Travel experts say bookings for 2021 are looking up

CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD) – While traveling for most of 2020 was not on the books, experts say that hope is in the air for 2021.

While many used to book out their trips 6 months to a year in advance, Elizabeth George, the founder of Front Porch Travel, said the average has become roughly 1 to 2 months.

George said she attributes much of the newly reinstated faith in traveling in the news of the vaccine, ‘even though it’s not technically available to everyone, it gave people a greater confidence about travel going forward.’

With the new hope in flights and finding a destination to unwind, the most important thing you can do when planning is to get travel insurance. Though always recommended when booking pre-pandemic, there is a certain insurance called a ‘CFAR’ or ‘Cancel For Any Reason’.  

So the CFAR is great because you don’t have to submit any documentation, any time before your trip, you just say, I need to cancel and the insurance company will issue a refund. 

Elizabeth George, Front Porch Travel 

But of course, you’ll want to be aware of what type of refund you’ll receive if you do cancel. George said sometimes that refund is sent back to your credit card, while other times it’s in the form of a voucher for future travel.  

Another benefit of travel insurance comes in the case of a medical emergency, or hospitalization, outside of where your typical network is covered. As when traveling internationally, Blue Cross Health Insurance, among others, are not honored in other countries.

As for where you should travel to? George said she typically sends her clients to locations that are not requiring COVID-19 testing but does still showcase safety guidelines amid the pandemic. When it comes to certain states or entities, those requiring a negative test are often 24 hours prior to take-off which can be hard to accomplish with testing delays.

For the 4th quarter in 2020, the top destinations have been ‘luxury U.S.’, continental U.S., and Mexico.

For more on Front Porch Travel, click here.

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