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Weather to watch for post-Thanksgiving travel |

A new storm system is expected to bring some rain and snow to the Northeast this weekend as millions travel home from the Thanksgiving holiday. CNN meteorologist Tom Sater has an updated forecast. Content Exchange Content Exchange

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Travel weather gets tricky as many return home from Thanksgiving

People returning home from Thanksgiving festivities may encounter travel delays as a series of storms crisscross the country.

A strengthening cold front, followed by another fast-moving system, will impact many from the Plains to the Midwest, and even the Northeast.

The second storm could bring the first measurable snowfall of the season to many cities on the East Coast.

Rain, wind, and snow are all possible across the Northeast on Friday. However, major coastal cities along the I-95 corridor will see mainly rain.

Millions will still be impacted by snow across interior sections of New England through Friday, which is expected to clear out by Saturday morning.

Rain will impact much of the east coast on Friday as a strong cold front moves through.

Bur windy conditions will remain, with gusts potentially up to 55 mph for parts of the Northeast.

“Right now, we are looking at sustained winds at 15 to 25 mph, with gusts of 25 to 35 mph,” says the National Weather Service (NWS) office in New York City.

Wind is one of the main causes of travel delays in the late autumn and winter months, and this weekend will be no exception.

We could see airport delays on Friday due to wind and a few delays due to snow and de-icing in New England.

Cold temperatures will follow, impacting the vast majority of the eastern half of the country.

From Texas to Maine, temperatures will be anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below normal on Friday and Saturday.

Morning low temperatures forecast for the next four days.

The Pacific Northwest will also be at risk for travel delays through Friday, with another atmospheric river event getting set to impact the area.

Heavy coastal rainfall and mountain snowfall are expected through Friday with a slight break in the evening hours.

Saturday’s weather travel hot spots

Major cities on the East Coast are off the hook Saturday, but parts of northern New England can still see snowfall.

Wind gusts are likely to reach 40 mph, but Saturday still looks like the better travel day in this region.

The central US will experience winds gusting up to 55 mph in some locations.

Cities like Minneapolis could see an excess of flight delays, as the winds strengthen during peak volume hours.

In addition, these winds whipping across the Great Lakes will likely force lake-effect snow into the weekend.

Sunday’s weather travel hot spots

By Sunday, a quick-moving storm system could bring a brief shot of snow to the Midwest and Great Lakes.

The snow could reach the Washington, DC, area late in the weekend, impacting flights as well as road travelers.

Some computer models are hinting at the possibility of the storm system intensifying off the mid-Atlantic coast.

Rain and snow accumulation forecast for this weekend.

If this scenario plays out, snow would develop in eastern Pennsylvania, reaching Philadelphia and possibly farther north into New York City.

Of course, the timing and exact locations that will see snow will change in the coming days, but it bears watching as we get closer to the end of the week.

In the Northwest, another system pushes through with more rainfall over the weekend.

Washington town sees 75% of homes damaged by floodwaters
This will add to the impressive rainfall totals that the region has seen in the month of November.

Seattle has already seen 8.40″ of rain in November, and the month will most likely end as one of the wettest.

Overall, the weather will have some impact on travel, but it won’t be the ginormous snarl of mounting airport delays we have seen some years.

Something to be thankful about, for sure.

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Arizona traffic, road and weather updates for Thanksgiving weekend


If the roads or airports seem more crowded than normal, that might be because 53.4 million people were expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, according to AAA’s annual travel forecast. 

Since 6.4 million more people will be traveling this year, travelers should be extra prepared for what might come their way. Here is a running list of traffic, weather, gas prices, and airport conditions you might encounter this holiday weekend. 

Check back with through the weekend for updates.

A crash involving multiple vehicles blocked several lanes of Interstate 17 northbound near Thomas Road in Phoenix, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. 

Traffic was very slow in the area. It was not immediately known if anyone was injured or what may have caused the crash, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. 

— Kaila White 

By 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, traffic in both directions on Interstate 10 south of Phoenix was backed up at varying speeds for at least 20 miles.

“Expect lengthy delays in both directions of I-10 South of the Phoenix as holiday travelers hit the road,” the Arizona Department of Transportation said in a Twitter post.

A crash on U.S. 60 east of Quartzsite at about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday closed both directions of the freeway for about 20 miles, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The highway reopened at 6:40 p.m., according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

— Athena Ankrah

Wood burning in residential fireplaces, chimneys, outdoor fire pits and similar outdoor fires is prohibited in Maricopa County this Thanksgiving due to elevated levels of smoke in the air, according to a release issued by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department on Wednesday.

“This includes individuals and businesses which have burn permits for open burning,” the county notes.

If you plan to roast anything over a fire this Thanksgiving, the county asks you to change plans and reduce harm to its air quality. Further restrictions include the use of leaf blowers and off-road vehicles.

The county asks residents to avoid waiting in long lines in the car Thursday, as this can contribute to poor air quality. Instead, park the vehicle and go inside.

— Athena Ankrah

On the Wednesday before every Thanksgiving, highways to the High Country become particularly busy late in the afternoon and into the evening, according to ADOT spokesperson Doug Nintzel. 

With the addition of holiday travelers, heavier traffic is also expected on the following highways: northbound Interstate 17 north of Phoenix, State Route 87 to Payson, and eastbound Interstate 10 between Phoenix and California, Nintzel said. 

Figuring out how much time to set aside for travel might be a little more difficult since disabled vehicles or crashes along certain routes occur without warning.

“All it takes is a fender bender to cause significant delays on northbound I-17 heading out of the Valley,” Nintzel said. 

But Nintzel recommends drivers set aside at least an hour in addition to staying up-to-date on highway conditions. 

“You need to expect the unexpected and not be in a hurry to get to your destination. Speeding and bad driving maneuvers like tailgating or unsafe lane changes or passing without enough room can and do lead to tragedies,” Nintzel said. 

According to Nintzel, there is still time to be a prepared driver. 

“Check your tire pressure, engine fluid levels as well as belts and hoses. Pack some extra items like drinking water, snacks, a flashlight, cellphone charger and other items that will help in case you encounter an unscheduled closure along a highway.” 

— Amaris Encinas 

Because Wednesday is the busiest travel day before the holiday, travelers who are flying should give themselves extra time to arrive at the airport, according to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport spokesperson Heather Shelbrack. 

If travelers are flying domestically, then they should give themselves at least two hours and one extra hour if they are flying internationally, Shelbrack said. 

Shelbrack also recommends drivers picking up or dropping off travelers use the 44th Street Sky Train station to help as a way to avoid roadway traffic and congestion at the terminal curb. Roadways will be especially busy between 6 and 11 p.m. Wednesday, she said. 

As of 11:40 a.m., security wait times at Terminal 3 are about 10 minutes and between 5 to 10 minutes at Terminal 4, according to the Sky Harbor website. 

Extra tips: 

  • Travelers should check their bags for prohibited items before arriving at the airport. The Transportation Security Administration’s website has additional information about what can and can’t be brought in your carry-on bag.
  • Travelers and drivers picking up travelers should check the flight status before coming to the airport.
  • A facial covering over the nose and mouth is still required in the airport due to the federal mask mandate in effect.  

— Amaris Encinas 

As cloudiness decreases, Arizona is set to stay fairly sunny through Thanksgiving, according to National Weather Service meteorologist James Sawtelle in Phoenix. 

Most of Wednesday’s sunniness will occur mid to late afternoon with a high of 75 degrees. Winds will become breezier in south-central Arizona after 8 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, the weather service in Phoenix tweeted. 

Thursday will also be sunny, but with a little bit more breeze. The high for Thursday is 76 degrees, Sawtelle said.

Because locally windy conditions are expected along the lower portion of the Colorado River area on Wednesday, the weather service in Phoenix recommends drivers to keep an eye out because the strong winds and blowing dust may create difficult driving conditions and create drops in visibility, the tweet stated. 

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving and want to know the forecast for your travel destination, you can visit The National Weather Service’s website. 

— Amaris Encinas 

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Wales breaking news plus traffic, weather and travel updates (Sunday, November 21)

Millions on NHS waiting list

Approximately 5.9 million people are on the NHS waiting list, the Health Secretary said today. Talking on Sky News, Sajid Javid said:

The number of people waiting for elective procedures is around 5.9 million. As I have said, I have been really clear, this number is going to go up before it comes down. Why? Because some seven to eight million people stayed away during the height of the Covid crisis because they were asked to. They did what was asked of them.

But I want them to come forward, I want them to come back to the NHS, I want them to know that it is open to them, and if you take that along with normal demand of course that is huge pressure.

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Wales breaking news plus traffic, weather and travel updates (Saturday, November 20)

All designated bathing sites in Wales pass

(Image: WalesOnline/Gayle Marsh)

Bathing waters across Wales are compliant again for the fourth year in a row, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said. It visited all 105 designated bathing water sites and collected and analysed water quality samples throughout the season. This year’s results saw 85 bathing waters classed as ‘Excellent’, 14 ‘Good’ and 6 ‘Sufficient’, including improvements in classification for eight sites including Cemaes, Kinmel Bay and Nolton Haven. While all Wales’ designated sites are compliant, six have unfortunately dropped a classification from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Good’, including Tenby North, New Quay Harbour, Llandonna and Aberystwyth North.

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Holiday travel tips – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

This holiday season many people will be opting to travel for the first time since the pandemic.

Meggan Kaiser, travel expert & author, joined us today to help navigate the busiest travel season in years

For more information, visit,


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Gusting winds? Rain? A cold blast? Our weather pattern checks all those boxes heading into Thanksgiving

This graphic from the National Weather Service shows the minimum apparent temperature early Wednesday. Apparent temperature is the temperature equivalent perceived by humans, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed. (National Weather Service/Mount Holly)

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ODOT crews prepare for winter weather

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) — Winter weather will soon make its way into our region.

ODOT crews are making sure equipment is in tip-top shape before those snow flakes hit the ground next week.

“Inspections help us keep this equipment in better condition for longer,” said ODOT District 9 public information officer Matt McGuire. “We have trucks that are a year or two old. We also have some trucks that are north of 10 years old, and our goal is to keep those in the best shape possible for the longest period of time because that’s the best return on investment for the taxpayer.”

The start of the winter season also serves as a reminder to drivers to give these crews the room they need to get the snow and ice off the road.

“Every year with that first snowfall, you have to adjust your driving habits and remember, ‘oh OK, it’s winter, the roads could potentially be slick,’” McGuire said. “We want to make sure that people are aware when they see us out plowing, to please give us plenty of room to do our job so that we can help you get safely home.”

Thousands expected to travel as we head into the week of ‘gobble, gobble,’ hence the friendly reminder from ODOT on traffic signs on the interstate reading, ‘turkey says buckle, buckle.’

McGuire tells WSAZ when there are prolonged winter weather events, like last year’s snow on Christmas Eve, ODOT crews go into 12-hour shifts to work around the clock.

McGuire says Lawrence County has more than 7,300 tons of salt ready to go. Last year, the county only used 5,000 tons of salt.

Copyright 2021 WSAZ. All rights reserved.

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North East news LIVE: Latest news, traffic, travel, weather, sport and more

Blyth brute left ex covered in ketchup by throwing tomato sauce and lemonade bottles at her

A violent brute threw tomato sauce and lemonade bottles at his former partner in an attack which left her battered and bruised.

In a bizarre outburst of rage, Christopher Swann left the woman covered in ketchup and he also threw chicken and bacon around the room.

The 21-year-old former soldier, of Blyth, Northumberland, who also grabbed her round the throat, later texted saying “I hope you like ketchup”.

Prosecutor Thomas Parsons-Munn told Newcastle Crown Court the former couple had got into a verbal argument at her home last December 8 and she was so scared that she called the police.

But she disconnected the call when Swann assured her he would “sort himself out and desist”.

Mr Parsons-Munn added: “The pair sat on separate sofas for about five minutes then the defendant suddenly grabbed her by the throat and threw her against the kitchen door.

“She was slumped on the floor against the door and he said ‘who do you think you are taking to’ and threw a bottle of lemonade, which connected with her head.

“He also threw a bottle of tomato ketchup which connected with her leg with sufficient force it exploded, covering her in ketchup.

“He picked up pieces of chicken and bacon and threw them around the room.”

The court heard the victim returned to the sofa but he grabbed her by the throat and threw her against the kitchen door again, leaving her “shouting and screaming”.

He took hold of her throat again, threw her to the floor and this time she banged her head against the wall.

The court heard the victim was left “screaming and crying in pain” and told Swann to leave, which he eventually did.

After he left her home, Swann sent the victim a message which said: “Btw [By the way], I don’t give a f***, I hope you like ketchup. You well and truly took the p***. I hope you f*** off and never speak to me again.”

The victim was left with bruising, redness and in pain.

She said in an impact statement: “I am scared to stay in my own home but I don’t want to leave.”

Read more here.

Christopher Swann who assaulted his former partner

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