The Government of Japan Presented Their Achievements of the Tokyo 2020 Games With Gold Medalists Yuto Horigome and Jessica Long at the Travel & Adventure Show 2022 in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES–()–The Japanese government official joined Travel & Adventure Show 2022 at LA Convention Center on March 12 and 13. They highlighted their achievement of legacy under seven themes: Achieving a Harmonious and Inclusive Society; Reconstruction/ Revitalizing Regions through Host Towns; Tourism Destination Country Japanese Culture; Security and Transportation; Health and Sports; Sustainability; and Operational Model for Large-Scale Events. This exhibition was their first international event. They will take same exhibit to Sapporo and Tokyo and Paris. The show featured travel-related booth exhibits from various companies and organizations. The Tokyo 2020 booth had panels that displayed the achievements of the host city, Tokyo travel guide, Japanese culture, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives.

Jessica Long, 16-Times U.S. Paralympic Gold Medal swimmer, and Yuto Horigome, Tokyo 2020 Gold Medal skateboarder, discussed the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games on March 12.

Jessica Long said, “The Athletes village was very comfortable, clean and hygienic. Everyone was welcoming and happy to see me.” Yuto Horigome said, “When I lost something, a volunteer delivered it to me.” Both Jessica and Yuto were impressed by genuine Japanese hospitality, omotenashi.

Jessica also commented, “I was very excited to share the Tokyo Games with so many female athletes, para-athletes, and the younger athletes. I think they all will be good role models for the next generation. ” She also commented on Japan’s diversity, high level of hygiene, gender equality, and Japanese awareness of the SDGs through Tokyo 2020. She also said “Tokyo was the fifth Paralympic Games I have participated in, and I think it was the best Games for me because they were very nice to Para athletes. ” Yuto commented, “Tokyo 2020 was the first year that skateboarding became an Olympic sport. I was happy that game held in my hometown, and I met many athletes there.”

Jessica also said, “I would like to continue swimming for the Paris Games. After Paris, I plan to focus on speaking engagements to promote diversity and encourage women and people with disabilities. She also shared her thoughts on the upcoming Paris 2024 games.

Jessica Long

Russian-born naturalized U.S. Para-swimmer.

Disability classes are S8, SB7, and SM8.

She holds many world records and has competed in 5 Paralympics, winning 29 medals.

She has also won a total of 6 awards at the Tokyo Paralympics, including gold medals in the Women’s 100m Butterfly S8 – Swimming / Women’s 200m Medley SM8 Women’s 4x100m – Swimming / Medley Relay – Swimming.

Yuto Horigome

Born in Tokyo, he won the Street League, the world’s premier skateboarding competition, for the first time in 2018 and quickly became one of the world’s top competitors. In 2019, he won the X-GAMES in Minneapolis for the first time as a Japanese in the same event. First place at the World Championships. 

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