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We all know that fitness is more than simply going to the gym, and staying on top of your mind, body, and lifestyle wellness is more important than ever. We’ve put together a list of four trends to add to your active lifestyle and help you maintain all-around fitness. Whether you’re an active aging expert, or are just starting on your journey, these trends are a great addition to your day-to-day wellness routine.

Sharp & Focused

Stress tends to reduce our mental capacity and focus. That’s okay! It just means we need to be intentional about maintaining, or regaining, our focus–and we have the perfect suggestion:

● Track What You’re Learning

This tip has multiple benefits. Harvard Health explains that novel tasks and information (learning something new) stimulate the brain and help keep it sharp and agile. If you track your progress in writing, with quick summaries of the new information or skills you learn each day, you add another layer to your brain workout. The process of writing, particularly by hand, improves retention and memory, and can also boost your mood.

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Staying Fit

If you’re someone who walks, runs, bikes, or hikes every day, you can keep up your exercise routine throughout the year, even during winter: 

● Body Weight Training

The advantages of body weight training cannot be understated. First of all, it’s always accessible, no matter the time of day or night, the weather outside, or the health and safety considerations in the community. With body weight training, it’s you making yourself more fit.

Beyond convenience, body weight training offers the advantage of meeting your ability where it’s at and improving your strength, balance, and coordination based on your body’s unique needs. Try these five SilverSneakers bodyweight exercises for a simple, but effective, do-anywhere workout.

Internal Insights

You’ve got the mind and the body taken care of, but let’s not forget your gut. What we eat has the power to give or take energy, and increase mental and physical wellness. One of the top trends this year (and the last few years) continues to be big, but also flexible enough to fit into your personal dietary needs:

● Plant-Based Eating

“Plant-based” has become a broader dietary term that encompasses more than just vegetarianism and veganism. Plant-based eating emphasizes fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and grains. For some, it means going strictly vegan, and for others it means simply reducing the amount of meat and dairy products they eat on a daily or weekly basis. If you fall into the latter category, choose a meal or two each week to “go veg,” or find ways to pack your meal plan with even more fruits and veggies.

Benefits of plant-based eating include improving heart health, gut health, and mental acuity. Plant-based eating is also good for the environment.

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Active Living

Active living involves all the ways you fill your time with friends, family, entertainment, and hobbies. While travel and large gatherings are somewhat restricted at the moment, the changes are allowing for new experiences. Try this new trend to keep active this fall:

● Al Fresco Dining with Friends

Many restaurants have expanded their seating areas onto sidewalks and streets. It’s a refreshing way to support local establishments and enjoy fresh air and community ambiance. Some are even petitioning for the permanent adoption of expanded dining areas. Make a list of places to lunch, and meet up with your friends or family outside for some good food and crisp, fall air.

Active aging is an art, and the trends that support it evolve along with the times. Use these suggestions to help you keep your routine fresh and keep yourself fit inside and out.

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