Cheap flights with Avelo Airlines: Are they worth it?


BURBANK, Calif. — The sun wasn’t up when boarding began for Avelo Airlines Flight 117 to Eugene, Oregon.

But I was alert enough to notice a familiar sight on the Boeing 737: rows of royal blue seats.

It felt like stepping onto a Southwest Airlines plane.

It wasn’t a mirage: Avelo bought the plane from Southwest during the pandemic, the flight attendant told me.

Avelo is one of three budget airlines to debut this year despite the continuing toll the pandemic has taken on the travel industry. Avelo, Breeze Airways and Aha, have all taken advantage of cheap prices for planes and zeroed in on nonstop routes they say major airlines have ignored, luring travelers with bargain fares.

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Most people haven’t heard of Avelo, let alone know how to pronounce it (sounds like hello). The airline, founded by the former president of budget airline pioneer Allegiant Air, has just six planes and until early November only flew on the West Coast. It has infrequent flights and mostly serves tiny airports, like Hollywood Burbank Airport near Los Angeles, Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, California, and Tweed New Haven Airport in Connecticut.

Avelo’s target customers include travelers like Rosalinda Gutierrez, who lives closer to Burbank than Los Angeles International Airport but usually drives 45 minutes to LAX to catch a flight to see family in Pasco, Washington. Her sister-in-law heard about Avelo and snagged a last-minute roundtrip ticket for Gutierrez for $98. The price of Gutierrez’s last flight out of LAX to Pasco was $278, and it required a connection.

“It’s so cheap,” she said.

To give travelers an idea of what to expect, I booked four Avelo flights in and out of California in October and stopped at Tweed New Haven Airport on Avelo’s first day of operations there in November.

The full itinerary: Burbank to Eugene, Oregon, and Eugene to Burbank; Burbank to Santa Rosa, California; and Santa Rosa to Las Vegas. USA TODAY paid for the flights and Avelo wasn’t notified about the trip. 

Avelo Airlines: 7 things travelers should know about booking, flying new carrier

1. Avelo can’t take you to most places and has infrequent flights to the cities on its ever-changing route map. 

If you don’t live in California, Connecticut or Florida, you’re largely out of luck – for now. Avelo’s flights are concentrated on the coasts and it only offers a total of 102 weekly flights in 16 cities. For comparison, Southwest offers more flights in a single day from many cities in its network.

The airline, like Allegiant and Breeze, only operates most routes a few days a week. Want to nab that $39 flight from Burbank to Eugene, Oregon? Your options in January are a single morning flight on Wednesday, Friday or Monday. 

Avelo has daily flights from New Haven to some popular major Florida destinations including Orlando and Fort Lauderdale this winter but it only flies just a few times a week between others, such as Sarasota.

Travelers shouldn’t get wed to Avelo’s routes. The airline is quick to shake up its flight schedule if bookings are weak. The airline started flying in late April and has already abandoned some of its initial destinations, including Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport outside Phoenix; Bozeman, Montana; and Grand Junction, Colorado. Avelo CEO Andrew Levy admits the route map has already changed dramatically.

“We’re a for profit business and we have to have things that work,” he said. “As an early-stage business, our patience is pretty thin because we just can’t take huge risks.”

The airline is growing, with plans to add more than nine planes by the end of 2022.

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2. Tickets are cheap, even with added fees. But bag fees are rising sharply in 2022.

Three of my four one-way flights, all booked last minute on the airline’s website, were $70 or less, including a $25 fee for a carry-on bag. (That’s the prepaid price; the airline charges $35 at the airport, so pay for bags when you book to save money.) My priciest flight was $104 with a bag because it was a Friday flight to Las Vegas from Santa Rosa, California. 

Avelo’s bag fees are about to spike, though. Beginning Jan. 12, carry on bag fees will jump $10, to $35 when paid in advance and $45 at the airport. The first checked bag fee is also rising, to $30 from $20. And that’s just for West Coast flights. Bag fees on Avelo flights to and from New Haven already have those higher prices.

On Feb. 10, bag fees for all flights will increase. Carry-on bags will start at $40, the first checked bag fee, $35, both when paid in advance.. 

Seat assignment fees are prevalent at Avelo, too – as is the case at most airlines – and the carrier touts the option when booking and during online check-in. Prices started at $6 on my flights but that price was generally for middle seats in the back of the plane. I declined to pay for a seat on each flight and had no trouble getting an aisle or window seat. One on flight I got a window seat that the airline was peddling for $14 during online check in just hours earlier. Note that most of my flights were far from full and rolling the dice might be a risky move for families traveling together or those traveling during holidays and other peak travel times.

 Pro tip: Don’t book a ticket on Avelo without searching for promo codes. The airline posts frequent offers on its website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and in marketing emails to travelers. The discount might only be $15 but that’s a significant percentage if you snag a cheap fare.

3. The airline doesn’t offer TSA Precheck and it doesn’t take American Express.

I was stunned to learn Avelo doesn’t accept American Express, a ubiquitous charge card.

CEO Levy, who got rid of American Express as a cost-saving move when he was at Allegiant, said it isn’t about money. (Allegiant brought Amex back after he left.) He said the airline had limited options for a credit card processor due to the pandemic, and the one it went with did not have the technology for American Express.

“The banks all ran away from travel. They were scared to death,” he said.

Avelo hopes to add American Express in the first quarter of 2022. The airline would also like to add options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, Levy added.

A bigger sore point for travelers: Avelo doesn’t offer TSA PreCheck, the popular fast pass through security.

The early morning security lines in Burbank were longer than I’m used to with PreCheck, but not a deal breaker given the size of the airport. (That wouldn’t be the case if you were to fly Avelo from Las Vegas or a major Florida airport like Orlando and Fort Lauderdale).

The most annoying part? Having to take off my shoes and jacket, and take out my laptop from my bag.

Levy can relate. In New Haven, he forgot to take his iPad out of his bag and his AirPods went flying when he tried to gathering his belongings after going through security.

He had hoped to have PreCheck in place by the end of November but Avelo is now targeting mid-December, spokesman Jim Olson said.

4. The “throwback” airports it serves are easy to navigate, the roomy planes are a surprise to many passengers. 

Hollywood Burbank Airport, known as Bob Hope Airport until 2017, is the kind of airport you can be dropped off at the curb an hour before your flight and have time to spare before your flight (unless the TSA checkpoint is clogged.) Don’t try that at LAX.

Flights board and deplane outside and one of the baggage claim areas is outside, too. There are just 14 gates between two connected terminals.

At Tweed New Haven Airport, you practically park your car next to the plane. Avelo is the only airline serving the airport (American stopped service earlier this year) and its ticket counter is in a temporary trailer-like structure outside the airport’s small terminal. Avelo is spending millions to expand and modernize the airport.

Small airports don’t mean small planes, though. Many Avelo passengers on my flights were surprised to be on a Boeing 737 that seat 150 or more passengers.

“I was impressed that the planes are new. And there’s lots of legroom,” said Samantha Piehoff, who flew Avelo from Santa Rosa to Las Vegas to catch a Las Vegas Raiders game with her fiance. “Normally when you fly small airlines out of smaller airports you don’t quite get those things.”

5. Inflight service is pleasant but sparse.

Avelo’s flight attendants have that new airline eagerness, with a couple of them waving to passengers when introduced during the preflight safety announcements on one of my flights, and another wishing a group of Los Angeles Rams fans well on their road trip from Eugene to Seattle.  

Avelo is currently serving a complimentary bottle of Dasani water and a package of Lorna Doone shortbread cookies on flights. Plans are to eventually add more items for sale.

With food options limited at its smaller airports, passengers should pack snacks, though most of Avelo’s flights are under 2.5 hours. 

6. Bring your own inflight power and entertainment, as long as it doesn’t require Wi-Fi.

Avelo isn’t going to wow anyone with seatback screens or in-seat power ports and there are no plans to offer internet service.

I actually liked the mini digital detox on my flights, the longest of which was about 2 hours.

 7. In a summer of airline meltdowns, Avelo has canceled 11 flights.

One of the risks of booking tickets on an airline with a small number of planes and less-than-daily service on most routes is getting stuck when flight problems arise.

The good news for Avelo passengers, at least so far, is that the airline has had only a handful of cancellations. (My four flights, an admittedly small sample, were all on time.)

Levy said the airline has canceled just 11 out of more than 2,300 flights since it began flying. He said one of the reasons is its modest flight schedule and a big focus on operations. “We are also very focused on having a schedule that we can operate.”

He doesn’t promise there won’t be bumps ahead.

“They’ll be days when there’s bad weather or airplanes break, of course, but it’s how you deal with that that really sets you apart.”

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Israel seals borders and Morocco bans flights as Omicron Covid fears rise | Coronavirus

Israel is barring entry to all foreign nationals and Morocco is suspending all incoming flights for two weeks, in the two most drastic of travel restrictions imposed by countries around the world in an attempt to slow the spread of the new Omicron variant of coronavirus.

Israel’s coronavirus cabinet has authorised a series of measures including banning entry by foreigners, red-listing travel to 50 African countries, and making quarantine mandatory for all Israelis arriving from abroad. The entry ban is expected to come into effect at midnight local time (10pm GMT) on Sunday.

Morocco’s foreign ministry tweeted on Sunday that all incoming air travel to the north African country would be suspended to “preserve the achievements realised by Morocco in the fight against the pandemic, and to protect the health of citizens”. Morocco has been at the forefront of vaccinations in Africa, and kept its borders closed for months in 2020 because of the pandemic.

Israel cases

Many countries, including Brazil, Canada, European Union states, Iran and the US, have placed restrictions on travel from various southern African countries over the past couple of days since the variant was identified by researchers in South Africa.

Early evidence suggests the heavily mutated variant poses a higher risk of reinfection than earlier variants and that it could also be more transmissible.

The Dutch public health authority confirmed on Sunday that 13 people who had arrived on flights from South Africa on Friday had so far tested positive for Omicron. The Dutch health minister, Hugo de Jonge, said it was “not unlikely” that more Omicron cases would appear in the Netherlands. “This could possibly be the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

Austria also announced that it had detected its first suspected case of Omicron, while the French health minister, Olivier Véran, said it was probably only a matter of hours before the variant was picked up in France. Cases have already been detected elsewhere in Europe.

Following the discovery of cases in the UK, the government reimposed some restrictions including compulsory mask wearing on public transport and shops in England.

Meanwhile, Swiss voters backed the government in a referendum on whether people going to bars and restaurants should show a Covid certificate to demonstrate their vaccination or recovery status. Early results shows that more than 60% chose to support the law on a 64% turnout. Opponents of the Covid pass had claimed the move would create an “apartheid system”. On Sunday police cordoned off government buildings and the Swiss parliament in the city of Berne in anticipation of protests.

Over the weekend, New Zealand announced it was restricting travel from nine southern African countries, and Japan widened its border controls to include more countries from the region.

Tourist-dependent Thailand, which only recently began loosening its tight border restrictions to leisure travellers from certain countries, announced a ban on visitors from eight African countries. Similar restrictions took effect in the business hub of Singapore, which is barring entry and transit to anyone with a recent history of travel to seven southern African countries. Sri Lanka banned disembarkation of passengers arriving from six African countries, as did the Maldives.

The act first, ask questions later approach reflected growing alarm about the emergence of a potentially more contagious variant nearly two years into a pandemic that has killed more than 5 million people, upended lives and disrupted economies across the globe. But many experts cautioned that so much was still unknown about the new variant, and the World Health Organization called for borders to remain open, noting that closing them often has a limited effect.

In the latest indication that the new variant may be hard to constrain, health officials in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, said two passengers who arrived in Sydney from southern Africa on Saturday evening had tested positive. Both people were asymptomatic, fully vaccinated and in quarantine, NSW Health said. Another 12 passengers from southern Africa were also in 14 days of hotel quarantine, while about 260 other passengers and aircrew have been directed to isolate.

Israel also approved use of the Shin Bet internal security agency’s controversial phone monitoring technology to trace contacts of people in Israel confirmed with the new variant. Israeli rights groups had decried the use of the technology as a violation of privacy rights, and the supreme court ruled earlier this year that its use be limited.

Dr Ran Balicer, head of the government’s advisory panel on Covid, told Israel’s Kan public radio that the new measures were necessary for the “fog of war” surrounding the new variant, saying it was “better to act early and strictly” to prevent its spread.

On Saturday, Israel said it had detected the new strain in a traveller who had returned from Malawi, and it was investigating seven other suspected cases. The seven people included three who were vaccinated, and all were placed in isolation.

Associated Press contributed to this report

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Ryanair: Airline launches Black Friday deals – save on flights | Travel News | Travel

As UK travel restrictions continue to ease, many Britons will be eager to spend time abroad this winter before the beginning of the new year. Known for being one of Britain’s most popular airlines, Ryanair has today launched their Black Friday sales for 2021.

Buy one get one free means you can buy a flight for a loved one and travel for free with them, or vice versa.

To claim the offer, all Ryanair customers need to do is visit the airline’s website,

The deal will be live on the website from 2pm today, November 25, until midnight on Friday, November 26.

This leaves customers with little time to claim the offer and avoid missing out.


Dara Brady, Ryanair’s Director of Marketing, said: “Black Friday has come early at Ryanair as we unveil our amazing ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer, with one million seats available for travel across 1,000 routes from December 1, 2021, to February 18, 2022.

“Customers can book a well-deserved city break or a long overdue holiday and bring a plus one completely free – the ultimate Black Friday bargain.

“We’ve no doubt that this amazing offer will be snapped up quickly, especially with Christmas in near sight, so we encourage customers to act fast and visit the website before midnight Friday, November 26, to avail of this brilliant Black Friday offer.”

But with Black Friday approaching, Ryanair is not the only airline offering discounted prices this week.

Customers can either claim £200 or £100 off a holiday package deal, depending on how much they are willing to spend.

To save up to £200 on holidays, Britons must spend a minimum of £2,000.

Meanwhile, to save £100 on holidays, holidaymakers must spend a minimum of £700.

To claim both deals, customers should use the code BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout.

This code is valid on all breaks departing from December 6, 2021, to October 31, 2023.

Read original article here

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Travel hack reveals how to get a ‘whole row to yourself’ on flights

There are a few travel hacks floating around TikTok that could be helpful if you’re flying in a pair and don’t want a stranger sitting in your row. 

Travel guru Chelsea Dickenson from Cheap Holiday Expert shared some of the strategies she uses whenever she wants to get a whole plane row for her and her travel companion. Even better, none of these tips will cost travelers an additional cent.

First, Dickenson recommends traveling pairs book their seats apart from each other in an empty row. With one person booked for a window seat and the other person booked for an aisle seat, Dickenson reasons that a stranger will likely look elsewhere to avoid the dreaded middle seat.

“Even if they do book that middle seat, you can ask them if they want the aisle or the window and it works out for everyone,” she said in her TikTok video, in case the first attempt fails.

You can increase your chance of getting an entire row though by booking seats near the back of the plane or opting for row 13 “as lots of people think it’s unlucky,” Dickenson said.

Since its original upload date on Oct. 11, Dickenson’s video has been viewed more than 386,900 times.

“I’ve used the hack around 10 times and would say I have a 60% success rate,” Dickenson told Fox News. “I’ve heard from many followers too that it’s worked for them – the main failure comes from a full flight and unfortunately, there aren’t any hacks that are gonna get you a free seat in that case.”

Chelsea Dickenson recommends pairs book their seats one seat apart to get an entire row to themselves.
Chelsea Dickenson recommends pairs book their seats one seat apart to get an entire row to themselves.
The TikTok suggests trying this tip either in the back of a plane or row 13.
The TikTok suggests trying this tip either in the back of a plane or row 13.
Dickinson claimed the trick has worked six times out of ten for her.
Dickenson claimed the trick has worked six times out of ten for her.

While several commenters were skeptical of the hack’s effectiveness, a few people claimed the hack has helped them snag a whole plane row.

“Been doing this for [the] last 7-8 years,” one TikTok user shared. “Unfortunately it works half the time as planes are often fully occupied. But the theory is correct.”

“I once did this solo,” another commenter wrote. “Booked the middle seat, no one wanted me.”

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Alcohol and flights: Airlines add it to safety announcements, continue ban

“Even though FAA regulations specifically prohibit the consumption of alcohol aboard an aircraft that is not served by the airline, we have received reports that some airport concessionaires have offered alcohol ‘to go,’ and passengers believe they can carry that alcohol onto their flights or they become inebriated during the boarding process,” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson wrote in a letter to airport officials. He asked airports to help curb the practice.

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Arrive Two Hours Early for Holiday Flights, Experts Warn — Best Life

The many struggles at airports around the country have been well documented in recent months, as major airlines have seen delays and cancellations on a massive scale. In recent weeks alone, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines each canceled thousands of flights in high-profile snafus due in large part to staffing shortages brought on by the pandemic. All of the drama for passengers around the country is only expected to get worse in the coming weeks, with demand for holiday travel surging and airlines trying to beef up their employee rosters and trim their schedules in the hopes of minimizing disruptions. If you are scheduled to travel in the midst of the mayhem, you’ll want to make a plan to move through the process as smoothly and proactively as possible to get where you’re going. Read on to find out how early experts suggest you arrive for your holiday flights.

RELATED: Another Major Airline Just Said It’s Cutting Flights for the Next 2 Months.

TSA screening line at airport

The ongoing circumstances mean you should be arriving at the airport with a much larger buffer of time than was necessary in the past, even for domestic flights. Now, both the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airport officials around the country say travelers should plan to arrive two hours before a domestic flight.

Experts call this a “critical” tip, citing the huge demand for travel as well as long TSA screening lines. “Passengers should not cut it close or they could definitely miss their flight. We want to avoid any backlog at the TSA passenger screening checkpoint,” Thomas R. Stoudt, executive director of the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, told The Morning Call.

RELATED: The CDC Just Banned You From Bringing This on Flights.

Airport terminal crowded with travelers

In order to guarantee that you don’t miss your flight—and miss Thanksgiving dinner with the family—always give yourself at least that two-hour buffer, experts say. But you can also get some help gauging wait times at your target airport by downloading the MyTSA app. In advance of your scheduled flight, you can check how busy the airport is likely to be on your specific day and time of travel based on historical data.

A flight attendant grabbing a plastic water bottle during service on a flight

Consider that TSA data shows that 1,525,948 passengers passed through security checkpoints on Nov. 3, which is nearly two and a half times more than the 636,533 passengers recorded on the same day last year. That’s a lot of people going through airports at a time when the whole industry is struggling to find enough workers. A large-scale staffing shortage happened after airlines slashed rosters early in the pandemic, encouraging employees to take buyouts or furlough arrangements. But the demand for travel roared back faster than expected and left a gap at a time when hiring is difficult and job seekers have choices.

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a crowded airport

Airlines are trying to mitigate disruptions through strategies like offering major perks to employees who work throughout the season, CNBC reports. But you’re still likely to face hiccups, so pack your patience—and a few strategies of your own. If your flight is oversold, for instance, know how to negotiate: Never take the airline’s first offer, experts say.

RELATED: Never Do This When Your Flight Is Canceled, Travel Expert Warns.

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Scoot to offer low-cost Thailand flights from Gatwick | News

Scoot, the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines (SIA), has announced its first UK route.

The carrier is set to offer the only low-cost non-stop service between Gatwick and Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

The move comes hot on the heels of the borders reopening between the UK and Thailand, with no quarantine required at either end for vaccinated travellers.

The new service will commence with flights from December 16th.

This will be followed by three-time weekly scheduled seasonal services from March, with a further review and potential increase in frequency based on demand and regulatory approval.

All services will be operated by Scoot’s widebody Boeing 787 Dreamliners offering both economy and ScootPlus cabins, sporting features such as inflight Wi-Fi.

Campbell Wilson, Scoot chief executive, said: “The progressive relaxation of border restrictions presents new opportunities for airlines and travellers alike.

“Scoot is excited to add flights between London Gatwick and Bangkok to our network, offering our unique combination of great value and great experience with a touch of Scootitude.”

With the addition of London, Scoot will serve over 30 destinations in December as it progressively builds back to its pre-Covid-19 coverage of 68 cities.

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Cats and dogs can now travel in the cabin with a passenger on Etihad Airways flights

Passengers flying on Etihad Airways can now pay to bring their cat or dog with them in the cabin, according to the airline’s website.

While there are restrictions on the size and weight of animals allowed on board, the new service was welcome news for pet owners across the country.

Pets will travel at an additional cost of the person’s cabin bag allowance and owners will be required to present the veterinary and official documents for pets at the time of check-in.

In economy, it costs $150 (Dh550) per pet, per flight, to travel six hours or less, and $250 (Dh920) for flights more than six hours. If transiting, the combined price per flight will apply.

“This is a new policy that came into effect earlier this year. Etihad has welcomed trained service animals, and pet cats and dogs on board since September 30, 2021,” the airline told The National in a statement.

“Guests can bring their small pet cats and dogs in the cabin on all flights to, from and via the UAE, provided all travel conditions are met.

“One adult can bring one pet per flight. This can be increased to two pets if two guests are travelling together, provided the pets are from the same household.”

Bookings have to be submitted at least 72 hours before travel via an online booking form, declaring details such as the pet’s microchip number, a certified health certificate and a fit-to-travel certificate.

The total combined weight of the pet and travel bag or kennel must not exceed 8 kilograms and it is the responsibility of the passenger to check all entry and exit regulations for the country they are flying to and from.

In cases where a person with an allergy and a person with a pet both request to travel on the same flight, the Etihad representative said the request of the person who made the reservation first will be confirmed.

Here, The National explains how to use the pet travel service.

DUBAI, November 20, 2013 - (L to R) Craig, a 6-month-old kitten and Stewart, a 4-month-old kitten, wait in their pet carrier with their vaccination records, at the British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai, November 20, 2013.  (Photo by: Sarah Dea/The National, Story by: Hareth Albustani, Weekend)

 *** Local Caption ***  SDEA201113-shippingpets18.JPG

How will my pet travel?

  • In economy, the pet will sit in their carrier under the passenger’s seat or the owner/guardian can purchase an adjacent seat, next to them, for the carrier to sit on.
  • The pet travel bag or kennel must not exceed 40 x 40 x 22 centimetres (L x W x H) to fit under the seat or 50 x 43 x 50cm (L x W x H) if you have purchased an adjacent seat.
  • If the passenger is travelling in business or first class, they can purchase an adjacent seat for their pet to sit in their carrier next to them. The pet travel bag or carrier must not exceed 50 x 43 x 50cm (L x W x H).
  • The pet must stay in the travel bag or kennel for the entire flight.

Criteria for travel

  • The cat or dog must be at least aged 16 weeks and weigh no more than 8kg, including their carrier.
  • The pet must be able to sit, stand in a natural position with its head fully erect (without touching the roof) and they must be able to turn around and lie down.
  • The pet travel bag or kennel must be ventilated on at least three surfaces and must be escape-proof and leak-proof.
  • The floor of the bag or kennel must contain absorbent material.

How much does it cost?

Economy: it costs $150 (Dh550) per pet per flight for flights six hours or less, and $250 (Dh920) per pet per flight for journeys more than six hours.

If you are transiting, the combined price for each flight will apply.

If you wish to purchase an adjacent seat, you must do this in advance.

Business: You must purchase an extra seat in advance for your pet.

Pets will not be accepted on flights operated by Etihad partner airlines.

How to book

You must submit a booking form, which is available on the Etihad Airways website, at least 72 hours before your flight.

Checklist for animals travelling in the cabin

Before you travel with an animal in the cabin, you must ensure the following:

  • You have checked all entry and exit regulations for the countries you are flying to and from.
  • All applicable veterinary examinations or treatments have been completed.
  • Carry any medication that may need to be administered to your pet during the journey.
  • Have all the official documents required for your pet to travel.
  • You have registered your pet for travel and received confirmation of pet acceptance.
  • You have a lead and a suitable harness or collar available.
  • You have dry pet food in a sealed container in your cabin baggage.

Information required for booking form

  • Declare whether it is a pet or service animal
  • Name, breed and date of birth of animal
  • Microchip number
  • Health certificate (signed by authorised vet)
  • Fit-to-travel certificate (from local vet within 10 days of travel)
  • Vaccination certificate (completed in full)
  • Rabies vaccine (EU 21 days, other countries 30 days)
  • RNATT – Rabies titre test (check with local authority if applicable)
  • Internal and external parasite treatment
  • Screwworm / tapeworm treatment
  • Export permit (check with local authority if applicable)
  • Import permit (check with local authority if applicable)
  • Weight (gross weight of animal and container in kilograms)
  • Dimensions of container (in centimetres: length x width x height)

Updated: November 14th 2021, 1:08 PM

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