Vacayz reinvents the booking model to save the travel industry

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 and the outbreak of COVID brought the travel market to a halt. Borders closed, flights canceled and the risk of traveling is still too great for many to take.

One thing is for sure: people want to travel, now more than ever. However, the pandemic continues to bring so much uncertainty and cancellation fees are not another burden people wish to have.

The up-and-coming fintech startup, “Vacayz,” has a solution that offers financial benefits and flexibility for hotels, airlines & travelers by using the innovative concept of Travel Options.

Travel Options are discounts purchased before booking, which secure travelers with an attractive price and simultaneously provide hoteliers and airlines a steady income. “The main benefit is the significant savings that come from flexible bookings. It’s a model that allows you to invest in future travel by buying the discount in advance, without having to commit to any dates,” explains Vacayz’s CEO, Ally Wolodarsky, in an article written by Forbes Magazine.

Each Travel Option is calculated by a set of terms determined by the hotel/airline. The terms will vary by season and the expiration date you will choose – it can be anywhere between 6 months to 5 years. The closer the expiration date, the higher the discount.

Travel Options act like financial stocks- you can sell them on Vacayz Marketplace for a potential profit or resell them back to Vacayz for a full refund. By selling them back, they continue to exist and will be used one way or another. This method allows hotels & airlines to keep the deposits and ensure financial stability.

Each Travel Option is fully secured and insured in case the hotel /airline is overbooked or goes out of business.

Besides the benefits for leisure travelers, Vacayz Travel Options are a must for businesses. “Vacayz’s disruptive platform essentially allows businesses not only to adjust to the current reality, but also prepare for when business travel returns to normal. By utilizing the Vacayz platform, businesses are free to budget their future business travels with flexibility and can always resell their Travel Options within the platform,” Ally explains to Geektime.

Instead of booking a trip the old fashioned way, book with Vacayz Travel Options and you will be sure of at least three things: to save money, avoid stress, and help hotels & airlines survive the pandemic.

Ally Wolodarsky 
[email protected]


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