Tampa International Airport prepares for record summer travel

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Tampa International Airport officials are not only preparing for a busy weekend, but also a busy summer travel season.

TPA is predicting that the summer travel season could reach record levels.

“We anticipate that certainly several days throughout the summer season are going to set records for us and we’re optimistic that as we put the summer in totality, we will set new records,” said Adam Bouchard, Vice President of Operations for Tampa International Airport.

Some were not surprised by these projections.

“Oh my goodness, everyone has been locked up for the last couple years, so everybody can’t wait to get out,” said Patti Tennyson.

With peak days now exceeding pre-pandemic levels, TPA, its airlines, federal agency partners and other airport businesses are getting ready to see steady and heavy volumes of more than 70,000 daily passengers.

Airport and TSA officials said they have added staff, and new equipment to prepare for the increase in passengers.

Jesus Serrano, TSA Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening Operations said TSA Officers will be utilizing new security scanners that use 3D imaging to scan passenger carry-on items.

“It’s called Computed Tomography, these are x-ray scanners that allow the officers to do an in-depth analysis for prohibited items of bags and carry-ons. It allows the officers to rotate the 3-D image and look for those prohibited items, that would otherwise require the bag to be opened,” Serrano said.

TSA officials are asking for travelers to help keep security lines running smoothly by knowing what carry-on items are prohibited. Items such as sharp objects, large containers of liquids and certain food items can actually cause delays at security checkpoints.

“When the travelers understand and know what’s required it’s a seamless process,” said Serrano.

TPA officials urge passengers to arrive early for flights, especially on peak days. They are also asking passengers to utilize technology to check-in for their flight, arrange parking, and follow flight activity.

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MIA projects record travel, full parking garages this weekend

With passenger traffic at Miami International Airport up 17 percent over the last 30 days compared to the same period pre-pandemic, the airport is projecting its busiest Memorial Day weekend ever. MIA is currently averaging 150,000 passengers per day, compared to 126,000 per day during its record-setting year in 2019.

Because of this unprecedented growth, MIA is expecting its parking garages to fill to capacity this weekend, beginning on Thursday. Instead of parking at MIA, travelers should plan on being dropped off by friends or family, a ride-share service, taxi, or Miami-Dade Transit’s Orange Line.

MIA is also providing the following travel tips for Memorial Day weekend:

 ·         Arrive at MIA at least three hours before a domestic flight and three and a half hours before an international flight to give yourself enough time for the check-in and security checkpoint process.

·         Passengers are also encouraged to do their airline check-in online before arriving at MIA.

·         To expedite TSA checkpoint screening, wear easily removable shoes, follow the 3-1-1 rule for liquids or gels in your carry-on, and avoid accessories that resemble weapons. More TSA tips are available at the TSA website.  

 ·         Find the fastest TSA checkpoint for your flight online with MIA’s Queue Analyzer, for real-time updates on checkpoint wait times. 

 ·         Avoid waiting in line to order food and drinks with MIA2GO, MIA’s mobile ordering service that lets you quickly browse menus, order, and pay before making your contactless pick-up at restaurants throughout the airport.

·         On-site COVID-19 testing (Antigen, PCR, and Rapid PCR) is available at two convenient MIA locations. Costs vary depending on the type of test.

·         MIA’s cell phone waiting lot, which features 60 parking spaces for non-commercial users picking up travelers, is located just off LeJeune Road and N.W. 31st Street, accessible from LeJeune Road heading north or south.

·         If traveling internationally, eligible travelers can use the free, secure Mobile Passport Control app to submit their passport and customs declaration information on their smartphone or tablet and avoid completing a paper form or using an automated passport control kiosk. 

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there have been 1,375 unruly passenger incidents nationwide this year as of May 17. Travelers should be reminded of the following:

  • Unruly passengers face civil penalties up to $37,000, being banned from flying, and potential federal prosecution.
  • FAA regulations direct airlines to not allow anyone to board their aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.
  • FAA regulations also prohibit drinking alcohol aboard a plane that is not served by the airline.
  • Miami-Dade Police will arrest and remove intoxicated individuals from MIA.
  • At the first sign of any unruly behavior, call Miami-Dade Police at 9-1-1.

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Staycation or vacation? Locals talk summer travel plans amid record inflation | News

EUGENE, Ore.– As the warmer weather starts trickling in, many are planning their summer vacations, especially after being cooped up for nearly two years because of the pandemic.

But with sky high travel prices, some are putting the brakes on spending money for vacation.


“Inflation isn’t helping,” said Eugene visitor Eric Delora. “That’s certainly going to limit how far you can go or how much money you’re going to spend.”

Delora travel from Wyoming to Oregon to kick off his summer.

“We got AirBnB’s, rented a car, the car was a little pricy and that seemed to be the sticker shock,” said Delora.

Some people told KEZI they’ve had to pick up extra shifts at work to be able to afford any summer travel this year.

It’s also the pain at the pump making travel more difficult.

“The gas prices are going to make it a more expensive trip, but it’s not going to change the plans,” said Eugene resident Dain Nelson.

Nelson and his wife Louisa Dorsch are planning to drive to Wisconsin for vacation.

“The plan was always to do a drive and to camp along the way,” said Nelson. 

Ross Horr, a commercial airlines pilot, said his flights recently have been packed with passengers.

“Inflation is definitely going to affect a lot of people, but moreover I think people are really tired of being inside with the pandemic and I think they are going to do a lot of traveling despite the pandemic,” said Horr. “I think a lot of people saved during the pandemic. America is really good at spending once they’ve saved.”

Many people said they’re not going to let inflation rob them of a long postponed trip.

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Gas prices hit record high as travel ramps up for Memorial Day weekend


Gas prices across the country are hitting record-highs just in time for the travel-heavy Memorial Day holiday.

AAA said Thursday that gas prices in Missouri are hitting new records every day since May 11. The nationwide average on Thursday is $4.59 and Missouri’s average is $4.19 — up $1.38 from this time last year.

Missouri has the fifth-lowest gas prices in the county; a few months ago it was battling for the lowest with Kansas.

“High demand for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel is putting upward pressure on oil prices which is causing prices to rise at the pump,” said AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria.

However, AAA still expects Memorial Day travel to increase 5% from previous years.

“Despite record-high gas prices, AAA anticipates Memorial Day Weekend travel to be busy with 34.9 million Americans hitting the road,” Chabarria said.

AAA recommends safe driving to save on fuel prices. Speeding, accelerating and stopping quickly, idling the engine and not maintaining tires can result in using more gas than necessary.

Air travel is also expected to increase over Memorial Day weekend. Airline sales have been down since the pandemic began in 2020, but AAA expects Memorial Day this year to see levels close to 2019.

“Memorial Day is always a good predictor of what’s to come for summer travel,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president of AAA Travel. “Based on our projections, summer travel isn’t just heating up, it will be on fire. People are overdue for a vacation and they are looking to catch up on some much-needed R&R in the coming months.”

To save money on flights and hotel bookings, AAA recommends planning ahead. The best time to book a flight is two weeks ahead, according to AAA, when prices will be an average of $445 per ticket. Last-minute bookers may be paying nearly double that, at an average of $845 per ticket.

American Airlines expects more than 5,700 customers daily through Memorial Day weekend. Spokesperson Gianna Urgo said the busiest day at Columbia Regional airport will be Thursday, May 26 with 5,761 scheduled flights.

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Gas Prices At Record Levels Heading Into Summer Travel Season

AAA Oklahoma spokesperson Leslie Gamble says it may not make people feel better, but Oklahoma still has some of the cheapest gas in the nation. 

But it’s still way higher than this time last year when the national average was under 3 dollars. 

“We do have the third least expensive gas in the nation here in Oklahoma because of our proximity to oil production,” said Gamble.

 As we get closer to summer, Gamble says more and more people are still looking to travel and are still booking trips.

 But with record-high prices, some are having to adjust how they do it. 

“You might want to stay in Oklahoma,” said Gamble. “Do something that doesn’t require you to drive as far. Or we do have some people that are contacting triple A just to see about airfares.” 

Airfares are also going up though as the price of jet fuel also increases.

Gamble says if you do plan to drive, there are some small things that can help, like making sure your car is serviced.

“Things we don’t even think about like tire inflation,” said Gamble. “If your tires are not inflated appropriately, your car might use more gas.”

She says also when running errands, plan your route ahead of time.

“Or just driving around for fun,” said Gamble. “That’s probably not going to happen as much this year.”

The bottom line though, AAA thinks high prices may be here to stay a while longer.

And expect to pay more when filling up.

“It is something that now we are much more intentional about,” said Gamble.

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Gas Prices At Record Levels Heading Into Summer Travel Season

AAA Oklahoma spokesperson Leslie Gamble says it may not make people feel better, but Oklahoma still has some of the cheapest gas in the nation. 

But it’s still way higher than this time last year when the national average was under 3 dollars. 

“We do have the third least expensive gas in the nation here in Oklahoma because of our proximity to oil production,” said Gamble.

 As we get closer to summer, Gamble says more and more people are still looking to travel and are still booking trips.

 But with record-high prices, some are having to adjust how they do it. 

“You might want to stay in Oklahoma,” said Gamble. “Do something that doesn’t require you to drive as far. Or we do have some people that are contacting triple A just to see about airfares.” 

Airfares are also going up though as the price of jet fuel also increases.

Gamble says if you do plan to drive, there are some small things that can help, like making sure your car is serviced.

“Things we don’t even think about like tire inflation,” said Gamble. “If your tires are not inflated appropriately, your car might use more gas.”

She says also when running errands, plan your route ahead of time.

“Or just driving around for fun,” said Gamble. “That’s probably not going to happen as much this year.”

The bottom line though, AAA thinks high prices may be here to stay a while longer.

And expect to pay more when filling up.

“It is something that now we are much more intentional about,” said Gamble.

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Courtenay Museum online lecture offers tips for journaling your next big trip – Comox Valley Record

The Courtenay and District Museum’s next online lecture will offer tips for travellers wanting to record their adventures. ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

Courtenay Museum online lecture offers tips for journaling your next big trip

The Courtenay and District Museum’s next online lecture will offer tips for travellers wanting to record their adventures.

Join artist and travel journalist, Wayne Wilson, for an inspiring Zoom presentation, where he will show you how to create your own travel journal.

Drawing from his museum career and from outdoor expeditions, Wayne will share his tips and tricks for keeping a lasting memory of your experiences.

Event details: Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Free admission.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83743820107

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Easter travel: Drivers warned of record traffic – with rail and airport disruption also expected | UK News

Drivers are being warned to expect the busiest Easter on record, as millions of Britons prepare to hit the road this weekend.

An estimated 21.5 million leisure trips will be made by car between Good Friday and Easter Monday, the RAC says.

That’s the highest number since the organisation began tracking motorists’ Easter plans in 2014.

Good Friday is expected to be the busiest day, as people look forward to being able to make plans free of any COVID restrictions for the first time in three years.

It’s also going to be the most expensive Easter on record for fuel prices, as the latest government figures show the average cost of a litre of petrol on 4 April was 161.9p, with diesel at 176p.

There are also warnings of continued disruption at airports caused by COVID-driven staff absences, and on the trains thanks to engineering work.

Where will traffic be particularly bad?

According to traffic information supplier Inrix, these are some likely congestion hotspots:

• M6 north between J26 (Orrell Interchange, Greater Manchester) and J36 (the Lake District)
• M25 clockwise from J8 (Reigate Hill Interchange, Surrey) to J16 (Denham Interchange, Buckinghamshire)
• A303 near Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Large traffic queues are also likely to continue on roads in Kent, thanks to a shortage of cross-Channel sailings caused by the suspension of operations by P&O Ferries after it sacked nearly 800 workers.

The company hopes to resume services this week, pending regulatory approval.

Drivers are being advised to set off before 9am to avoid queues, or wait until after 7.30pm to leave home.

RAC traffic spokesman Rod Dennis said: “After two years of relatively quiet Easter bank holidays on the roads, our research suggests a return to traffic levels that are much more typical of this time of year.

“It’s very possible this weekend could turn out to be one of the busiest for leisure journeys for many years.

“Add in the impact of disruption on the rail network and one of the biggest fixtures of the sporting calendar taking place this weekend, and you have all the ingredients needed for problems on the roads.

“Traffic volumes will likely be even higher if some warm spring sunshine makes an appearance.”

lorry queues 08.04.22 chopper grabs
Long queues on the M20 in Kent are set to continue

Speaking of the weather, how’s it looking?

After a cold spell for many, the Met Office says temperatures are on the rise in the coming days and could reach a positively balmy 20C (68F) in southern England by Thursday.

For the Easter weekend itself, it should remain dry with light winds, but cloudier conditions are expected.

The outlook is better in the South East, where it should remain settled, while the North West should brace for some strong winds and rain.

What about travelling by plane or train?

It has been a rough few days for some of Britain’s biggest airports, as soaring COVID cases forced flight delays and cancellations for British Airways and easyJet.

Disruption is likely to continue, with Manchester Airport warning departing passengers to expect delays of up to 90 minutes this weekend.

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As for the trains, passengers are advised to check before they travel to see if their plans are affected by any one of Network Rail’s 530 engineering projects.

The West Coast Main Line will be closed between London Euston and Milton Keynes from Friday to Monday as upgrades are carried out on the existing line, with HS2 work also ongoing.

This will impact any Liverpool and Manchester City fans heading to the capital for their teams’ FA Cup semi-final at Wembley on Saturday.

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Coach K’s farewell tour: Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski passes legendary John Wooden with record 13th Final Four

Mike Krzyzewski’s 42nd and final season as Duke’s basketball coach will end in New Orleans. That’s where the No. 2 seed Blue Devils are headed after another nearly flawless offensive outing on Saturday night to outlast No. 4 seed Arkansas 78-69 and secure a spot in the Final Four next weekend.

Krzyzewski will be making his 13th Final Four appearance, which equates to one for every four years during his 42-year run with the Blue Devils. That marks a new college basketball record for most Final Fours by a coach, breaking the previous record held by UCLA legend John Wooden. 

With the win, Krzyzewski is 101-30 all-time in NCAA Tournament games after he became the first coach to reach 100 victories in the Big Dance during his team’s Sweet 16 victory over Texas Tech on Thursday. Coach K also surpassed 1,200 career victories in the second round of the NCAA Tournament and now stands at 1,202-367 entering the Final Four.

For a Duke team that lost its regular season finale at home to North Carolina on March 5 and and then lost by 15 to Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament title game a week later, a Final Four appearance seemed improbable less than two weeks ago. On Selection Sunday, skepticism abounded over whether the Blue Devils truly deserved a No. 2 seed.

But over the first two weekends of NCAA Tournament play, a youth-laden Duke team has blossomed and started to reached its full potential. In the process, Krzyzewski has found a new perspective that should only benefit his team as it tries to send him off with a sixth national title.

As Krzyzewski finishes his 42nd and final season at Duke before handing the program over to associate head coach Jon Scheyer, we will update this piece with the latest tributes — and tribulations — from the farewell tour of a coaching legend.

More on Coach K’s final season

Final Four bound

Duke faced yet another elite defense in the Elite Eight, and the Blue Devils turned in another elite offensive performance as they cruised past Arkansas 78-69 to reach Krzyzewski’s 13th Final Four. AJ Griffin led the No. 2 seed Blue Devils with 18 points. But it was a balanced effort for Duke, which followed up on a masterful showing against Texas Tech in the Sweet 16 with another hot shooting night. In both games, Duke’s offensive execution stood out. With sophomores Jeremy Roach and Mark Williams playing some of their best basketball at Duke, the Blue Devils looked like a team on a mission during the second weekend of the Big Dance. 

The victory over Texas Tech made Coach K the first to ever reach 100 career NCAA Tournament victories. And the win over Arkansas put Krzyzewski ahead of John Wooden for first all-time in number of Final Four appearances with 13.

Sweet 16 showdown

After falling behind 10-2 in the opening minutes and trailing 33-29 at halftime, Duke rallied in the second half for a 78-73 win over No. 3 seed Texas Tech in the Sweet 16. The Blue Devils shot 70.8% from the floor in the second half against the Red Raiders, who entered the game with arguably the nation’s top defense. No other team scored more points in regulation of a game against TTU all season than Duke, which was led by 22 points from Paolo Banchero. Krzyzewski also green-lighted Duke’s change to a zone defense in the second half, which wound up helping the Blue Devils flip the game’s momentum in their favor.

Duke survives first weekend

The Blue Devils advanced past the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament with a relatively drama-free win over Cal State Fullerton in the first round and a thrilling victory over Michigan State in the second round. Michigan State gave Duke everything it could handle, but the No. 2 seed Blue Devils survived for an 85-76 victory over the No. 7 seed Spartans to advance to the Sweet 16. The outcome gave Krzyzewski his 1,200th victory and prolonged his career for at least one more game. With the win, Krzyzewski will close his career with an all-time record of 13-3 against Michigan State coach Tom Izzo.

Blue Devils receive No. 2 seed

Less than 24 hours after losing in the ACC Tournament title game, Duke learned it would begin NCAA Tournament play as a No. 2 seed in the West Region taking on No. 15 seed Cal State Fullerton in a first round game. Though Duke was part of the West Region, it got sent to Greenville, South Carolina, for the first two rounds. The location just four hours from the Duke campus allowed for fans of the Blue Devils to make the trip.

Duke falls in ACC title game

Duke was aiming for its 16th ACC Tournament title under Krzyzewski on March 12, but the Blue Devils ran into a hot Virginia Tech team and fell 82-67. Hunter Cattoor led the Hokies with a career-high 31 points, showing once again that the Blue Devils have some defensive issues to address entering the Big Dance.

“They’ve been like a well-oiled machine,” Krzyzewski said afterward. “They’re a team that you need two or three days of preparation for to put in your defensive game plan, and it still might not work. I think they’re the team they thought they were going to be at the beginning of the year. They hung in there, and they probably got tougher, built more character, and became so close, and it shows up in these last 15 games or so that they’ve played. They’re really good. Our kids fought like crazy. We played hard. An older team handles tired better. I know they played an extra game than us, but when you’re older, you handle that better.”

ACC Tournament battles

Duke faced stiff resistance in its first two ACC Tournament games. First, the No. 1 seed Blue Devils needed a late surge to beat No. 9 seed Syracuse 88-79 and advance to the semifinals. It was the final game between Coach K and his friend and longtime rival Jim Boeheim. Despite playing without leading scorer Buddy Boeheim, the Orange led 79-78 lead at the 3:32 mark before fading in the end. Then came another meeting with Miami, a team that Duke split with in the regular season. The game was tied at halftime and close until the end. But junior wing Wendell Moore Jr. turned it on in the second half to help Duke win 80-76 and advance to the title game.

Final home game

Krzyzewski’s final season as Duke’s coach reached a long-awaited milestone on March 5. as the college basketball legend coached his final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The result, a 94-81 loss to rival North Carolina, cast a pall over the day. But it was nonetheless a historic occasion for Duke and the sport as a whole. Before a planned postgame ceremony began, Krzyzewski took the microphone unprompted and offered an apology for his team’s performance after they were outscored 55-40 by the Tar Heels in the second half. In classic Coach K form, he even snapped “please everyone be quiet” as fans tried to cheer before he could make his point.

“This isn’t part of the program,” he said. “This is impromptu by me. I’m sorry about this afternoon. It’s unacceptable. Today was unacceptable, but the season has been very acceptable. And I’ll tell you, the season isn’t over.”

Following the presentation of several gifts from university officials, Krzyzewski returned to the microphone and reflected on his time at the university. 

Ticket prices soar for final home game

Duke vs. North Carolina is always a tough ticket. But the historic nature of Coach K’s final home game coming against the Tar Heels on March 5 sent rates into overdrive. As the No. 6 Blue Devils prepared to host UNC, the cheapest tickets available for the game on StubHub the morning before tip were $4,699. The most expensive seats — on the floor behind one of the baskets — were $99,988 apiece.

Clinching the No. 1 seed

Duke secured the No. 1 seed in the ACC Tournament and the ACC regular-season league title with an 86-56 victory over Pittsburgh on March 1 in Krzyzewski’s last trip to play the Panthers. The victory marked seven straight for Duke, which entered the day’s action as a projected No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament, according to CBS Sports Bracketology Expert Jerry Palm. Before the action got started, Pittsburgh played a video tribute for Krzyzewski highlighted by a message from Panthers coach Jeff Capel, a former star guard for Duke under Coach K. 

Jim Boeheim and Coach K share a moment

With Krzyzewski coaching his final game at the Carrier Dome against Syracuse and close friend Jim Boeheim on Feb. 26, the Orange gave Coach K a heartfelt sendoff. Syracuse presented Coach K with a framed photo of he and Boeheim printed on a piece of the Carrier Dome roof. Syracuse also announced the creation of a new scholarship in Krzyzewski’s honor. The Captain Michael William Krzyzewski Award for Leadership and Civic Engagement will go annually to a military-affiliated Syracuse student “who through their actions and aspirations embodies Coach Krzyzewski’s public and demonstrated commitment to the virtues of honor, empathy, and servant-leadership.”

Tony Bennett honors Coach K

Virginia coach Tony Bennett offered a classy tribute to retiring Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on Feb. 23 before the Cavaliers hosted the Duke in a game the Blue Devils won the game 65-61. Bennett presented Krzyzewski with a commemorative plaque. He also took a microphone and expressed his gratitude to Coach K as the crowd at John Paul Jones Arena offered warm applause.

“I want to take this opportunity, because this is important for me and our team and the rest of us, to acknowledge your monumental contributions to the basketball world,” Bennett said. “Mainly, our game in college basketball. Your success is remarkable, and you stood the test of time.”

Coach K returns after exhaustion bout

Krzyzewski returned to the bench for his team’s 88-70 win over Florida State on Feb. 19 after missing the second half of a win over Wake Forest earlier in the week due to a health scare. The No. 9 Blue Devils kept stress levels down for Coach K and a raucous crowd by dismantling an injury-plagued FSU team with a 52% shooting performance. With the win, Duke improved to 23-4 (13-3 ACC) and pulled ahead of Notre Dame atop the ACC standings after the Fighting Irish fell to 12-4 in league play with a loss at Wake Forest. It was Coach K’s penultimate home game.

Wake Forest health scare

Krzyzewski was not on the bench during the the second half of the No. 9 Blue Devils’ 74-72 victory over Wake Forest on Jan. 15 because of a health scare. He explained later that he wasn’t feeling well during the half and felt as though he might pass out upon standing to return to the locker room at halftime. Without Coach K on the bench, Jon Scheyer took command and coached the team to a dramatic win. Wake Forest used a late 9-0 run to tie the game at 74 with 20 seconds left. From there, Mark Williams won it for Duke with a dunk on a follow-up shot in the final second that was initially waved off due to basket interference. It wasn’t Scheyer’s first time with solo command of the team this season as Coach K also missed Duke’s first win over Wake Forest on Jan. 12 with an illness.

BC steps up with a donation

Boston College became the latest ACC program to announce a donation to the Emily K Center upon Krzyzewski’s final visit to their arena. The Eagles made the announcement on Feb. 12 before the No. 7 Blue Devils knocked off BC 72-61. The Emily K Center is a nonprofit organization in Durham, North Carolina, named after Krzyzewski’s mother that provides educational programs.

Florida State and Clemson are the other schools that have made similar pledges this season as Krzyzewski makes his final tour around the conference before retiring at the end of this season. The victory over the Eagles improved Duke to 21-4 (11-3 ACC) as five players reached double figures, led by freshman phenom Paolo Banchero’s 16 points and 14 rebounds. It was Banchero’s eighth double-double of the season and second straight.

David Collins incident

Duke easily handled Clemson 82-64 on Feb. 10, but Krzyzewski’s final road game against the Tigers came with some extracurricular drama. Tensions rose in the first half when Clemson guard David Collins undercut Blue Devils’ wing Wendell Moore Jr. as Moore attempted a breakaway dunk. Collins received a Flagrant 2 foul on the play and was ejected after Coach K came on to the floor in protest. Moore was able to return to the game, and Collins apologized to Coach K, which helped diffuse the situation. Before the scary playing involving Moore and Collins, the night began in cordial fashion when Clemson announced it will donate $5 for each of Krzyzewski’s career victories to the Emily K Center, a nonprofit organization named after Krzyzewski’s mother.

Losing to Virginia

Coming off an emotional victory at rival North Carolina on Saturday, No. 7 Duke lost to unranked Virginia 69-68 at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Feb. 7. Cavaliers sophomore guard Reece Beekman drilled a game-winning 3-pointer with 1.1 seconds remaining as the Blue Devils lost for the first time since a Jan. 18 defeat vs. Florida State on Jan. 18. Duke’s Paolo Banchero, who scored a season-low nine points, had a chance to win the game for the Blue Devils, but his desperation 3-point attempt hit only the side of the backboard as the buzzer sounded.

Winning big at UNC

There were no plaques, polite golf claps, video montages or other commemorative gestures as Krzyzewski coached his final game at the Dean Smith Center on Feb. 5. Instead, the Tar Heels’ fans booed as he was introduced in a reminder of just how bitter the Duke-UNC rivalry is. The Blue Devils responded by laying an 87-67 whooping on UNC that ensured Coach K will end his coaching career with a winning record against Duke’s arch rival. AJ Griffin led the way with a career-high 27 points. With first-year UNC coach Hubert Davis coaching his first game in the rivalry, it means that Krzyzewski’s tenure has now touched the tenures of five different North Carolina coaches. Davis will get at least one more shot at Coach K when the teams meet again at Duke on March 5 in the regular-season finale for both. For a look back at some the rivalry’s top moments from Krzyzewski’s tenure, check out this link.

Beating Notre Dame, preparing for UNC

Following a 57-43 win at Notre Dame on Jan. 31 that improved the Blue Devils to 18-3 (8-2 ACC), Duke turned its attention to preparing for its first game with North Carolina. The Tar Heels won both meetings between the programs last season, which sent legendary UNC coach Roy Williams into retirement on a positive note within the parameters of the storied rivalry. The difference was that Williams did not announce his retirement until after the season. Krzyzewski is on what amounts to a farewell tour, and it ratchets up the hype for his final trip to the Dean Dome. The reception should be a bit more cool than the one he received at Notre Dame from Fighting Irish coach Mike Brey, who was an assistant at Duke under Coach K from 1987 to 1995.

Denny Crum greets Coach K

Legendary former Louisville coach Denny Crum presented Krzyzewski with a customized Louisville Slugger baseball bat and a bottle of bourbon featuring Krzyzewski’s face before the Cardinals and Blue Devils squared off on Jan. 29. Louisville also gave Duke all it could handle on the court before Coach K’s squad escaped with a 74-65 victory. With Trevor Keels out of the lineup once again due to a leg injury, a big game from fellow freshman AJ Griffin helped propel Duke to the win. Griffin scored 22 points and hit all five of his 3-point attempts.

Blue Devils bounce back without Trevor Keels

Duke responded to a Jan. 18 loss at Florida State by knocking off Syracuse 79-59 on Jan. 22 in Coach K’s last time hosting friend and longtime coaching rival Jim Boeheim from Syracuse. The Blue Devils’ next game featured a bit more drama, though. Clemson staged a valiant upset bid before Duke closed strong for a 71-69 victory on Jan. 25 that improved its home winning streak against the Tigers to 20 games. Paolo Banchero led the Blue Devils with 19 points while sophomore center Mark Williams contributed a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. Banchero’s made shot with 10 seconds left put Duke up 71-67 and helped cement the outcome. Missing for the second straight game was freshman guard Trevor Keels, who was injured in the Florida State loss. Sophomore point guard Jeremy Roach re-entered the starting lineup in Keels’ place and amassed 18 assists vs. just two turnovers in the wins over Syracuse and Clemson.

FSU honors Coach K and hands Duke a loss

Florida State honored Krzyzewski before the Seminoles hosted the No. 6 Blue Devils on Jan. 18 by announcing a donation to the Emily K Center. The Seminoles’ fans also gave him a pregame standing ovation as he made his final trip to the Donald L. Tucker Center as Duke’s head coach. But the applause and the donation to the philanthropic organization near the Duke campus named in honor of Krzyzewski’s mother were the extent of the pleasantries. Once the ball was tipped, FSU turned tenacious and used a decisive edge in points off turnovers and second-chance points to secure a 79-78 overtime victory. Duke will have a chance for revenge on Feb. 19 at Duke in what could be the last great battle between Coach K and FSU’s own legendary coach Leonard Hamilton.

Coach K out sick

Just hours before a Jan. 12 game at Wake Forest, Duke announced that Krzyzewski would miss the game because of a virus unrelated to COVID-19. In his absence, Jon Scheyer was tabbed acting head coach. Considering that Scheyer is taking over for Krzyzewski after this season, the game set up as a preview of what’s ahead for the program. It brought an encouraging result as the Blue Devils outlasted the Demon Deacons 76-64 behind a combined 46 points from Paolo Banchero and AJ Griffin. He returned on Jan. 15 for Duke’s win over NC State as the Blue Devils got a combined 40 points from front court players Paolo Banchero and Mark Williams.

First home loss

The Blue Devils lost 76-74 at home to Miami on Jan. 8. It was their first home loss of the season. A Kameron McGusty jumper put the Hurricanes ahead 75-74 with 20 seconds left, and Duke missed three potential go-ahead shots from there, including a 3-point miss from Trevor Keels as the final buzzer sounded. Coach K pointed to turnovers as a chief issue in the game as the Blue Devils turned it over 17 times, as opposed to Miami which committed just five turnovers.

COVID-19 pause and Devoe drama

Duke began ACC play with a 76-65 home win over Virginia Tech on Dec. 22 but then a speed bump. As much of college basketball dealt with scheduling disruptions due to COVID-19 issues, the Blue Devils were among those hit by the virus. That kept them from playing their second and third league games as scheduled against Clemson and Notre Dame, meaning Duke’s second ACC game didn’t come until Jan. 4 against Georgia Tech.

The pause didn’t seem to bother the Blue Devils too much as they knocked off the Yellow Jackets 69-57 in their first game back. The game featured some extracurricular drama as Krzyzewski and Georgia Tech star Michael Devoe exchanged words late in the second half after Devoe pointed at Coach K and the Duke bench following a basket that prompted a Duke timeout.

“He said ‘you don’t know who you’re talking to,'” Devoe recalled of his exchange with Krzyzewski. “But I was just trying to compete with them. That’s all there was. So I guess he took it the wrong way. But me as a competitor, I want to beat Duke.”

Returning from break

Duke had a two-week hiatus between games spanning the first two weeks of December amid the final exam period for the university. But it returned with a 103-62 win over South Carolina State on Dec. 14 and followed that with a 92-67 victory over Appalachian State on Dec. 16. It was supposed to play Loyola (Maryland) on Dec. 18, but the meeting was canceled because of a COVID-19 issue within the Loyola program. Replacement opponent Cleveland State also had to cancel on Duke because of the same issue, which left the Blue Devils scrambling to find a third potential opponent for the slot. Elon agreed to play on short notice, giving Duke one final tune-up before ACC play.

The wins over South Carolina State and Appalachian State were two of the best games yet for freshman forward AJ Griffin. He made 5 of 9 attempts from 3-point range over those contests to bolster the team’s perimeter shooting outlook after it struggled in that facet during the first month of the season.

Short stay at No. 1

Just one day after rising to No. 1 in the AP Top 25 on the heels of a thrilling win over Gonzaga, Duke dropped a 71-66 decision at Ohio State in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. The Buckeyes outscored Duke 41-23 in the second half and roared back from a 15-point deficit behind a 20-point night from sophomore big man Zed Key. Wendell Moore Jr. led the Blue Devils with 17, and Paolo Banchero added 14. But Banchero struggled in the second half, going 0-for-7 from the field in the second half.

Knocking off the Zags, rising to No. 1

Duke improved to 7-0 with an 84-81 win over No. 1 Gonzaga on Nov. 26 in front of a crowd of 20,389 at T-Mobile Arena. It was the largest crowd to ever see a basketball game in Nevada, and they were treated to a thriller. Paolo Banchero scored 20 points in the first half before dealing with cramps in the second half and going quiet. Wendell Moore Jr. picked up the slack by scoring 16 of his 20 points in the second half.

The victory improved Krzyzewski to 7-11 all-time against No. 1 ranked teams, and it catapulted the Blue Devils to No. 1 in the new set of rankings released three days later.

Getting ready for Gonzaga

Duke easily won games against Lafayette and The Citadel on Nov. 19 and Nov. 22 as it prepared to face No. 1 Gonzaga on Nov. 26. The Blue Devils beat Lafayette 88-55 behind a 23-point outing from Wendell Moore Jr. Duke beat The Citadel 107-81 behind a combined 50 points from Moore and Paolo Banchero. There was a scary moment in the Citadel game, when Bulldogs’ coach Duggar Baucom collapsed on the court in the first half. He stayed overnight at Duke University Hospital and was released the afternoon after the game.

DWI charge for grandson

An otherwise sterling start to Krzyzewski’s final season hit a speed bump in the early morning hours of Nov. 14, when Duke walk-on Michael Savarino, who is Krzyzewski’s grandson, was arrested for suspicion of DWI. Complicating matters, Duke star freshman Paolo Banchero was a passenger in the vehicle and was cited for aiding and abetting DWI. But while Savarino was suspended, Banchero was not held out of any game action, as Krzyzewski explained “it’s two different situations.”

“Headlines might make it look like it’s the same,” he said. “It’s not. I think the decisions we made are in conjunction with our authorities, my superiors.”

West Point flashback

Duke played host to Army West Point on Nov. 12 in its home opener as part of the Duke Veterans Day Weekend Showcase. The Blue Devils won 82-56, but the game carried special significance because Army is where Krzyzewski both played and first served as a head coach. Between his four years as a student at Army and five as the coach, Krzyzewski spent nearly a decade of his young adult life in West Point. Army explored his history with the program in a special tribute video released before the game.

Garden party

Krzyzewski’s final season began on a big stage, with the Blue Devils beating Kentucky at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 9 in the Champions Classic. The venue is one of Krzyzewski’s favorites, and it offered a parting gift to the legendary coach. Krzyzewski is now 34-11 all-time at Madison Square Garden, and that record will remain unchanged unless the Blue Devils end up playing in the NIT, which would be nothing short of a disaster.

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How B.C. drivers can improve gas mileage as prices reach record highs

Drivers across Canada are feeling the pain at the pumps as gas prices continue to reach record highs due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The sky-high prices have even prompted some residents of British Columbia to travel across the U.S. border into Point Roberts to fill up their tanks and save a few bucks.

But one local expert says those looking to save money closer to home can follow a series of tips designed to maximize fuel efficiency.

Josh Smythe, an automotive specialist and customer care manager at BCAA, told CTV News Vancouver Tuesday that drivers will notice savings over time if they follow these simple tricks.

Service your car regularly and keep tires properly inflated

According to Smythe, one of the most important things drivers can do to get more out of their tank is to ensure their vehicle is properly maintained.

“Maintenance plays a huge part in making sure the power or the energy supplied by the fuel actually gets to the road,” he says. “There’s this energy loss through the engine just from road contact, so you’re not getting 100 per cent of power out of the fuel to the road. But the better maintained your vehicle is, the less resistance, less friction, and less power loss.”

Smythe adds that one of the biggest misnomers is tire pressure.

“Some think if they have 35 pounds in their tire and it helps roll better because there’s less friction, then with 45 pounds in their tire, it should be even better, but that’s not the case,” he says.

“Over-pressurizing your tires to get a marginally different fuel consumption…what you’re saving with that is being eliminated by needing to replace your tires prematurely.”

Avoid aggressive driving

BCAA says punching the pedal can increase fuel consumption by up to 37 per cent, and it doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere faster.

“If you’re driving aggressive then you’re braking aggressive,” Smythe says. “So now all this fuel that you use to get the momentum of your vehicle in motion is being eliminated because you need to hit the brakes again.”

Lighten the load and make your car more aerodynamic

Removing excess weight and roof racks when you’re not using them is another key factor in driving smarter, Smythe says.

“If you have excessive weight in your car, your engine has to work extra hard in order to get all this weight moving,” he says. “When you’re hitting your brakes, you’re now removing the power that you put into the car for forward motion…so it’s counterproductive for mileage.”

Take the path of least resistance

Smythe says another tip to keep in mind is planning your trips ahead of time to help avoid high-traffic areas and driving during rush hour.

BCAA also recommends that drivers consolidate errands into one trip or to combine them with your daily commute.

Don’t sit idle

BCAA also recommends that drivers don’t sit idle for more than 60 seconds and that shutting off and re-starting your engine actually consumes less fuel than keeping your vehicle running.

“All of these things as individual tips might not necessarily get you a measurable result,” Smythe says. “But if you’re following all of these tips, over time you will certainly see that it’s costing you less.”

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