British Airways set to resume flights to Pittsburgh

British Airways is continuing to rebuild its transatlantic network with flights from London to Pittsburgh due to resume on 3 June.

The airline will fly from London Heathrow to Pittsburgh International airport four times per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Neil Chernoff, British Airways’ director of networks and alliances, said: “We’re delighted to be returning to the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, offering the only direct route to and from London.”

British Airways’ summer 2022 transatlantic schedule will see the UK airline flying to 26 cities across the US.

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Delta to resume flights from Edinburgh airport

US carrier Delta is returning to Edinburgh airport by restarting flights to New York and Boston for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Delta will fly from the Scottish capital to New York JFK airport five times per week from 2 May before becoming a daily service in June.

The airline will also resume flights from Edinburgh to Boston, which will operate five times per week, from 28 May.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh airport, said: “Continuing to reconnect Scotland and the US will be welcome news. We’re excited to see Delta back at Edinburgh airport and look forward to working with them on returning success to these routes.”

Nicolas Ferri, Delta’s vice president, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, added: “This summer we’re seeing increased demand for travel between Scotland and the US.”

The rebuilding of Delta’s transatlantic network comes as rival United Airlines prepares to launch its largest-ever summer schedule between the US and Europe.

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Effective Tips to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll be happy to note that there’s a tremendous demand for soft skills developed through traveling. Companies branch out to several cultures and markets, and you may be the person they want for the job. If you’re looking for a job tailor-fit for you and want to stand out, you can check the tips below on how you can emphasize your adventures on your resume.

How to Make Your Travels Contribute to Your Resume

If you’re leaving the country for a year of adventure, you can ensure that your experiences add a positive addition to your resume. Check the tips below:

●      Make Your Trip Meaningful

If you’re temporarily moving out of your comfort zone. You should learn some skills you can use to stand out when you apply for jobs when you return. 

●      Set Goals When You Travel

If you’re setting out for an adventure, ensure you accomplish a goal or two suitable to your field. For example, you can further your photography skills, create a social media following, volunteer for a nonprofit, or build a small brand. 

●      Create Relevant Experiences to Your Industry

If you’re taking a year on leave, you should learn a new skill, find freelance or temporary job, signup for a course, or any relevant experience that you can use to explain to your potential employer why you left.

Top Tips on How You Can Include Your Travels to Your Resume

Image courtesy of SplitShire from Pixabay

1.     Travel Must Be Pertinent to the Job

For you to highlight your travel experiences, your skills and experiences must relate to the position you prefer. Check the job criteria, and list the skills matching your experiences in living in other countries. For example, is the employer considering a candidate with cross-cultural understanding, negotiation, or communication skills? Are they searching for someone who’s self-sufficient and possesses independent decision-making?

Your resume must have a professional story. However, if your travels don’t apply to the job description, you may include your adventures as additional information or in the hobbies section. However, professional resume writers remind you to be cautious about turning your experiences into fluff. Instead, learn to pick the travels that develop skills required for the job.

2.     Share Your Travel Accomplishments

You may talk about what you accomplished from your travel experiences. For example, you volunteered for an organization or learned language proficiency while vacationing in another country. Draft them so that you can exhibit independence to your potential employer.

3.     Categorize Your Travels

If you travel for leisure, you can’t put your adventures as work experience. However, you may still include them in your resume but in another section. 

4.     Don’t Overshare or Elaborate on Your Travels.

Remember not to overshare your adventure because your resume should be concise. Therefore, the cv writing service uk suggests that you only have to include skills or experiences relevant to the job.

5.     Check Job Requirements

If the job description includes extended or occasional travel, you should consist of your travels. Moreover, you may have them if they’re helpful in your explanation about the long career gap in your resume. On the other hand, you shouldn’t include your foreign adventures if you can’t highlight the skills your potential employer desires in a candidate.

6.     Share Your Travel Experiences in Your Cover Letter

If your travels aren’t suitable in your resume, you may mention them in your cover letter. You can include perspectives or skills you learned from your journeys.

7.     Highlight Hard and Soft Skills Learned While Traveling

Hard skills are skills you learned, like a new language. On the other hand, soft skills are social skills such as , communication, or motivational skills. They are essential but aren’t quantifiable.

You may have opted to travel right after graduation; therefore, you may have developed more soft skills. Consequently, you may feature self-growth in your resume, ensuring that you share experiences showing actions, circumstances, and outcomes. Most employers prefer to look into soft skills and experiences so that you can highlight them.

Final Thoughts

If you prefer to apply for a job and want to include your travels in your resume, you should use your wise judgment. However, the mentioned tips should help you how you can share your adventures without oversharing. In addition, the job description should tell you if you can list your trips in your application.

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White House to Resume Public Tours Next Month — What to Know

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Air France to Resume Flights to New York City

As COVID-19 positive cases start to drop and travel restrictions loosen across the world, Air France says it will resume its service to New York City on March 27.

The news was first reported by the aviation blog The Points Guy (TPG).


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France’s national carrier will fly a daily route between Orly Airport in Paris and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

That will bring the daily total of flights from the New York area to Paris to seven, as Air France also plans to resume service from NYC to Charles De Gaulle Airport as well.

In addition, TPG reported that Air France will resume five weekly flights between Orly and Dallas-Fort Worth, and season service between Charles De Gaulle and Denver will restart on May 4 with three weekly flights.

All totaled, Air France will certainly be doing its part to lift international travel out of its doldrums with almost 200 weekly flights from Paris to New York, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis,. San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

According to The Points Guy, the plethora of flights between the U.S. and Paris on Air France is a 20 percent increase over the volume of flights the airline carried in the summer of 2019, the last full pre-pandemic year that travel companies use as a gauge to chart its progress.

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If you’re struggling to get your résumé seen, use this tip from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to make it stand out.

It can be hard to get your rsum seen by recruiters. But Kevin O’Leary, the legendary investor and star of Shark Tank, has some advice that might help.

O’Leary told CNBC Make It about the traits he looks for when trying to fill a role. One ‘green flag’ he highlighted is when candidates have a hobby or pastime that is “completely different” and “polar” to the professional skill set he’s seeking.

“It’s very important because it shows that the person is balanced in the sense of how they think,” O’Leary told the publication.

He said that he likes candidates who have a “yin and yang” and are well-rounded as a person. For example, someone who’s good with finances but also enjoys playing a musical instrument.

O’Leary said that he hired somebody for a social media role after he learned that she was also a ballet dancer. He said that it’s a good sign when a candidate is dedicated to a potentially time-consuming hobby because it shows they’re a diligent worker.

“When I see people that are balanced that way, it doesn’t mean they’re not working very hard they are. They’re working like crazy because they’re trying to do all these things at the same time,” he told CNBC Make It.

O’Leary co-founded SoftKey in the eighties but gained fame for appearing on TV shows Shark Tank and, more recently, Money Court. He’s chairman of investment fund O’Shares Investment Advisers.

Katy Ingle, Bank of America’s head of diversity and inclusion for Europe, Middle East, and Africa previously told Insider that she asks candidates to tell her about their hobbies outside of work because it shows her what they can bring to the role.

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Singapore and India resume two-way air vaccinated travel lane

On 30 November, Singapore was put on a list of territories considered by India to be at high risk of Covid-19 infections, which meant travellers flying from Singapore to India had to take Covid-19 tests and serve a seven-day quarantine after arriving in India from 1 December.

On 9 December, India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) removed Singapore from the list. After resuming the two-way air vaccinated travel lane (VTL), travellers from Singapore to India must still monitor their health after their arrival. Additionally, a random sample of 2% of travellers must undergo a Covid-19 test upon arrival in India, according to MOHFW guidance (1-page / 374KB PDF).

Mayumi Soh of Pinsent Masons MPillay, the Singapore joint law venture between MPillay and Pinsent Masons, said: “Travellers should be alert and keep themselves updated on changes to the travel requirements of the relevant countries.”

The VTL arrangements allow travellers who are fully vaccinated to enter Singapore without quarantine, provided that they undergo Covid-19 testing before departure and upon arrival at Changi airport. From 6 December, travellers must take supervised daily antigen rapid tests (ART) for a week after they arrive in Singapore.

Singapore launched its VTL with India on 29 November. There are currently six designated VTL flights to Singapore daily from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

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BA to resume transatlantic A380 services

British Airways will resume A380 services
to the US in December as it adds more transatlantic flights and destinations
following the reopening of the country’s borders.

The airline will reinstate its A380 jumbo jet on flights to
Miami from Heathrow on 5 December, followed by Los Angeles on 9 December. The
plane will also operate the Dallas route from 27 March 2022.

In addition, BA will resume flights from Heathrow to
Nashville and New Orleans in December.

The news comes after the carrier operated its first
transatlantic flight from Gatwick since March 2020 with a service to Tampa,
Florida on 15 November. BA said it will also add flights from Gatwick to
Orlando on 19 November.

BA is set to launch a new subsidiary based at Gatwick called
BA EuroFlyer to operate a short-haul network from March 2022. The airline
suspended the majority of its services from the airport in March 2020 and has
been in negotiations over the subsidiary in an attempt to turn around its ‘loss-making’

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Japan’s “Go To Travel” subsidy program to resume possibly in February

Japan’s “Go To Travel” domestic tourism subsidy program may resume in February after being suspended late last year amid a resurgence in coronavirus cases, with the campaign to include compulsory virus countermeasures, government sources said Thursday.

While the number of new and serious COVID-19 cases in the country has sharply declined recently along with the progress of the vaccination program, the government believes it still needs to evaluate whether oral drugs to prevent serious cases will be available by the end of the year, the sources said.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said at a press conference Wednesday that oral medications will be an “ace in the hole” against the coronavirus. He also said the government will drastically review the tourism campaign to make it safer.

The government is planning to require people taking advantage of the “Go To Travel” program to show proof of vaccination or a negative virus test result when they check into accommodation and on other occasions, according to the sources.

The tourism-boosting campaign, which covers 50 percent of travel costs up to 20,000 yen ($175) per person per night, began in July 2020 to support the industry amid the pandemic-caused downturn, with virus-hit Tokyo added to the program in October that year, but was suspended last December due to the rapid spread of infections.

The government is considering lowering the per night subsidy cap to 13,000 yen as the relatively large original discount was criticized for benefiting luxury hotels rather than more reasonably priced operations, according to the sources.

It is also studying a plan to run the nationwide campaign until the end of the Golden Week holidays in May and then switch to subsidizing prefectural governments’ own tourism campaigns that promote travel for residents within their home prefectures, they said.

The Japan Tourism Agency has been trialing procedures to confirm travelers’ vaccination status or virus test results since October in preparation for a resumption of the travel campaign.

The agency will formulate operational guidelines by the end of this month, the sources said.

Opposition parties had criticized the program as a factor in the resurgence of virus infections. A total of 87.81 million hotel stays were made under the campaign by Dec. 28 last year when it was halted, with the government spending 2.7 trillion yen on the scheme.

The planned review of the program is aimed at spreading the benefits to a wider range of hotel operators and to make its use less concentrated around weekends and holidays.

A plan has emerged to reduce discount rates for accommodation facilities from 35 percent to 30 percent, in the hope that people will stay at hotels and inns that are not as expensive.

The revamped campaign is also expected to encourage people to travel more on weekdays, through measures such as handing out coupons worth 3,000 yen on weekdays for dining and shopping at travel destinations, while distributing 1,000 yen coupons on weekends and holidays, the sources said.

The tourism industry and local governments that were financially devastated by the pandemic have been calling for the “Go To Travel” program to be quickly restarted.

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Japan eyes over 30 tril. yen economic stimulus to fight pandemic

No. of private lodgings in Japan falls with demand lost due to virus

Chronology of major events related to coronavirus and Japan

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‘Road to recovery’: quarantine-free travel from New Zealand to Australia set to resume | Australia news

Quarantine-free travel from New Zealand to Australia will resume from Monday, Australia’s tourism minister has said, as the country readies itself for a partial reopening of its international borders for the first time since March 2020.

Vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents living in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT will be free to fly internationally from Monday without the need for an exemption or to quarantine upon return.

For now, however, only tourists from neighbouring New Zealand will be allowed into Australia, provided they are vaccinated.

“The resumption of quarantine-free travel from New Zealand to Australia is another important marker on our road to recovery,” tourism minister Dan Tehan said in a statement on Sunday.

Tehan said that in 2019 New Zealand was the second-largest source of travellers to Australia, with 1.4 million visitors. Travellers will need to have proof of a negative Covid-19 test within three days of their arrival in Australia, and evidence of full vaccination.

Australia closed its borders at the start of the pandemic, allowing only a limited number of citizens and permanent residents to return from abroad, subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine period in a hotel at their own expense. Citizens needed to apply for permission to leave the country.

More than 80% of people aged 16 or over in New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra are fully vaccinated – a condition for the resumption of international travel – meaning that about 14 million Australians will be free to leave and re-enter the country if they are fully vaccinated.

But while airlines and tourism agencies have reported “massive demand” for services, only 23% of Australians feel confident about making travel plans in the next year, a survey by consumer advocacy group Choice showed last week.

There were more than 1,200 new coronavirus cases recorded across Australia on Sunday, with 1,036 in Victoria and 177 infections in New South Wales. There were 13 related deaths.

While the Delta outbreak kept Sydney and Melbourne in lockdowns for months until recently, Australia’s Covid-19 case numbers remain far lower than many comparable countries, with just over 170,500 infections and 1,735 deaths.

Nearly 77% of all Australians have been now fully vaccinated, and more than 88% have received their first dose.

Australia and New Zealand had instituted a quarantine-free travel bubble earlier in the year, but it was suspended after Delta cases surged in NSW and Victoria.

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