​​Will business travel ever return? Columnist offers her predictions for 2022 | Community

Delta Air Lines previously expected corporate travel to return to 60% of pre-pandemic levels by September, but executives now say they’ve seen a drop in bookings and a rise in cancellations in recent weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

As the pandemic marches on, many organizations are delaying travel and return-to-office plans, with some foregoing the idea indefinitely. While I don’t think business travel will vanish entirely, I do predict it will go through a major change.

I am personally thinking long and hard before I fly to a meeting. I’ve seen how a reduction in “travel time” has enabled me to be healthier, more strategic and enjoy my life more. I want to travel again, but the threshold of “worth it” has become much higher.

Here are some predictions I have for business travel in 2022:

1. Experiences will replace information dumps.

The only thing that makes the “This meeting should’ve been an email!” feeling worse is when you flew to the meeting (vs. dialing in).

Gone are the days when 500 employees will fly into an airport Marriott just to watch an executive read their PowerPoint. In the future, in-person gatherings will be focused on forging connections, having shared experiences or actually producing a work product.

I think this shift should’ve happened a decade ago, but it’s better late than never. For smart organizations, future in-person interactions will lean more toward experiences instead of pent-up information dumps.

2. Team meetings will replace company meetings.

With some organizations making the decision to embrace full-remote work indefinitely, I still predict a need for in-person gathering to emerge, just on a smaller scale. No matter how many brainstorming platforms we have at our disposal, and the increasing number of Zoom tools out there … it’s not the same. Fully remote teams will recognize the benefit of being physically together, at least occasionally.

I was speaking with an executive client last week about this. Her team has been fully remote for several years, long before COVID. But they met in person, once a year, to do some serious team building. She’s long cited those few days a year as a key pillar to her remote team’s success. Developing close, human connections (even if you only occasionally see them) makes remote work less anonymous.

3. In-person meetings will not replace digital experiences. They’ll simply start to leverage them.

Over the last several years, our brains have adapted to multimedia, simultaneous experiences. Your favorite show likely has a hashtag in the bottom right corner, so you can live tweet. If you’re in a virtual meeting, you probably have Slack/Teams up to share your feedback live time.

If corporate America wants a fighting chance at our attention, the same framework needs to be applied to in-person meetings. Be it through live tweeting presentations or apps to network with colleagues, I predict the best in-person meetings will not replace our digital habits. They’ll simply leverage them.

As someone who has worked with hundreds of on-site hotel teams, I do have some concerns here. Most hotel events don’t exactly ooze tech-savviness. But, like any underdeveloped market, there’s an opportunity for someone to emerge as a major player, redefining what an “in-person” meetings look like.

The winners that capture the corporate-travel market will be the organizations that can create immersive, differentiated and memorable experiences.

While I’m more than ready to retire my Delta-Diamond status, I do think in-person gatherings are necessary and, done well, they can be amazing. That said, a back-to-normal approach of huge meetings and boring information dumps will quickly kill any embers of reconnection.

In-person gatherings should be reserved for experiences that bind us together, spark new ideas and fill our emotional fuel tanks … no PowerPoint required.

– Lisa Earle McLeod is a leadership consultant and the author of several books. For more information on her company, visit McLeodandMore.com.

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Bitterroot Forest offers tips to hunters | Local News

*Leave a trip itinerary with family or friends. If hiking by yourself and don’t have family or friends in the area with whom you could leave an itinerary with, leave an itinerary in the vehicle.

 *Every hunter should carry these “ten essentials”: map, compass, flashlight, extra food and water, extra clothes, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocketknife, waterproof matches, and fire starter.

*Shooting and/or hunting is prohibited in developed recreation sites and trailheads including Lake Como and Bass Creek Recreation Areas.

*Be aware that there may be bears in the area, store food properly. Also, carcasses should not be closer than 100 yards to your sleeping area.

*Your cell phone can save your life, but don’t depend on having sufficient coverage, particularly in remote parts of the Bitterroot National Forest.

*Follow the ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out’ and ‘Leave No Trace’ principles while camping.

*Campers, hunters, and others are not allowed to camp for more than 16 consecutive days in one location. New camps must be located five air miles from the previous camp.

*Choose a site for a campfire carefully, near water if possible, and clear it of any combustible material. Remember, just because it’s cold in the morning doesn’t mean fires can’t spread quickly! NEVER walk away from a smoldering campfire. ALWAYS make sure a fire is dead out.

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Bitterroot National Forest offers tips to hunters

HAMILTON — The Bitterroot National Forest is offering up some tips for hunters who are planning to head into the backcountry.

  • All hunters during the general rifle season must wear “hunter orange” (hat, cap, vest, jacket, or rain gear) above the waist.  It must be the outermost garment and be visible from all sides.  This is also a good idea for non-hunting Forest visitors this time of year.  Consider putting an orange vest or bright bandana on pets (dogs, horses, etc.) that will be accompanying you as well.
  • Regulations can change yearly and from drainage to drainage.  Know the regulations for the area that you will be hunting.  Printed copies are available anywhere that licenses are sold and can be found online from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.  Dumping carcasses on public lands is illegal, unethical and can spread diseases like Chronic Wasting Disease. Click here for more information on preventing the spread of CWD and carcass disposal guidelines.
  • Hunters should treat every firearm as if it were loaded and always point the muzzle in a safe direction.  Be sure of your target, and beyond, and know where your hunting partners are at all times.  Never assume you are alone in the woods.
  • Leave a trip itinerary with family or friends.  If hiking by yourself and don’t have family or friends in the area with whom you could leave an itinerary with, leave an itinerary in the vehicle.
  • Every hunter should carry these “ten essentials”: map, compass, flashlight, extra food and water, extra clothes, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocketknife, waterproof matches, and fire starter.
  • Shooting and/or hunting is prohibited in developed recreation sites and trailheads including Lake Como and Bass Creek Recreation areas.
  • Be aware that there may be bears in the area, store food properly.  Also, carcasses should not be closer than 100 yards to your sleeping area.
  • Your cell phone can save your life, but don’t depend on having sufficient coverage, particularly in remote parts of the Bitterroot National Forest.
  • Follow the ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out’ and ‘Leave No Trace’ principles while camping.
  • Campers, hunters, and others are not allowed to camp for more than 16 consecutive days in one location.  New camps must be located five air miles from the previous camp.
  • Choose a site for a campfire carefully, near water if possible, and clear it of any combustible material. Remember, just because it’s cold in the morning doesn’t mean fires can’t spread quickly! NEVER walk away from a smoldering campfire. ALWAYS make sure a fire is dead out.
  • Be sure to call one of our offices to get a Bitterroot National Forest map. Our maps are sold in two parts, split into the North and South half of the forest. Maps are $14 each. Office hours are 8am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri. Forest Service offices are located in Hamilton, Stevensville, Darby, and West Fork. Some offices are currently operating ‘virtually’ due to COVID 19. Please call our office and we would be happy to assist you. Maps can be mailed out or in-person pickup may also be available, depending on location. Forest Visitor Maps can also be purchased online.
  • You can also download Forest Visitor Maps onto your phone or tablet using the Avenza PDF Maps App.  Avenza makes navigating your National Forest easy, as it tracks your location on the map using your device’s internal GPS.  The app also allows you to measure distances or areas, and records waypoints so you can find your way back to that new secret spot.  To learn more, head to the App Store (Apple Devices) or Play Store (Android Devices) on your mobile device and search for the free “Avenza PDF Maps” application.

In order to protect our public lands and natural resources, the Forest would like to remind visitors of the importance of using designated routes. To that end, there have been a number of changes to our road system as a result of the Travel Management Plan. The travel plan designates 2,246 miles of forest roads and trails open to motorized use. These areas are designated on a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) now available free of charge at all Bitterroot NF offices and online. MVUMs are also available for free at the Avenza Store. The maps identify which areas are open to motorized use, the types of vehicles allowed and any seasonal restrictions that apply.

All forest recreators are responsible for knowing which roads are open to motorized use. A road without a gate, barrier or sign does not imply that the road is open. Seasonal use restrictions are important for wildlife. Please do not ruin another user’s experience to enhance yours.

All vehicles must stay on existing routes and not drive cross-country. Many seasonal use restrictions include the period from October 15 to December 1. These types of restrictions help to reduce hunting pressure on big game animals and allow Fish, Wildlife & Parks to maintain desired elk numbers and herd structure. Do not drive around barricades, gates, or snowdrifts. Barricades and gates are meant to close a road, frequently for the benefit of wildlife. Violations of these closures can result in fines. Check the MVUM for the travel rules in your areas of interest.

People are asked to notify the US Forest Service if a violation or resource issue is observed (example, driving behind a locked gate, camping for more than 16 days, tree blocking road, washout, etc.) If you witness a hunting violation, call (800) TIP-MONT. In case of emergency, dial 911 or contact Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office at (406) 363-3033.

If you use horses, mules, goats, or llamas anywhere on National Forests, you’re required to bring in only certified weed-free hay, cubes, pellets, or grain. In the past, contaminated feed introduced invasive weeds to many prime wildlife backcountry areas. Help stop new invaders from getting started.

Power wash the undercarriage and inside/outside of the bumpers of your trucks, horse trailers, ATV’s, or other vehicles you drive into the hills. Invasive weed seed can travel over a thousand miles on vehicles and bounce out at the wrong time on our rough mountain roads.

In Montana, outfitters and guides must be licensed to operate on federal, state, as well as private lands unless it’s their own. Be sure your guide or outfitter is licensed. Call the Montana Board of Outfitters at (406) 841-2304 or Idaho Outfitter and Guide Licensing Board at (208) 327-7380 for more information.

Finally, beginning this fall, you may see Bitterroot NF employees wearing bright orange vests and working in recreation sites and along Forest Service roads. They are conducting National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM) Program surveys which are done every five years. The surveys provide forest managers with an estimate of how many people recreate on federal lands and what activities they engage in while there. All information you give is confidential and the survey is voluntary.

People can contact their local District office for updates and more information.

  • Stevensville Ranger District, 406-777-5461
  • Darby/Sula Ranger District, 406-821-3913
  • West Fork Ranger District, 406-821-3269
  • Supervisor’s Office – Hamilton, 406-363-7100.

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Online Travel Update: MCR Hotels trial runs attribute pricing; Travel Funders Network offers revenue guarantee; and Hopper raises another $175 million | Foster Garvey PC

MCR Hotels Trial Runs Attribute Pricing
(“One of the US’s largest hotel owners is charging guests $25 to use the swimming pool and $20 to check in early — but is cutting room prices in return,” August 18, 2021 via Business Insider)
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, hotel owner and operator, MCR Hotels CEO, Tyler Morse, shared the company’s plans to begin offering attribute pricing for 12 of its independent hotels. According to Morse, the company plans to reduce its hotels’ base room rates, while at the same time charging additional fees for guests’ use of certain of the hotels’ amenities (e.g., pool or fitness center) or other services (e.g., early arrival). Whether MCR’s plans signal the beginning of the lodging industry’s long discussed transition to attribute pricing remains to be seen. With many hotels suspending traditional guest services (e.g. daily housekeeping) during the pandemic (and owners reaping the associated economic benefits), the post-pandemic return of the lodging industry may provide a unique opportunity to rethink guest room pricing. How these new practices might fit with legacy distribution systems, OTA fee structures, sales contracting practices, etc., remains to be seen.

Travel Funders Network Offers Revenue Guarantee
(“Don’t Call Us Oyo: Online Travel Veterans Launch Hotel Distribution Network With Distinct Model,” August 17, 2021 via Skift Travel News) (subscription may be required)
Distribution veterans, Bob Diener and David Litman, launched Travel Funders Network, a new online distribution platform that offers participating hotels minimum revenue guarantees. Participating hotels pay no up-front fees to join the platform, but in exchange for the minimum revenue guarantee, the platform requires larger margins (i.e. larger discounts) on the dynamic net rates it receives. The platform then markets rooms on a standalone or package basis through a “unique” network of private business-to-business channels, including airline loyalty programs and associations. While Diener and Litman hope to ultimately grow the platform to 300-500 hotels (mostly 3-star hotels), only select hotels in key markets will be initially invited to join.

Hopper Raises Another $175 Million
(“Hopper raises another $175M, will add 500 employees,” August 17, 2021 via phocuswire.com)
Readers of our weekly Online Travel Update should be very familiar with online travel platform and fintech provider, Hopper. Beyond its mobile-only consumer booking application, Hopper is perhaps better known for its predictive analytics and suite of travel protection and fintech products (including flight and hotel price freeze, flight delay protection and fully refundable fares and rates) that it offers through its application and other third-party channels (including Capital One’s travel marketplace and recently, Amadeus and its network of travel agencies, metasearch sites and other travel sellers). This latest round of financing (which now brings Hopper’s total financing to $585 million) will be used to accelerate growth (including internationally) and to add much needed staffing to its customer support team. According to Co-Founder and CEO, Fred Lalonde, Hopper expects its 2021 year-over-year revenue growth to exceed 300 percent, with first quarter revenue expected to exceed its prior quarterly peak (Q1 2020) by 100 percent.

Flash Sales: Love Them or Hate Them
(“Trip.com Launches Weekend Flash Deals,” August 17, 2021 via Emsf-Lisboa)
Trip.com ran its flash sales in the U.K., offering UK travelers a 30 percent rebate on domestic hotel stays. The rebates are being offered in the form of “Trip Coins,” which can be used for future travel booked on Trip.com. Time to check those contracts.

Other news:

Former Orbitz, Vacasa Execs Invest in Group Travel Planning Platform TrovaTrip
August 19, 2021 via phocuswire.com
Portland-based startup TrovaTrip has raised $5 million to grow its group travel planning platform. PSL Ventures led the round, with participation from Elevate Capital and Oregon Venture Fund. Barney Harford, former CEO of Orbitz Worldwide and former COO of Uber, and Eric Breon, founder of Vacasa, also participated in the financing.

Choice Hotels, InterContinental Settle Keyword Antitrust Case
August 16, 2021 via bloomberglaw.com (subscription may be required)
Choice Hotels International Inc. and an InterContinental Hotels Group Plc affiliate have reached confidential settlements resolving antitrust litigation over their alleged role in a scheme to prop up prices by rigging online search advertising, according to federal court filings in Texas.

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Sky Harbor offers 7 tips for safe Memorial Day travel

We are already approaching the end of May and that means the three-day Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Travel has looked a lot different this past year and a half and safety policies and travel regulations are constantly changing.

If you are planning to fly out of town for the Memorial Day holiday, these travel tips will help you be prepared.

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Tip #1 – Pack a face covering and other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hand sanitizer. The Federal Mask Mandate is still in effect at all airports on board all airline flights. Face coverings and other PPE items are available for purchase at airport shops and PPE vending machines if you forget. Please note that as a temporary exemption from the 3-1-1 rule, the TSA is allowing one, oversized liquid sanitizer container, up to 12 ounces per person in carry-on bags

Tip #2 – Reserve your parking in advance. Enjoy the convenience of Sky Harbor Discount Parking and save money while reserving your spot at any of our parking facilities.

Tip #3 – Airports Council International (ACI) has launched an app called Check & Fly. This app gives travelers helpful information on COVID-19 health and safety measures of their departure and arrival airports. The app is available for iOS and Android users.

Tip #4 – Double-check what’s in your bags. Make sure to look through your bags and review the TSA Prohibited Items List the night before your flight.

Tip #5 – Check the flight status with the airline before coming to the airport to catch a flight or to pick-up/drop-off loved ones. Flight status can be checked on the airline’s website or at skyharbor.com.

Tip #6 – Give yourself extra time. Arrive early and check security wait times online. If you are traveling domestically, arrive two hours before your flight, three hours if you are traveling internationally. Travelers can also check current TSA security checkpoint wait times on the homepage of skyharbor.com and on the flight information screens in the Airport once they arrive.

Tip #7 – Reserve your rental car in advance. No matter where you are traveling, it’s always a good idea to reserve your rental car in advance as vehicles may be limited for walk-up customers.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, America’s Friendliest Airport, has an annual economic impact of more than $38 billion. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 125,000 passengers arrived at and departed from Sky Harbor every day. PHX Sky Harbor is funded with airport revenue. No tax dollars are used to support the airport.

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United Airlines offers vaccinated customers shots at free travel

United Airlines is offering vaccinated customers a shot at winning free travel as the carrier joins a national effort to get more Americans immunized against COVID-19 and derail a pandemic behind the deaths of nearly 590,000 Americans. 

New or existing members of United’s MileagePlus loyalty program who upload their vaccination records to United airline’s mobile app by June 22 can be entered to win free flights for a year’s worth of travel, the Chicago-based company announced on Monday.

“We’re proud to do our part to incentivize people to get their shot,” United CEO Scott Kirby stated in a news release. “Thanks to the vaccine, more and more destinations are opening up for travel – and we know our customers are eager to fly.”

United is giving away 30 pairs of roundtrip flights for two in first class or any other class to any destination it has flights to during the month of June, according to the airline, which is launching new routes to Croatia, Greece and Iceland, and plans to resume flights to Italy, Portugal, Spain and France this summer.

Additionally, United on July 1 will announce five randomly selected grand prize winners of a full year of travel for themselves and a companion. 

Beyond entering the airline’s sweepstakes, passengers who upload their vaccine records with United will save time at the airport and also know they’re ready to fly to places where showing poof of vaccination is required, the airline stated. 

To help boost slowing vaccination rates, companies and states have been devising incentives to encourage people to get immunized. Target this month began offering $5 coupons to those getting vaccinated at CVS pharmacies inside its stores nationwide, while Ohio last week reported a spike in the count of those getting vaccinated after its governor said the state would award $1 million to five vaccinated residents. Donuts and weed are also among the many corporate freebies on offer to vaccinated adults.

President Joe Biden recently set a goal of having 70% of the population receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by July 1. That target could be hard to reach amid hesitancy by a sizable chunk of the population.

Public health experts disagree on precisely how much of the U.S. population needs to be vaccinated to halt the spread of COVID-19 and reach what the medical field calls herd immunity. Most estimates range from 70% to 85%

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Travel agency now offers Covid-19 testing in Waikiki – Pacific Business News – Pacific Business News (Honolulu)

Travel agency now offers Covid-19 testing in Waikiki – Pacific Business News  Pacific Business News (Honolulu)

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COVID Vaccine Updates: White House offers incentives to get vaccine

NEW YORK (WABC) — The White House is also offering more incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

It announced that Uber and Lyft will provide free rides to and from vaccination sites from May 24 to July 4.

President Joe Biden said he would like to see 70% of Americans with at least one dose of the vaccine by the Fourth of July.

What to know about coronavirus:

Tracking COVID-19 availability and progress in NYC
New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
Find out if you are eligible and where you can go to get your vaccine
Coronavirus by zip code – New York City
Do you have coronavirus symptoms?

national geographic covid newsletter sign up

Here are more of today’s headlines:

Pressure builds for CDC to update indoor-mask requirements for vaccinated people
A growing consensus among public health experts that the U.S. could soon safely end mask mandates has put pressure on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update its guidance in the weeks ahead or risk losing credibility with the public.

All adult Americans who want to get a vaccine will have had the chance to do so in the next two months, the thinking goes, and they should then be able to make their own risk assessment based on the strong efficacy of the vaccines, which experts believe largely protects fully vaccinated Americans from getting severely ill with the virus and from transmitting it.

NYC opens Grand Central Terminal pop-up
New York City opened a pop-up vaccine site at Grand Central Terminal Wednesday, this as the city readies to vaccinate kids 12 and older with the CDC expected to authorize the Pfizer shot for emergency use in that age group.

The Grand Central site is among eight operating at train stations across the city, Long Island, and in Westchester County, with Johnson & Johnson vaccines available for all walk-ins.

New vaccine pass allows vaccinated residents to travel between Hawaiian islands
Starting this week, fully vaccinated Hawaii residents can skip COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements when flying between the islands.

According to the new rules, which Gov. David Ige announced last month, Hawaii residents who were vaccinated in the state are exempt from testing and quarantine on the 15th day after their final vaccine shot.

To participate in the inter-county travel program, island residents will need to provide their Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination record card, as well as register with Hawaii’s “Safe Travels” program and affirm they are fully vaccinated, to get a digital record card.

Travelers under the age of 5 can bypass the requirements, as long as they are on the same travel itinerary as a fully vaccinated parent or guardian.

Pets could experience separation anxiety as Americans return to work
As more and more Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine and begin to return to work, veterinarians are concerned about what will happen to family pets.

Shelters have seen a major increase in pet adoptions throughout the pandemic. Many people became first time pet owners when they were forced to stay at home.

Now, experts warn pets could experience separation anxiety.

Curran wants changing of mask protocols in schools
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran requested that Governor Andrew Cuomo immediately reevaluate New York state school protocols as vaccinations increase and infections decrease.

“I am calling on New York State to immediately reevaluate and overhaul school guidance, including mask protocols and hybrid learning, to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible,” Curran wrote in a letter sent to the governor’s office. “Our children deserve to have a normal education and to get their lives back as quickly as possible.”

Newark expands vaccine sites in city
Newark will be bringing COVID-19 community vaccination sites to every ward across the city for residents ages 18+. Walk-ups are welcome.

NJ to allow Pfizer vaccine for those age 12-15 upon CDC approval
Upon CDC approval, Gov. Phil Murphy says all New Jerseyans ages 12-15 will be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

“This will be a big step forward for public health – in particular, for the health of our school communities,” Murphy said.

NY state beaches, pools to reopen Memorial Day
New York state beaches and pools can open starting Memorial Day with six-foot social distancing, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced. He says the goal is to reach 100% capacity by July 4.

NYC’s Open Streets expands to include Open Boulevards
New York City’s Open Streets will become a standard part of city life tomorrow when Mayor Bill de Blasio signs legislation making the program permanent. In addition, de Blasio announced Wednesday that the program is expanding to create Open Boulevards: multiple blocks in a row blocked off to vehicles and filled with restaurants, performances and other activities. The new program will start with ten boulevards opening on a rolling basis across all five boroughs.

NYC ready to vaccinate 12 to 15 year olds
New York City is ready to start vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds with the Pfizer vaccine as soon as the CDC issues emergency authorization, Mayor de Blasio said Wednesday. That authorization was expected Wednesday afternoon. More than 200 sites across the city currently administer the Pfizer vaccine, health officials said, including Citi Field, Empire Outlets and the Museum of Natural History. All 12-15 year olds will need consent from an adult to be vaccinated. The city is also working with community pediatricians to expedite availability.

NYC offers gift cards for vaccinations
Get a shot, get a gift card! That’s the latest vaccination incentive being offered by New York City. Mayor de Blasio announced that gift cards for NYC Public Markets and Chelsea Market will be given out at some city sites.

CDC to meet about adolescent vaccines
The CDC is meeting about the COVID vaccine for adolescents. Once approved, the CDC director recommended kids not wait to get vaccinated. However, the shot is not required to attend summer camp in New York. But, it is required for SUNY and CUNY students.

Top 7 COVID vaccine questions answered
You had questions about COVID-19 vaccines and 7 On Your Side is getting you answers from doctors on the front line of the pandemic.


Positive COVID-19 cases by zip code – New York City

New York City COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
Find out if you are eligible and where you can go to get your vaccine
Do you have coronavirus symptoms?
Where to get tested in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
WATCH: Eyewitness to a Pandemic
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on coronavirus

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U.S. News Intent Intelligence Offers First Party Audience Data Platform | Press Room

Washington, D.C. – U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in rankings and data-driven journalism, today announced the launch of U.S. News Intent Intelligence – the company’s first-party data platform. The new platform harnesses the behavior of the over 450 million decision-driven consumers coming to the site each year for expert consumer advice, data-based rankings and in-depth analysis.

“Data powers everything we do at U.S. News – from our flagship college and hospital rankings to how we optimize user experience,” said Alex Kalaf, vice president of marketing and advertising. “With the large-scale audience coming to our site each year to make a decision, we have access to billions of high-quality data points including trending travel destinations, grad schools, investing products or car models. As third-party cookies continue to deprecate, we know this kind of unique and high quality first-party data is extremely valuable to marketers.”

U.S. News produces content under seven specific areas of expertise: Health, Education, Money, Travel, Cars, News and 360 Reviews. Each vertical attracts consumers intent on making the best decisions, such as determining which college is the right fit, a diet, comparing credit cards, booking a cruise, buying a car or purchasing different consumer products. U.S. News Intent Intelligence analyzes each visitor’s on site behavior, allowing marketers to go beyond just contextual targeting to reach audiences qualified by high-intent engagement signals. Working with the data management platform Permutive, has allowed U.S. News to better segment and scale its first-party data.

“This year, we’re taking an audience first approach with our clients, consulting on ways they can drive back-end results by leveraging U.S. News Intent Intelligence. We are focused on the efficiencies and solutions that work for them. Our strategy targets people – not pages – on our site,” said Kalaf. “While this strategy helps marketers, it also benefits our site users since it allows us to show them advertisements that are relevant to their interests and the decisions they are making.”

U.S. News Intent Intelligence brings together sources of user data from across the organization. The site-wide visitor information provides insights to inform product strategy, editorial and user experience and shapes solutions to help partners grow their businesses. Leveraging the platform’s first-party audience data has allowed marketers to see an uplift in engagement of up to two times by activating valuable segments such as Managing Your Finances, Looking for a Doctor, Planning a Caribbean Vacation, Going to Business School or In-Market for a Vehicle.

About U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report is the global leader in quality rankings that empower citizens, consumers, business leaders and policy officials to make better, more informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives. A multifaceted digital media company with Education, Health, Money, Travel, Cars, News and 360 Reviews platforms, U.S. News provides rankings, independent reporting, data journalism, consumer advice and U.S. News Live events. More than 40 million people visit USNews.com each month for research and guidance. Founded in 1933, U.S. News is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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Family Travel Startup Offers Up to 70% off Hotels and Other Travel Products

NEW YORK, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Expedition, a global family-travel community started in 2020 by two former Wall Street Journal editors, this week launched a booking platform that offers families deep discounts on travel worldwide.

Families who sign up for a free membership can book the same hotels and car rentals as on public sites, but at a significant discount. With a paid Adventurer membership ($249 a year), they can score up to 70% off hotels and resorts.

“We started The Expedition to help families see the world,” said Ryan Sager, co-founder of The Expedition. “What better way to do that than by helping families get more adventure out of every travel dollar?”

Members can book an unlimited number of trips, saving hundreds—even thousands—of dollars a year on travel. Sager recently saved over $700 booking a spring-break trip to Nashville.  

Families have access to more than 1 million hotels and resorts, from budget chains to independent luxury resorts, all major cruise and car-rental companies, and activities. Weekly resort stays start at $199/week.

The Expedition also provides exclusive content, a vibrant community of globetrotting families, events, and members-only discounts from brands that wish to reach its 6,500+ members.

The announcement is especially timely given the increasing demand for travel as Covid vaccination rates climb. More than 80% of U.S. adults expect to take a vacation over the next year, according to the 2021 Portrait of American Travelers survey from marketing firm MMGY Global. Travelers are also counting on finding travel deals, the survey said.

“Some of life’s most important lessons come from traveling: Resilience, flexibility, curiosity, openness,” said Expedition co-founder Sara Clemence. “But travel can also get more expensive with kids. We’re thrilled to be making it more accessible—at all price points.”

Learn more at theexpedition.com.


The Expedition is a global, members-only community for families who love to travel. It offers insider travel discounts, content, events, a newsletter, and a vibrant online community. The Expedition has two membership tiers. Basic (free) comes with discounts on hotels and car rentals around the world. Adventurer ($249 a year), provides discounts of up to 70% on hotels and resorts, plus deals on car rentals, cruises, and more.

Instagram: @join_theexpedition

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoinTheExpedition


Ryan Sager is a media entrepreneur, formerly vice president of content for The Ladders, editorial director of TIME Ideas, and founding editor of the Wall Street Journal’s influential Review section. Email: [email protected]

Sara Clemence is a freelance journalist, formerly travel editor for The Wall Street Journal and news director for Travel + Leisure. She is the author of Away & Aware: A Field Guide to Mindful Travel. Email: [email protected]

Media contact:
Sara Clemence
[email protected]

SOURCE The Expedition

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