorating a special occasion.

Anchor Out And Relax On The Water

Have you ever heard, “A rainy day on the water is better than a good day at work”? One of the most relaxing ways to unplug is to spend the day anchored on one of the many sandbars surrounding Miami Beach, lounging on a float, enjoying some cocktails, and simply being.

Here are some of the best relaxation boat rental options in Miami to consider:

16′ Bayliner Element Deck Boat

From: $50/hr

This cute little Bayliner deck boat is perfect for the couple or family wanting to relax anchored to a sandbar, maybe with a few tubing or skiing breaks thrown in. Deck boats are popular rentals because they are easy to maneuver, have enough power to support water sports, and offer ample space aboard.

28′ Avalon Double Deck Avalon Catalina Funship

From: $100/hr

Anyone who mocks a group dancing aboard a pontoon boat clearly has never experienced the stress-free joy of a pontoon. This captain-driven rental is equipped with the ultimate relaxation accessories, including an upper deck lounge with sofas, a water slide, a shaded lounge area, multiple inflatables and water toys, a 12 x 6 floating mat, and a high-end Bluetooth sound system.

Whiskey Business /

34′ Sea Ray Express Cruiser

From: $185/hr

This impressive cruiser, named Whiskey Business, is one of our favorite boat rentals in Miami. It includes your personal captain and guide and is the perfect mid-sized rental that can be enjoyed while docking on a sandbar or cruising the open sea.

Charter A Deep-Sea Fishing Boat

Fishermen in Miami brag that it offers the absolute best deep-sea fishing available in the United States because you can expect to catch just about anything. Okay, so you probably won’t catch salmon, but the Atlantic Coast waters are full of every species from tuna to billfish, mahi to swordfish. If you don’t know how to bait a hook, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of the many captain-operated fishing charters. Not only will these skippers pilot your boat, but they are skilled in knowing the hot spots and the right bait and tactics to lure your trophy catch.

Here are some fishing boat rental options in Miami to consider:

24′ Pro Line Power Boat

From: $120/hr

This fishing boat rental includes a captain, water, ice, and your fishing gear (for an additional fee) and is the perfect affordable option for taking your small group morning deep-sea fishing.

Wild Life /

45′ Sport Fisherman In Miami, FL

From: $1,300/day

This fishing charter comes with an expert mate to help you catch everything the coastal waters have to offer. It’s available for 1/2-day, 3/4-day, and full-day rentals.

Snorkel The Sea

If you haven’t snorkeled in Miami, you are missing out on half the beauty of this city! Of course, you can snorkel in the shallow ocean shelf off the beach. However, diving into the submarine outskirts offers adventurers the chance to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most enchanting creatures and colorful reefs. We recommend taking a charter or hiring a captain along with your boat rental so they can show you where to find the most stunning underwater scenes.

Here are some snorkeling and scuba boat rental options in Miami to consider:

28′ Sea Pro 248 Bay Boat Charter

From: $100/hr

This bay boat is a great option for a couple or small group (up to 4 people) to enjoy an affordable personal snorkeling experience with an expert captain.

38′ Lagoon Catamaran

From: $299/hr

This private catamaran rental fits groups of 6 to 12 people and includes a full crew. Once booked, the captain will contact you to work out your ideal itinerary through Biscayne Bay.

Enjoy A Boat Tour Or Excursion

One of the best things about exploring Miami by water is that it’s much faster to get to nearby islands and national parks, and it’s a special way to tour the Intercoastal. A variety of memorable boat tours and excursions are available now through GetMyBoat.

Here are some boat tour and excursion options in Miami to consider:

45′ Sea Ray Sundancer Motor Yacht

From: $2,800/day

Charter this luxury yacht for a memorable day trip excursion to Biscayne National Park, the largest marine national park in the country! The whole family will be enthralled during the 2.5-hour boat rides to and from this beautiful tropical island.

Miami River /

50′ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge Motor Yacht

From: $450/hr

This yacht and crew are available for many different types of tours around Miami, including a daytime Miami Bay tour, sunset cruises, and nightlife bar-hopping. Round up your favorite eight friends and family members and choose your adventure tour of the day; none of the options will disappoint!

Party On The Water In Style

Miami is known for having one of the top party scenes in the world, so when in Rome, why not do as the Romans do? Whether you’re more into the laidback pontoon type of party or the ultra-luxurious yachting experience, GetMyBoat has plenty of options for you.

Here are some party boat rental options in Miami to consider:

45′ Trident Party Boat

From: $365/hr

This unique no-frills party boat ditches extraneous amenities in favor of space and holds up to 40 people for the ultimate laidback party on the water. Of course, it comes with a bar, plenty of room to dance, multiple water toys and floats, and a bathroom.

60′ Ferrari Power Mega Yacht

From: $315/hr

This super sleek Ferrari Mega Yacht is an instant head-turner for those wanting to party in style. Cruise the coast or have the captain take your group to a nearby island. Either way, be sure to tune up the premium Sony speakers and raise a glass of champagne as you enjoy this lavish boat.

Charter A Yacht To Enjoy The Sunset

47′ Meridian Motor Yacht

From: $340/hr

This eye-catching yacht is available for rental both with and without a captain. It can accommodate up to 13 people and offers trips to popular destinations including Monument Island, Star Island, Nixon sandbar, Miami Beach, Marine Stadium, Biscayne Bay, and the Miami River.

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Two artists travel by foot, horseback & boat to recreate ‘Picturesque’ art from the 1800s


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    ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Recreating art from the 1800s — that’s the goal of two artists traveling around the mountains.

Adventure artists Scott Varn and Mike Wurman have ventured 80 miles from Chimney Rock to Del Rio, Tenn.

It’s all part of a project with nonprofit Preserving A Picturesque America, to re-sketch pieces found in the original “Picturesque” publication.

To add a little historic flair, the artists are decked out in period clothing and traveling on horseback, by foot and by boat.

“We believe in preservation through the power of the arts,” Varn said. “It’s always had an impact on how people look at our environment, and it’s a wonderful gift to continue that tradition.”

They said the artwork will be featured in an exhibit in Asheville this fall.

Please note: This content carries a strict local market embargo. If you share the same market as the contributor of this article, you may not use it on any platform.

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Why You Should Never Buy A Boat

“The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life: the day you buy the boat, and the day you sell the boat.” To all those laughing and nodding along, welcome fellow former boat owners! If that’s not you, let us fill you in on the pitfalls of boat ownership and the budget-friendly, stress-free alternative of boat rental.

Boats Are Not An Investment

Plain and simple, boats are not an investment. Like cars, the depreciation begins the second the boat hits the water and usage hours start creeping up. Unless you can find a way to create a business with your boat, expect to spend a lot of money and hope the experiences are worth it.

In addition, many people don’t factor in the immediate necessary regular expenses that come with boat ownership. Unless you’ve purchased the vacation lakehouse prior to the boat, you’ll need to rent either a dock slip or storage facility to house it. Depending on the climate, you may also need to transport it to a climate-controlled storage facility for the winter and pay a monthly fee. Pro Tip: It’s worth it if they also winterize it for you. Lastly, a sneaky expense often forgotten is the fuel cost. A large boat can easily burn through $1,000 in gasoline during a busy weekend.

Boats Require Extensive Maintenance

The rule of regular boat maintenance is to do a basic inspection and cleaning after each use and a complete inspection after every 100 hours of use. The basic utility inspection includes checking for leaks, tightening/loosening fastenings, greasing the propeller, and thorough cleaning, especially in saltwater climates. The annual inspections should be done by a professional and can become extremely costly if repairs are needed. Compared to car mechanics and repairs, boat maintenance experts are harder to find and boat parts are more expensive in general. In addition to routine maintenance, boats require appropriate storage and thorough winterizing if you don’t live in a warm location.

Boat Owners Are Permanent Boat Captains

Of course, boat owners are proud to take their friends and family out for an exciting ride. However, at some point, the novelty of it all begins to fade. As the owner, no one is going to love and respect the vessel as you do, so it is only natural to assume you are also the designated driver. Being the permanent boat captain eventually becomes more like a chore, rather than a treat, especially if you have company that enjoys drinking. And hey, a boat without a beer just feels wrong! You should be able to relinquish the responsibility and relax occasionally, too.

mature man driving speedboat
Image: Mindscape studio, Shutterstock

Boat Ownership: The Reality

During my adolescence, my dad finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a boat owner thanks to a cute little 17-foot 15-year-old Bayliner our neighbor was offloading. This was the first and happiest day of his boat-owning life. On paper, it sounded like a fantastic idea! My family is full of water-loving outdoorsy people, so what better way to create memories together than while out tooling around on lakes every weekend?

Well, we weren’t wrong, and we look back on those lake memories very fondly. However, in addition to the happy times, it’s impossible to broach the topic without someone sarcastically adding, “Yeah, it was great when it worked,” followed by a collective sigh and ensuing eye roll. Many long stories short, our little boat “full of character” was very temperamental. I blame a large chunk of my dad’s gray hairs on the Sundays we made the 90-minute trek to the lake with another excited family, only to turn around dejectedly after an unsuccessful attempt to get the engine running. He tried everything, but not a single mechanic nor miracle fix was successful in making the aging boat reliable. The fees and headaches started to add up, and once I left for college, he finally gave up and sold our boat. It was, indeed, his second happiest boat ownership moment. His new favorite saying became, “A friend with a boat is a good friend indeed.”

Allison Weston

Why We Became Boat Renters

Despite a few disappointing boating memories, our love for spending the day on the water never dissipated. Years ago, I took my dad to our favorite Missouri destination, The Lake Of The Ozarks, for Father’s Day and we rented a boat, just the two of us. The speed boat was prepared for us, the engine started immediately, and it provided a perfect vacation for the day. At the end of the day, when the typical boat owner was attempting to load their boat on the trailer, thoroughly clean it, and transport it back to storage, we instead happily dropped the boat at the dock and walked away without a second further obligation. Truly, it was the third happiest day in this former boat owner’s life. It clicked, we became dedicated “Boat Owners On Vacation Only” and agreed to only rent boats from here on.


Boat Rental Services

We’re willing to bet that most larger lakes and beach towns have many local boat rental companies. However, many of these local companies offer the stereotypical “rental” experience and the limited inventory is outdated and beaten up. Furthermore, if you aren’t comfortable driving a boat or simply want to be able to enjoy yourselves and overindulge in cold beer safely, most local places do not offer captain services.

While traveling, I am a devoted vacation home rental person and will now only book a hotel as a last resort. I enjoy the personal touches that come with renting from an individual rather than a company. I began to wonder, “Why doesn’t a peer-to-peer rental company, a la Vrbo, exist in the boating world?” Turns out, someone much smarter than me wondered this almost a decade ago, and GetMyBoat was born.


GetMyBoat Peer-To-Peer Boat Rentals

GetMyBoat launched in 2013 to connect boat owners directly to interested consumers. On the boat owner’s side, it’s a no-brainer! Here’s a fun fact: The average boat is only used 8 percent of the time. Owners can finally see a return during the remaining 92 percent of the time to help offset the endless miscellaneous expenses. Finally, someone did the impossible and discovered a way to make boat ownership an investment! For the rest of us, GetMyBoat makes enjoying the water via a nice rented, modern boat (or other watercraft) so simple. Browsing and booking can be easily done via the computer or their convenient app, and you can be captaining your own (for a day) ship in no time!

Hire A Boat Captain

One of the biggest bonuses of renting from GetMyBoat is that many of the options include a captain to steer you and the group around for the day. Even if you are a seasoned skipper, captaining a boat around a new destination is intimidating. I remember a specific instance of my aforementioned father, an experienced lake boater, bottoming out a rental boat while we were vacationing in Siesta Key, Florida. Looking back, the entire situation is amusing, but I assure you he was not amused at the time as the whole family all piled out of the boat, into the water, to rock it off the sandbar. Hiring a captain as part of the rental package ensures your anxiety stays low and you are free to sit back, sip some drinks, and enjoy the expert experience.

Boat Rental Locations

GetMyBoat offers the largest collection of peer-to-peer rental options around the world. The site and app boast over 130,000 (!) rentals available in over 9,300 locations across 184 countries, so no matter where you’re vacationing, if there is water nearby, chances are they have at least a few options. In more popular boating locales, such as Miami or Lake Travis, GetMyBoat has hundreds of active listings so you can choose all the amenities (and whatever budget) you desire.


Boat Rental Options (And So Much More)

GetMyBoat has the best luxury selection of available boat rentals I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to charter a yacht for a special occasion, they have many waiting for you. If you’re simply looking for a modest ski boat to test if your legs still remember how to waterski, thousands of options await. For the adventurers, GetMyBoat facilitates complete fishing and whale watching charters and has an extensive selection of sailboats available. Finally, even if boating isn’t quite your thing, they also offer a large selection of other water activity accessories, including paddleboards, kayaks, and scuba gear rentals.

To find your new rental cruiser without all the ownership headaches, browse GetMyBoat now.

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Boat Travel Coming in Inazuma Update, Islands Leaked, Beidou’s Fleet

Genshin Impact, miHoYo’s gacha-based RPG had taken the gaming industry by storm when it was released last year. Over the months, it has grown significantly and is one of the most popular games right now.

One of the most striking aspects of the game is the amount of content it gets on a frequent basis. The developers have already announced that a new update will come after every six weeks. The most recent update has been, the 1.4 Update, which added Rosaria and the Hangouts event.

  • MORE GENSHIN: Ayaka, Kazuha, Yoimiya, Release Date, Banner Details Leaked

We still have a few days to go for the 1.5 Update, and preparations for the 1.6 Update has already started. A lot has been leaked previously about the 1.6 Update, which stated that it might introduced the Inazuma region, which fans are eagerly waiting for. Alongside that, new characters like Kazuha, Yoimiya, Ayaka and Dendro element will likely be added. Now, another leak has surfaced about the update.

New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact



New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact





Genshin Impact 1.6 Leaks: Boat Travel Coming in Inazuma Update, Islands Leaked

The latest leak suggests that boat travel might be coming with the Inazuma update. This leak comes from the popular Genshin Impact Discord server, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. The original source of the information is Genshin_Tz, and has been translated by the Discord server. Here is what the leak says:

No, this is not the whole of Inazuma, but a region between Inazuma and Liyue.

Q – The islands seem so small and spaced out. Will there be a boat mechanic, or bigger warships and sails like in Assasin’s Creed?
A – There will be boats.

This has been confirmed by Genshin Report as well:

  • MORE GENSHIN: Genshin Devs miHoYo and Honkai Impact 3rd Bunny Girl Video Controversy

Inazuma will begin with Beidou (and her crew) helping you secretly enter the region. It’s through this that you’ll meet Kazuha as well. This will double as a re-introduction to boats which will be frequently used in Inazuma.

From what I’ve heard, boats will be used in a similar capacity to how you reach the Pearl Galley in Liyue. There are currently no plans to let players steer the boats a la Assassin’s Creed.

This seems to be adding quite an interesting aspect to the game since boat travel is not possible as of now. Along with that, the islands from the Inazuma region have also been leaked, and players can travel between them using Beidou’s fleet. With the 1.6 update being a while away, fans have to wait a bit until they can use boats and travel to the Inazuma region in the game. The 1.6 Update is slated to arrive in June.

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