Tips to Travel Amid Pandemic

It is often said that “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” This clearly does not apply to Rashmee and Anant, travel enthusiasts and content creators. While Anant is an engineer, his wife Rashmee is a digital marketer by profession. However, they both share a spirit of adventure and it is their love for nature that brought them together. Also Read – Flight Cancellation Update: All Flights to/From Goa Cancelled Due to Cyclonic Tauktae

Famously known as ‘Travel With Searats’, we got in conversation with the terrific couple, here’s what we learned. Also Read – Cyclone Tauktae ‘Very Likely’ to Intensify Further, Landfall in Gujarat Early Tuesday | Highlights

What is the reason behind picking the name Travel With Searats? What is the story there? Also Read – Cyclone Tauktae Intensifies Into Severe Storm, 9 Missing After Boat Drowns Near Lakshadweep

Rashmee: Growing up I was a fan of a cartoon show called Swat Kats, so when I started this page, we wanted it to stand for adventure, exploration and eventually turn it into a merchandise platform for adventure clothes and gear. It’s called Searats because like Rugrats, Swat cats everything was very cool and funky sounding usually I have an animal name in everything we do. It’s something that attracts me naturally.

Anant: When we started off, we were very heavily into beach destinations, we liked venturing in water. So Searats was the local name for us. Did you know that Searats were found on pirate ships?

How did this all start? What is the back story to your present success?

Rashmee: We met when we were 15 years old, we were both science students I gave my medical CET and he gave his engineering, while I failed miserably, he became an engineer.

Anant: Having worked as an engineer for the past 7 years. I just quit last year to explore this full-time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my engineering job when I personally felt drained that my creative side was stifled out there. So, I took this big step, it wasn’t easy, but I really required to take this leap of faith.

Why did you pick travel as the industry? What did you want to explore?

Anant: We started traveling because when you are working on a full-time job more often than not you tend to feel drained out really soon. The same happened with us. We always had a passion to travel but funds were something that was really required.

So, we put in our energy to build careers that could fund our travel adventures. To be true, our initial idea was to work so that we could travel. On my off days, we would travel wherever we could with our limited budget.

What tips will you give to someone who wants to get into the travel influencer space?

Anant: The first thing that you need to keep in mind if you want to make it in the travel influencer space is to be authentic. Be true to yourself. Create content around what you think moves you. So whatever content you see on Travel with Searats is what we think would work.

With time your skills will improve over time, do what comes to you naturally. Wherever it takes is a separate journey.

Rashmee: Not to forget you need to develop and work on skills that would enhance your choice of field. Like for example, I was in school when I download Adobe Photoshop for fun, and I would sit on it for hours and hours. I learned from the internet. It started as a hobby but then this is what is helping us today a lot. Find that thing in yourself too.

You should know how to take pictures or write, or even design to begin with and later you can keep building on your skill sets, that’s what we did.

What be your favourite underwater destination in India and abroad?

Anant: Havelock islands in Andamans is not unexplored but the place is breath-taking, it is simply out of this world. Radhanagar beach is perhaps one of the best beaches in the world. Down south you have Rameshwaram beach, which is equally unexplored. They have lot of water sports and adventure opportunities in both these destinations.

What were the initial plans for this year?

Anant: Who knew that 2020 would revisit us in a horrific way in 2021. So were planning to go up north up to the mountains. As cliché as that sounds, we really want to do a Leh-Ladak trip. Another destination that we were planning to explore was Kerala, in fact we were supposed to go to Kerala last year itself but then the lockdown happened. We would have done it this year, but then the lockdown is back again.

What destination will you suggest to couples who don’t want to go abroad for their honeymoon?

Rashmee: We spent last three months in South Goa, don’t do the usual Goa trip and instead, go down South. Lot of places in South Goa have not been discovered yet and they are amazing. Check out Palolem, Colova, Galgibaga beaches. You will be surprised to see what all they can offer. That’s not all, you can also go to Meghalaya and even Coorg is also a great place.

What connects you as a couple?

Rashmee: We have known each other for the past 15 years. We started dating when we were 17 years old. At that time Backstreet Boys was something that connected us. However, when we grew up, we obviously spoke about how great it will be to travel together and explore the world and work with each other, as for long periods of our relationship we had to stay apart because of both of our work commitments.

We would dream about staying together and travel the world together. Now that we can do it now,it feels great. It’s a great partnership and ever better business partnership.

Between us we have a great balance of creative and technique. So, it’s a great combination, Searats is all about this only, you have strategy and also technique.

Tips for people who want to travel during the covid period?

Anant: Depending on where you are pick a place. Like we are based out of Mumbai, so we picked Goa, as we didn’t want to take an flights. Because flying is riskier currently. We would suggest picking a place where you can take your car and with a short travel time. This would be an ideal situation as you would be minimising your exposure. Probably you could rent a place to stay rather than checking in a hotel. You can explore the place better like this. In North and South India, there are too many places you can explore without having to fly, take your pick.

What is the best way to travel- backpacking, luxury or budget travel?

Anant: This totally depends on the destination you choose. Like for our honeymoon we went to Seychelles, and this is not the place you would do a budget holiday. But when we went to Vietnam its all about backpacking because that is how the place is designed for it. Places in Asia and some parts of Europe are best explored via backpacking. However, if you want to spend, a luxury travel will show you a completely different side to the destination. In budget travel you can actually live like a local and experience the place firsthand. At the end of the day its your choice all together.

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