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Speaking to Andrew Marr, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds demanded tougher restrictions on travel to countries on the UK Government’s amber list. He demanded the Government “protect” Britain from further Covid outbreaks as he urged extreme caution with unlocking and blamed the Tories for “mixed messaging” over the rules surrounding travelling to amber and red countries. But Mr Marr stressed the extortionate cost struggling Britons would face with more hotel quarantining while Twitter erupted in anger at his comments.


Andrew Marr asked the Welshman who will pay for the expensive price of the hotel if Britons need to quarantine.

Mr Thomas-Symonds replied: “Well, clearly the hotel quarantining would be paid for by the passengers.

“In other countries that have used this, you do have particular concessionary arrangements in place, like loans and other things to deal with particular situations like a family member has died and you have to attend the funeral.”

But Mr Marr interjected: “We are talking about a lot of money here.”

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He added: “This is about £1750 for every traveller, doing that prices a lot of British people out of travelling at all?”

The Labour MP hit back saying: “Well, at the moment it should be clear that with the red list and the existing amber list…it should be essential travel only.

“Rather than this mixed messaging that the government has been putting out which is causing such chaos.

“It is so important because we are in a race between the variants and our vaccination programme.”

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Another chimed: “Labour is so out of touch with the people.”

While a third suggested: “Why? How long are we going to be dodging variants which are with forever? We have to learn to live again and stop being afraid.”

But a fourth agreed with the Labour politician’s comments, suggesting: “This makes sense, you need to segregate passengers mixing from destinations of GREEN & AMBER, but GOV have failed to set this up correctly, the system does not work.”

The current rules for travel to amber list countries mean Britons have to quarantine at home or in the place they are staying for 10 days on arrival back in the UK.

You must take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 and on or after day 8. But Brits may be able to end quarantine early if they pay for a private Covid-19 test through the Test to Release scheme

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