Disney Cruise Lines Announces Exciting New 2023 Summer Itineraries

Disney Cruise Line has announced its 2023 summer schedule, and their ships will be sailing all across the globe, including Europe for the first time.

From Alaska to Europe to the most popular Caribbean locations, Disney will have its five ships in a wide variety of locations throughout the summer season.

“These Disney Cruise Line sailings will take families on summer adventures in ways that only Disney can do,” Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager of Disney Cruise Line, said in a release.

She added the sailings will be “delighting guests of all ages with dazzling entertainment, world-class dining, unique character encounters, the ease and indulgence of carefree days at sea, and the uncompromising guest service that defines a Disney vacation.”

Bookings for the summer 2023 trips will be taken starting May 9.

The highlight will be Europe, which Disney will be sailing to for the first time.

Among the options are:


Disney will offer a variety of possibilities, with cruises ranging from 4–11 nights and many options in between. Major regions the ships will stop at include the Netherlands, Norway, the British Isles, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

Customers will have the option to choose itineraries that focus on either northern Europe, western Europe, or the Mediterranean.


Departing from Vancouver, British Columbia, passengers will have the option of five, seven, or nine nights aboard the ship, exploring glaciers and the untouched shorelines of the Alaskan coast. Stops will include Juneau, Ketchikan, Dawes Glacier, Skagway, and Icy Strait Point.


Leaving from Florida ports in Port Canaveral or Miami, sailings will last from 5–10 nights and include destinations such as Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Tortola, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico. Most of the sailings will also include a stop at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.


Departing from Port Canaveral, sailings will include stops in Nassau, Ireland Island, and the private Castaway Cay. Sailings can be anywhere from 3–8 nights in length.

Special Trips

Disney has also scheduled two additional sailings not part of its standard list of destinations.

The first is a four-night Pacific Coast trip that departs May 11 from San Diego and finishes in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The second is a massive 13-night transatlantic sailing that leaves Miami on May 7 and finishes in Barcelona. After 7 days on the ocean, the ship will make two stops in Portugal at Ponta Delgada and Lisbon, and three stops in Spain at Cadiz, Malaga, and Cartagena before reaching Barcelona.

Sailing Again

After a rough patch for the cruise industry due to the pandemic, Disney and other companies are excited to be offering full schedules once again.

“We are thrilled to have five ships at sea in summer 2023 with a wide array of destinations for families to enjoy,” Siskie said.

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Avoiding long lines at the airport and during your travels

Avoiding long lines at the airport and during your travels

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Canada’s Wonderland Shared 8 Tips For Your Next Trip & How You Could Avoid Long Lines

There are tons of things to do and check out at Canada’s Wonderland, but it can be a bummer if you’re spending most of your time at the park getting held up in a line.

As of April 30, the park will be back open for business to the general public, so why not get some inside tips on how to hit up the most rides before you come on down?

Here are eight tips and tricks Canada’s Wonderland shared that will help you make the most out of your next visit.

Consider flying solo to bypass those long AF lines

Canada’s Wonderland has a single rider line for some of their coasters if you don’t care about splitting up from your crew and riding solo.

The director of communications for Canada’s Wonderland, Grace Peacock, told Narcity the lines for the solo passenger lanes are “often much shorter” than their regular lineups.

Or make your way for the Fast Lane

If ripping down a coaster alone doesn’t appeal to you, Wonderland recommends considering shelling out the extra cash for one of their Fast Lane wristbands.

Wave goodbye to everyone waiting in the regular line as you make your way through the Fast Lane to fly down the Yukon Striker for the fifth time that day.

A word to the wise though: they only sell a limited number of these passes so you may want to consider copping them in advance.

One strategy to hit all of the big coasters: start at the back

Canada’s Wonderland is well-known for its massive, heart-dropping, scream-inducing rollercoasters like Leviathan, Behemoth, and the Yukon Striker, but sometimes the lines can be out of this world.

One way to hit all of the major coasters is heading to the back of the park first and then working your way closer to the entrance, Peacock shared.

“Many guests start at the closest rides but the ones further away are often less busy.”

Per Wonderland’s blog, you could use their mobile app to plan out a full-on ride plan. Since the app shows the wait times for each of the rides it could help you strategize which one to go to next based on how long the line is.

Don’t let the rain bog you down

Hate major crowds and don’t mind getting wet from the rain? Consider going to the park when it’s drizzling out.

“This has been a key strategy for guests for generations,” Peacock said.

“Even when I was a kid, my parents would only take us if the weather looked questionable because they knew the park would be less busy.”

Save some time and buy your ticket online

Grab your tickets on their website before making your way to Wonderland’s entrance to forgo going to the tickets kiosk at the park. Canada’s Wonderland shared that you could also save a few bucks when you buy them online since these tickets typically come with discounts.

If you’re someone who just can’t get enough of that adrenaline high after getting off of a coaster, you might want to consider buying a season pass or gold pass.

“I always recommend this for parents with young children as well, who perhaps aren’t able to stay a whole day. A season pass gives you freedom to come back again, even for a few hours, whenever you want,” Peacock said.

First-timers might want to do their research beforehand

Going somewhere for the very first time can be overwhelming, especially when there is tons to check out.

Peacock recommends downloading the park’s map in advance and planning out your route before coming down, so you can check off all of your boxes before heading out.

“Check our events page to see if there’s something that interests you and plan to attend during those dates. If there’s a show you want to see, note the performance times so you can be in the right place at the right time,” Peacock said.

Bring your towel and swimsuit

You never know when the mood can strike and you want to take a plunge in some cool water on a hot summer day.

Splash Works won’t be opening up right at the same time the rest of the park opens though, and will actually be ready for guests to visit starting May 28.

The park’s cashless but you can still swap your bills

Canada’s Wonderland will no longer be accepting cash anywhere at the park, but that doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck if you do.

“However, you can still bring cash – we have many kiosks around the park where guests can convert their cash onto a prepaid card for free,” Peacock said.

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Delta Air Lines : Ready to fly? Prep with these 6 Delta travel tips

As Easter weekend approaches and summer travel ramps up, Delta is here to help ensure your next journey is as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips for an easier trip the next time you travel with Delta.

We get it: you’re ready to go. As Easter weekend approaches and summer travel ramps up, Delta is here to help ensure your next journey is as smooth as possible. Amid an evolving travel landscape, we are doing everything we can to make sure you get where you’re headed safely and on time.

But cancellations and delays – though uncommon – can still happen even after our people have exhausted every other option to keep things going without a hitch. As always, giving yourself and others a little grace when things don’t go as planned will go a long way while our people work around the clock to mitigate any inconveniences.

Here are a few tips for an easier trip the next time you travel with Delta:

1. Use the Fly Delta app to check in, change your flight, manage trip interruptions and more.

Fly Delta is home to all the tools customers may need during their trip, including checking in, tracking bags and managing flight interruptions. Customers can see and make real-time updates throughout their journey through the app; they can even use the Fly Delta app to calculate how long it will take to get from curb to gate – and view current security wait times – with the app’s wayfinding feature.

Pro tip:You can nearly always skip a call to Delta Reservations by modifying or canceling flights directly in the Fly Delta app or using the Messaging feature on delta.com or the app. When trips are interrupted and wait times on the phone are longer than usual, Fly Delta is the quickest option to getting on the next available flight.


Many customers may wonder how Delta makes decisions about cancellations and schedule changes and what Delta does to help them when those disruptions occur. Read on for more about how we take care of our customers when travel is interrupted – as well as tips on managing your next flight and when to arrive at the airport.

2. Check out Fly Delta’s new Today mode, make sure your notifications are enabled and keep an eye on your text messages and emails from Delta.

Boarding information, upgrade status, baggage location and key self-service shortcuts like same-day changes are available directly from the Today tab in Fly Delta. The tab is updated in real-time with the latest and most important information customers need to make sure you never miss a beat as travel variables like gate changes or boarding times evolve. We’ll also notify you when Wi-Fi is available onboard and when you’ve reached a new loyalty milestone.

Turned off notifications by mistake? In the device’s settings app, find the notifications selection and ensure Fly Delta app notifications are turned on. Manage your device’s sleep mode settings accordingly, too, to avoid notifications being silenced. And make sure to keep an eye out for any emails or text messages you receive from Delta with important updates on your flight status, travel documents and what to know before you go to the airport. That information is also available in My Trips.

Pro tip: You can use Fly Delta to save time at the airport with new express bag-tagging functionality available at most hub airports. After checking-in, simply scan a boarding pass at a Delta kiosk and automatically print bag tags.


Recent improvements include an all-new Today mode experience, improvements to self-service features and new ways to quickly print bag tags.

3. Delta people are working around the clock to help support you.

Whether it’s at airports, onboard or behind the scenes at our reservations and operations centers, we’re here to help our customers get where they need to be as safely and quickly as possible. When travel interruptions happen, our customers can rest assured that we are working around the clock to move and position equipment and crews, adjusting schedules and taking other proactive measures to ensure our customers get where they need to go.

When cancellations become necessary as a last resort, Delta works to make changes that impact the fewest customers with the shortest delays. And, whenever possible, Delta teams strive to cancel flights far enough in advance to notify customers before arriving at the airport.

If for any reason a flight is delayed while you’re at the airport, Delta people are ready to support you. Ahead of the busy summer travel season, we’re increasing our airport staffing and introducing new ways to take care of you while you wait for your flight. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to find one of our famous Red Coats – Delta’s elite airport customer service experts, identifiable by their bright red coats – who are armed with a chat feature and will do their best to resolve any questions. For longer delays, teams are ready to help take care of customers in gate areas with light refreshments and supporting our Chat to Help feature to connect and support customers with rebooking.

Pro tip: If your flight is interrupted, Delta will automatically rebook customers with canceled flights on the next best available itinerary to their final destination. You’ll be able to see the best alternate flight options on the Fly Delta app – most of the time, these are the same options our Reservations agents have.

4. Follow FAA masking requirements and stay alert to changing COVID-era protocols.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extended the federal mask requirement onboard aircraft and in U.S. airports through May 3. The requirement was set to expire on April 18, 2022. While Delta CEO Ed Bastian and other airline CEOs have pushed and will continue to urge the easing of COVID-era transportation mandates, it’s important that all customers fully comply with this federal regulation until it is lifted.


Delta CEO Ed Bastian and other airline CEOs sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday urging the elimination of COVID-era transportation mandates, such as the federal mask requirement on airplanes and in airports.

As COVID-19 transitions to a seasonal virus, Delta has made some adjustments to COVID-era protocols while following the science and maintaining the Delta CareStandard. You can rest assured that cleanliness continues to be integral to the premium experience we work to deliver every day, with layers of protection like hospital-grade HEPA filters; regular cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces on the planes and in the airport; and a dedicated cleanliness team dedicated to ensuring high standards are maintained, including the industry’s first Chief Health Officer, Dr. Henry Ting. Our global cleanliness team also continues to test and phase in new and innovative solutions to drive faster turn times, including low-powered blowers to quickly clear debris from crevices and hard-to-reach places, as well as vacuums that are more effective and have higher suction.

Pro tip: If you’re traveling internationally, you can use Delta FlyReady, the airline’s digital dashboard solution, to verify that you’ve met your destination’s entry requirements prior to travel.

5. Budget enough time to navigate the airport and speed through security lines with CLEAR and TSA Precheck.

Plan to arrive at the airport two hours ahead of domestic flights and three hours ahead of international flights. Especially during popular travel days, you should allow some extra time to check your bags and go through security – and remember to pack any valuables or essential items in your carry-on bags.

For a quicker in-airport experience, you can enroll in CLEAR – now available in more than 35 airports where we fly – and speed through security lines with just the touch of a finger or blink of an eye. U.S.-based SkyMiles® Members get preferred pricing on CLEAR memberships, including complimentary memberships for U.S.-based Diamond Medallion Members.

Thanks to Delta’s partnership with TSA, qualifying customers in Atlanta, Detroit, and – coming soon – Los Angeles and New York-LGA can opt in to make use of new facial recognition technology that provides the ability to check bags, pass through security and board their flight completely hands-free through use of their digital identity (SkyMiles Member number, passport number and Known Traveler Number).


Delta customers in Detroit can use their passport number and TSA PreCheck® or Global Entry membership as a digital ID.

Pro tip: CLEAR members can bring children under 18 through CLEAR lanes for free with no additional registration required. Customers should consider applying for TSA PreCheck, which is now available at 200+ airports nationwide. Frequent travelers thinking about investing in expedited security programs should compare the benefits of CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, Sky Priority and Global Entry on delta.com to see what program is right for them.

6. Enjoy more effortless and rewarding travel at every step.

New premium products, a connectivity experience that is more like what you’d find at home, mindful in-flight entertainment, specially curated plant-based menus and beverage options are just some of the ways Delta is delivering a premium travel experience that is better for you, your journey and your world.

Delta has also made a series of investments to elevate and advance its SkyMiles program, including making the ability to earn toward Medallion Status on Delta-marketed Award travel a permanent feature of the program, new partnerships with brands like Instacart and more control over how to pay for your flight with Plan It, American Express’ “buy now, pay later” feature now available on delta.com.


Delta continues to make the SkyMiles Program more rewarding and easier to use by making the ability to earn toward Medallion Status on Delta-marketed Award Travel a permanent feature of the program. Delta is also removing the 75,000 mileage earn cap.

Pro tip:You can earn miles on more than just flights. Make sure to link your SkyMiles accounts with partners like Lyftand Instacartto earn 1 mile per $1* spent – you can set it and forget it, and watch your miles add up even faster. *Excluding taxes, tips, fees, and tolls. Terms apply.


As Delta begins to welcome record numbers of customers back on board, the airline has already started to transform travel in order to meet evolving customer expectations. Below, Delta’s E.V.P. and Chief Customer Experience Officer Allison Ausband outlines what’s on the horizon in the months ahead.

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Delta Air Lines Makes Changes to SkyMiles Loyalty Program

Delta Air Lines has made changes to its loyalty and reward program to ensure a more straightforward process for travelers to earn more miles.

The carrier announced passengers in its SkyMiles Program would continue to be able to earn toward Medallion Status on Award Travel, as the option became permanent on March 31.


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Travel technology, man with airplane and laptop

Delta also revealed it removed the 75,000 mileage earn cap—retroactive to January 1—a move that will give SkyMiles Members unlimited earning potential.

In addition to the latest changes, the airline has added new partnerships with brands like Instacart, more flexibility, eCredit extensions, status extensions and more control over how to pay for each flight.

“Travel should always be seamless and rewarding, and we want to make sure our SkyMiles Members get the most out of every trip,” Delta Vacations CEO Dwight James said.

“These adjustments to our program continue to set Delta apart as we focus on listening to our customers and rewarding our loyal members,” James continued. “As we look to the future, we’re committed to ensuring a consistent travel experience at every step.”

Last year, Delta announced special benefits and extensions to give SkyMiles Members more value and flexibility as they returned to travel, including making Award Travel temporarily eligible for status earned through December 31.

In March, the airline announced the first phase of its Delta Sky Way at Los Angeles International Airport is complete, a project that will eventually culminate in a $2.3 billion, 27-gate terminal.

The carrier also recently welcomed the delivery of its newest narrow-body airplane, the Airbus A321neo, as part of its fleet renewal and expansion efforts.

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Austin airport provides tips amid long lines, fuel shortage

AUSTIN, Texas — Following hours-long TSA lines that travelers faced at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport earlier this week, the airport announced that it was dealing with a jet fuel shortage. While the fuel shortage alert has since been lifted, airport officials warn that traffic will be heavy through summer.  

Last weekend, Austin played host to Dell Match play, NASCAR and Texas Relays. There was an increase of travelers flying out of the airport Sunday and Monday. The abnormal amount of flyers and issues with returning rental cars caused long lines and disgruntled travelers.

“This week, airport leadership also met with the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) operator and has requested an after-action report to thoroughly understand the cause of Monday morning’s traffic back-up and to identify solutions to prevent it from reoccurring,” Austin airport stated via Twitter.

ABIA also issued a fuel shortage alert on Monday that was lifted Wednesday.

The airport issued a statement saying that the shortage did not cause any canceled, diverted or delayed flights and airplanes are no longer being asked to fly in with extra fuel.

However, the airport says those traveling from now through summer, especially between Thursday and Monday, need to plan ahead. It expects an average of 28, 000 passengers to fly in Thursday, March 31 through Monday, April 4.

In order to make your flight in a timely manner, ABIA says allowing yourself extra time to arrive at the airport is imperative.

Officials said the busiest time of day is before 8 a.m. Those traveling domestically are asked to arrive at the airport no later than two hours before their flight, and three hours before an international flight.

Those checking in luggage, traveling with children, printing a boarding pass or returning a rental car should give themselves additional time to arrive at their gates.

Travelers without checked bags are encouraged to use the self-service kiosks or outside curb-side check-in options if their airline offers it.

Drivers can use both upper and lower levels of the airport to drop off passengers to get to their departure location. They are encouraged to use whatever level has least congestion. Travelers are also asked to reserve their parking space and check real-time parking availability before arriving at the airport.

Austin-Bergstrom says it looks at the steady number of passengers as a slight return to normalcy and bounce back from the pandemic.​

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Soaring fuel costs now impacting the price of travel in the air, and on cruise lines – Boston 25 News

BOSTON — As the war in Ukraine impacts fuel costs across the globe, travelers should soon expect to pay more for flights.

The cost to fuel a jet airplane is soaring. It currently costs $36,000 dollars to fuel a 737. Last year to fill the same jet cost $24,000.

“It’ll be a major consideration of where we go, If we go,” said Rebecca Segura who is headed back to the Cape from Puerto Rico.

For others COVID-19 concerns meant less travel so even higher prices won’t keep them grounded.

“We fortunately haven’t spent a lot of money on travel the last couple of years so we’ve got a little money saved up for that,” said David Bender who is travelling with his family from Virginia.

But what about cruises? With fuel costs on the rise Dedham Travel’s Terry Strauss says buyer beware! That’s because cruise lines already factor in higher fuel costs that are triggered once oil reaches a certain price per barrel.

“In the fine print that no one reads including myself, the cruise lines can charge you $10 per day per person,” said Strauss.

And the war is also impacting where people travel.

“The flights inter Europe are down 23% and flights booking in the USA to Europe are down 13%. People are afraid to travel,” said Strauss.

Instead, Strauss says people are booking trips to Mexico, the Caribbean or Hawaii.

The bottom line she says – if you’re planning a trip – book it soon before price hikes are passed on to passengers.

“I’m reading that in the next week or two airline prices will be going up due to the fuel,” said Strauss.

Price increases for airline tickets could also come in the form of surcharges. That’s something for consumers to watch for and be aware of if they see an unexpected charge.

Download the FREE Boston 25 News app for breaking news alerts.

Follow Boston 25 News on Facebook and Twitter. | Watch Boston 25 News NOW

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Whyline lets you skip long lines. Clear’s acquisition makes it more complex

When it comes to travel, there’s a lot to stress about. First, you have to make sure you pack everything. Next, you always have to brace yourself for last-minute cancellations, storms and other curveballs.

Thanks to the lingering effects of the pandemic, travel can feel more chaotic than ever before. Tap or click here for eight ways to stay safe while traveling. Plan ahead to survive the swarm of travelers trying to cure their pent-up wanderlust.

You can also take advantage of high-tech tricks. For example, you can use Whyline to skip TSA lines — for free. Here’s all you need to know.

Zip through the airport with this travel hack

If you’ve never heard of it before, Whyline is a virtual queuing technology company. Its software lets you see live wait times so you can find the best time to show up in person.

Say you’re thinking of going down to the airport. You head to the Whyline website for virtual queuing needs. Of course, you can also whip out your phone, open the app on iOS or Android and secure your place in a virtual line.

It’s pretty versatile: You can book spots in virtual lines at certain banks, restaurants, museums, airports, hospitals and more. Say you live in Phoenix and you plan to fly soon. If you want to skip the security line, make an appointment at phx.whyline.com.

Select your date of departure, destination airport, airline and flight number. Book your reservation for up to 10 travelers. Afterward, you’ll get a confirmation and a QR code via email.

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You may read this and think, “That sounds great! How do I know if I can use Whyline at my local airport?” That’s where things get tricky. It’s hard to find a complete list of every airport Whyline partners with.

The Kim Komando Show reached out to Whyline for clarification, but the company hasn’t responded yet. For now, here are a few Whyline partners we know about:

If you plan to fly with any of these airports, take advantage of the Whyline option to skip long lines. You’ll save yourself a lot of time. Maybe you can even try out one of those massage chairs near your terminal!

Maybe Whyline is new to you, but you’ve probably heard of its parent company

Biometric screening company Clear bought Whyline in February. You’ve probably seen Clear setups on your way to board your airline. This company operates the eye- and face-scanning machines you see in airports and stadiums.

Clear users don’t need to make appointments to use Clear machines. When you’re flying, bring a photo ID and get ready to share your biometric information. That means you may have to scan your eye, face or thumbprint.

You’ll still have to go through metal detectors and bag checks, but the process is much quicker than going through airport security regularly. The standard price for Clear membership is $179/year. That makes it more expensive than government programs like TSA PreCheck.

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You’ve got to check out TSA PreCheck

Another way to zip through long lines at the airport is to apply for TSA Pre-Check. You won’t have to unpack your laptop or take off your shoes. Oh, and you don’t have to stress out about holding up the line and possibly taking too long. (Or is that just me?)

Over 200 American airports use this program. Tap or click here to apply.

Remember: Vacations are wonderful for your well-being. But they’re often pretty tough on your wallet. Here are seven travel hacks that can save you time and money on your next trip.

The main takeaway

The Whyline acquisition means the Clear experience will expand to new industries like banking, retail, arts and culture and even government services. In other words, you could soon look up wait times in lines almost anywhere. You could cut long lines out of your life.

There’s a security risk, though. The opportunity to share your biometric information with different vendors could compromise your privacy. Scanning your eye or face to skip to the front of the line at a museum, restaurant or government office can be super convenient, yes. But it also comes with a few complex privacy issues.

We wrote about this a few years ago when U.S. Customs and Border Protection asked the Federal Register for permission to use biometric exit programs in all land and airports. Tap or click here for the scoop on expanded facial recognition tech for travelers.

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russia : Russia Ukraine crisis affects travel: Norwegian cruise lines cancel scheduled stops at Russia, Ukraine ports, World

Russia Ukraine crisis affects travel: Norwegian cruise lines cancel scheduled stops at Russia, Ukraine ports

Currently, Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. Given the current scenario, several Norwegian cruise lines have either cancelled or changed their scheduled sailings that included halting at Russia and Ukraine because of the ongoing war.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has said that all of its cruise brands, including Oceania and Regent, with sailings scheduled to St Petersburg have been changed. The firm further stated that it will announce the new stops shortly.

The cruise firm Holdings said that they have been forced to change itineraries and cancel sailings to ports in these two countries because of the war. A US cruise is also looking for alternative ports around the Baltic region for its scheduled sailings in the summer season. A spokesperson from the firm said, “We are currently working to confirm replacement ports and will advise all impacted guests and travel advisors as soon as possible.”

Viking and Atlas Ocean Voyages said that they would remove St Petersburg from their current itineraries and replace it with ports in Finland and Estonia.

Atlas President Alberto Aliberti said, “With unrest in Eastern Europe, we have adjusted our voyages. Guests will enjoy these unique and rarely visited destinations and immersive shore excursions to take in the rich cultures and breathtaking vistas of the Baltic.”

On Thursday, Russia invaded Ukraine by land, sea and air in what is being called the biggest attack on a European state since World War II.

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