Act now to enter the 2022 Magellan Awards: Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly is calling for entries for the annual Magellan Awards. Each year the Magellan Awards recognize industry innovators and creative communicators, suppliers and travel advisors for outstanding design, marketing and services.

Awards are given in a broad range of industry segments: Airlines/Airports, Cruise Lines, Destinations, Ground Transportation, Hospitality, Online Travel Services, Tour Operators, Travel Advisors and Travel Agencies.

And within those segments, categories have been added this year to honor industry efforts in areas such as sustainability; diversity/equity/inclusion; travel-with-a-purpose promotions; culinary/cuisine; giving-back initiatives; solo travelers; co-op travel agency campaigns and more.

The Magellan Awards are judged by a one-of-a-kind panel of top travel professionals, representing some of the most accomplished leaders in the industry.

In determining winners, entries do not compete with one another; instead they are judged against a standard of excellence. To uphold this standard of excellence, a category may have multiple winners or may have no winners at all.

See our Magellan Awards page for more information and to enter.

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American Express will end travel agency affiliate program: Travel Weekly

American Express will end its travel representative network division at the end of this year, according to an email from Cruise Planners’ executive team to its travel advisors.

Cruise Planners (No. 23 on Travel Weekly’s 2021 Power List) confirmed the email was accurate and meant to inform advisors of the change ahead.

American Express did not immediately return a request for comment.

The representative network division, Cruise Planners said, will end on Dec. 31. Cruise Planners has been an AmEx affiliate for 18 years.

“American Express has always been, first and foremost, a financial institution with their primary business being a credit card transactions company, as most people know American Express to be,” Cruise Planners wrote. “But being a financial institution in today’s cyber world comes with many stringent regulatory guidelines, which frankly presents challenges with the Rep Networks continued relationship with them.”

Cruise Planners said its travel advisors will still have access to some benefits for clients with qualifying AmEx cards, like the Fine Hotels & Resorts program and Cruise Privileges Plus.

Marketing and technology “for the most part” came from in-house, Cruise Planners said. Proprietary programs will continue, with the only change being the removal of AmEx’s logo from its assets.

“As this news just broke, we are sure you have many questions, as do we. … We will communicate more details as soon as we can, and can assure you we will leave no stone unturned,” Cruise Planners wrote. 

The agency franchisor expects to share more with advisors in the next six to eight weeks.

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Weekly Horoscope May 9-15: Leos, Librans need to manage stress; Learn tip of the week for all 12 zodiac signs

Representative image
Image Source : FREEPIK

Representative image

Weekly Horoscope May 9-15: As the second week of May commences here are astrological tips and suggestions that you can learn about for better luck in personal and professional space. Astrologer Neeraj Dhankher shares a guide to the week ahead for you. 


You will be more likely to spend time with your family at the start of the week. Your devotion and love for your mother will grow. This period may also provide property rewards. Students will benefit from this period since they will do well in exams. They will be more interested in studying and will be able to do better in technical subjects. Your kids will be successful in their chosen fields. Those who want to benefit from competition will need to put forth more effort. Your company will acquire significant momentum and you will be able to increase your business throughout the last portion of the week. You will make a good profit, and your overseas trade will rise.

Tip of the week: Put more efforts


You may take a short trip at the start of the week. You will get the opportunity to see your family or friends, which will bring you joy and tranquilly. You will be free of everyday concerns and will be able to assist your siblings. Your connection with your coworkers will develop at work. Your mother’s health will improve, and you may be able to profit financially from her. You will spend more time with your children in the middle of the week. Students studying for competitive examinations may encounter challenges in accomplishing their objectives. You may have to work extra towards the conclusion of the week to deal with some unforeseen concerns that have arisen.

Tip of the week: Build connections at work


Family matters will keep you busy at the start of the week. You could have to do some essential work at home, which will strengthen your family ties. Any misunderstanding with your coworkers and superiors is anticipated, so be cautious and choose your words carefully. You’ll have to spend time with your mother and deal with her mood swings. In terms of money, you will be lucky and successful in increasing your savings. You may return some of your debts, which will provide you with comfort. This period will be beneficial to children’s growth. They will do well in their chosen career, whether they are studying or working.

Tip of the week: Expand your savings


Your confidence and ability to comprehend any scenario will grow throughout the course of the week. This will strengthen your connection with your seniors, which will benefit you. Securing your hard-earned money by placing it in a bank or establishing a fixed deposit can provide you with financial rewards. In the family, there will be more peace and mutual affection. Your siblings may have health problems. It is a good moment for you to take a short trip, whether for business or pleasure. You’ll need to spend some additional time with your kids to keep them motivated and engaged. Your marriage will continue to be solid and supportive.

Tip of the week: Plan a short journey


Your financial condition may be somewhat strained if you observe an unexpected spike in your spending. You will have to put in more effort in your line of work, and you may be required to travel to distant locations as part of your career. You may be concerned about your spouse’s health. There may be some family strife. You’ll have to be patient and attempt to settle things down in this case. To minimise unnecessary stress and misunderstanding at work and at home, a proactive strategy is required. Your self-assurance will improve by the end of the week. You will form positive relationships with your coworkers.

Tip of the week: Learn to manage stress


You will have a bountiful flow of money this week as a result of your own efforts, which will strengthen your financial status. You will be content and able to achieve your goals. You will form positive relationships with your bosses, which will assist you in your professional life. Your strategies will benefit you and help you succeed in business. Despite the benefits, you should not make any important choices at this period. Your family will also be well-treated and respected. There may be some differences between your siblings at times. The connection will improve if you maintain your conversations clear and transparent.

Tip of the week: Cash in on new opportunities


This week, your workload at work will rise, and you may be moved to another department. You will be content with your family life. There are promising signs of profiting from real estate. You can have a problem with your eyes or sleeplessness. Your costs will rise, and some of these expenses may be unproductive and for which you have not planned ahead of time. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your opponents at this period since they could lift their head. By the end of the week, you could have made a firm choice on a goal that will be critical to your future success. This period will be moderate from a business standpoint.

Tip of the week: Manage excess workload


You may go on a long travel for work, which would be beneficial. You may also visit a location that will provide you with inner serenity and fresh vigour. You will not experience any mental strain. You will work with greater concentration, resulting in great outcomes. Property-related issues will keep you engaged. Entrepreneurs might extend their product lines and seek out new customers. In family life, there will be a feeling of fulfilment. Your parents will be supportive of you which will provide you happiness. At the conclusion of the week, you should focus on your health and eat a balanced meal.Avoid eating food from outside.

Tip of the week: Guard against property disputes


You’ll be more focused on family activities at the start of the week. Your mind will be buzzing with ideas, so avoid making any major decisions at this period. There may be some unplanned costs that put a strain on your finances. You may be unable to concentrate on your job, causing your performance to suffer. Your siblings will be there for you. You will spend quality time with your friends. It will help you if your connection with your elders improves. You may be forced to take an unwelcome vacation that may cause you health difficulties. When sharing your ideas and emotions, you should talk slowly and carefully.

Tip of the week: Utilise your creative energy


Your finances are likely to improve at the start of the week as a result of gains from numerous sources. Your business partner and you will have a happy connection, which will help your company thrive. Positive ideas will flood your head, and you may decide to attempt something new. There might be some developments that can build up some stress. You should attempt to avoid spending time alone and spend it with your friends and loved ones. Investing money at this time might be detrimental. Your attention will increase as the week progresses, and you will be able to accomplish pending duties. Family life will be pleasant.

Tip of the week: Work on your concentration skills


You should avoid any confrontations since pointless disagreements may destroy your peace of mind and degrade your ambience. You’ll have a curious mentality. In the middle of the week, the situation will improve. In your profession, you will be given fresh possibilities. You will make attempts to grow your company and will be successful in doing so. Your health will begin to improve, and you may decide to purchase a home at this time. You may take a journey to a faraway location. The amicable environment in the family will provide you pleasure, allowing you to make some decisions. You must look after your father since he may be suffering from health problems.

Tip of the week: Let your curiosity flow


You will feel particularly fond of your children this week and love spending time with them. Your income may also rise. If you wish to move jobs, you could receive a new offer this week or there might be talk of a transfer at your existing work. If you are a student, you will put up the effort necessary to succeed in your studies. You will be capable of outperforming your opponents. Your efforts will grow, and your performance will improve.It is recommended that you refrain from pursuing any new legal matters at this time. It’s possible that your business partnership may be rocky. Try not to worsen the situation.

Tip of the week: Spend time with children

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Authentic Vacations resigns USTOA membership: Travel Weekly

Authentic Vacations has resigned its active membership with the USTOA following a “change in its business model,” according to a statement released by the tour operators association. 

The company’s membership status with the USTOA was deactivated as of April 27. 

Customers who book after April 27 will not be covered by the USTOA’s $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program, which comes with a tour operator’s active membership. Clients who booked tours with Authentic Vacations prior to April 27 will remain protected under the USTOA assistance program. 

Authentic Vacations CEO Simon Russell said all clients will be financially protected despite the company’s break with the USTOA. 

“We have valued our relationship with USTOA,” Russell said. “Authentic Vacations wants to assure our clients that this departure from USTOA in no way leaves their travel unprotected. We are financially stronger than ever, our clients’ deposits and payments are secure and they are protected in numerous ways.”

Meanwhile, USTOA CEO Terry Dale said, “Authentic Vacations has been a valued partner since 2018 and we appreciate the support the company has provided USTOA.”

Travel Weekly reached out to Authentic Vacations and the USTOA for comment and has yet to hear back as to why the company resigned from the tour operator organization. 

Authentic Vacations, which specializes in customizable itineraries, joined the USTOA in 2018. The company first launched in 2001. It is a division of Tour Partner Group, which also owns U.K.-based business-to-business company Hotels & More, Irish Welcome Tours and Trans Nordic Tours. Authentic Vacations is headquartered in Santa Rosa, Calif., and has offices in Dublin, London, Copenhagen and San Francisco.

Active USTOA members participate in the organization’s $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program, which requires that a $1 million bond be set aside to protect consumers in the event the company experiences bankruptcy, insolvency or a cessation of business.

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Ken Burns discusses new Ben Franklin film with Tauck guests, travel advisors: Travel Weekly

Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and longtime collaborator Dayton Duncan joined Tauck guests and travel advisors recently for an online Q&A discussion of their latest film, which can be viewed on Tauck’s website.

“Benjamin Franklin,” Burns’ two-part, four-hour documentary on the American innovator, dives into the life of the polymath and Founding Father of the United States. 

The film was discussed live with Tauck president Jennifer Tombaugh, who hosted the Q&A with Burns and Duncan during a session of the company’s InsideTauck program

InsideTauck was launched in March 2020 as a way to provide Tauck guests and partners with a virtual way of connecting with the company’s cultural, historic and gastronomic tours while the pandemic ground travel to a halt. 

Screenwriter and producer Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns' longtime collaborator.

Screenwriter and producer Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns’ longtime collaborator.

Tauck, Burns and Duncan have been partners for 11 years, with the two documentarians regularly appearing in the company’s educational programming provided to its guests through the Ken Burns American Journeys partnership. 

Tauck offers a variety of land and river cruise packages, including family-centered trips, that are part of Ken Burns American Journeys.

Four new tours have been launched in 2022 as part of Tauck’s partnership with Ken Burns. Grand New England, America’s Canyonlands, Yosemite and Sequoia: John Muir’s California, and Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest range from eight to 12 days and are mostly available from May through October, with Grand New England having departure dates in September and October. 

Ken Burns American Journeys itineraries include short videos in which Burns and Duncan share their insights and personal perspectives on the places Tauck guests are visiting.

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Summer travel 2022: Europe awaits, but how will airports handle the rush?: Travel Weekly

Scenes of long lines at British airports over the Easter holiday period probably looked familiar to the many Americans who have been caught in the periodic bursts of chaos that have accompanied the U.S. travel rebound since last summer. 

But should Americans, who are expected to resume European vacations en masse this summer, be prepared for flight disruptions and patience-trying airport experiences upon arrival across the Atlantic?

Analysts have mixed opinions. 

“I think they should go with the expectation of things not being as smooth as they’d like them to be,” said John Strickland, director of London-based JLS Consulting. “They can take stress off themselves and the airlines and the airports by getting there early and making sure they have everything prepared, such as their documents and having liquids in plastic bags and so on.”

John Devlin, a senior research consultant for U.K.-based Valour Consultancy, said there could be periodic, localized flare-ups, but mitigations by airlines and summer-seasonal hiring by airports should alleviate the challenges.

“There may be some issues again here and there, but even over Easter in the U.K. there were people with good experiences flying in and out of the country, so I do not expect massive queues at every airport across Europe,” Devlin said. “Good airport/border control management and adoption of more mobile and automated solutions should help manage the situation suitably.”

As of April 26, airlines were scheduled to fly nearly two-and-a-half times as many seats from the U.S. to Europe this July than they did last July, Cirium flight schedule data shows. Compared with 2019, the scheduled seat count was down 11.5%. 

Meanwhile, bookings from the U.S. to many European countries are skyrocketing. According to ARC data, U.S. point-of-sale bookings to the U.K. were down 13% for the week ending April 17 after being down close to 50% as recently as January. Other markets are showing similar trends, with sales for flights to France improving, from being down 32% compared with 2019 to flat during the same period, and sales to Italy climbing, from down 41% to up 6%. 

The Easter travel rush was an especially rough one for some U.K. airports. Notably, at Manchester Airport the delays and snafus were so bad that CEO Karen Smart resigned in April amid a swirl of bad publicity about unmanageable lines.

On April 8, Charlie Cornish, who heads the Manchester Airport Group, issued a public apology, explaining that staffing shortages, lack of clarity from the British government related to when travel restrictions would be removed and the sudden surge of travel demand following the U.K.’s relaxing of those restrictions in March were the cause. 

At London Heathrow the problems were less acute. The airport said 95% of passengers made it through security in less than five minutes. 

Addressing the problem of long airport lines

Still, operational issues at some airlines, including British Airways, caused Heathrow to advise travelers to check with their airline to learn how early they needed to arrive. Heathrow is working to recruit more than 1,000 security officers by July 4, and the airport says it is also assisting airlines, ground handlers and retailers in their efforts to fill more than 12,000 vacancies. 

Efforts like those might be sped up by a recent U.K. decision to ease security vetting processes it put in place at the beginning of the year for airport and airline employees, Strickland said. Under the recent revision, workers are allowed to begin training for jobs as the background checks continue. 

Though the operations of airlines and airports in other parts of Europe didn’t draw the same attention over the Easter period as those in the U.K., Strickland said problems were prevalent elsewhere.

“Across Europe, indeed across many parts of the world, I’ve seen images of long queues,” he said, giving examples of Scandinavia and Ireland as well as Australia. 

Devlin said European airlines are adapting schedules ahead of the summer to better be able to cope with demand. He also said summer could prove easier to manage than Easter because the travel surge will be more spread out.

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Semiprivate flyer Aero offers a hassle-free alternative to commercial flights: Travel Weekly

A flight from Los Angeles to Aspen, Colo., takes less than two hours. For anyone making that on a commercial carrier, it means getting to the airport about 90 minutes before takeoff, slogging through security and then waiting in a crowded terminal.

But I made the trip with recently launched semiprivate carrier Aero, where all of the worst things about flying vanish.

Aero launched in the U.S. in early 2021 and currently flies from Los Angeles and San Francisco. From L.A., it serves the leisure destinations of Aspen; Sun Valley, Idaho; Los Cabos; and Jackson Hole, Wyo. From San Francisco, it flies to Aspen and Los Cabos, Mexico. Its model debuts in London this month, with flights to Nice, France, and Ibiza, Spain, from Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, England, and it will reintroduce flights from Ibiza to Mykonos, Greece, where Aero first launched in 2019.

Aero’s L.A. flights depart from the private Van Nuys Airport, about 20 miles north of LAX. Passengers can be dropped off at or park right in front of Aero’s “terminal,” which is really just a lounge with modern decor and comfortable seating, soft pop music playing and a counter stocked with complimentary Nespresso coffee, pastries and soft drinks. Passengers are encouraged to arrive no later than 20 minutes before takeoff.

The Aero "terminal" at Van Nuys Airport is a lounge with modern decor, comfortable seating and complimentary snacks and beverages.

The Aero “terminal” at Van Nuys Airport is a lounge with modern decor, comfortable seating and complimentary snacks and beverages. Photo Credit: TW photo by Johanna Jainchill

Check-in and chill

Our luggage was whisked away as soon as we arrived, and check-in consisted of one of the very friendly Aero reps coming over to check my ID and weigh my carry-on with a hand-held scale as I sipped my coffee in a wingback chair.

There was no security line or metal detectors, and when the time came to board, it took less than a minute to walk from the lounge to the airplane — a sleek, black jet with yellow, orange and red accents — and up a short set of airstairs. 

The interior of Aero's 16-seat jet provides plenty of legroom.

The interior of Aero’s 16-seat jet provides plenty of legroom. Photo Credit: TW photo by Johanna Jainchill

Once onboard, the pilot took the time to let my 8-year-old sit in the cockpit and hold the controls. The 16 seats are about the width of domestic business class, but with only one on each side of the aircraft, there is no stepping past anyone. There is more legroom than anyone would need for a flight under two hours, and the gray leather seats recline to an almost flat position. The small plane felt roomy, in part due to there only being a handful of passengers onboard but also because the seats are spaced nicely. 

The planes have no video screens or WiFi, a fact we were notified of while waiting to board, but that was not an issue on such a short flight. As short a flight as it is, Aero offers a full list of wine, beer and spirits as well as coffee, kombucha and a basket of snacks.

The worst things about flying — waiting on lines, congestion, being packed in like sardines — don’t exist on Aero. And naturally, that comes with a price. A one-way seat from Van Nuys to Aspen sells for $1,800. That’s a deal compared to what a private flight would cost but more than a first-class commercial flight. For many, though, the cost difference between a premium commercial seat and Aero would certainly justify the perks of flying semiprivate. 

An Aero jet and a staff member at Van Nuys Airport, which is about 20 miles north of LAX.

An Aero jet and a staff member at Van Nuys Airport, which is about 20 miles north of LAX. Photo Credit: TW photo by Johanna Jainchill

Helping hands

And unlike commercial airlines, Aero reps also aim to be concierges. Upon arrival, they asked if we needed transportation once we got to Aspen, and they also set up local lodging if needed. The company works with local tourism boards, hotels and restaurants, partnering with properties at each destination to offer perks to its passengers. In Aspen, for example, it works with the luxury Hotel Jerome.

After enjoying the beautiful desert-turned-Rockies scenery, we landed at the beginning of a snowstorm. The service in Aspen was just as good as it had been at Van Nuys: When our driver couldn’t find us, an Aero rep got on the phone to explain where we were. And our bags were waiting for us at the small terminal’s door. As fast and as pleasant as Aero was, it almost felt like we hadn’t flown at all. 

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Travel groups push to end pre-departure Covid testing: Travel Weekly

After a Florida judge this week struck down the rule mandating that people wear masks on public transportation in the U.S., groups including ASTA and the U.S. Travel Association applauded the move. But it was not the Covid protocol they most wanted to go away.

That distinction belongs to the CDC’s inbound Covid-19 testing requirement, which ASTA recently called “the single biggest barrier” to travel’s recovery. 

The Society praised a group of legislators who are pushing to remove the testing requirement. The group is led by Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), who has asked the White House to exempt fully vaccinated travelers from having to provide proof of a negative Covid test before entering the country.

“While we understand the rationale behind the inbound testing order when it was put in place in January 2021, it continues to present a number of challenges to our constituents who must or desire to travel internationally,” the group wrote in a letter to President Biden.

The U.K., EU, Canada, Australia and several Caribbean countries have dropped similar measures requiring international vaccinated travelers to test in order to enter. 

The requirement can make Americans skittish to leave the country, knowing they could be stuck overseas if they test positive. It’s also a deterrent to foreign travelers who want to visit the U.S. but are hesitant to plan a trip with the potential for a major snag just before departure. 

Eben Peck, ASTA’s executive vice president for advocacy, said that removing the rule would also “supercharge the recovery of the travel agency business,” adding that many Americans have been putting off international travel because of the Covid testing requirement.

One example of how the rules can impact travel intent comes from Europe, where CWT recently released data showing a significant increase in bookings to and from countries that had recently relaxed testing and quarantine requirements.

Five weeks after the U.K. said that it would scrap testing for fully vaccinated travelers, weekly bookings for outbound international travel had increased 115% compared with the week before the announcement, while inbound bookings soared 169%. 

Travel groups push to end Covid tests for U.S. entry

CWT said that in Norway, which ended testing for all travelers on Feb. 12, weekly outbound and inbound bookings rose as much as 72% (the week after the announcement) and 67% (three weeks after), respectively.

“We are seeing the highest levels of business travel since the pandemic began, and while traveler health and safety must always remain the number one priority, removing hurdles and uncertainty will be key in achieving a full recovery,” said CEO Michelle McKinney Frymire.

Tori Emerson Barnes, U.S. Travel’s executive vice president of public affairs, said that U.S. Travel continues “to urge the administration to immediately end pre-departure testing for vaccinated inbound international passengers, which discourages travel and provides limited public health benefits.”

Tori Emerson Barnes

Tori Emerson Barnes

Brand USA is the U.S.’s travel-marketing arm and itself does not lobby. But in a recent interview about how to boost the number of international visitors, generally considered to be the most lucrative travel sector, Brand USA CEO Chris Thompson said that it was in “lockstep with our advocacy partners.” 

He added, “We’re in favor of anything that improves the situation, and certainly that testing requirement is still something causing some uncertainty and causing some pause in people traveling. We can’t get back to the numbers and the economic impact pre-Covid until all of that is fully relaxed.”

Getting from pandemic to endemic 

Travel groups were also pleased with the possible end to the federal mask mandate, although the Justice Department is appealing the Florida judge’s order to void the mandate.

Barnes said it “effectively returns the choice of mask usage on planes and other forms of public transportation to travelers and travel industry workers, a further step toward endemic management of Covid.”

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

The idea of treating Covid as endemic is increasingly part of the language travel executives have been using in support of dropping pandemic-era travel protocols. 

In deciding to stop requiring mask use on their planes — which all major U.S. carriers did the day the judge scrapped the rule — Delta released a statement saying, “We are relieved to see the U.S. mask mandate lift to facilitate global travel as Covid-19 transitions to a more manageable respiratory virus, with better treatments, vaccines and other scientific measures to prevent serious illness.”

Brand USA’s Thompson said that while he still sees a “bumpy road” to the end of the pandemic, it will take “getting to the point where it’s literally endemic, and we’ve learned to live with it and we acknowledge that.” 

“In that regard we’re still being patient, because all that’s outside of our control,” he said. 

Jamie Biesiada and Robert Silk contributed to this report.

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Travel consumer watchdog sues social media influencer: Travel Weekly

Nonprofit consumer-advocacy group Travelers United is suing social media influencer Cassandra De Pecol over what it claims is “misleading and deceptive advertising.”

In the lawsuit, Travelers United alleges De Pecol falsely claimed to be the first woman to travel to every country in the world while other women have proven they did it before De Pecol.

“Travelers United is taking a stand against deceptive advertising on social media,” Travelers United counsel Lauren Wolfe said in a statement. “It is a violation of the law when influencers make up claims to grow their follower count. Additionally, it violates the law for influencers to push products and promote brands without disclosing they are being paid to do so. The toxic culture of undisclosed advertising and fake claims by influencers needs to end.”

The lawsuit states, “Cassandra De Pecol is the first Instagram influencer to claim that she is the first woman to travel to every country. Her logic seems to come from the idea, ‘If a tree falls in a forest but it wasn’t captured on Instagram with someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, did it happen?’ 

“Travelers United asserts that there is a world beyond Instagram with incredible travel accomplishments. Just because something did not happen on Instagram, it does not mean that it did not happen.”

The lawsuit gives several examples of women who have been recognized as visiting every country in the world before De Pecol.

Additionally, Travelers United claims in the lawsuit that De Pecol “very rarely discloses that she is being paid to advertise for certain brands” in posts on social media or in hotel reviews. 

The lawsuit further claims wrote five-star reviews for her own book without disclosing she was the party writing the reviews, and that she “claims to have affiliations she does not actually have” to gain more followers on social media.

Travelers United has requested the court restrain De Pecol from conduct in violation of the Consumer Protection Procedures Act (CPPA); stop advertising without disclosing that she is advertising; stop claiming she has been the first woman to travel to every country; correct Instagram posts and TikTok videos that allegedly contain undisclosed advertisement; pay damages to Travelers United for each CPPA violation; pay punitive damages; and award Travelers United legal costs.

The lawsuit, filed with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, was also filed against De Pecol’s company, Expedition 196.

An effort to get a comment from De Pecol was unsuccessful.

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