Travel insurance offers peace of mind during COVID-19 pandemic

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As travelers begin to head out, you might want to consider insurance for your trip. That’s what one local travel agency is recommending to avoid any unexpected headaches with COVID-19 restrictions.

Maria Ruiz, director of Prestige Cruises, says booking your domestic or international trip through a professional agency can help. She also tells us agents are constantly updated with changes that could impact travel on cruises, airlines and visiting foreign countries.

“It takes some edge off you, but we already remind you that for the latest updates on the protocols and requirements, we have to check with the CDC and the individual country you are visiting because everything can change hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute,” Ruiz explained.

She recommends you ask questions and lay out your options when looking for insurance. Your options could also vary if you’re not vaccinated because some airlines and countries will require it.

“We definitely suggest travel insurance on top of all this because many have placed a per diem allowance to help you, in case you test positive, and you have to extend your stay,” said Ruiz. “Everything depends on the policy.”

On the flip side, Ruiz has bookings filled through 2023, which she says is a sign people are ready to travel again.

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