US: Biden signs order to protect travel for abortion | News | DW

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed another executive order to protect abortion rights, this time in regards to out of state travel for the procedure.

It’s the latest bid by the Biden administration to ensure access to abortions after the Supreme Court ruled in June to end the nationwide constitutional right to abortion.

What does the order do?

The order will allow states which have not banned abortion to apply for Medicaid funds. This money can then be used to support women who travel from out of state, and facilitate their access to an abortion. 

The application of the order could be tricky, as Medicaid funds are not to be used for abortion services unless the woman’s life is in jeopardy or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.  

The order also urges healthcare providers to comply with federal non-discrimination laws in regards to medical care.

The latest executive order on abortion by Biden comes amid Republican-led efforts across the country to outlaw and restrict access to the procedure. The recent Supreme Court reversal on Roe v. Wade struck down the constitutional right to an abortion, leaving it up to the states to decide whether it should be legal.

Biden hails Kansas abortion vote 

Biden on Wednesday also touted a major pro-choice victory in Kansas.

Kansans a day earlier voted against amending the state constitution to say there is no right to an abortion. The vote is unusual in a state that leans highly conservative.

“Last night in the American heartland, the people of Kansas sent an unmistakable message to the Republican extremists,” Biden said. “If it’s going to happen in Kansas, it’s going to happen in a whole lot of states.”      

In other parts of the country, abortion rights are still under attack, however. In several weeks, the western state of Idaho will enact a near-total ban on abortion, with the Biden administration suing over the measure.

The Midwestern state of Indiana also recently advanced a near-total ban in the state Senate, with the legislation now headed for debate in the state’s House of Representatives this week. 

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Amish traffic signs being stolen — again | News, Sports, Jobs

Clarissa Kell | Daily PressAn Amish alert sign on County Road 426 in Escanaba Township is shown recently. A total of four Amish alert signs were stolen off county roads in Delta County in September.

ESCANABA — The Delta County Sheriff’s Department received a report on May 3 that two Amish alert signs had been stolen from County Rd. 426. The two signs were located on roads within the Escanaba and Cornell Townships. These thefts create a total of seven Amish alert signs that has been stolen from various roads throughout Delta County in just a two year time frame.

Four of these signs were stolen during the later months of 2019.

After Amish families moved into Delta County during the summer of 2019, the Delta County Road Commission installed six Amish alert signs on a number of county roads in both Cornell and Escanaba Townships to alert those driving in the area. The signs, yellow diamonds that depict a horse-drawn buggy, warn motorists that they may have to share the roadway with Amish travelers who occupy the shoulder when traveling.

On Sept. 9 and Sept. 21 in 2019, the first four Amish signs were reported to the sheriff’s department as stolen, two signs stolen on each date. In these incidents, the posts holding the signs were removed from the ground as well, meaning that the thief had to dislodge the pole from 3-foot deep concrete to obtain it. The signs were never returned, and the Delta County Road Commission replaced them all.

In the recent May 3 incident, only the signs were removed with the poles being left in place. As a result of the 2019 thefts, a camera was placed on at least one of the Amish alert signs in Delta County. According to the May 3 sheriff’s report, there was no indication that there was a camera at the scene of the crime.

The Delta County Road Commission is no longer replacing the Amish alert signs unless the township requests and pays for them. The current price for the alert signs is $80 each.

The theft of these signs raise a number of safety concerns for both the Amish community and motorists traveling the county roads. Horse-drawn buggies travel at a much slower rate than automobiles, which can catch motorists off-guard when traveling at high speeds. These buggies are also not built to endure high-level impact like most modern vehicles, which are equipped with seat-belts, airbags, and other protective measures.

Drivers in Delta County should be cautious when traveling county roads, for members of the Amish community travel to and from Escanaba and Gladstone for shopping needs. When coming into contact with a buggy, it is important to slow down and pass with care, leaving plenty of room between vehicles to ensure safety.

Before the 2019 thefts had even occurred, the Delta County Sheriff’s Department worked with the Amish community to have more Amish alert signs installed on the county roads. The request for more signs was due to increased safety concerns within the Amish community regarding the seriousness of automobile-buggy crashes.

Just over three months ago, there was an automobile accident involving a horse-drawn buggy in Michigan. On March 10, 2022 in Montcalm County, a buggy had been struck from the front by a pick-up truck that crossed the center line. The two occupants of the buggy were left seriously injured and their horse died. Their buggy, which had flipped upon impact, had endured significant damage.

After the 2019 thefts, local authorities urged thieves to return the Amish alert signs to no prevail. The signs, which are uncommon in comparison to your average stop sign, are hard to come by. Because they have to be specially made, or not readily in stock, the time to replace them is much longer than usual.

The Delta County Road Commission is asking the public report any information on the theft and vandalism of the Amish alert signs to the Delta County Sheriff’s Office at 906-786-3633.

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Marriott signs agreement with Sunwing to debut Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun – Breaking Travel News

Marriott signs agreement with Sunwing to debut Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun  Breaking Travel News

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Apple Leisure Group® development signs Secrets® Impression Isla Mujeres – Breaking Travel News

Apple Leisure Group® development signs Secrets® Impression Isla Mujeres  Breaking Travel News

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Weekly Horoscope May 9-15: Leos, Librans need to manage stress; Learn tip of the week for all 12 zodiac signs

Representative image
Image Source : FREEPIK

Representative image

Weekly Horoscope May 9-15: As the second week of May commences here are astrological tips and suggestions that you can learn about for better luck in personal and professional space. Astrologer Neeraj Dhankher shares a guide to the week ahead for you. 


You will be more likely to spend time with your family at the start of the week. Your devotion and love for your mother will grow. This period may also provide property rewards. Students will benefit from this period since they will do well in exams. They will be more interested in studying and will be able to do better in technical subjects. Your kids will be successful in their chosen fields. Those who want to benefit from competition will need to put forth more effort. Your company will acquire significant momentum and you will be able to increase your business throughout the last portion of the week. You will make a good profit, and your overseas trade will rise.

Tip of the week: Put more efforts


You may take a short trip at the start of the week. You will get the opportunity to see your family or friends, which will bring you joy and tranquilly. You will be free of everyday concerns and will be able to assist your siblings. Your connection with your coworkers will develop at work. Your mother’s health will improve, and you may be able to profit financially from her. You will spend more time with your children in the middle of the week. Students studying for competitive examinations may encounter challenges in accomplishing their objectives. You may have to work extra towards the conclusion of the week to deal with some unforeseen concerns that have arisen.

Tip of the week: Build connections at work


Family matters will keep you busy at the start of the week. You could have to do some essential work at home, which will strengthen your family ties. Any misunderstanding with your coworkers and superiors is anticipated, so be cautious and choose your words carefully. You’ll have to spend time with your mother and deal with her mood swings. In terms of money, you will be lucky and successful in increasing your savings. You may return some of your debts, which will provide you with comfort. This period will be beneficial to children’s growth. They will do well in their chosen career, whether they are studying or working.

Tip of the week: Expand your savings


Your confidence and ability to comprehend any scenario will grow throughout the course of the week. This will strengthen your connection with your seniors, which will benefit you. Securing your hard-earned money by placing it in a bank or establishing a fixed deposit can provide you with financial rewards. In the family, there will be more peace and mutual affection. Your siblings may have health problems. It is a good moment for you to take a short trip, whether for business or pleasure. You’ll need to spend some additional time with your kids to keep them motivated and engaged. Your marriage will continue to be solid and supportive.

Tip of the week: Plan a short journey


Your financial condition may be somewhat strained if you observe an unexpected spike in your spending. You will have to put in more effort in your line of work, and you may be required to travel to distant locations as part of your career. You may be concerned about your spouse’s health. There may be some family strife. You’ll have to be patient and attempt to settle things down in this case. To minimise unnecessary stress and misunderstanding at work and at home, a proactive strategy is required. Your self-assurance will improve by the end of the week. You will form positive relationships with your coworkers.

Tip of the week: Learn to manage stress


You will have a bountiful flow of money this week as a result of your own efforts, which will strengthen your financial status. You will be content and able to achieve your goals. You will form positive relationships with your bosses, which will assist you in your professional life. Your strategies will benefit you and help you succeed in business. Despite the benefits, you should not make any important choices at this period. Your family will also be well-treated and respected. There may be some differences between your siblings at times. The connection will improve if you maintain your conversations clear and transparent.

Tip of the week: Cash in on new opportunities


This week, your workload at work will rise, and you may be moved to another department. You will be content with your family life. There are promising signs of profiting from real estate. You can have a problem with your eyes or sleeplessness. Your costs will rise, and some of these expenses may be unproductive and for which you have not planned ahead of time. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your opponents at this period since they could lift their head. By the end of the week, you could have made a firm choice on a goal that will be critical to your future success. This period will be moderate from a business standpoint.

Tip of the week: Manage excess workload


You may go on a long travel for work, which would be beneficial. You may also visit a location that will provide you with inner serenity and fresh vigour. You will not experience any mental strain. You will work with greater concentration, resulting in great outcomes. Property-related issues will keep you engaged. Entrepreneurs might extend their product lines and seek out new customers. In family life, there will be a feeling of fulfilment. Your parents will be supportive of you which will provide you happiness. At the conclusion of the week, you should focus on your health and eat a balanced meal.Avoid eating food from outside.

Tip of the week: Guard against property disputes


You’ll be more focused on family activities at the start of the week. Your mind will be buzzing with ideas, so avoid making any major decisions at this period. There may be some unplanned costs that put a strain on your finances. You may be unable to concentrate on your job, causing your performance to suffer. Your siblings will be there for you. You will spend quality time with your friends. It will help you if your connection with your elders improves. You may be forced to take an unwelcome vacation that may cause you health difficulties. When sharing your ideas and emotions, you should talk slowly and carefully.

Tip of the week: Utilise your creative energy


Your finances are likely to improve at the start of the week as a result of gains from numerous sources. Your business partner and you will have a happy connection, which will help your company thrive. Positive ideas will flood your head, and you may decide to attempt something new. There might be some developments that can build up some stress. You should attempt to avoid spending time alone and spend it with your friends and loved ones. Investing money at this time might be detrimental. Your attention will increase as the week progresses, and you will be able to accomplish pending duties. Family life will be pleasant.

Tip of the week: Work on your concentration skills


You should avoid any confrontations since pointless disagreements may destroy your peace of mind and degrade your ambience. You’ll have a curious mentality. In the middle of the week, the situation will improve. In your profession, you will be given fresh possibilities. You will make attempts to grow your company and will be successful in doing so. Your health will begin to improve, and you may decide to purchase a home at this time. You may take a journey to a faraway location. The amicable environment in the family will provide you pleasure, allowing you to make some decisions. You must look after your father since he may be suffering from health problems.

Tip of the week: Let your curiosity flow


You will feel particularly fond of your children this week and love spending time with them. Your income may also rise. If you wish to move jobs, you could receive a new offer this week or there might be talk of a transfer at your existing work. If you are a student, you will put up the effort necessary to succeed in your studies. You will be capable of outperforming your opponents. Your efforts will grow, and your performance will improve.It is recommended that you refrain from pursuing any new legal matters at this time. It’s possible that your business partnership may be rocky. Try not to worsen the situation.

Tip of the week: Spend time with children

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TakeTwo signs deal with tech data firm Travelogix

Start-up TMC TakeTwo Travel Solutions has signed a deal to use travel technology specialist Travelogix’s platforms.

The three-year agreement will see TakeTwo, which was set up by Chris Thelen and Julie Cope last year, use the Travelogix’s Analytix reporting platform across its operations in the UK, Europe and US.

Rob Cope, head of client services and product optimisation at TakeTwo, said: “Because we are a new TMC, we have been able to build a single global technology ecosystem of products and this approach allows us to optimise data consolidation. 

“We are focused on optimising the transfer of data between profile, booking and invoice. Analytix, Travelogix’s innovative self‐serve reporting platform, allows us to manage this data lifecycle more effectively and drive data to a customer in real‐time.”

Tahir Zia, director of sales at Travelogix, added: “In cementing our relationship with TakeTwo, we have a new vibrant and innovative TMC in our stable – and we couldn’t be more delighted. 

“Our strategy in 2022 is centred around growth in multiple global markets, so this timely partnership falls directly in line with our strategy for the year ahead.”

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Shanghai COVID outbreak shows signs of waning as cases fall

BEIJING (AP) — The COVID-19 outbreak that has shut down most of Shanghai appears to be waning, with the number of new cases falling below 10,000 a day over the weekend.

Authorities have begun a limited easing of a citywide lockdown that has disrupted the lives of millions of residents and dealt at least a temporary blow to China’s economy. Many have been confined to their apartments for three weeks or more. They reported difficulty ordering food deliveries in the early days of the lockdown and higher prices for what they could get.

China’s largest city recorded about 7,000 cases a day on Saturday and Sunday, down from a peak of 27,605 nearly three weeks ago on April 13. Shanghai reported 32 deaths, raising the death toll to 454. Most of the victims have been elderly and many were unvaccinated.

Even as many other countries relax pandemic restrictions, the Chinese government has stuck to a “zero-COVID” approach that restricts travel, mass tests entire cities and sets up sprawling temporary facilities to try to isolate every infected person. Lockdowns start with buildings and neighborhoods but become citywide if the virus is spreading widely.

Many outside experts say it’s time for China to change course. Lockdowns helped buy critical time at the start of the pandemic but zero-COVID no longer makes sense from a public health perspective and imposes socioeconomic costs, said Richard Reithinger, the vice president for global health at RTI International in Washington, D.C.

“Continuing to enforce a zero-COVID-19 policy now, including a lockdown approach and restricting travel, is almost like pretending we have learned nothing over the past two years, now that effective treatment options and various vaccines are available,” he said.

But Chinese officials worry that a major outbreak could overwhelm the health care system and lead to more deaths, particularly among the unvaccinated elderly.

Authorities in Beijing have closed schools, carried out mass testing of more than 20 million people and imposed targeted lockdowns of buildings and neighborhoods to try to prevent what is still a small outbreak from reaching Shanghai proportions and necessitating a citywide lockdown.

The Chinese capital reported 50 new cases, bringing the total to 400 in the 11-day-old outbreak. Restaurants and gyms have been ordered shut for the May Day national holiday that runs through Wednesday. Major tourist sites in the city, including the Forbidden City and the Beijing Zoo, will close their indoor exhibition halls starting Tuesday.

Shanghai has recorded about 400,000 cases in China’s largest outbreak since the start of the pandemic.

Reithinger said a zero-COVID policy is a blanket strategy rather than one driven by epidemiological data. Rather than citywide lockdowns, China should focus on areas where there are clusters of cases, enforce social distancing and other prevention measures and redouble its vaccination efforts, particularly among the elderly, he said.

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Signs a hotel room is infested with bed bugs: Tips and advice to avoid bed bugs | Travel News | Travel

There’s always a small risk that tourists could be sharing a hotel bed with some unwanted guests. The experts at MattressNextDay have shared how to spot bed bugs.

A spokesperson said: “If you do suspect there might be some unwanted guests in your holiday bed there are a few things you can look out for to be sure of the situation before you take it up with the hotel manager.

“It’s important to spot the signs early so that it doesn’t ruin your holiday and ultimately it doesn’t affect your health.

“If you do spot signs of bed bugs when you arrive at your hotel or apartment then it is best to notify the appropriate staff immediately.

“We’d advise anyone who is genuinely worried about bed bugs to take a small bug spray with them in their suitcase.”

READ MORE: How to get cheap train tickets: Hidden deals for the ‘best price’


One of the first signs there might be an unwanted guest in a hotel bed is spots of blood on the bed.

The spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, this is as gruesome as it sounds. When the bugs get squashed they release a lot of blood, especially around the seams of mattresses, which is where they tend to hide.

“These spots can start to look a rusty colour the longer they have been there. Ensure both sides of the mattress are free from any blood stains before hitting the hay.”



“It may sound obvious that spotting eggs would be a telltale sign of a bug infestation but they’re not always hiding in plain sight.

“The eggs are tiny and can be found in numerous places, not just on the mattress. They are about 1mm wide and are often a pale yellow colour.

“If you do find any of the eggs, it could mean the bed bugs are still very much alive and this should be reported immediately.”

Musty Odour

“You may have been to a hotel that smells a little strange before but the odour excreted by bed bugs is certainly distinguishable.

“If the bedroom area has a strong, rusty and unpleasant odour, this could possibly come from a bed bug’s scent glands and it is strongest when there are large amounts of bugs present.

“Always err on the side of caution when it comes to a smelly room and check for other signs too.”

Dark spots on walls

“Although this is slightly less common, bed bugs can leave stains on walls too. If you do notice any dark spots this could be bed bug excrement.

“Make sure not to touch any of the affected areas and notify the hotel or apartment staff straight away.

Bug shells

“Much like many other creatures, bugs shed their skin once they begin to grow. When trying to identify a shell you should look for small, husk-like specks that may crunch if squashed.”

Worn or aged upholstery

“Old fabrics that may not have been cleaned thoroughly or are possibly second hand could house a family of bed bugs. If the place you’re staying in is of a slightly older nature or a boutique style, it’s always best to double-check the fabric and furnishings before settling in.”

White spots on furniture

“Bed bugs also like to lay their eggs in furniture as well as mattresses. These will look like bunches of small white spots from a distance.”


“If you haven’t spotted any of these signs but have woken up with small, red, itchy spots on your skin, this could be down to the creepy critters. The bites will often form a straight line across a part of your body.”

Find more tips at MattressNextDay. 

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The Middle East Is Showing Real Signs of Travel Recovery

Lately, lowered levels of COVID-19 infection have led many countries to loosen or remove their border restrictions, opening the door to true recovery for the global travel industry.

The first to really feel the effects have been destinations in the Americas, starting in 2021 and continuing into 2022, but the data experts at travel intelligence firm ForwardKeys say they’re now noticing the first signs of the sector’s recovery in the Middle East.


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

The second quarter of 2022 saw international arrivals to Africa and the Middle East down by 33 in comparison with 2019’s pre-pandemic levels, higher than the international outbound average of -45 percent, but behind the Americas (-27 percent), which is presently leading the region’s travel’s recovery. However, the figure recorded for the same period in 2021 was -64 percent, which demonstrates a marked improvement over last year.

Based upon an analysis of the number of tickets issued for international arrivals in the Middle East during Q2 2022, Qatar appears to be the nation blazing a path toward travel recovery, actually enjoying a seven-percent increase over pre-pandemic visitor levels. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) trailed behind in a tie for second and third place, outperforming the regional average of -33 percent.

Currently, the U.K. provides the largest source market for travel to the Middle East with a 13-percent market share that’s performing pretty well, being down by only six percent from 2019 levels. The U.S., with a slightly smaller market share of 11 percent, has actually increased arrivals by 15 percent over 2019 and appears to be at the vanguard of the region’s recovery.

The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt.
The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. (photo courtesy of Collette)

“Looking specifically at Qatar, we see a +76% increase for arrivals from the U.K., compared with 2019, and remarkably we see a +105% increase of arrivals from the U.S. to Qatar compared with 2019,” said Olivier Ponti, VP of Insights at ForwardKeys. “Considering all the challenges the tourism sector has faced recently, this is an encouraging feat for Qatar ahead of the FIFA World Cup in November.”

Another promising sign is the rise in premium cabin sales aboard flights, with shares having increased by over four percent since 2019. Premium-class passengers are currently leading the recovery, now down by only 14 percent from pre-pandemic levels, while economy class tickets are still down by 37 percent.

City Skyline and buildings - Doha , Qatar (Photo via Ahmed_Abdel_Hamid / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
City skyline and buildings in Doha, Qatar. (Photo via Ahmed_Abdel_Hamid / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Certain Middle Eastern airports are also seen to be handling the bulk of inbound international travelers. Coming in first in terms of foreign arrivals is Egypt’s Hurghada International Airport, which experienced a 17 percent increase in bookings for April through June. Qatar’s Doha International Airport is another that’s witnessing an increase in overseas visitors to its own country, as well as to the broader region.

“This trend was aided by Doha maintaining most air services during the pandemic and Qatar Airways adding more routes from their Doha hub,” said Africa Market Expert, Shingai George.

“All of this can change in the blink of an eye, as we’ve seen last-minute bookings become the norm and bookings soar overnight when travel restrictions are eased. But, we are seeing consumer confidence for long-haul flights is up again, with the Americans really kick-starting travel revival around the world now,” George added.

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