Top Travel Insurance Tips For 2021 | Business

And even if you’ve been painstakingly devising your trip plans down to the very last detail, the reality is that there is so much that could go wrong and beyond your control. For example, a missed connection in London could derail your sightseeing tour in Rome. And what happens if you slip and break an ankle on a cobblestone street in Paris?

For a big trip like this, consider a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers all your bases. This could include insurance that covers baggage, missed connections, cancellation, prepaid trip expenses (like sightseeing tours or museum passes) if the trip is interrupted, and travel medical insurance if you get hurt or unexpectedly ill.

You Might Already Have Coverage Through a Credit Card

Before you put down money on a travel insurance plan, look into what coverage you might already have in your wallet. You might be pleasantly surprised if your credit card covers travel insurance types such as lost luggage reimbursement and trip delay reimbursement.

For example, a Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes with travel insurance perks like trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, up to $10,000 per person and $20,000 per trip for prepaid nonrefundable expenses. This coverage kicks in if your trip is cut short due to problems covered by the policy, like severe weather or getting a court subpoena that can’t be postponed or waived.

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