Talks of Travel Restrictions in Florida Surface as Variant Cases Emerge – NBC 6 South Florida

Could the way you fly change in the near future?

Talks of domestic travel restrictions are surfacing as variants of the coronavirus emerge in places including Florida

Michael Wyrick, who was at Miami International Airport with his girlfriend Thursday, said he’s been traveling during the pandemic for personal and business reasons. 

“ You weigh the risks and determine if this worth taking,” he said. 

The possibility of a national protocol was discussed vaguely by United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on HBO’s Axios.

“What do you think of COVID tests before domestic travel ? There’s an active conversation with the CDC – will be guided by science data and by people who will carry it out,” he said.

In a statement, the CDC said:

“As part of our close monitoring of the pandemic and in particular the emerging variants, we will continue to review public health options for containing and mitigating spread of the virus. CDC will also continue to work across government on recommendations for the travel space, and no decisions have been made.”

The possibility of testing requirements before boarding domestic flights doesn’t sit well with everyone.

“If I had to take a test to travel today I wouldn’t travel,” one resident  said. 

That’s not something the travel business wants to hear — especially after how hard it was hit during the pandemic

In a letter to the president, Sen. Marco Rubio wrote:

“I write with regard to recent reporting that your administration is considering implementing travel restrictions to my home State of Florida.  I cannot underscore enough how reckless and economically harmful this would be to my state and the country as a whole.”

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