Travel Tip: How to keep germ-free when flying on a plane

Choose the window seat  

A study conducted by Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology found that droplet-spread infections usually only travel as far as two seats either side and one row behind and in-front of an infected passenger.

“We now know a lot about how passengers move around on flights,” said Professor Vicki Hertzberg.

  • 40 percent of passengers never leave their seats
  • 40 percent get up once during the flight
  • 20 percent get up two or more times

People closer to the aisle moved around more.

80 percent of those in aisle seats got up during the flight compared to 60 percent in middle seats and 40 percent in window seats.

Don’t touch your face

Even if you’ve cleaned everything around you, making sure your hands are washed is just as important in the air as it is on the ground. Viruses such as COVID-19 enter your system through your eyes, nose and mouth. Some viruses can survive on any surface including metal, glass and plastic, for as long as nine days.

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