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A member of the Citizens Covid-19 Coalition, U.N. Disaster Lead Stephen O’Neal, has proposed that the trajectory of COVID-19 on Maui is “serious,” and that our schools and indoor dining are potential superspreader events.

He proposes a temporary opt-out of the state travel program like Kaua’i and a ban on indoor dining.

For our schools, he recommends mandatory steady-air exchange indoors, utilizing $20 box fans pulling air out of the indoor spaces; mandatory mask-wearing at all times inside (mask breaks outside with minimum 6-foot distancing if absolutely necessary); and, most importantly, field inspections by Hawaii Department of Health of school facilities.

According to Mr. O’Neal, “Expecting the DOE to act more effectively regarding this health crisis is an unrealistic expectation. They are educators, not health experts.”

The above recommendations could significantly reduce the risk in schools for the community at large. It is strongly recommended that the mayor and Dr. Pang implement these proposed mitigations at this critical time. As of Jan. 1, the numbers of new cases on Maui are now in triple digits and increasing.

Christopher P. Fishkin


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