Cheapest lateral flow travel test – Government approved list in full | Travel News | Travel

The Government has unveiled its list of “approved” COVID-19 lateral flow test providers two days before the latest travel testing update is due to come into force. The aim of the new “simplified” system is to offer “lower-cost” tests to those who have been fully vaccinated according to Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps.

What are the rules for day two lateral flow tests?

Testing requirements will change for fully vaccinated UK arrivals from October 25.

The new rules will also apply to arrivals from “eligible” countries such as the European Union (EU) and the US.

According to the Government, under the new rules “eligible fully vaccinated passengers and those with an approved vaccine from a select group of non-red countries will be able to replace their day two test with a cheaper lateral flow test, reducing the cost of tests on arrival into England.”

Prior to this, fully vaccinated arrivals were still required to book and pay for a day two PCR test, often costing upwards of £50.

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Tests must be pre-booked and purchased from a testing provider included o. n the Government’s “approved” list.

Anyone who tests positive using a lateral flow test will be required to self-isolate and take an additional PCR test at no additional cost.

This PCR test will be provided by the NHS and will be delivered to the traveller’s home.

Anyone who received an inconclusive result will also be required to self-isolate.

Testing for unvaccinated passengers from non-red countries will continue to include pre-departure tests, day two and day eight PCR tests. Test to release on day five remains an option for those who want to reduce their quarantine period.

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Which company currently provides the cheapest lateral flow tests based on the “approved” list?

The Government has updated its list of “approved” providers under the new lateral flow testing scheme.

However, it notes this list may continue to be updated.

According to, they are still working to “bring the site fully online.”

Based on the Government’s current list, a firm named PeopleBio offer the cheapest day two lateral flow test costing £18.

This is a self swab to take at home.

But travel expert Paul Charles has warned Britons to do their research and be savvy before selecting the cheapest options they can find.

He said: “It’s vital to shop around and choose a low-cost but bona fide provider.”

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Cheapest times to book flights and travel to save money | Travel News | Travel

September and November are the best months to travel

As you might imagine, some of the busiest months for travel are also the ones that come with higher price tags.

Travellers looking to plan a trip for 2022 could “unlock huge savings” by being flexible about the time of year in which they jet off.

For domestic flights, the research found that November is the cheapest time to fly.

Travellers could save a whopping 45 percent on November flights across the UK in contrast with the same flights in March.

Holidaymakers looking to explore further afield could also rake in savings by exercising a little bit of flexibility.

For international flights, September is reported to be the best money-saving month, with travellers saving almost 40 percent versus travelling in December.

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What is the cheapest day to fly? | Air Travel 101

If you’re wondering the cheapest day to fly, you may have already guessed that airline ticket prices per date. Some days, they are cheap enough to buy twice as much as the next day’s flight, while other plane tickets could be as expensive as they come. If you are flexible with travel dates, the cheapest times to fly are during off-peak seasons.

The time to book cheap airline tickets doesn’t necessarily matter as much as the time of the year or the day of the week in which you’re booking the flight. Unless, of course, there’s a sale on a particular day from airlines for plane tickets. Simply put, there is no perfect time to buy, only the perfect time to fly. So read below for some tips on how to score the cheapest flights.

Air travel tips and tricks

Air travel tips and tricks

Average Americans travel several times a year. The United States is a huge place, and many prefer hassle-free and quick plane flights rather than take a road trip to their destination. For example, if you live in New York and want to visit the West Coast, it would be faster, not to mention possibly cheaper, to book cheap airline tickets than make a road trip out of it. If you already know when you want to fly, booking tickets months in advance will help you save a lot.

When booking tickets, knowing what is the cheapest day to fly can be tedious. You can’t check every date on the calendar, after all. But you can narrow down the month and week you want to travel and work from there. The most important travel tip when booking plane tickets? Compare airfares across booking sites and airlines. Do your homework and be thorough about it if you want some of the cheapest tickets on sale.

Cheapest dates to fly

Cheapest dates to fly

No matter where you are in the world and wherever you are traveling to, it is universally agreed that the answer to the cheapest day to fly is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There is no exact science to this except that almost all airlines, in both advertised and unadvertised sales, sell the cheapest airline tickets during these days. On average, you can save more than $80 compared to flying on the most expensive days of the week, Fridays and Sundays.

The next cheapest days would be Mondays and Thursdays. Mid-week flights are generally cheaper than weekend flights because of the lesser demand from travelers. Most people who fly do so over the weekend when there is no school or work. However, prices may still vary depending on the airline, your destination, and the season of the year. Finding cheap but relatively good dates to fly is tedious, but it’s worth it.

Months of the year

Months of the year

Now that you know the cheapest day of the week to fly, you can now look at the cheapest months to fly. For example, should you fly on Monday or Tuesday afternoon in July? Would you save more money by flying on a Wednesday or Thursday morning in February?

The general rule of traveling if you want to avoid crowds or ridiculous price surges is to avoid peak seasons such as holidays. For example, Christmas and Easter holidays are nightmares for flight travelers, especially for domestic flights. An extra tip: try to book your tickets a week before or after these holiday peak seasons.

Other factors to consider

There are also other things to consider when looking at what is the cheapest day to fly. Airlines often base their prices on amenities, seats available, and the hour of the flight. If you’re a frequent traveler, you would be familiar with economy seats and first-class seats. The former would be a lot cheaper compared to the latter. Earlier flights in the day are also less costly compared to later flights in the day.

Will plane tickets be cheaper in 2021?

Will plane tickets be cheaper in 2021?

With the pandemic still raging on in 2021, you would expect plane tickets to be much cheaper because of travel restrictions. However, it is no longer as cheap as last year when the pandemic’s peak happened, and airlines were selling off tickets at dirt-low prices. In addition, with several countries now opening up borders and easing up on travel restrictions because of successful vaccination programs, many people are back to traveling on the regular.

If you compare cheap airline tickets now, the prices would probably be now up to par to what it was before the pandemic. However, the CDC still advises the public to take extra precautions even if they are fully vaccinated. While tickets may still be relatively cheaper this year, traveling in a tight, air-recycled space such as an airplane is still a risk you will have to take.

Why do flight prices go up?

Everyone would like to catch a flight that isn’t too early nor too late, so they don’t have to hurry to and fro at the airport. But, unfortunately, supply and demand will make prices fluctuate. Whereas before, airlines could only change airfares to a maximum of three times a day due to programming limitations. Now prices can vary per hour or even within minutes.

High technology has made it possible for airlines and passengers to get real-time information and booking updates online or via mobile applications. It is also undeniably easy to book a flight on the cheapest day to fly without travel agencies. You can now do so via airline websites and pay using credit cards or other modes of remote payment.


The bottom line on what is the cheapest day to fly? Do your research. While mid-week days are generally the cheaper option, airfares can change by the hour or the day. Sometimes an oversupply of seats on weekends or a plane ticket booked months before departure can be much cheaper.

Also, look out for airlines doing airfare sales or promos. They sometimes offer the cheapest airline tickets during off-peak seasons or even during the holidays but several months ahead. So stay alert, and don’t stop comparing airline prices if you want to travel for a lower price.

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New Report Shows The 5 Cheapest Places To Go

Turns out the Covid-19 vaccine could be your ticket to travel to Europe this summer: On April 25, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, announced that Americans who have been fully vaccinated might be allowed to visit. In response, the travel app Hopper saw a 47% spike in airfare searches from the U.S. to Europe for summer travel. So what does that mean when it comes to prices? Will Europe be more expensive than ever, given the surge in interest? Or are there deals to be had for Europe travel?

Following von der Leyen’s announcement, the research team at Hopper took a look at search demand for travel to Europe and analyzed what the news could mean for airfare prices this summer—honing in on the cheapest places to go in Europe. Adit Damodaran, economist at Hopper, says the results were surprising.

“You’d think that with more demand, prices would go up,” says Damodaran. “What we’ve seen is that airfare is going down and we’re expecting it to fall even further going into May.” 

According to Hopper, a good deal price for roundtrip airfare to Europe will be around $760 for summer 2021, down 11% from the beginning of April. And it’s considerably cheaper than a year ago: Heading into March 2020, that same trip would have cost $852. Usually, the cost of trans-Atlantic flights keeps rising as we head into the summer. But Hopper estimates airfare to Europe will keep getting cheaper, bottoming out around May 25 at $700 for a roundtrip flight, before rising toward $775 in mid-June.

Where to Save Money in Europe

So where can you go to save the most money? Here are the five top spots, according to Hopper:

Portugal: “Lisbon has cropped up on our list with the absolute cheapest flights,” says Damodaran. Hopper’s estimate for good-deal airfare to Lisbon: $482. According to Damodaran, one thing driving the low price is that “it’s closer to the U.S. geographically, so the jet fuel costs less.” Portugal is also seeing a surge in popularity. Following an announcement in the first week of March that it hoped to welcome back tourists from the U.K. starting in mid-May, Portugal saw a 77% spike in interest with Hopper users. Travel Tips: As it reopens, Portugal is promising to do tourism better: more responsible, more resilient, more sustainable. Sheree Mitchell of the boutique agency Immersa Global told Forbes that some of the top spots to visit when the country reopens include Fortaleza de Sagres (a three-sided fort on the southern tip of the Algarve’s Sagres peninsula) and Ponta da Piedade (a series of natural caves and grottoes in Lagos).

Iceland: Next up is Iceland, where there are also good deals to be found. Since Iceland announced its reopening plans on March 17, roundtrip airfare from the U.S. dropped 21% from $697 to $550. Similarly, Iceland saw a 93% spike in searches after announcing on March 17 that it would fully reopen to all vaccinated travelers (including U.S. travelers). According to Hopper, it was the biggest surge in search traffic seen to-date in 2021 for reopening internationally. Damodaran says that Reykjavik’s close geographic location to the United States also helps keep the airfare prices down. Travel Tips: There are many reasons to be dreaming about Iceland right now, from Sky Lagoon (a new manmade geothermal spa with views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Northern Lights) to Hidden Iceland (a tour operator that runs small group trips).

Ireland: Irish eyes will be smiling over the cost of good-deal airfare to Dublin at $623. And the country has a lot going for it, too. In a recent ranking of bucket-list destinations, Ireland ranked in the top 10, thanks to its hot food scene, castles and historic sites. Travel Tips: Where to go in a place full of attractions? Consider West Cork (which is rich with history), Kinsale (the gourmet capital of Ireland) and The Guinness Storehouse, one of the world’s best brewery tours.

Madrid, Spain: The Spanish capital came in low on Hopper’s list at $623 for a roundtrip good-deal flight. Spain is also looking to make travel safe this summer and aims to be among the first countries to implement vaccine passports in an effort to attract travelers. Travel Tips: The big news for Madrid travel is that the landmark Hotel Ritz has just reopened as the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid. Located in the Golden Triangle of Art, the hotel is right next to El Retiro Park. Another hot spot to check out this summer is the neighborhood of Lavapiés, which Time Out called one of the 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world, thanks to its chic cafes and thriving cultural scene.

Barcelona, Spain: Besides looking at airfare, Hopper’s report analyzed the destinations Americans are most interested in this year (read on for more). Barcelona was the second most popular destination on the list, and its airfare was among the lowest at $636. Travel Tips: Experts are saying that 2021 will be an epic year for travel and eating out—especially in Barcelona, which is known for its vibrant food scene. Among the 10 hottest restaurants are Camping Mar (a waterfront restaurant that serves paella by the sea) and La Xarxa (one of the city’s best-kept secrets). Barcelona’s Esquerra de l’Eixample neighborhood was called the number-one coolest in the world by Time Out, with bars, restaurants and terraces (safely) buzzing.

Most Popular Places in Europe

As mentioned above, Barcelona was second on Hopper’s list of the most popular destinations among Americans. Coming in at the top of the list as the most-searched European destination was Paris. Rounding out the list of top five most popular destinations were Frankfurt, Germany; Athens, Greece and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Meanwhile, the top five destinations seeing the largest spikes in flight searches following Sunday’s news include Denmark (up 84% since April 25), Poland (up 72%), Portugal (up 60%), the Netherlands (up 59%) and France (up 57%). Another popular spot: Greece, which saw a big increase (42%) in roundtrip searches from the U.S. following the country’s April 19 announcement that it plans to reopen to U.S travelers. 

Europe Travel Tips

Besides knowing where to go, Hopper has some other tips and advice for travelers heading to Europe this summer.

• “For the best deals on flights, book sometime in the next three to four weeks—ideally before late May, because that’s when we are expecting prices to start rising,” says Damodaran.

• “Follow the CDC guidelines, depending on which country you’re traveling to,” says Damodaran.

• “The situation can change pretty rapidly nowadays—even in a matter of weeks—so look into flexible booking options, in case you need to postpone the dates of your trip,” says Damodaran. Hopper has a flexible dates booking plan that allows travelers to change the dates of their trip.

• “With your outbound flight to Europe, you might not need a to show a negative Covid test if you have proof of vaccination, depending on the country. But returning to the U.S., you’ll need to show a negative Covid test,” says Damodaran. “So the general tip is to make sure that you’re able to secure that wherever you’re traveling to.”


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• $12,000 Houses In Italy: Two Surprisingly Cheap (And Beautiful) Villages Making It Easy To Move There

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Cheapest Way to Book a Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World Resort: the Most Magical Place on Earth, the place where dreams come true…and the place where we spend the most money?

It’s no secret that Disney World vacations can be very expensive, but they don’t have to break the bank. Here at Inside the Magic, we try our best to show our readers how they can have a magical vacation without worrying about the cost of every day of the trip. So, we’ve created this vacation planning guide to help you find the cheapest way to book a Disney World vacation. Follow this for the best tips!

Book Your Disney Vacation: Click here to get a great deal on a Disney trip from our friends at Academy Travel!

disney world reopening
Credit: Disney

How to stay at a Disney resort on a budget

How much does it cost to stay at a Disney hotel?

When deciding to go on a Disney World vacation, the first thing you will probably ask yourself is, How much does it cost to stay at a Disney hotel?

That answer can vary significantly. There are dozens of Disney-owned hotels on Walt Disney World Resort property, and they can range in price from around $100 per night to upwards of $600 per night, depending on where you choose to stay. If you are planning a trip on a budget and you want to spend the least amount possible, chances are you will be staying somewhere between the $100-200 price range.

disney's contemporary resort
Credit: Disney

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How do you plan a trip to Disney World on a budget? Work with a travel agent

Our number one tip to staying at a Disney resort on a budget will always be to work with a travel agent. An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is an expert on all things Walt Disney World. They are able to book your vacation at a great price, all at no extra cost to you.

Perhaps the biggest reason why we recommend working with a travel agent is that your travel agent will be hyper-focused on working within your budget. They can find you an amazing deal on a vacation and ensure that you are not going over budget, saving you money in the process. Your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will also be able to be on the lookout for all of the Disney Resort hotel discounts that become available before you leave for your trip.

Academy Travel
Credit: Academy Travel/Disney

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How do you get the Disney discount if you already booked a trip?

Another common question that upcoming Disney World Guests ask this: If Disney releases a hotel or vacation package discount after you have already booked a trip, can you still get the discount?

The answer is, yes! As long as the discount is valid for your resort hotel, length of stay, and travel dates — and as long as there is availability — you can apply a Disney discount to your trip. You can do this by calling the Walt Disney Travel Company directly. Or, as we highly recommend, your travel agent can take care of applying the discount to your reservation for you.

Book With Confidence: Save Big on Your Next Vacation With Academy Travel

EPCOT Monorail
Credit: Disney

Disney resort costs

The cost of your Disney World trip will vary significantly based on the hotel you choose. At Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney-owned hotels on Disney World property are categorized into three general hotel types: Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts, and Deluxe Resorts.

Read More Magic: Which Walt Disney World Hotel to Pick for Your Vacation

Value Resorts

Disney's Art of Animation Resort
Credit: Disney

These are the least expensive resorts on Disney World property. A Value Resort is often highly themed with bright colors and is perfect for families, young couples, or anyone who plans to visit the theme parks for a major of their vacation and won’s spend much time at their Disney resort. If you are a Disney fan who wants to park hop ’til you drop, a Value Resort is the Disney hotel for you.

Below is a list of Value Resorts on Disney World property. Note that a regular room at any of the resorts below will cost you well under $200 per night.

  • Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
  • Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort*

*Art of Animation offers family suites, which are significantly more expensive than single rooms but are a highly popular choice for families or groups.

Moderate Resorts

Interior of Royal Guest Room at Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside
Credit: Disney

More expensive are the Moderate Resorts. These resorts are great for anyone, no matter who you are. They offer wonderful theming and a very homey feel, with more elegance than any of the Value Resorts. If you get a good deal on a hotel room or vacation package, you may be spending less than $200 per night. We often see these deals come up for resorts like Caribbean Beach or Coronado Springs. But often, the price per night will be somewhere in the $200-300 range.

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

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Deluxe Resorts

Now is the Best Time to Stay at a Deluxe Disney Resort
Credit: Disney

These are the most luxurious, expensive Disney Resort hotels, and they will cost you. they offer some amazing amenities — such as access to spas, monorail transportation, and fireworks views. However, if you are on a budget, we suggest steering clear of these hotels.

  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Should you consider an off-site resort when visiting a Disney theme park?

Yes! While we often advocate for staying onsite at a Disney World vacation, there are many benefits to staying offsite. In fact, you can often save so much money by choosing to stay off-property instead of at a Disney-owned resort.

Inside the Magic Tips: Why You Should Stay Offsite on Your Next Disney World Vacation

Least expensive Disney resort with the most amenities

Want to know where to stay on Disney property and get the most bang for your buck? Here are our top recommendations for some of the least expensive Disney resorts that still offer amazing amenities. These hotels are some of the most affordable and offer great benefits — and since you’re at Disney World, you’ll still feel like you’re on a five-star vacation at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

pop century
Credit: Disney

Type of Resort: Value Resort on Disney World property, Owned by Disney

Cost: Around $120-175 per night, depending on the season, Discounts can almost always apply

Location: Wide World of Sports Resort Area


  • Complimentary transportation to and from the theme parks via bus and Disney Skyliner
  • Complimentary airport transportation
  • Access to Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+
  • Quick-service food court serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as late-night options
  • Multiple pools and recreation activities
  • Can book with the Disney Dining Plan


Experience the unforgettable fads of the 1950s through the 1990s all over again. From yo-yos and Play-Doh® to Rubik’s Cube® and rollerblades, this Resort hotel salutes the timeless fashions, catch phrases, toys and dances that captivated the world through the decades.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Credit: Disney

Type of Resort: Moderate Resort on Disney World property, Owned by Disney

Cost: Around $200-240 per night, Discounts can almost always apply

Location: EPCOT Resort area


  • Complimentary transportation to and from the theme parks via bus and Disney Skyliner
  • Complimentary airport transportation
  • Access to Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+
  • Several dining options offering a variety of types of cuisine, all for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between meal hours
  • Multiple pools and recreation activities
  • Themed rooms
  • Can book with the Disney Dining Plan


Discover a world where life slows to a leisurely pace and worries melt away amidst Calypso rhythms. Awash with vibrant colors and lush landscapes, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort transports Guests to a relaxing paradise that captures the essence of 5 distinct islands: Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Aruba. Celebrate the spirit of the Caribbean with blissful sights and fun-filled activities—including colonial forts, lively markets, pristine beaches, splashy florals and swaying hammocks—sure to awaken the imagination

Honorable Mention: Disney Springs area hotels

Disney Springs shuttle
Credit: Disney

Type of Resort: Disney Good Neighbor hotels adjacent to Disney World property, Not owned by Disney

Cost: As low as under $100 per night, depending on your hotel of choice

Location: Disney Springs area, within a walking distance of Disney Springs


  • Shuttle service every 30 minutes to the Disney World theme parks
  • Disney Springs passport with discounts on dining and retail locations
  • Access to Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+
  • Pools and recreation


Stay at a DISNEY SPRINGS® Resort area hotel and your vacation never ends.

We offer 6 Orlando hotels conveniently located in the Walt Disney World® Resort, with spacious accommodations, luxurious amenities, dining and recreation perfect for any traveler. Each resort is an Official Walt Disney World® Hotel and within walking distance of some of the area’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment at DISNEY SPRINGS®.

As Official Walt Disney World®hotels, our Guests can make park reservations for dates during their stay for the number of days that they have valid theme park admission.

More Information: Get a Disney Springs View for the Price of a Value Resort

Best ways to save money at a Disney resort

magic your way
Credit: Disney

We have outlined the best ways to save money at a Disney resort on your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation. But, we know that Inside the Magic readers may still have questions, such as whether there are extra costs that may arise once you arrive on your trip, and what discounts are available throughout the year. Here, we answer those specific questions.

What discounts are available at Disney resorts?

Several times a year, Disney releases special discounts for Disney Resort hotels and Walt Disney World Resort vacation packages. This means that you can either save money on a hotel stay, on Disney World theme park tickets, or on your entire vacation package. Below are some of the discounts that are often released year after year that can help you save money on your trip:

  • Discounted room rates
  • Discounted room and ticket offers
  • Free Disney Dining Plan offer
  • Military discounts
  • Annual Passholder discounts
  • Florida resident discounts

For the most up-to-date information on Disney World discounts, visit the official website here.

What extra charges add up when you are at a Disney resort?

As with any vacation, there may be extra charges that occur when you are staying at a Disney resort. Here are some to be aware of:

  • In-room dining
  • Tipping your Disney housekeeper (called “Mousekeeping”)
  • Laundry services
  • Recreational activities, such as arcade games, spa, golf, etc.
virtual fireworks riviera resort
Credit: Disney

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Ready to book your trip of a lifetime?

If you are ready to book the trip of a lifetime to the Most Magical Place on Earth, we are here to help.

We always recommend the Authorized Disney Vacation Planners at Academy Travel, experts on all things Walt Disney World. They know everything there is to know about a Disney vacation, and they can ensure you save the most money possible on your trip. In fact, whenever an Inside the Magic reader or staff member is trying to book a trip on a budget, we always recommend working with Academy Travel, whose agents are money-saving experts. There is no better way to save the most money possible on a Disney trip than by booking with a team that knows all of the discounts available.

Click here to book your next Disney World vacation at the lowest price!

magic your way
Credit: Disney

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