The Weather Network – Become a master traveller in no time with these 5 savvy tips

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It’s been quite a long two years since travel was first jolted to a halt, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, flights are taking off once more and many Canadians are itching to be on them, eagerly looking for a change in scenery.

While dreaming of a vacation is the easy part — the stress that comes with planning your travels is definitely real!

It’s time to leave the stress at the door and get the best out of your next vacation, with these 5 tips for savvy travel.

Tip 1. Check-in online

It’s a step that many people would do anything to avoid, and now you can.

Download your airline’s app and skip the check-in lines by printing your boarding pass in advanced. It’s an easy time-saver and only takes minutes to complete the process on your phone.

Knowing how trivial Canadian weather can be, check-ins are also great for keeping you up-to-date with the status of your flight.

If an unruly amount of unexpected rain has delayed your flight, you can be the first to know.

It’s a good idea to check your flight status regularly before leaving the house.

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Tip 2. Collect Aeroplan points

Watch your dream trip become a reality by collecting Aeroplan points.

Collecting points is an easy way to upgrade any trip without spending extra money.

By turning points into perks, you can boost your next travel experience. You can use points to get Wi-Fi access on flights, a seat upgrade or even relax at the Maple Leaf lounge before taking off.

Reward programs help you travel more and travel better – and the best part?

You can earn Aeroplan points without changing your everyday habits. If you’re an avid coffee drinker at Starbucks or use Uber Eats for those lazy dinner days, you just got yourself some points towards a better trip in the future. Plus, there are tons of other ways to earn points every day.

Tip 3. Choose your meals wisely before a flight

If you love sleeping on flights, it’s time to perk up for this next tip.

While meals like cheesy pizza are undeniably delicious, you may want to reconsider eating them before embarking on a long flight as what you eat can sabotage your sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, heavy meals can keep you awake. After a big meal, your body has to devote energy to digestion. Combine this with not being active, limiting digestion further – and you may find yourself struggling to get some shuteye.

To combat this, try to eat lighter meals before takeoff and your trip will fly by!

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Tip 4. Travel with others

Travelling the world is an experience of a lifetime — so why not bring your whole family to share in on the adventure?

By working as a family, you can reach your travel goals sooner.

We’ve all heard sharing is caring, and with Aeroplan, you can pool your points together as a family to make your next trip a better experience for everyone.

Up to eight family members can join your family pool — where you can redeem points, use travel perks or even cover your entire trip as a team.

Travelling is all about making memories, after all, so why not work together to make your next trip the best one yet?

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Tip 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for hotel upgrades

It may be nerve-wracking, but hey, what’s the worst that can happen, a better room?

The hotel you’re staying in will likely have many amenities such as a breakfast buffet, fast-speed internet, or a room with a spectacular view.

If you want the best experience on your trip, why not ask for an upgrade right when you check-in? You never know — you could get all three!

It’s not unheard of for hotels to upgrade your stay, especially if you’re celebrating an occasion with a loved one, like an anniversary or birthday.

Staying at a hotel or resort during ‘the slow season’ offers the absolute best shot at getting some complimentary perks.

And of course, with loyalty programs like Aeroplan, you can use points to redeem your entire hotel stay — so start collecting!

Follow these five savvy tips for travel and make your next trip the best one yet!

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His father disappeared 22 years ago in Chile, a network tip brought him to Argentina and now he awaits the miracle

For 22 years, a family has been looking for a man who disappeared when he went to work in La Rufina, southern Chile. The suspicion that something had happened to him encouraged them to file a complaint to find his whereabouts. For three weeks the carabineros searched for him in the area: his documentation was in the river and they left him for dead.

Neither his mother, nor his wife nor his children believed that this was possible, but the case was filed and no one else wanted to touch the subject. His loved ones each year spread a poster with his face to commemorate him; what they never imagined is that Through social networks, the image would reach the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where they claim to have seen him roaming the streets of Florencio Varela.

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“I’ve been looking for him all my life and now the whole family is waiting to find out if it’s him or not”dice a TN Juan Fuentes Bustamante, the son of the disappeared man, who arrived in the country hoping to reunite with his father.

The last day they saw Juan

On February 24, 2000, Juan Fuentes Candia said goodbye to his family as he did every day and went to La Rufina, a Chilean town where he worked. Hours and days passed and he did not return. So they began to suspect that something bad had happened to him.

One of the last photos they have of Juan Fuentes Candia before he disappeared.  (Photo: Marianela González)
One of the last photos they have of Juan Fuentes Candia before he disappeared. (Photo: Marianela González)

“I’m going to send you money from work through my boss,” he told his mother before leaving. The next day the woman went and the man explained that she did not have the money because “Juan came down from La Rufina to the house and quit his job.” Anyway, they gave him all his son’s clothes and he left.

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The situation became strange because “He would never have done that.” The whole family began to suspect that something had happened to him and they went out looking for him. Without news, they made the complaint and the police launched an operation to find him.

Almost four weeks passed after the disappearance when they found Juan’s belongings in a river sweep. “Your dad is not here”recalled Juan (h) and said that from that moment they stopped looking for him.

The Fuentes family is looking for this man who, according to neighbors, travels through the suburbs of Buenos Aires.  (Photo: Juan Fuentes Bustamante)
The Fuentes family is looking for this man who, according to neighbors, travels through the suburbs of Buenos Aires. (Photo: Juan Fuentes Bustamante)

“My grandmother kept filing complaints, she insisted on the subject. But they paid no attention to us. We are a low-income family and we couldn’t afford a lawyer, but we never stopped looking for one,” he said, noting that two years ago he managed to gain access to the case: “I tried to reopen the case, I wanted to see what they had done, what they said from my dad and I found mistakes, things that didn’t add up. That’s why I started to investigate myself, I did the job that the police should have done”.

The track that gives hope to the Fuentes family

The Fuentes never gave up hope of finding Juan alive. For this reason, every February 24 they publish a photo of the man – who would be 53 years old today – remembering him with love.

But this year’s anniversary came with a surprise: no one knows how, but Juan’s image crossed the borders and residents of the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela recognized him.

A distinctive feature of Juan Fuentes Candia: his little finger is bent as a result of an incident in his childhood.  (Photo: Juan Fuentes Bustamante)
A distinctive feature of Juan Fuentes Candia: his little finger is bent as a result of an incident in his childhood. (Photo: Juan Fuentes Bustamante)

“From that moment on they began to send us photos and videos of a man who is homeless, whom they call ‘Tati’ because he is undocumented and severely mentally disturbed.”, he detailed and assured that he has distinctive features that make him think it could be his dad. It is that Juan asked those who come across “Tati” to take photos of his hands. “Dad’s little finger is bent because when he was little, a mouse bit his tendon,” he explained.

It was incredible what they felt when the idea that he was alive gained strength. They launched a campaign to reopen the case and travel to Argentina to confirm whether it is indeed or not.

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Following this new lead, the judge ordered the Chilean Investigative Police to resume the investigation and contact the Argentine police to work together. According to what the troops informed the family, there is “a strong possibility” that the man wandering the streets and Juan Fuentes Candia are the same person.

For this reason, They sent Juan’s fingerprints to Interpol together with a search request from the NN to make the fingerprint comparison. “It is important to find him because, being undocumented, we cannot take him to Chile again without an exam that verifies that it is him,” said his son, who raised the money to travel through raffles.

“I want to find it, I’ve been looking for it all my life”

Juan was 9 years old when his father disappeared and being closer to finding his whereabouts generates a roller coaster of emotions in him. “I have my mind blocked, all I want is to find him. All my life I have searched for it and I am going to knock on all the necessary doors to reach the truth“, Held.

His father disappeared 22 years ago in Chile, a piece of information brought him to Argentina and now he awaits the miracle

Through tears, he said: “I missed him a lot when I was little.. I’ve been working since I was 12 and I’ve gotten ahead. Today I am stronger than ever and I am going forward because I am still looking for it. At 30 years old, I feel psychologically prepared to face this trauma because I missed it a lot in my life.”

In that sense, he questioned the conditions in which he could have lived and what could have happened to him in all this time. “Nobody deserves to be left like this. We have seen pictures of it and it is very deteriorated. ANDn Chile they are all waiting to know if it is him or not. We want to give you the best possible quality of life“, framework.

How is the investigation now?

Once in Argentina, Juan Jr. approached a Florencio Varela branch, where they replied that “they didn’t have any request from Chile and as long as they didn’t have an order, they couldn’t trace it.”

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With the photo in hand, he walked the streets of the neighborhood and asked neighbors and merchants about his father. “They recognized him, they told us that he has been wandering in the area for years. But a month ago they lost track of him.he expressed with a bit of disappointment.

Hours later, they warned him through networks that they had seen him in San Francisco Solano, Quilmes party. Yesterday he went to that area, where he finally managed to file the complaint and confirmed that the search for his father would begin.

Like Juan, the whole family has a hunch that this man they call “Tati” is the person they have been looking for since 2000. Finding him to corroborate his identity will bring closure to this story or strengthen the continuity of the search.

(Photo: Marianela González)
(Photo: Marianela González)

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All-Inclusive Hammock Cove Antigua Joins Leading Luxury Travel Network Virtuoso

WHY IT RATES: Hammock Cove Antigua’s inclusion in the prestigious Virtuoso travel network will bring new sales and marketing opportunities to the network’s more than 20,000 luxury travel advisor partners and their discerning, highly desirable clientele. — Laurie Baratti, TravelPulse Associate Writer

Hammock Cove Antigua, an Elite Island Resort, is proud to announce its partnership with Virtuoso, the leading global network specializing in luxury and experiential travel. The resort underwent a rigorous vetting process to join Virtuoso’s collection of over 2,200 of the world’s finest luxury hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators and other travel entities worldwide.

According to Elite Island Resorts Chairman Robert A. Barrett, inclusion in Virtuoso will present new sales and marketing opportunities to the network’s more than 20,000 luxury travel advisors and their highly desirable clientele. Virtuoso agencies worldwide sell an average of US$25–$30 billion annually, making the network the most significant player in luxury travel.

“Travel advisors have always been at the core of our business—and today, they continue to be the very backbone of our company,” said Barrett. “When I had the idea of creating Hammock Cove, I envisioned a true, luxurious all-inclusive hotel that catered to a very specific demographic. I talked to many travel advisor partners. This product was years in the making. It’s the first hotel in the Elite Island Resorts portfolio to join Virtuoso.

That significance echoes the very ethos that I created here; to be included alongside the company’s roster of respected hotels and to be recognized as a leading luxury resort among our travel industry peers says that we are getting things right, and we can’t wait to welcome their guests.”

Overlooking Antigua’s iconic aquamarine waters and the dramatic coastline of Devil’s Bridge National Park, Hammock Cove features 41 spacious ocean-facing villas in chic, contemporary design with vast indoor-outdoor living plans, private plunge pools, wet bars with a sommelier-curated selection of wines, and other luxury amenities. Unique to Hammock Cove is the Guest Ambassadors, offering personal assistant and concierge services for guests in the villa and around the property, anticipating the needs of the modem traveler.

With a focus on gastronomy redefining the luxury all-inclusive experience, Executive Chef Marco Festini brings Michelin-starred experience to three restaurants highlighting seasonal and sustainable ingredients, while multiple bars serve on-trend cocktails, premium liquor, an extensive wine list, and of course, a library of local rums. Additional amenities include The Tranquility Spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a three-tiered infinity pool, a private white sand beach, art gallery, and much more. All-inclusive nightly rates start at $1,100 for two persons.

Hammock Cove Antigua is located 25 minutes from V.C. Bird International Airport. Rates are inclusive of luxury villa accommodations, all meals offered from each of the property’s gastronomy concepts including breakfast, lunch, dinner, small bites throughout the day, degustation dinners, in-villa dining, afternoon tea, evening aperitivo, premium liquor, wines and Champagne, various wellness, land and water activities, and all taxes and gratuities. Hammock Cove does not accept travelers under the age of 16.

Elite Island Resorts represents an impressive collection of unique beachfront properties in the Caribbean. Each Elite Island Resorts property provides something unique to fulfill every traveler’s desires, with offerings ranging from destination weddings or romantic escapes to family retreats or eco vacations. Resorts include The Club Barbados, Palm Island Resort & Spa in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Galley Bay Resort & Spa, St. James’s Club & Villas, Pineapple Beach Club Antigua and The Verandah Resort & Spa, all in Antigua.

For more information, visit

SOURCE: Elite Island Resorts press release.

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UK government vows to ‘modernise’ rail network

The UK government has promised to introduce new legislation to “modernise” the country’s rail network and “improve reliability” for passengers.

A transport bill was one of nearly 40 pieces of legislation to be announced during the Queen’s Speech in Westminster on Tuesday (10 May) as the UK parliament opened for a new session.

The bill will also see the establishment of the state-run Great British Railways agency which will regulate train services across the country following the government’s decision to end the long-running franchise system in 2020.

Andy Bagnall, director general of the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train operators, said: “This is an important milestone towards delivering a better railway for customers and the nation as a whole, with Great British Railways having the potential to join up the railway.

“To make these reforms a success, this needs to be balanced with giving private operators the contractual freedom to focus relentlessly on customers, and boldly innovate to meet their needs.”

Bagnall added that private train operators would continue to work with government and the Great British Railways’ transition team to “ensure these reforms meet the ambition and potential of the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail”.

Norman Baker, from Campaign for Better Transport, also welcomed the planned bill to improve the UK’s rail network but criticised the lack of any proposed new law to improve the ticketing system.

“We are disappointed there is no mention of legislation to address the failing ticketing system,” added Baker. “Without wholesale reform of the entire ticketing system we cannot hope to have the better and more reliable service passengers have been promised.”

Meanwhile, Clive Wratten, CEO of the Business Travel Association, called for the government to deal with the country’s transport infrastructure “as a whole”.

“Whilst the BTA welcomes the government’s commitment to the rail industry and levelling-up, this needs to be dealt with as a whole,” he urged.

“Airports need better connectivity – global Britain must be part of domestic levelling-up. Our current infrastructure does not deliver on our post-Brexit place in the world.”

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T&E Spending in Amex Network Nears Pre-Pandemic Levels

Spending volume on American Express commercial cards grew to $136 billion in the first quarter, above 2019 levels, as large and global clients are beginning to show signs of business travel recovery, executives said in an earnings call.

Small and medium-sized business spending accounted for $115 billion of that volume, an increase of 30 percent year over year and 26 percent versus the first quarter of 2019. The $21 billion in spending by large and global clients marked an increase of 42 percent year over year, though it was 34 percent lower than volumes in the same period of 2019.

Adjusted for foreign currency exchange effects, total T&E spending across the American Express network was 88 percent of the levels of the first quarter of 2019, and T&E spending among small and medium-sized clients was at a similar level. Large and global corporate T&E spending was at 38 percent of 2019 levels, but CFO Jeff Campbell said signs of growth became more apparent for that group near the end of the quarter.

“T&E spending did show a dip in January and early February due to the [Covid-19] omicron variant, but spending rebounded tremendously, reflecting pent-up travel demand, and essentially reached 2019 levels for the first time since the start of the pandemic in the month of March,” Campbell said. “Overall, we are pleased with the growth momentum we see across the board in our spending volumes, which is tracking in line with our expectations for both the year and for our long-term expectations.”

U.S. consumer T&E spending was 20 percent above 2019 levels on an adjusted basis for the quarter.

Across all T&E spending, spending on airlines was up 245 percent year over year in the quarter but remained 34 percent below 2019 levels. Lodging spending was up 108 percent year over year and down 22 percent compared with 2019.

Campbell said business travel is driving some of that increase, with more spending in premium cabins and higher-end hotels. “Your average business travel purchase is, of course, much higher than the average consumer purchase,” he said.

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The Weather Network – Late-season snow threatens tricky travel across Ontario, Quebec into Tuesday

Monday, April 18th 2022, 8:10 am – A wintry system threatens 5-10 cm of snow across parts of southern Ontario and Quebec through Tuesday.

A complicated and late-season wintry storm threatens some tricky travel across parts of Ontario and Quebec into Tuesday. The messy system will move in to start out the week on Monday, with the chance for some accumulating and shovelable snow — no small feat for this late in April. Winter weather travel advisories line sections of southern Ontario, warning of reduced visibilities and slick surfaces such as roads and sidewalks. More on the timing and impacts expected, below.


A dynamic pattern sweeping across the eastern half of Canada and the United States will lead to a complicated and wintry set-up for Ontario and Quebec over the next couple of days.

A tricky storm track and delicate temperature gradient will mean the difference between a dreary rain and a shovelable snow for just about everyone between Windsor and Quebec City.

ONSouth (1)

The system begins to push into southern Ontario Monday afternoon, bringing increasing cloud cover through the day with precipitation breaking out from west to east across the region.

Lower elevations and areas near the lake will see a mix of rain and snowflakes, with the chance for a bit of snow accumulation on elevated or grassy surfaces. But higher elevation areas, including the Niagara Escarpment, will see marginal temperatures tip below the freezing mark, allowing for more significant accumulations of 5-10 cm to pile up.

“The most significant commute impacts across the Greater Toronto Area will likely be Monday evening, with wet roads and the risk for icy ramps and overpasses,” warns Michael Carter, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “The snow that will stick will be more likely for north and westbound travelers moving into the higher elevations.”

ONGTASnow (2)

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued a winter weather travel advisory for sections of the south, with the threat for significantly reduced visibilities in heavy snow, and snowfall rates peaking up to 3 cm per hour. Drivers are urged to adjust to the changing road conditions, and to take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas.

Flurries and gusty winds will linger through Tuesday as well, leading to periods of low visibility and changing conditions.

A stronger, secondary low will develop later Monday, tapping into deeper moisture and bringing more significant impacts to parts of Quebec through Tuesday.

Montreal may see 5-10 cm of snowfall, with the higher terrain outside of the St. Lawrence Valley seeing 10-20+ cm through Tuesday.


This will be accompanied by gusty winds, leading to periods of hazardous winter-like travel conditions.

There may even be some ice pellets for the extreme sections of eastern Quebec in the afternoon Tuesday. Precipitation will begin to wind down in the province from west to east through the evening and overnight.

ONQCSnow (9)

Tuesday will see lingering light snow across southern Ontario that should subside through the morning hours. Sporadic showers may be prevalent in parts of cottage country and eastern areas in the afternoon, before diminishing in the evening.

Looking ahead, another system could affect the region by Thursday morning before temperatures moderate toward the end of the week.


We’re watching the potential for a few days of warmer weather during the final days of April, but a cooler pattern is expected for early May as a blocking pattern is expected to rebuild.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest forecast updates across Central Canada.

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NPS Just Added These 16 Locations To The National Underground Railroad Network To Freedom

Joining more than 700 locations across the country, the National Park Service has added 16 new listings to the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Each played an important role in the history of freedom seekers who escaped slavery and those who assisted in the effort.

The additions come as the National Parks Service (NPS) celebrates the 200th birthday of Harriet Tubman, the person most associated with the Underground Railroad.

“It’s fitting to welcome new additions to the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom as we celebrate Harriet Tubman’s 200th birthday,” Diane Miller, national program manager of the Network to Freedom, said in a release. “Like Harriet Tubman, the freedom seekers and allies highlighted in each Network to Freedom listing remind us of what can be accomplished when people take action against injustice.”  

New Listings

  • Marianna Expedition on Santa Rosa Island (Florida)
  • Winterset Cemetery (Iowa)
  • Dinsmore Homestead (Kentucky)
  • LeCompte Plantation (Louisiana)
  • Emmanuel Prudhomme Plantation (Louisiana)
  • Mass Escape at Mackall Plantation (Maryland)
  • Port Tobacco Jail Sites (Maryland)
  • St. Stephens A.M.E. Church Cemetery, Unionville (Maryland)
  • Robert Gould Shaw 54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial (Massachusetts)
  • Elijah Fish and George Taylor Burial Sites at Greenwood Cemetery (Michigan)
  • Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Site (New Jersey)
  • Presbyterian Plane Street Colored Church (New Jersey)
  • Rev. Robert Everett and Family Gravesite, Capel Ucha Welsh Congregational Church Cemetery (New York)
  • Spring Grove Cemetery (Ohio)
  • Cozad-Bates House Interpretive Center (Ohio)
  • Destination Freedom Underground Railroad Walking Tour (Pennsylvania)

“Each listing holds a unique part of the Underground Railroad story, and we look forward to working with members to amplify the power of these places,” Miller said.

The Network to Freedom is meant to honor, preserve, and promote the history of resistance to enslavement through escape and flight.

“Through its mission, the Network to Freedom helps to advance the idea that all human beings embrace the right to self-determination and freedom from oppression,” the NPS says. 

It was created in 1998 through legislation by Congress. Sites that can prove their significance and earn a majority vote by members of a review committee are accepted into the network, according to Miller.

“We are empowering communities and descendants to tell their stories,” Miller told Capital News Service.

The network contains a mixture of both public and private sites, with many offering experiences and opportunities to explore.

The network also has a virtual passport, allowing visitors to collect stamps as they go through various experiences.

For more travel news, check out our recent coverage:

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Estonians embarked on foreign travel again in 2021 – Baltic News Network

In a sign of Baltic travel recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions, Estonians made 575 000 international trips in 2021, which was 3% more than the year before, official statistics showed.

Statistics Estonia wrote in a press release on Tuesday, March 29, that the number of overnight domestic trips was close to 2.3 million – this is 6% more than in 2020. Last year, the expenditures on outbound trips amounted to over 495 million euros and the expenditures on domestic trips to more than 402 million euros.

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With the increase in the number of trips, the total expenditures on trips grew by 98 million euros. However, compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019, Estonian residents spent nearly 980 million euros less on travel.

Epp Remmelg, analyst at Statistics Estonia, commented that travelling among Estonians increased at the end of the second quarter of 2021, but outbound trips made last year still totalled only a third of the number of outbound trips made in 2019. «The number of outbound overnight trips grew the most in the fourth quarter – by four and a half times compared to the fourth quarter of 2020,» noted Remmelg, according to the press release.

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Sydney commuters to travel for free on public transport network for 12 days during Easter holidays

Public transport will be free across Sydney’s entire network for 12 consecutive days during the Easter holidays.

Free public transport will begin on April 14 and run for 12 days and will include Anzac Day.

The free travel comes after weeks of tense negotiations between the state government and rail union over pay and workplace conditions which culminated in a 24-hour shutdown of the train network last month.

NSW Transport Minister David Elliott this morning said the move was “not just a union versus Transport for NSW initiative”.

“We need to stimulate economic activity and Business Sydney were advocating in favour of these fare free days as a means to get people into the city, into Parramatta,” he said.

Mr Elliott said the free transport would be available “from Newcastle to the Blue Mountains to the South Coast”.

The free travel will include trains, buses and ferries, but not private ferries, the airport line and Point to Point bus service.

Mr Elliott said it would be a “wonderful opportunity for families to save money”, with the free transport taking place during school holidays and including events such as the Royal Easter Show and NRL matches.

The Transport Minister said he had spoken to the union over the free travel and hoped it would “set aside” its threat of further industrial action as a sign of “good faith”.

The NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) earlier said it would use industrial action to “force” the state government to offer free fares to commuters every Friday until June.

RTBU secretary Alex Claassens said the move was fallout from the government’s decision to shut down the train network without warning last month, locking out workers and leaving thousands of commuters stranded.

The union confirmed that the industrial action planned would be similar to that taken in the lead-up to February 21, when Transport NSW took the eleventh-hour decision to shut down the entire network due to “safety concerns”.

Mr Elliott said part of the reason for the 12 days of free travel was to compensate commuters for the disruptions on the rail network.

“The shutdown of the network last month was something that needed to be compensated,” he said.

“To commuters affected by recent rail disruptions, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for your patience.”

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