Travel Start-up to Challenge Industry

NEW YORK, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the travel industry recovery in full swing, new tour operator Niarra Travel launched in May 2021. By adhering to their principles of radical transparency and utmost purpose, the team of experienced travel advisors aims to challenge the industry status quo and move towards a more respectful, equitable and mindful form of travel.

Currently, channel commissions of up to 35% have to be paid by the local hospitality industry, diminishing funds available for initiatives supporting their community, sustainability and conservation efforts. By reducing commission while still offering competitive prices, Niarra will operate a more progressive business model leaving more funds with the places and communities that carry conservation and socio-economic responsibilities.

“Tourism is the largest and should be the most sustainable economic driver supporting the preservation and expansion of natural wilderness both land based and marine. We at Borana thank and support Niarra Travel’s philosophy towards ensuring that more money flows into the landscapes that we are all dependent upon not only for the survival of our business sector but more importantly the survival of our planet and all species,” said Michael Dyer, Managing Director of Borona Conservancy, a partner property of Niarra Travel.

Niarra Travel wants to lead an industry change towards less economic leakage within the tour operating sector. Leading by example, the company will launch with a significantly reduced commission structure of 10%, hoping to create a ripple of change that will ultimately leave more money with the people on the ground that need it the most.

Founder and Managing Director Byron Thomas says: “If all we do is make money, then we’ve failed. Niarra Travel wants to help get more money back into the destinations to ensure local communities and the surrounding environment benefit the most while ensuring our travellers get the most unforgettable experiences in some of the world’s most incredible and inspiring places. One key to achieving this goal is transparency.”

About Niarra Travel
Niarra Travel is a start-up premium travel company headquartered in London born out of a passion to do things differently. It operates according to its two guiding principles of transparency and purpose to ensure that each trip has a positive impact on the ground.

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