Holiday travel at Dayton International Airport shining light on airport’s pandemic rebound – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

DAYTON — One of the busiest travel days of the year is putting a spotlight on air travel and its impact on the economy.

While the Dayton International Airport is seeing an uptick in travel the day before Thanksgiving, city leaders said the airport has been seeing a nice recovery from the worst part of the pandemic.

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News Center 7′s Mike Campbell was at Dayton International Airport on Wednesday when plenty of people were prepared to travel to catch up with loved ones. Darryl Monfels, of Dayton, did fly a little during the COVID-19 pandemic, but feels safer to do so now.

“Each time we feel like the restrictions and requirements, and attention to detail, has gotten much better, especially in the last three to four months,” Monfels said.

The more travelers feel safer has impacted the amount of flying they do. The passenger numbers, and revenue, at Dayton International Airport recovered much quicker than expected, according to city officials.

“They are expected to be about 12 percent off of 2019 revenues, so that’s good news,” Shelley Dickstein, Dayton City Manager, said.

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Dickstein said the rebound is amazing when compared to the original projections.

“We were 80 percent off,” Dickstein said. “This was an industry that almost completely shut down for a good chunk of time.”

Dickstein said a lot of Dayton travel returning to 100 percent will depend on business travelers returning to airports for travel.

While the number of travelers is up, it has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. City leaders told News Center 7 that they will wait and assess the numbers throughout 2022 to determine whether they will reach that level again.

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#MUBB Radio Show Debuts Thursday at 6 p.m. CT

With the 2021-22 regular-season opener rapidly approaching on Nov. 9 against SIUE at 7:30 p.m. CT, radio and television coverage of the Marquette University men’s basketball team will tip off as well.
The Inside Marquette Basketball television program is back this season on Bally Sports Wisconsin and is being produced by My People Creative.  The bi-weekly show debuts on Nov. 3 at 6:30 p.m. CT and provides access to the team all season long.  Marquette graduate Sophia Minnaert will host the 30-minute program with head coach Shaka Smart and the show will include player interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes features and much more.
ESPN Milwaukee (94.5 ESPN FM) will again serve as the flagship station for the Marquette Sports Network, which is overseen by Marquette Sports Properties, a division of Learfield and the Golden Eagles’ multimedia rights holder.  Game broadcasts include a 30-minute pregame show, play-by-play action handled by Steve “The Homer” True and former MU standout Tony Smith and a postgame recap with Smart.
The Marquette Basketball Hour with Shaka Smart, a weekly radio program dedicated to the latest news surrounding the program, debuts at 6 p.m. CT on Thursday, Nov. 11.  True will host the 60-minute program, which features interviews with the players and staff, special guests and much more, live from Dave & Buster’s (2201 N. Mayfair Road). 
The radio show will air weekly on Thursday nights all season long, with the exception of conflicts with game coverage, holidays or team travel.
2021-22 Marquette Radio Network
WKTI – ESPN Milwaukee (94.5 ESPN FM) – Milwaukee (Flagship)
WOMT 1240 AM – Manitowoc
WCUB 980 AM – Green Bay
WFHR 1320 AM – Wisconsin Rapids
WDLB 1450 AM – Marshfield
WXCO 1230 AM – Wausau
WSCO 1570 AM – Appleton
Keep up with the Marquette men’s basketball program through social media by following on Twitter (
@MarquetteMBB) and Instagram ( and ‘liking’ on Facebook (/MarquetteMensBB). Fans interested in tickets can contact the Marquette Ticket Office online or at 414-288-GOMU (4668).

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After more than 30 years at sea, a message in a bottle washes up in Dyea | KHNS Radio

The message in a bottle found in Dyea, Alaska. Photo by Pam Joy.


A Skagway resident has found a message in a bottle washed up on a beach with no indication of who sent it or from where. Now she’s looking for help to find its sender. 

At the northernmost tip of the inside passage sits the beach at the Dyea flats. Dyea was once a Gold Rush boomtown, now it’s home to a few dozen residents and a recreational area managed by the Skagway Borough. In amongst a pile of washed-up logs, branches and general flotsam Dyea resident Pam Joy stumbled across one of those special finds that beachcombers always hope to discover. A message in a bottle.

Closeup of the message. Photo by Pam Joy.

“I was walking along the (Dyea) flats, like I always do picking up trash like I always do and, and I saw this bottle peeking out and I picked it up and was just about ready to chuck it in my bag. And I saw there was a piece of paper in it. And so anyway, it was a message in a bottle. It said Happy New Year 1987!” Said Joy.

The tides had been over 20 feet a couple of days before, plus there was 40 mph gusting winds. Joy thinks it was the combination of the two that may have dislodged the bottle from wherever it had been resting.

“I’m amazed that it had been in the water this long and not been broken. But then I’m thinking, Well, maybe it’s maybe somebody like from Skagway who threw it, or Haines, and it’s just been stuck down in the bottom somewhere all that time and just got stirred up by the storm. Maybe it really hasn’t traveled very far. Or maybe it came from Australia. Who knows? Who knows?” Asked Joy.

The bottle is clear glass with a beige plastic screw-on top. The safety seal is still attached.

“The only other clue I have is that there’s a Rite in the Rain logo at the bottom of the piece of paper. And it’s in a liquor bottle. So, you know, New Year’s Eve, I’m sure there was alcohol involved in this event,” said Joy.

Rite in the Rain paper has been around for over a century. This piece has been ripped out of a small spiral notebook with the spiral at the top of the page. The message was written in black ink. 

It definitely looks like an adult it’s kind of like cursive writing,” said Joy.

But the sender of this message in a bottle didn’t include any other information.

Pam and her message in a bottle on the Dyea flats. (Mike Swasey)

I really wish that I had some way to identify who it was or how far it’s come and where it came from. I would like to be able to let the person know who wrote this. That I found it where I found it. In case it has come a long distance or you know, just the fact it’s been in the water all these years,” said Joy.

She has posted a photo of the bottle on social media and asked friends to share, but hasn’t had any luck tracking down the sender.

I’ve spent most of my life by an ocean, I grew up in Maine, and spent lots of time on the beach. And I even worked on a fishing boat in Maine, hauling traps and hauling up things out of the bottom of the ocean. And many, many years on the beach. And this is the first message in the bottle I’ve ever found, so I’m very excited,” said Joy.

Over the last few years she’s found a rice bag from eastern Asia, little bits of trash with different languages on them. 

And there’s of course, tons of crap plastic. You know, bags and candy bar wrappers and beer cans,” said Joy.

She says unless she miraculously figures out who sent the message, she’ll add it to her collection in her home in Dyea.

“There’s some other old bottles that have been found out here in there. But none of the others have messages in them. So I’m gonna stick this in the window with the other bottles I think,” said Joy.

The oldest message in a bottle found, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was thrown overboard by a boat captain in 1886 from Hamburg, Germany in an effort to better understand shipping routes. It was discovered in Australia in 2018. Making the message over 130 years old.

Today scientists have devised instruments based on the message in a bottle design, they’re called Argo Floats. These large cylinders can adjust buoyancy to travel at specified depths. They help scientists record data on ocean currents, water temperature, salinity, and other oceanographic information.

If you have information about this message in a bottle please email [email protected]

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Captain Kirk William Shatner at the tip of the blast into space | WGN Radio 720

Published by Blue Origin in October 2021, this dateless photo shows Chris Boshuizen, William Shatner, Audrey Powers, and Glen de Vries from the left. Their launch, scheduled for Wednesday, October 13, 2021, is Blue Origin’s second passenger flight using the same capsules and rockets that Jeff Bezos used for his army three months ago. Will be. (Blue Origin via AP)

Banhorn, Texas (AP) —Actor William Shatner played the wildest role ever on Wednesday, in favor of Star Trek fan Jeff Bezos, to jump into space on a rocket.

Best known for his role as Captain Kirk, 90-year-old Shatner joined the other three passengers for a planned launch from West Texas.

Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin, has invited a short trip around the last frontier to make Shatner the oldest person in space.

This will be Blue Origin’s second passenger flight, using the same capsules and rockets that Bezos used for his launch three months ago. The journey lasts only 10 minutes, with fully automated capsules reaching altitudes of up to about 66 miles (106 km) before returning to the desert with a parachute.

Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson launched a US-based space travel boom on July 11 and headed into space on his own rocket ship. Bezos followed him in his capsule nine days later. Elon Musk lags behind as SpaceX’s company launched its first private flight last month, getting billionaires, cancer survivors, and two ticket winners on track.

And last week, the Russians sent actors and film directors to the International Space Station to make the film.

“We’re just getting started, but how miraculous it is. Shatner said in a Blue Origin video posted the night before the flight.” About this fictional character, Captain Kirk, going into space. Seems to be very curious. Let’s go together and enjoy the ride. “

Crew Closing: Two entrepreneurs who failed to bid for a seat on a previous flight with Blue Origin’s vice president and Amazon founder Bezos. Blue Origin did not reveal their ticket price.

Bezos was at a vast launch landing site near Van Horn, Texas, and saw off the four.


Dan reported from Cape Canaveral, Florida.


The Associated Press’s Department of Health Sciences is supported by the Department of Science Education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. AP is solely responsible for all content.

Captain Kirk William Shatner at the tip of the blast into space | WGN Radio 720

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WEIS Radio | Local & Area News, Sports, & Weather » Traveling over the holidays? Experts say take advantage of vouchers and lack of change fees

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(NEW YORK) — If you’re concerned about travel plans changing during the holidays, experts say it’s important to take stock of any vouchers you may be sitting on and utilize the lack of change fees.

1. Take Advantage of No Change Fees

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, major U.S. airlines have done away with change fees, allowing travelers to be more flexible with their plans and giving them the option to switch travel dates and flights.

Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, said it’s crucial to take advantage of this policy when booking holiday trips.

“During the pandemic, the airlines got rid of those change fees for most flights, so now when you book a flight, as long as it’s not in Basic Economy, you automatically have flexibility so that you can change your flight later on without having to pay any penalty to do so,” Keyes said in an interview with ABC News. “If the new flights you switch to are more expensive, you do have to cover that fare difference, but if the new dates are cheaper, you’ll actually get the difference back in the form of a travel credit.”

While carriers are being more accommodating, Keyes said it’s important to not think of this policy as “free cash.”

“What folks have now when they travel is that they have the flexibility to be able to change their travel dates or get a voucher from the airline for future travel, but again not conflating that with getting a cash refund.”

However, if you want to be certain that you will get your money back, be sure to book a “refundable” fare.

“To be able to get your money back for a flight that you no longer want to take, you had to have booked a much more expensive refundable ticket,” Keyes said. “Those are the only ones that allow you to fully get your money back if you decide later to cancel.”

2. Check to see if you have any vouchers, and if they’re still valid

If you didn’t book that refundable fare, you’re next best bet is contacting your airline and obtaining a travel voucher — this will allow you to use that money with the airline and rebook at a later date.

However, those vouchers don’t last forever, Keyes said.

“Vouchers in general have a use it or lose it component,” Keyes said. “You want to find out what the expiration date is so it doesn’t accidentally expire without your even realizing it.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, airlines began offering customers travel vouchers for trips already booked. Policies vary from carrier to carrier, so it’s important to read the fine print.

“You want to find out what is the expiration date refer to — does this refer to the date I have to travel by or just the date I have to book my flight by,” Keyes said.

If your voucher has expired, Keyes said not to lose hope.

“Give the airline a call and see if they’re willing to extend the deadline,” Keyes said. “The number of people traveling is still down significantly from where it was pre-pandemic and airlines are trying to engender not only goodwill among travelers, but also trying to make sure that folks fill up those planes.”

“It never hurts to ask.”

3. Treat it like a game of chicken

If your trip is already booked but you think you might have to make changes, Keyes said it might be worth waiting until the last minute to cancel or tweak your trip.

“My best piece of advice in that scenario is to treat it like a game of chicken,” Keyes said. “It’s either you cancel the flight, and you’re going to get a travel voucher from the airline, or maybe they cancel the flight, in which case you would be entitled to a cash refund — so it’s whoever blinks first.”

Last year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) cracked down on airlines, pushing them to be more transparent with their refund policies if a flight is cancelled or significantly delayed by the carrier.

The move came amid thousands of complaints from customers, many of which concerned refunds. At the time, DOT asked airlines, “to revisit their customer service policies and ensure they are as flexible and considerate as possible to the needs of passengers who face financial hardship during this time.”

“The one loophole here, which I think is really important for folks to know, is if the airline cancels or significantly changes your flight, under federal law you are entitled to a full cash refund if you want one,” Keyes said.

Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

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Indianola Boys Basketball Travels to Ankeny Centennial | KNIA KRLS Radio

The season is on the line tonight for the Indianola boys basketball team in the second round of district play, as they travel to Ankeny Centennial High School to take on the Jaguars. The Indians advanced after a tough battle with Des Moines Lincoln on Monday evening, bringing a seven game winning streak into the matchup. The Jaguars are 13-4 on the season, and boast one of the top point guards in the state in Jaron Crews, who puts up over 15 points and 5 assists per contest. Indians head coach Brett Watson tells KNIA Sports he talked to his squad after their win over the Railsplitters on Monday about keeping things simple.

“This is going to sound like a cliche, but we really just need to focus on the fundamentals of the game. We talked about how our fundamentals just weren’t good, guarding the basketball, rebounding, taking care of the basketball. This will be one of our toughest tests of the year so we need to be much better fundamentally.”

The game tonight can be heard live on 94.3 KNIA, with Andrew Swadner and Rick Wilson on the play-by-play. Pregame coverage begins at 6:45, with tip-off scheduled for 7pm.

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Indianola Boys Basketball Survives, Girls Travel to Johnston for Regional Final | KNIA KRLS Radio

Just over two weeks has passed since the Indianola boys basketball team secured a 38-point victory over the Railsplitters of Des Moines Lincoln, but the rematch Monday evening would be a completely different story as the Indians squad survived and advanced in the class 4A substate 2 playoffs, as the Indians won 69-55 as heard live on 94.3 KNIA. The defensive intensity was fierce for both squads in the first half, with the Indians relying on 8/8 free throw shooting to salvage a 29-all score at the halftime break.

Indianola scored the first five points of the third quarter, then would get an 8-0 run later by Drew Kingery himself to build a lead they wouldn’t relinquish despite and outscored the Railsplitters 40-27 in the half. Senior guard CJ Kuehl tells KNIA Sports after the second half run, the Indians built some confidence and they were able to use their strengths to earn the victory.

The Indians survive and advance to a substate semifinal matchup with Ankeny Centennial on the road Friday.

The #14 Indianola girls squad will travel to #2 Johnston tonight with a trip to Wells Fargo on the line in the regional final. The game can be heard live on 94.3 KNIA, with Andrew Swadner and Rick Wilson on the play-by-play. Pregame coverage begins at 6:45, with tip-off scheduled for 7pm.

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ADM Girls Travel to DCG | Raccoon Valley Radio

ADM Girls Travel to DCG | Raccoon Valley Radio – The One to Count On

ADM Tigers girls basketball will be on the court tonight against Dallas County rival Dallas Center – Grimes for Class 4A Section 3 action, with the winner to move to the finals. ADM comes in with a 9-14 record while DCG counters with a 18-2 record and the number three ranking in 4A in the state.

The two teams met earlier this year with DCG winning the game with ease, and for ADM to pull off the upset, they will have to limit turnovers, take their time offensively and slow down an uber talented team on both the offense and defense. DCG had a bye in the first round while ADM is coming off of a 50-39 win over Carlisle Wednesday night in Adel.

The game tonight will be on the home of Tiger basketball True Country K1079. Tip time will be at 7 o’clock with pregame coverage to get going at 6:50.


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Pleasantville Boys Rout Colfax-Mingo, Girls Travel to Earlham for Playoff Opener | KNIA KRLS Radio

Pleasantville’s boys basketball team got their third straight win and their playoff-opening win over Colfax-Mingo Monday Night 64-37, while the girls will travel to Earlham for their playoff-opening matchup to take on the Cardinals.


The Trojans’ boys put forth one of their most cohesive offensive efforts of the season in the victory. Mason Scheve led the way with 20 points, including knocking down 12 in the first quarter. Caylor Clark and Taylon Mount also stepped up scoring wise for Pleasantville with 12 and nine points respectively. Coach Tom Wilkins tells KNIA Sports that it was one of the team’s better wins of the season.


“We won Thursday and Friday but we didn’t play well. Tonight I thought we played better. We did some things. We ran our offense. We got contributions from other guys which we got to have moving forward. Braidy Friday gave us a big lift. Taylon Mount knocked a few down. Caylor Clark and Austin McMillin along with Mason Scheve. Mason is going to get his 20, but we needed somebody to step up and that is what happened here tonight.”


Pleasantville moves on to the next round, which will be at Des Moines Christian on Thursday. The game is scheduled to tip off at 7:00 PM and will be broadcast on the KNIA3 stream at with Alex Koch on the call.


The Trojans’ girls will begin playoff action at West Central Conference Rival Earlham tonight. Pleasantville will go into the season with a 10-10 overall record, their first season of .500 or better since 2010-11. However, in the head-to-head matchups, Earlham won both games over Pleasantville by scores of 49-40 and 42-37. If the Trojans win tonight, they will travel to Grundy Center for their next matchup.


The girls’ matchup at Earlham will tip off at 7:00 PM. The game will be broadcast on the KNIA3 stream at with Alex Koch on the call.

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