Travel news: Expert warns against holidays abroad as Britons told to avoid ‘amber list’ | UK | News

Sir John Bell, regius chair of medicine at the University of Oxford, has issued a warning to Britons planing on a foreign holiday this summer. The expert, who is a member of the vaccine taskforce, highlighted the soaring rate of infections worldwide.

He added that “having people flying around and coming back with whatever local variant they may get is not a good idea.

“People have to get used to the fact that Cornwall and Bournemouth [are] not that bad.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was asked on Times Radio whether he agreed with Sir John’s remarks.

He said: “What I would say is that people should not travel to ‘amber’ or ‘red’ countries unless it is absolutely necessary and certainly not for holiday purposes.”

It comes after Mr Hancock warned people who have been fully vaccinated that they may still die from Covid-19.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News Mr Hancock said a double dose of the jab provided around 97 percent protection against a fatal coronavirus infection.

Ms Ridge asked: “So some people who have been vaccinated frankly could still end up in hospital and could still die?”

The Health Secretary replied: “Well a very small proportion of that is true under the existing variants as well.

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