Travel Office Hours Available Today

Do you have questions about processing travel? The Travel Office staff will be available from 1-2:30 p.m. today for office hours. Office hours are not formal training sessions, but if you have a question, you can pop into the session to ask your question and receive guidance. It is just another opportunity to receive assistance, and who knows, someone else may be asking a question while you are there, that is going to help you as well! It is just another great way to connect. The Zoom link is located on the EDP calendar event description. 

A formal travel training session is scheduled  from 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, May 26. We will be demonstrating how to reassign administrative travel card charges to the traveler, complete an expense report with multiple funding sources (including information for the Graduate Travel Grant), timeliness of when expense reports should be completed and an opportunity for questions and answers. Registration is now available on the EDP calendar. The Zoom link will be sent the evening before the session.

Additional resources and materials are available on the Workday Training website. A Travel Survival Guide section has been created and contains several quick reference guides and links to other pertinent websites. Check back often as additional quick reference guides will be added and updated as needed.

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