TravelBank Continues TMC Distribution Push with Adelman Pact

Travel management company Adelman Travel will offer a customized, branded version of TravelBank’s booking, expense management and corporate payment platform to its clients under the terms of a new reseller deal, the companies announced Thursday. 

The deal continues TravelBank’s recent effort to expand into distribution channels beyond the company’s original straight-to-client model. In August 2020, TravelBank partnered with World Travel, Inc. to provide an online booking and expense management tool for that TMC’s small and midsize clients. That pact followed a July deal under which TravelBank began offering its expense management services through the platform of unmanaged and lightly managed corporate travel booking specialist Upside Business Travel.

The new arrangement with Adelman is similar to the World Travel deal, in that TravelBank’s technology will “power and be integrated into an all-in-one experience on Adelman’s branded platform,” for clients who opt in, according to TravelBank. Pricing will be subscription-based, offering unlimited bookings and expense reports on a per-user, per-month basis, the company added. 

On the payments front, Adelman and TravelBank each have in place existing alliances with U.S. Bank to distribute the bank’s virtual corporate cards to clients. TravelBank partnered with U.S. Bank in September, while Adelman’s pact with the bank dates to 2015. 

Milwaukee-based Adelman has been a subsidiary of BCD Travel since it was acquired by the mega TMC in August 2019. Prior to the sale, the company had been a BCD affiliate since 2017. 

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