USC Students Test Positive for COVID After Spring Break Travel – NBC Los Angeles

Wild party scenes like one in Miami might be a big draw to college students, but USC officials are advising against it after 39 USC students tested positive for COVID.

Students tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling to popular spring break destinations like Mexico and Florida.

The student health director is warning students to avoid flying until cases are better under control.

“When we jump to that kind of activity, the risk of a really large surge that threatens everyone – including our own getting back to normal – is very real,” Dr. Sarah Van Orman, student health director, said.

Orman said COVID cases at USC had been declining over the past two months due in part to strict safety protocols, like check points and frequent testing.

The campus is mostly closed and students technically don’t have a spring break this year.

Instead they’re given wellness days which are spread throughout the semester. But since they’re studying remotely, some students are choosing to travel.

“I think in general people are relaxing a little bit on some covid protocols,” student Raquel Centro said.

Health officials advise students to hang on a little longer since vaccinations will soon be available to everyone.

“It’s still really dangerous I think. Everyone is entitled to do what they want to – they’re just frustrated,” student Monica Sandoval said.

California COVID-19 Vaccinations

The map tracks the number of doses administered by a recipient’s county of residence according to the The California Department of Public Health.

Students who travel are supposed to quarantine for 10 days upon returning to LA, but since most USC students live off campus, there’s no way to monitor compliance.

“If people are choosing to travel there are lower risk ways to travel: taking a car trip with friends, not gathering. Staying isolated with your household as you travel,” Orman said.

The university offers free housing available for students who need to isolate. If you’re a student in need, contact the student health center.

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