Travelers at BNA talk about traveling after newly released CDC guidelines | News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention impact people flying in and out of Nashville.

For the past year, air travel didn’t stop at Nashville International Airport, and officials continued to push forward.

For Thao Win and their family of four getting the COVID-19 vaccine is not a priority.

“According to my doctor, we should wait a little bit,” Win said. “So, we’re probably going to wait until about May-ish to start taking the vaccination.”

According to the newly released guidelines, the CDC says fully vaccinated people do not need to get tested before or after traveling domestically.

However, Dawn Medcalf received her Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Thursday night.

“My arm is sore, but that’s it,” Medcalf said.

Right before the CDC announced, people who are fully vaccinated can travel anywhere in the country without a COVID-19 test. For travelers such as Medcalf, it is comforting and means they don’t have to quarantine after traveling.

NEW YORK (AP) — Add travel to the activities vaccinated Americans can enjoy again, according to new U.S. guidance issued Friday.

“Even though it doesn’t take full effect right away, it’s somewhat effective right now,” Medcalf said.

“She’s been here since the coronavirus outbreak,” Cedric Okinga said.

For Okinga, his wife and baby are finally flying back home to Congo. They aren’t vaccinated and would rather see how the vaccine affects others first.

“That’s all her stuff and the baby’s stuff because the baby was born last October,” Okinga said.

Vaccinated or not, after an entire year, people want to see friends and relatives.

“Trying to keep it as minimal as possible,” Win said. “But we want to see family. We don’t see them in a few months.”

As more people get vaccinated in a few months, BNA terminals will see more travelers will roll on through.

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