Black-Owned Travel Company Black & Abroad’s Travel Tips For Summer

We caught up with Black-owned multi-platform travel and lifestyle company, Black & Abroad, to help our readers prepare for their summer travels. The award-winning platform is transforming travel with these easy travel tips and their newly-launched first-of-its-kind Black Elevation Map.

The award-winning platform curates and empowers international, culturally conscious luxury and adventure travel moments for Black travelers. The Black community spent an estimated $101.9B on leisure travel pre-pandemic. With travel numbers projected to trend upward during a post-pandemic travel boom, Black & Abroad co-founders Kent Johnson and Eric Martin discuss how to better prepare for vacation and offer resources to guide you on your journey.

Black & Abroad is known for their award-winning “Go Back to Africa” campaign. Now, the Black Elevation Map is taking it up a notch, providing an interactive community sourced and aggregated online guide that showcases Black-owned businesses across the country to spark further inter-community support, discovery and connection.

Learn more about how to prepare for your next vacation below.

1. Research & Tips On How To Plan

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Eric: When choosing a destination there’s only one thing you need to remember—keep an open mind! I always say that when planning travel there are 5 seasons to consider: spring, summer, fall, winter, and last but not least, shoulder season. Shoulder season is the time between a destination’s high and low visitation periods. During these times flight & hotel prices are way less expensive than usual making it ideal for someone looking to kick back & chill without the hassle of the usual large crowds. Not to mention, it’s a perfect way to travel during a pandemic.                                                                                                                            

Not sure where to start? Say less. For good flight deals I usually hit up at least four sites:,,, and For good deals on top tier hotels & Airbnbs, remember it’s shoulder season, so prices usually fall anyway due to the decrease in demand.

2. Destinations That Champion & Celebrate the Black Experience and Culture

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Kent: Weekends are perfect for quick getaways in locations that thrive in the summer heat. For example, foodies should make their way to cities like New Orleans for restaurants at every corner that feature Creole & Southern cooking. Even your more popular destinations like Miami can be havens for food from the diaspora. Not far from the shores of Miami Beach you’ll find Little Haiti with its bevy of restaurants to choose from, as well as restaurants throughout the city that are steeped in Afro-Cuban & island influence due the city’s close ties to the Caribbean.

For longer summer trips, you can’t go wrong with visiting cities in Colombia (which has the 3rd largest population of Black people outside of Africa), like Cartagena or Cali. These two cities are full of cultural experiences that speak to the many facets of the Black experience.

There are also many island destinations that host Carnivals in the summer, like Bermuda. Although it’s one of the younger Carnivals, it’s also the fastest growing one in the world, and everyone’s beginning to take notice. But don’t worry, Bermuda’s Carnival is a perfect place to begin your Carnival journey as a newbie, as it’s not as intimidating as the ultimate experience in Trinidad & Tobago, but just as fun & inclusive as any other Carnival experience. This week-long experience is a great way to experience the island, which also has plenty of opportunities for taking in the island’s Black history and its relaxing atmosphere.

3. Building An Itinerary

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Eric: The most lit itinerary has three elements: variety, flexibility, balance. Whether you’re tripping solo, or with a group, an equal mix of these ingredients into your journey can afford you more time enjoying yourself and taking in the experience. Variety is very important because it introduces you to so many cultural intersections. Take a map of the city, divide it into four quadrants and make it a point to visit a restaurant, museum, historic site, beach, or club in each quadrant over the course of your trip.

Ensure that your dates and times are flexible by keeping the itinerary loose. Weather, commute times, and most importantly jet lag can be unpredictable at times, so always build time into the itinerary for those instances—especially if traveling with your squad! Speaking of jetlag, it’s important to also build a few hours/days of rest into said itinerary. There’s nothing worse than not being able to remember much from the trip because you were sleepwalking throughout the entire experience. That’s where the concept of balance enters the picture. You want to return home feeling energized & refreshed, not like you just ran a marathon.

4. Airbnb vs. Hotel

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Eric: Of course, it all depends on the circumstances, but I’m generally team both. If I’m traveling with a group of good friends or family, I’m always down for a [Air]BNB. It makes the group experience much easier. Now for solo travels on the other hand, I’m team hotel for a few reasons. I once rented a BNB on a solo trip to a small European island and instantly realized from the neighbors’ reactions that I was the only melanated brother that small town had seen in a long time. I ended up canceling after a few days and booked a hotel a few miles away where the guests were much more diverse. I also like the fact that hotels have common areas where you can eat, have a drink, and socialize with others.

5. Resources Once You’ve Arrived

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

Source:Black & Abroad

Kent: If you decide to vacation stateside, using our Black Elevation Map ( is a great way to identify things to see, eat, and experience in a city. The website takes cultural data, such as Black population data, historical markers, Black-owned businesses, and social media activity, and visualizes points of interest on a searchable elevation map of the United States, city by city. The platform allow you to bookmark and save any places you find, to create an itinerary you can send to yourself or anyone joining your trip!

Wherever you venture, a great way to discover great places in a city is by searching hashtags on social media (ie, #bestfoodinAtlanta #BlackownedChicago, etc.). We all love to share our experiences, so social media can be a great place to see how others have experienced a city as a way to prep for your own visit. Platforms like Pinterest, YouTube & Instagram are perfect for spotting trendy or local favorites.

6. Approaching The Locals & Understanding The Culture

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Eric: I would always recommend doing your research on the cultural differences beforehand. For example, here in the US a firm handshake coupled with eye contact is a sign of respect. Do that in Japan and you’re going to have a major problem where a bow is a much greater sign of respect. You also want to do some digging into the language of the people beforehand. You don’t have to be fluent, but I’ve found that it’s always a great way to spark conversation with the locals to learn more. It’s also a sign of respect to them that you’re willing to make an attempt to communicate with them in their native tongue.

One other thing to always remember is how and when to use your camera, particularly with the locals. When taking pics of/with them, you always want to ask for permission. It might not be a big deal here in the US or Europe, but in some parts of Africa, I’ve witnessed people walk up to groups of children and use them as props for an IG moment. Before taking that pic always ask yourself, would this be ok in Europe or America? It’ll really help put things in perspective.

7. WFV (Work From Vacay)

Black & Abroad Black Elevation Map

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Kent: Remote work has jumped significantly in the last two years, and for the Black community, the number of professionals switching the cubicle for the cabana has seen a spike as well. Airbnb recently did a survey on remote work and vacationing and found that 72% of Black remote professionals who were surveyed have lived in at least one different location since 2020 and were actively planning to take better advantage of workplace location flexibility in the near future.

When considering where to stay for a “workcation,” Black professionals are most drawn to beach towns and major cities over mountains or rural areas, and according to survey data, the Caribbean was the top location choice for Black professionals looking to work remotely.

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Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company gives water safety tips

SHENANDOAH, Va. (WHSV) – Saturday’s drownings in Page County offer a reminder of water safety heading into the summer months.

“The biggest thing is plan your trip, let somebody know where you’re going, how long you’re expected to be gone,” Captain Dustin Lucas with the Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company said.

This time of year, water safety is something important to remember for all ages.

“With anything you know you need to plan your trip accordingly, always have a life vest that’s on or readily accessible, even like a cell phone with communication in a dry bag where you can call for help if you get stranded or lost on the river and we always recommend like some high visibility clothing to where you can be located,” Captain Lucas said.

Another big factor to consider is the weather conditions expected in the area.

If it’s cold outside, the water will be even colder and storms can cause the rise of sea level above the normal predicted tide.

”If it’s anticipating storms all evening like if you’re gonna plan afloat this evening at 2 o’clock and they’re calling for severe thunderstorms throughout the evening it’s probably not advisable to try that,” Captain Lucas said.

The Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company has a swift water rescue team that primarily serves Page County for rescues and body recovery.

”Any life-saving medication that you take or you feel you may need, just simple stuff like sunblock and simple stuff people don’t think about and you know the environment … you can get dehydrated pretty quick on the river so we recommend you taking a cooler full of drink you know Gatorade, water,” Captain Lucas said.

Captain Lucas stresses the importance of letting others know your plan so they can alert first responders if you don’t show up when expected.

“The biggest thing is plan your trip, let somebody know where you’re going, how long you’re expected to be gone,” Captain Lucas said.

Copyright 2022 WHSV. All rights reserved.

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LAS VEGAS, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT) has scheduled its first quarter 2022 financial results conference call for Wednesday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m. EST. A live broadcast of the conference call will be available through the company’s Investor Relations website homepage at The webcast will also be archived on the “Events & Presentations” section of the site.    

Allegiant – Together We FlyTM

Las Vegas-based Allegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT) is an integrated travel company with an airline at its heart, focused on connecting customers with the people, places and experiences that matter most. Since 1999, Allegiant Air has linked travelers in small-to-medium cities to world-class vacation destinations with all-nonstop flights and industry-low average fares. Today, Allegiant’s fleet serves communities across the nation, with base airfares less than half the cost of the average domestic roundtrip ticket. For more information, visit us at Media information, including photos, is available at

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SOURCE Allegiant Travel Company

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Walt Disney Travel Company Pauses Private Ground Transportation Bookings Until Further Notice

A short notice was sent to travel agents today informing them that the Walt Disney Travel Company will be pausing all new bookings for private ground transportation until further notice.

The brief statement read as follows:

New bookings are currently unavailable for private ground transportation to and from Walt Disney World Resort and other surrounding areas. This Walt Disney Travel Company package add-on will be unavailable until further notice.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, some existing private ground transportation reservations may be impacted. Affected Guests and Travel Agents will receive a phone call if their reservation has been impacted.

We’ll have more details on this story as it develops. Affected guests are being encouraged to take taxis or rideshare services such as Uber.

For the latest Disney Parks news and info, follow WDW News Today on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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United Airlines Teams Up With Travel Company To Book Curated Travel Experiences In Africa

Certified Africa is a Black-owned travel agency that books all-in-one private and group travel experiences to the African continent. Founded by the young husband and wife team, Kristin Tellis Quaye (African American) & Nii Armah Quaye (Ghanaian), the company utilizes their connections and network on the African continent to curate authentic and exclusive experiences for travelers to multiple African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Egypt. Now, the company is teaming up with United Airlines to create convenient options for travelers looking to visit Africa for African heritage experiences.

Through this partnership, travelers can book all-in-one private or group travel experiences that include United flights visiting the Certified Africa website.  The packages also include accommodations, airport pick up/drop off, transportation, cultural tours, activities along with some meals and guides. Certified Africa also helps ensure travelers are prepared and informed about travel requirements like visas, immunizations, Covid-19 precautions and travel insurance.   

“One of the most intimidating aspects of traveling abroad is the unknown. Every new culture has its own customs, languages, and traditions, which can be hard to navigate if you’re not used to them,” said Certified Africa Co-Founder Kristin Tellis Quaye in a press release. “With Certified Africa’s staff and guides accompanying you and the added convenience of United flights included you can feel comfortable and ready for the unknown when traveling to Africa and immersing yourself in heritage and culture,” Quay added.

On teaming up with Certified Africa, United Airlines reinforces its presence in the African continent. Last year, the airline company launched three new nonstop routes to Africa, with direct flights from the U.S. to Accra, Ghana, and Lagos, Nigeria. They operate three times a week from Dulles International Airport in the Washington, D.C. metro area and the airline also started a year-round, daily nonstop service from Newark Liberty International Airport to Johannesburg. 

“This partnership will be welcome news for United customers who are eager to explore Africa but may need a little help creating their ideal itinerary,” said Glenn Hollister, vice president of sales strategy and effectiveness at United. “Certified Africa’s deep expertise and extensive network of local partners made them a great choice for United to work with.”  

Over the past few years, many people from the African diaspora have embraced heritage trips to Africa in order to connect to their roots and culture. These types of experiences have become increasingly popular with the 2019 Year of Return campaign in Ghana. The Year of Return brought many African-American travelers to Ghana and helped to boost the Ghanaian economy.

For more information on these new travel packages or to book a trip, visit Certified Africa.

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Peru seeks travel ban for oil company execs amid spill probe | Environment News

Prosecutors want to bar Repsol SA local refinery executives from leaving Peru as probe into enormous oil leak continues.

Peruvian prosecutors are seeking to bar the president and three other executives of Spanish oil firm Repsol SA’s local refinery from leaving Peru for 18 months while an investigation into an immense oil leak is conducted.

The government said last week that Repsol spilled some 6,000 barrels of oil into the ocean near the La Pampilla refinery on January 15, after unusual waves were triggered by a volcanic eruption near Tonga.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo called it the biggest “ecological disaster” to affect the South American nation in recent years, as more than 180 hectares (445 acres) – equivalent to approximately 270 football fields – of beach and 713 hectares (1,762 acres) of sea were affected.

Dead seals, fish and birds have washed up on the shore covered in oil and fishing activities in the area have been suspended as an extensive clean-up operation involving hundreds of volunteers and workers was under way.

A judge will review the request by state prosecutors against the Repsol executives later on Thursday. Repsol representatives in Peru were not immediately available for comment, the Reuters news agency said.

Hundreds of volunteers and workers are racing against the clock to clean beaches after the spill from the Italian-flagged tanker “Mare Doricum”.

Repsol has said Peruvian authorities did not provide a tsunami warning and that the ship was continuing to unload oil to the refinery when the waves hit.

Castillo said last week that a committee would be formed to propose ways of dealing with the crisis, in keeping with national policies aimed at protecting the environment.

Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez also said Repsol has promised to deliver a cleaning schedule, to incorporate local fishermen in the clean-up on beaches and to deliver food baskets to affected families.

A cleaner, Hector Fernandez, said the situation was “frustrating”.

“It is contaminating the entire beach and thus affects several people who come to spend the summer and the fishermen who work every day to earn their living with sweat, with fishing,” he told the AFP news agency.

Meanwhile, Peruvian authorities reported that a second, “relatively small” oil leak was registered on Tuesday during work on an underwater pipeline at the La Pampilla refinery – though the company denied it took place.

The Osinergmin supervisory agency of Peru’s environment ministry said “an estimated volume of eight barrels of crude oil … was recorded and brought under control”. Navy Captain Jesus Menacho said the new leak was “relatively small”.

Repsol denied there had been a new spill, saying in a statement on Wednesday there was “a controlled upwelling of remnants of the spill of January 15” during work on infrastructure 18 metres (60 feet) underwater.

“This upwelling was foreseen, so the containment barriers, absorbent elements and skimmers were already in place in the area as a safety measure. In this way, the hydrocarbon was controlled,” the company said.

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