Tips for preventing home invasions and break-ins this season

BECKLEY W. VA. (WVVA) – News of home invasions are unsettling for many people; especially, those who are wondering what they can do to reduce the risk of falling victim to these crimes.

Recently, there has been more news of home invasions. However, break ins and burglaries are far more common.

According to safewise, a home security website, there’s a burglary occurring every 26 seconds across the country.

Dominique Daniels, a trooper with the Beckley Detachment of the West Virginia State Police, said burglaries are a common crime in this area, especially around the holiday season.

“Honestly, I think it is because people travel during the holidays and they don’t properly secure their homes before they go on their travels,” said Daniels.

Daniels said having a plan is essential to keeping your home safe.

One tip for securing your home is to make sure it is well lit, along with ensuring that it has sturdy locks.

Tyler Webb, the owner of Pinnacle IT & security said there is no substitute for a home security system when it comes to preventing home invasions.

“This will help prevent break ins or someone coming on your property doing damage,” said Webb. “It’s things as simple as a sign in your yard, an alarm system, cameras or a sign. The presence of an alarm system or cameras will most of the time prevent theft.”

Webb said it is vital to take steps before something happens.

Daniels said in the event bad guys do force their way into your home, it is important to remain calm.

“The best thing they can do it to use common sense and don’t try to be a hero,” said Daniels. “Don’t try to stop any dangers yourself. Don’t try to prevent the home invasion. Remain where you are, remain silent. Contact the authorities and we’ll get there as soon as we can.”

For more tips on how to keep your home safe from burglaries and home invasions, click here.

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