Men arrested in Thirsk after police tip off from public

TWO men have been arrested after a vigilant member of the public spotted them trying to steal fuel.

North Yorkshire Police say that shortly after 4pm yesterday (November 11) at a service station on the A19 near Thirsk, a member of the public spotted two men hastily filling up large plastic drums with fuel and leaving without paying. 

A police spokesman said: “The member of public observed the direction of travel and quickly phoned 999. Police officers were already fuelled up and ready to go and immediately headed towards the area.

“The last lot of fuel was clearly not enough, as the suspects had pulled into a further petrol forecourt. Unfortunately for them police were around the corner and very quickly had their van boxed in. Officers found half a dozen containers of fuel inside the vehicle, some of which was leaking. The two men aged in their 30s were arrested on suspicion of theft.

“The fuel station from Thirsk contacted us to say that a van had made off without payment for £161.79 worth of fuel. The men have since both been interviewed and charged.

“Police would like to thank the member of public that called us on 999 for their swift action.”

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Fort Myers Police need your help finding 3 men who stole money from a gaming machine


The Fort Myers Police Department needs your help in identifying three men in a grand theft investigation.

According to FMPD, the three men in the video below walked into the Hideaway Bar in downtown Fort Myers. They later managed to steal approximately $2,000 from a gaming machine located inside of the bar.

This happened on Saturday, October 16. The three men head straight for the machine. You can see the man wearing the black shirt and hat looking around the bar.

The men then huddled around the gaming machine.

Later, the man in the black hat starts looking around again. When he thinks the cost is clear, you can see the man take something from the machine.

Rich Kolko is WINK News’ Safety and Security Specialist. “They walked into the bar went directly to that location and started checking out the machine. That tells me they probably scouted the location out before. They knew how to exactly get into it and steal the money,” said Kolko.

Kolko believes he says these men were probably seen on that camera before. “Law enforcement is going to have some tips just depends if the restaurant or the bar had maintained previous videos,” Kolko said.

Even though the suspects tried to disguise themselves and kept looking down or away from the camera, the surveillance cameras do show enough to help investigators.

“When police do these investigations and make these arrests they find that in most cases these people don’t travel too far. So based on the fact that they have identifiable clothing, some hats, maybe some glimpses of their faces somebody in the Fort Myers area or Southwest Florida is going to recognize them and hopefully will lead to the tip needed to make the arrest,” Kolko said.

If you have any information about this case, you can call the Fort Myers Police Department at (239) 321-7700 or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-8477.

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a specious excuse for watching grown men breastfeed for an hour

As the battle over the privatisation of Channel 4 reaches its pointy end, you have to wonder whether a cutting-edge documentary called Breastfeeding My Boyfriend does the broadcaster any favours.

There was a fashion a while back for “high-concept” dramas, where the premise of a show could be explained in a just two or three words at a pitch. Well, meet high-concept factual. Breastfeeding My Boyfriend did exactly what it said on the tin: a film consisting largely of images of men latched onto lactating boobs. It would be nice, or at least novel, if one of these films could just be honest – “If you like watching grown men sucking on boobs, here’s an hour of that. Enjoy!” 

But because it’s a Channel 4 documentary, we had to jump through the hoops of specious social-science. You probably know the drill by now: programme sets up straw man argument (“One of the body’s most natural functions has become one of its most taboo topics”… has it?); programme digs up three examples, because one person doing something kinky is a fetish but three is a definite thing; finally, programme asks with sternest of faces why the thing it has decided is happening is actually happening.

 And so we went to Dorset, Virginia and Mercia to meet Lana and Shawn, Tip and Button and an unnamed OnlyFans sensation called Milky Mummy. Milky Mummy, as it happened, didn’t Breastfeed her Boyfriend – indeed, she blanched at the very idea – but that didn’t stop her being included in the programme. As to the “why” of Lana and Shawn? Well, it became apparent that the why was those twin foes cash and desperation: Lana had ditched teaching for Adult Content Creation aka porn and when the subscribers didn’t come running she pivoted into lacto. The free market always finds a way.

Tip and Button, whose names were so perfect that many of their online followers still think they are a sexual manoeuvre, were the only ones of the three who were doing ANR (adult nursing relationship – have acronym, will travel) because they enjoyed it. 

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Visiting The 100 Men Hall On The Mississippi Blues Trail

A rare gem of the Mississippi Blues Trail sits proudly at 303 Union Street in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. 

About 58 miles from New Orleans by car, Bay St. Louis hosted some of the most outstanding blues performers as they traveled along the Mississippi Blues Trail. The performers played small venues known as the “Chitlin Circuit” up and down the coast after World War II. The Circuit was a network of African American clubs with acts booked out of New Orleans, and The 100 Men Hall was one of those places.

It almost didn’t survive when Hurricane Katrina, by then a category 3 storm, bore down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. The building sustained incredible damage and was scheduled to be razed. Thankfully, two civic-minded people, Kerry White and Jesse Loya, stepped in to purchase the structure in 2006.

Note: I visited Bay St. Louis as a guest of Coastal Mississippi; all opinions are my own.

As you drive onto Union Street, you can see the marker erected in 2011 proudly proclaiming its Mississippi Blues Trail status. The plaque explains, “It was a long time center of African American social life in 1922.” Over the years, the 100 Men Hall held events for members. There were weddings, baby showers, dances, and funerals held inside the historic walls. Hall leaders rented it out to music promoters, collecting money at the door for the acts and receiving some in return for the organization. That’s when the greats stepped through the doors. 

100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
Jeanine Consoli

It started as a fraternal organization in 1894. Twelve men pooled their money to help each other and their families with sickness, burials, and to “knit friendship.” According to their charter, they might host a party or a picnic to raise funds to replenish the treasury. There was no building, but when land by the railroad tracks came up for sale in 1921, Joseph Curry purchased the plot at 303 Union Street on behalf of the Hall. At first, they put up a simple picnic pavilion, a roof to offer shade and protection from the weather. In 1922, with pooled resources and labor, the cornerstone was laid, and the building’s dedication occurred in 1923.

In 2018 Rachel Dangermond, along with her son Constantin (Tin), bought the Hall from the Loyas. She was the perfect next guardian, and she named Tin the 101st man. The award-winning journalist and community activist who writes about race and parenting worked with community leaders in New Orleans and the Obama White House program on policing. She hosted writing workshops before she stepped into the building. She bought it, moved in, and immediately wrote a grant to gather information to create a history of the Hall from local residents called the “100 Men Hall People Project.” 

Constantin and Rachel Dangermond.
Dangermond and her son Constantin (Photo Credit: Jeanine Consoli)

Her mission was to make the 100 Men Hall a nonprofit community center for everyone. She immediately threw her first event, “A Honky Tonkin Afternoon,” a celebration that included food, music, and visual arts. Unfortunately, the pandemic stalled many of her other plans, and hurricane Zeta damaged the Hall and shed in October of 2020. But the community stepped in to help. The building, steeped in American Blues history, is a can’t-miss. Here are some reasons to check out the 100 Men Hall.

Mural by Wendo and JoLean at the 100 Men Hall.
Jeanine Consoli

1. Visit A Mississippi Blues Trail Shrine

The Blues Trail marker by the front door of the 100 Men Hall and the colorful mural along the outside of the building tell the story. The musicians and singers who played here were part of the African American resilience on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Visual artists Wendo and JoLean created the visual storyboard with grants from the Puffin Foundation and the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area. The mural includes likenesses of local musician Harry Fairconnetue, Guitar Bo, Etta James, and others. 

It’s the Hall’s history. One step inside, and you feel it. A blackboard lists all the performers who graced the stage, including BB King, Chuck Berry, Etta James, James Brown, Ray Charles, and more. Even though the structure’s been restored since Katrina, the simple room looks a lot like it did back when the Chitlin Circuit musicians played. Posters of musicians adorn the walls. There’s a prep kitchen in the back for parties, a bar up front, and the simple stage is set up just waiting for Etta to belt out the iconic first two words of her famous song, “At Last.”

The stage Inside the 100 Men Hall.
Jeanine Consoli

2. Enjoy An Event In The Historic Venue

During the pandemic, a few shows took place outdoors on the vast lawn that runs alongside the building. The events were terrific and well-attended. Tables on the property and food catered by local chefs offered great eats to attendees. Ticket sales supported the Hall and the performers, just like the old days. Hosting gatherings for the public was part of the appeal for Rachel to purchase the property in the first place. 

“I loved the idea of fostering music or idea exchanges and wanted to convert the shed on the property to make it a green room, a space for artists in residence,” she says. The idea of the Tin Shed Project was born. 

The shed was converted into a comfortable living space where a musician or speaker could relax. And then give a talk or musical performance on the deck or head into the historic 4,500-square-foot hall and perform onstage. Indoor programs won’t occur until the annual Labor Day Booker Fest this year. (James Booker, known as the piano wizard of New Orleans, lived with his aunt in Bay St. Louis, where he started to play piano early in his childhood.)

A few events will kick off an incredible summer outside, with more to come. Since the mission is to support the community, there are always multi-cultural events around the holidays, writing workshops, and other festivals in town, where the Hall will host gatherings. Rachel is collaborating with artists to celebrate the Hall’s 100th birthday.  

Photos of participants In the 100 Men People Project.
Jeanine Consoli

3. Rent A Piece Of History For Your Special Day

If you love blues or adore historical places, you might want to have a party or special event at the 100 Men Hall. People have planned their weddings at the venue because the sound system works with either a live band or DJ, and 100 years of people who floated along the dance floor’s boards. The lawn is large, and the Tin Shed is a great place to get ready or have a ceremony on the deck or on the historic stage. Rachel Dangermond is also an ordained minister who officiates weddings. The parties at the 100 Men Hall are legendary — literally. It’s just the vibe of the place that makes it extra special. Check the website for details. 

As I stood on the front porch this spring, I noticed the Bay St. Louis Historic Train Depot two blocks away. I couldn’t help thinking that a train hadn’t pulled in since the devastating hurricane in 2005. I also thought about all the storms the building and the people of Bay St. Louis endured over the years. But Amtrak plans to resume rail service from New Orleans to Mobile with a stop in Bay St. Louis (and other stops on the coast) starting in 2022. With Rachel Dangermond as the new guardian of this precious landmark, excitement is growing because community programming will continue. 

The pandemic halted many events, but the future looks bright, as concerts are poised to resume. Everyone agrees the famed interior has been silent for too long.

Pro Tip

Bay St. Louis is charming and worth staying for a few days to explore. It gets hot during the summer, with July and August being the hottest time of the year. When you go, stay at the Pearl Hotel, a lovely boutique property right on Beach Boulevard. There are fantastic shops and great restaurants in town.

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Two local men travel the country to help save teenage lives

SOUTHWEST, Fla. — Malike Adigun and Will Hutcherson say a spike in suicide rates among teens led them to launch organization: Curate Hope.

“We were distraught about what we were seeing and we decided to do something about it,” Hutcherson tells FOX 4.

That’s when they decided to hit the road.

From right here in Southwest Florida to Kansas, the two men travel the country in an effort to give teens support through school assemblies and workshops.

Their goal is clear:

“…To really help students when they’re facing despair and high amounts of anxiety,” Hutcherson says.

Malike and Will use fun, but very personal experiences to connect and relate to students.

“Back in 2011, I lost my mom who was like my best friend to best cancer. And then two years later, my dad back in 2013,” Malike Adigun tells FOX 4.

Malike shares that the support of his brother helped him to navigate this, tough new reality as a young person.

He says empowerment played a big role in getting through that time, too.

“Learning how to love myself also revolutionized my life.”

Both Southwest Florida men say that’s the kind of support they want to give teenagers facing tough times, too.

During the last year, their efforts were impacted by Covid-19.

But, the men were not stopped.

They’ve recently launched a new video series – in an effort to reach even more students.

They’re working to get into local school, organizations and homes across the country – all in an effort to to let students know that they are not alone.

“The biggest thing we tell students is to always reach out. No matter what they’re going through….(to) talk to someone. ‘Cause there’s always hope and they can keep breathing.”

To learn more about Curate Hope or to request the video series, click here.

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5 Best Hair Dryers for Men in 2021

The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

Are you sporting a longer hairstyle these days due to fewer barber tips during the pandemic? You’re certainly not alone. However, unlike shorter cuts, long hair requires extra upkeep. Knowing how to properly blow dry your hair is one way to keep your long, luscious locks healthy in between barber visits.

It’s not necessary to drop a lot of money on a top-of-the-line hair dryer (although you can if your budget allows). Many inexpensive options can dry and style hair very well; however, if you want to level up your grooming game, consider a professional-grade hair dryer with the technology and attachments to help reduce drying time, eliminate frizz, and add shine.

It pays to be discerning with your grooming tools if you want to extend the life of your hairstyle. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five best hair dryers for men featuring our top choices from across various price points.

Best Overall Hair Dryer for Men: BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme

best hair dryers for men babylisspro ceramix

The well-rated BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme is an excellent choice for all hair types. Its powerful (but quiet) 2,000-watt AC motor cuts drying time by almost half. It also uses porcelain ceramic technology to help distribute heat evenly and eliminate frizz. While this hair dryer is on the heavier side, several customers claim that the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme is otherwise easy to handle. (It even has a 9-foot cord.) Another bonus: it’s not terribly expensive, either.

Best Luxury Hair Dryer for Men: Dyson Supersonic

dyson supersonic best hair dryer for men

If you’re keen to go all-in on a hair dryer, look no further than the Dyson Supersonic. You may be paying for the Dyson name here, but you’re also paying for the Dyson technology. The Supersonic hair dryer features intelligent heat control to prevent damage, as well as a Dyson V9 digital motor for faster drying time. It also includes magnetic styling attachments like a diffuser, a wide-tooth comb, and a concentrator. Plus, its unconventional and lightweight build makes it easy to toss in a carry-on or overnight bag so you can bring it wherever you go.

Best Budget Hair Dryer for Men: Remington D3190 Damage Protection

best hair dryer for men remington damage control

The Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer is one of the most affordable options out there — and it’s also among the highest rated on Amazon. It features a ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline grill to help condition your hair while freeing it from frizz. This Remington hair dryer also has three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button to lock in your style. Concentrator and diffuser attachments are included for added precision and lift. 

Best Travel Hair Dryer for Men: Conair Compact with Folding Handle

best hair dryer for men conair compact

Avoid the shock of arriving at your hotel room and not finding a working hair dryer by bringing your own with you. We recommend the Conair Compact Hair Dryer with a folding handle so you can fit in your luggage with ease. It also has dual voltage so you can use it on international trips. (You’ll just need a separate travel adapter.) With two heat/speed settings plus a cool shot button, this Conair travel hair dryer will keep your mane looking fresh on the go.

Best Hair Dryer for Men With Thick Hair: Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

best hair dryers for men paul mitchell neuro

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry may be more of a splurge purchase, but it’s well worth the investment for men with longer, thicker hair. Its tourmaline ions add shine and eliminate frizz while reducing overall drying time. Other features include four heat settings, a cool shot button, and a SmartSense microchip so you’ll know when to clean the filter. (This is important to maintain good airflow.)  It also comes with two attachments, a diffuser and a concentrator.

Things to Consider

When shopping for a new hair dryer, it’s important to consider the following criteria:

  • Wattage: The higher the wattage, the more powerful the hair dryer. In other words: heat will come out faster and warmer — which means less time required to style. As a general rule of thumb, shoot for a hair dryer with at least 1,800 watts of power, although men with longer, thicker hair could stand to go for something higher.
  • Heat and speed settings: How you intend to use your hair dryer may vary from use to use, which is why the ability to adjust heat and speed is important. Plus, variable heat settings make the hair dryer more versatile — thicker hair can withstand higher temperatures while finer hair should stick with low-to-moderate heat.
  • Attachments: Hair dryer attachments can help you achieve the style you want while adding shine and eliminating flyaways. Most models come with a concentrator, a flat nozzle that allows you to dry one section at a time. Your hair dryer may also include a diffuser (best for curly hair), pick (to add volume), and/or attachments that look similar to brushes.
  • Technology: This refers to the components found in dryers to help protect and style hair. These include ionic (best for battling frizz and flyaways), ceramic (evenly distributes infrared heat), and tourmaline (locks in moisture).

Editors’ Recommendations

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Cleveland State Men, Women Take Basketball Wins At Walters State

Cleveland State men’s basketball secured their third straight victory on Wednesday evening as they defeated the Walters State Senators 68-61 in Morristown, Tn. The win places the Cougars at 6-3 overall as well as in conference play, which places them in the third spot in the TCCAA standings.

The game was close until the very end, when the Cougars were able to pull away. There were six ties and seven lead changes. Free throws by Damian Forrest, Khristian Green and K’Juan Banks were key in helping Cleveland State claim victory in the end over the Senators.

Maurice Dickson led all scorers with 19 points and also posted five rebounds, three assists, three steals and a block. Both Green and Forrest had 14 points, with Forrest grabbing 13 rebounds to record another double-double.

The Cougars will look to keep their winning streak alive on Saturday as they travel to Motlow State. Tip-off is set for 5 p.m.

The Cleveland State women’s basketball team earned a big win over red hot Walters State on Wednesday evening, defeating the Lady Senators 75-74.

Cleveland State trailed 60-52 entering the fourth quarter and battled back to take a 73-72 lead with under 30 seconds left in the game on a Nicky Jones layup. Walters State scored again with less than 10 seconds in the contest, but Michaela Bennefield made two clutch free throws to give the Lady Cougars the lead again for good.

Bennefield led the team in both points, rebounds and assists, recording a double-double with 19, 14, and 5 respectively. Asjah Harrell scored 17 points with four assists and three steals, while Ansley Bice also reached double-digits in points with 10 points.

The Lady Cougars will look to win their third straight game and secure a perfect road trip on Saturday as they travel to Motlow State. Tip-off is scheduled for 2 p.m.

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