Tourists excited to visit New Mexico after travel restrictions are softened

“There was nothing, the whole city was locked down, I guess, everything was just shut off,” said Carter. “So now that we’re here, hopefully we can find stuff to do. I guess around Albuquerque and stuff like that.”

The two are from Oklahoma, but flew into town from Florida after watching the Super Bowl.

A family from Houston landed around the same time, excited to go skiing.

“We were excited,” said Bana Vaezian. “We just heard about it, you know, when we got off the plane, so we were not expecting it all. But now, it opens a whole lot, you know, opportunities for us.”

Traveling during the pandemic hasn’t been easy.

“Especially with kids,” said Vaezian. “Doing a lot of research, you know about your destination, and the restrictions they have, kind of, I will say daunting, a little bit.”

But with more opportunities to explore New Mexico, “We are planning to go to Santa Fe to hopefully escape for a, for the long weekend,” explained Vaezian.

“Heard about the tram. Heard that’s a good scene, and good scenery. Hopefully we can get on that,” said Carter.

But first, they’re going to try some of the food New Mexico has to offer.

“We’ve heard a lot of good things about the food here,” said Vaezian. “Hopefully we can now enjoy the indoor dining in Santa Fe too.”


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