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British Airways and Nectar have announced a new partnership this morning, enabling travellers to turn Nectar points into Avios, reports Hazel Plush.

From 25 January, existing Nectar balances and future points may be converted into Avios – which can be redeemed through the British Airways Executive Club on flights, upgrades, hotel stays, holidays, car hire and more.

This is heartening news for Avios members who, since Avios ended its partnership with Tesco in October, have been speculating which supermarket will pick up the baton.

400 Nectar points will ‘buy’ 250 Avios, and members will receive a one-off bonus 500 Avios when they convert 1,600 Nectar points. For the first time ever, the transaction will work both ways, with Avios members able to swap 250 points for 400 Nectar. 

Customers will also receive double Nectar points at Sainsbury’s until 19 April 2021.

Adam Daniels, CEO of Avios, said: “Like Nectar, we pride ourselves on working with a wide range of partners for the benefit of our members, so working together was a natural step. Nectar will join hundreds of partners who all offer a whole host of exciting and varied ways to collect and spend Avios.”

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